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Sunday, 12/11/2011, 09:21 am

UFC NEWS – Photo: "Big Nogs" Broken Arm

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63 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Photo: "Big Nogs" Broken Arm”

  1. Mo says:

    Damn Nog! Should have Tapped!

  2. Can’t fake that injury! Speedy recovery bradduh Nog the warrior!

  3. americanjj says:

    frank lives up to his claim about getting a hold of a limb and tearing it off. good thing it wasn’t nogs neck.
    not tapping is a bit of pride messing with ya, or nog just doesn’t feel pain from years of training.

  4. Kirk 'Farquar' Faulkner says:

    was a beast of a hold he had, rolling through twice and still applying pressure..

  5. robert says:

    Damn. I fing hate frank mir always have but damn that was a good sub. Still cant wait till somebody puts him flat on his face again.

  6. Bmoore says:

    You know, I hear Mir all the time saying how he’s gonna break this and that. I was totally pissed that it went that far but at the same time, Nog should have just friggin tapped. I dont even think he screamed. That guy is an animal.

    • baldy says:

      I hear Mir all the time saying how he’s gonna break this and that….if a 260 lb bbj blackbelt gets ahold of any limb, getting it broken is not at all out of the question. he had already busted tim silvia’s arm back when he won the title. i think he came pretty close to ripping lesnar’s leg off in thier first fight too.

  7. deezy says:

    I love Mir but he might have cried if nog did that to him.

  8. Chris says:

    I bet Brock is happy he tapped early in their first fight

  9. Rusk says:

    Tap or snap, a lesser man wouldn’t of had the balls to commit

  10. Every fighter knows that if you don’t tap, you’re gonna get something broken… You have to fight until it’s over, that’s it…

  11. dave says:

    Seriously….Nog, retire man.

  12. Big J says:

    That’s crazy, I was pulling for Nog.

  13. mike f says:

    Pete Williams, Tim Sylvia, big Nog, all have had broken limb via frank mir

  14. Randy says:

    Come on now.. dont act like big nog did bad. he proved that he can stand up with a guy 20 lbs more than him and he rocked mir but he just did the dumb mistake of trying to tap out him out rather than just TKO him

    • Mitch says:

      He was out weighed by 20 lbs. @ the weigh in.Mir dieted down.Poor Nog was @ his normal weight @ the weigh in.I hope he does fight Les again.I want Mirs head on a platter and I know it will take another And”ROID” to do it.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        I got Frank in a rematch with Lesnar. He’s been looking beastly as of late.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mazagatti did save mir by taking a point and standing them up over a bs punch to the back of the head. mir prob wouldnt have gotten up otherwise. glad he wasnt officiating this fight cuz he prob would’ve jumped in and called a tko when nog had mir rocked. mazagatti is a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

        • Junkie.. Mir is a bad Ass when he shows up! Forty supports bisping?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          mir is the best gatekeeper there is but if big nog can knock you out youre no longer a top hw imo. and yes forty supports that clown, i thought u had to be english to like that guy lol.

  15. judas thomas says:

    Mir is great with smaller heavy weights because he has a great submission game. One of the only heavyweights that does. But the reason he has been getting knocked out is he has no chin and the bigger heavy weights are too strong for him – Carwin and Lesnar etc. Even Nog almost knocked him out. Mir is done because he cant take a BIG punch anymore, even on HGH obviously!.

  16. BJC says:

    Woulda Sholda Coulda……I loss is a loss doesnt matter how will he was doing.Frank just proved he was a better fighter both times.And no you shouldnt get a rematch after a guy beats you twice

  17. wilbo says:

    Sad to see Nog’s arm all busted up.This will shelf him for a while. Mir got rocked, but had the sense to stay focused and roll thru and cinch the victory. Hats off to him. Mir has shown he belongs in the running for a title shot.My pick to do some damage in the HW division.

  18. Feenom says:

    Smaller heavyweight or not, Big Nog can strike as well as most. Mir was able to take one without getting ko”d. He got rocked but he wasn’t out. The arm break was unfortunate, but not unreasonable due to Big Nog not wanting to tap. You either sleep or get something broken if you do not tap. That’s the way it is!

  19. mediumNog says:

    I watched the fight and Nog did tap!! Just a little too late. Say what you want about Mir but he is one of the best heavyweights in the world and is on a tear right now. I think they should do Mir Vs Velasquez next.

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn Frank! I can’t believe you did that to Nog’s arm! I wish I didn’t have to work yesterday, these are the kinds of fights you need to see live.

  21. Xaninho says:

    Wow that was sick! Sucks Nog suffered an injury like that, but he tapped too late. In fact he tapped AFTER his arm snapped! What a beast, and no sound coming out of his mouth. He just refused to tap…..

  22. GRT 3000 says:

    Nog should of kept on with the GnP; he had Mir laying face first. Going for a sub allowed Mir to get his marbles back. imo he was in dream land up until he locked that kimura. Good on em’ though.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, I think he also would have beaten Mir if he just boxed with him. Mir was looking so slow eating those punches. Whenever he fights at 260 lbs, I notice his striking and footwork is much slower compared to when he fights at 240. I believe his first fight against Minotauro he was 240 – thus the amazing striking that night.

  23. jeff says:

    thats in running for submission of the year for sure, a HUGE submission off one of the if not the best submission artists in the world, and a broken limb, damn thats freakin brutal he should fight either velasquez, or the loser of lesner vs overeem, and then if he wins that fight, he’s #2 i believe and then he’l fight the winner of dos santos/(winner of lesner vs overeem)

  24. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cant believe how this fight turned out. props to mir for fighting back and winning via sub but he must be crazy to wana fight brock again. he will lose consciousness from the brock gnp, he almost lost consciousness from big nogs striking.

  25. Johnnyb808 says:

    Omg! It looked worse watching it three times on replay! Could be a career ender! He is savage for not tapping! I saw him tap after the break Wichita was weird! But we all now he should of tapped before his arm snapped like a chicken bone! I’m cringing thinking about it!

  26. Zack says:

    I was yelling so loud at the tv when nog went for that guillotine. He was honestly two hard punches away from a stoppage and decides he wants to submit him and that’s where he fucked up. Respect to Mir tho that was a great comeback

  27. wipeout says:

    He needed to finish but I think he decided not to give Mir damage, coz NOg is a classy guy…and paid for his mercy.

    • hanibal says:

      I dont think that’s the case, these two have been the best jiu jitsu heavyweights for a long time and there was always a rivalry between them when it comes to the ground game..
      I’m pretty sure big nog saw the opening and went for it to prove a point and thinking that his victory would be even greater with a submission, but, as I suspected, mir’s jiu jitsu was slightly better, although he wasn’t as confident as big nog, maybe because of all the training with people who are better than him, like robert drysdale unlike big nog who trains other people and award them belts..

      nevertheless, I thought big nog looked great and was really fast and strong, had he tapped earlier we could’ve seen some really exciting fights from him in the next year..

      also mir should be careful, he was super slow in this fight and again had the jiu jitsu mentality to wait for something to happen, if he fights like that against cain or jds he’ll look like if he’s fighting in slow motion and although he has shown that he has a good chin taking many punches before going to sleep in the carwin and lesnar fights, he would certainly be knocked out by those two if he fights this slow again ..

  28. The Unknown says:

    I’ve gotta say I was def routing for Nog in this one but Mir did an excellent job of scrambling and weathering the storm when he got rocked. As soon as he grabbed a hold of that arm I couldn’t believe my eyes, moreover I didn’t want to believe it. I knew the moment he grabbed he would snap it. Hats off to him, and I hope Nog has a speedy and healthy recovery.

  29. Long-Strong says:

    yeah… i think Big Nog’s done.

  30. SanSooRob says:

    Cain would murder Mirr !!!!!

  31. Steve-O says:

    Let the Reem at Mir after hes finished with Lesnar…

  32. Mitch says:

    I keep thinking how Big Nog just looked at it and laid down like a hell of a real man,and how Titos bitch ass was crying from Lil Nogs knee to the mid section.Nothing broken but his heart.What a sissy Tito.Go away.
    All my props to Big Nog.He’s The Man.Glad it wasn’t his shoulder as I first suspected.Broken arm he’ll be back training in 6 months.A shoulder may have ended his career.

    • Steve-O says:

      yea glad it wasnt, it sort of looked shoulder looking when it first happened, but Nog can take pain, I would have tapped as soon as Mir put light pressure on my arm lol, Nog took the full force, enough force to snap his bone and only tapped when the bone broke. If it was the shoulder that would have been worse. My brother got a damaged shoulder after getting knocked by a car, year later and he still cant do any bench pressing or shoulder work or anything that works the shoulder etc…

  33. Fortyb4five says:

    Junkie all you do is hate I dont even read your comments anymore.

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