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Saturday, 01/07/2012, 09:22 am

UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Anderson Silva Resumes MMA Training Following Surgery

(Images of Silva training at Rio de Janeiro’s X-Gym provided by

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160 Responses to “UFC NEWS – PHOTO: Anderson Silva Resumes MMA Training Following Surgery”

  1. BeanofGTG says:

    Time for the haters to come and say he was faking all the time

    • bertram says:

      fuck the haters, theyre idiots. i hope chael wins against munoz, ONLY so anderson can smash him, and win, again!! that dude needs to get ktfo and realize he isnt as good as he thinks.

      • Fabry says:

        Anderson is the best ever period. He’s gonna destroy chael for the second time.

        • EdSoares'Balls says:

          He won’t destroy Chael.

          If he wins, it will be in similar fashion, or maybe a round or two earlier

        • DBKlein69 says:

          lol fabry. destroyed chael? how bout u ask ur mommy if u can watch tv and go put that fight on, watch it, then come back on here and correct urself. i would do it for u, but that would be too easy.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          says who?…..u? lol i think i can live with that :)

        • GRT 3000 says:

          It’s @DouchebagKlein Forty; he’s a fuckin’ goof…haven’t seen one intelligent comment out him. Just gets on the net and mouths off. he takes after his hero.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          i see grt 3000 is still at me ever since last weekend when he walked in on his mother shaving my testicles.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          oh, cue the mom insults. good stuff @DoucheBag.

        • what? says:

          Fedor is the best ever. Hes not the best right now but nobody will build up a legacy bigger than his.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          why thank u :)

        • TrigenicKin says:

          Fedor…Really? Good god…And people wonder why our kids are getting dumber.

        • MMA_UFC_PROFESSIONAL says:

          I have a hard time reading comments about Fedor and say nothing. I would like to share my point view and if you don’t agree, tell me your opinion and feel free to add some facts.

          I do think Fedor was, at a certain point in his career, the best fighter in the world. To be exact, he was the best for about 10 years.

          I do not think that, because he lost 3 fights in a row, Fedor was never good and that we need to take everything he has done in MMA from him, I just think that, as Fedor always said himself, a lost can happen at any fight and a fight is a fight, anything can happen.

          I think what Fedor has done for this sport is amazing. The guy weights between 225LBS to 230LBS and goes against people that weights much more than him (250LBS, 265LBS, 500 LBS and even more). I keep saying, one day there will be a weight range for people between 220 and 230. Only then, will people say “Hey it’s crazy to think that a couple of years ago, people of 225 lbs fought big giants of 265lbs” and then we will understand what Fedor has done and how great he was. Just imagine GSP fighting John Jones, Rampage, Machida etc and him winning for 10 years, that would be amazing.

          The question about knowledge: A lot of fighters will agree on the fact that Fedor was and still is consider one of the best in the world. So how come some UFC fans think he suck and what are their knowledge about MMA? Did they watched pride? Do they watch Dream? K1? Or have they joined the MMA world watching the UFC? If you watched all of the above, how come you do not appreciate every single time Fedor fought a good fight? I do not understand you and please feel free to share your opinion. If you joined the MMA world watching the UFC, then you don’t have enough knowledge to have a good opinion about Fedor’s Legacy and shouldn’t be making comments about it.

          Now, tell me more about an athlete that you think did more than Fedor in MMA… Brock Lesnar? A lot of UFC fans were brain washed to think Brock was the best in the world, my point is, the ufc brainwashes their viewers (which is totally normal for the business and revenue) and has got you thinking that Fedor is no one cause they can’t sign him. Sad truth is, the manager of such a stupid opinion is Dana White, the guy who said that Overeem was not as good as people think he is and the same guy who thought that Brock would win against Overeem, oh, and the same guy that at the post conference of UFC 141 says “ya, I was wrong, and I apologies to Overeem for saying this about him”.(something close to that).

          So you guys listen to this guy? Dana White has a business to run, which gotta make him say stupid stuff to ensure the prosperity of his business, but please, get some MMA knowledge and have your own opinion. Or you might end up like Dana White apologizing about comments you made earlier.

          The trash can question: A lot of people say that Fedor only fought trash cans. I think this only proves your lack of knowledge in MMA, because if you read the history of his opponents, you will see that they were consider highly dangerous. The bests in the world not all, but some yes.

          Please feel free to tell me more about why you think Fedor sucks and has no legacy.

          You can also get more knowledge and good
          opinion on MMA by following me on twitter.

          Username: MMAPROFESSIONAL

          Thank you!

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mma_ufc_professional, fedor is and always will be an over-rated bum. that’s why his management made it impossible for him to sign with the UFC, they knew he would get exposed. guys like cain, jds and carwin would all easily have their way with this fraud. the guy has padded his career fighting mostly stiffs. its funny cuz right before he fought henderson, who by the way came to the fight weighing 25 lbs. less than fedor, i knew he was gonna get ko’d. there wasn’t a doubt in my mind hendo would put this bum to sleep….and low and behold…what happened?? fedor…face down on the mat….knocked the fuck out…by the vicious hands of hendo. that’s what happens when u step up in competition.

        • MMA_UFC_PROFESSIONAL says:

          Hey DBKlein69, you got me thinking! You made a couple of good points.

          The overrated question and fraud: I will agree that if someone tells me that Fedor is the best TODAY, I would object. However, I could not object if he told me that statement 2 years ago. What would my arguments be to disagree? The guy never lost a fight and fought the best around, at that time of course (Minotauro Nogueira, Mark Coleman, Cro Cop, Mark Hunt etc). When he came to the States, he destroyed highly regarded Tim Sylvia who was in the top 10, then fought the pitbull who was ranked number 2 in the world back then. How can someone say he was always overrated? (Please note that I agree with you when you say that today he is overrated)

          His downfall: I agree that he lost 3 times in a row and I cannot deny that he is not the same fighter he used to be, but, his first lost was at 34 years old. Past prime and all. Of course Henderson was much older, but I also think that fighting giants your whole life, when you weight 225LBS, is much more damageable for the body than fighting fighters of his own weight. Will his 3 lost going to affect his Legacy? More likely not, He still has a good record of 33 wins and 3 lost.

          More facts about Fedor: Something else pretty interesting about Fedor is that he does not cut weight to overcome his adversary unlike a lot of fighters today.Anderson Silva, 6″2 185 LBS, John Jones, 6″4 205LBS (I almost find it ridiculous, taller than Brock Lesnar, but 205LBS) and many more fighters. His wins despite his size disadvantage is part of his legacy.

          It’s only my opinion.

          Do you have twitter? I like to stay in touch with people who understand MMA and your comments were pretty interesting.

      • BeanofGTG says:

        I agree I won’t Sonnen to beat Munoz just to see the rematch. I sure its gonna be a good fight

      • jacob lee says:

        u really are an idiot. If anderson couldn’t finish him the first time on the feet and if he couldn’t defend the takedown the first time how could he win. I’m not hating on Silva, and I’m not sonnen’s number one fan. I just see things for what the are so her we go. Anderson will probably have a little ring rust by the time him and chael fight asuuming Chael beats Munoz. i’m not making a prediction I’m just theoretically speaking. And I gaurantee you Chael is busting his butt working on his striking and Jiu jitsu. By the way Chael is already a good boxer maybe not technical but he lands punches. And he has good leg kicks and spinning side kicks. Plus he is tough as nails. he defended submissions every round at UFC 117 nad only messed up once which cost him the fight. If Brian Stann can’t knock him out then Anderson can’t. Besides Chael has talked so much and has so much pride he knows he can’t afford to lose. Chael will beat Anderson and probably retire him. Again I’m no hating on Silva and I’m standing up for Sonnen. And if for some reason Chael gets his butt kicked he will deserve every bit of it, but I don’t see it happening no way.

    • james says:

      as much as i hate on silva, i cannot deny his skill and prowess as a fighter

  2. Xaninho says:

    I think Munoz will win, cause Sonnen without the PED’s is worth even less than the TapOut-bitch Sonnen with PED.

    And that’s a good thing for Silva, that way he doesn’t have to fight the same bums over and over.

    • InternetToughGuy says:

      I agree, Munoz can definitely smash Sonnen. The UFC doesn’t need a clown like Sonnen in fact, it appears he’s readying for his next career in the WWE where trash talking and show boating are highly encouraged.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Munoz has already beaten Chael 3 times; sure it’s college wrestling, but besides wrestling and a big mouth, what else does Sonnen bring? Munoz has proven that he can out wrestle the realtor scam artist…now in round 4 he can also take advantage of heavier hands and k-chael tfo.

        Your right, if douchebag Chael wants a circus with huge payouts, then maybe he should join the WWE. He can do roids all day, run his mouth, and get paid big dollars to do it. Right now he’s just smearing a legitimate sport.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          xaninHO, internetgayguy, grt 3000 …..i hope to see all 3 of u clowns on here january 29 eating ur crow like good little boys. but u guys prob wont choose to comment on links titled: “sonnen finishes munoz in 1st rd, calls out jon jones” ….i bet u skip those. atleast sonnen wants to fight the best. cant say the same for anderson, who unlike chael, wants no part of jon jones. he’d rather fight guys like michael bisping and yushin okami. what a fraud. lol. team BACKOUT

        • primalmasher says:

          oh hey, it’s DBTroll! I thought he killed himself a while back but I guess he’ll never give anything but trolling to the MMA community.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          u thought i killed myself? i guess that means u didnt notice me sneaking out of ur mom’s window sunday night. whew for a minute i thought we got busted! lol

        • GRT 3000 says:

          stfu @DoucheBag. go take a good look in the mirror, then give yerself’ a bitchslap. you suck Chael chode big man.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          lol grt 3000. first of all, ur name is lame. sounds like ur some kinda star trek herb. secondly, why do u follow me around and leave the same retarded comments after everything i say? do u have a crush on me or something? or is it because u have nothing mma-related to say as far as debating the simple facts i lay out for u? please lets hear something intelligent coming out of ur mouth. we already know what goes in ur mouth, but lets hear something meaningful actually come out of it.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          something intelligent…pfft, read your comments douchebag, you have nothing but mom & fag insults. I’ll reserve the real MMA talk to others that aren’t bent on smearing this Site.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          grt 3000 aka gay roy tranny 3000 is gay and i had sex with his mother

        • Josh says:

          chael’s boxing is actually good

      • chaelftw420 says:

        who are you kidding. chris leben could take munoz down which is pathetic.chael is gonna smash him and you guys are just gonna look like jokes.

    • Waketfupfools says:

      You actually think Sonnen ISN’T using roids? Look man, he among other cheaters like Hendo, Marquardt and many others use the “testosterone replacement therapy” theory meaning he is very much still on them. He only has to clear his tests and if he gets his timing right like the others usually do, it’s easy to cheat. The fact he got busted means his levels were so high on fight night it was ridiculous. Anyone using TRT as an excuse is simply trying to cheat. The only reason they would have to is they want to cheat now or the used roids when they were younger and they need them now because of it. Jon Fitch explains this very well.

    • the original steve says:

      1 you think he stopped using peds just because he failed a drugs test? no he got better detox. 2 sonnen is no bum. no one has done that to silva ever. now you enjoy being a keyboard warrior while sonnen goes out there and beats people up for a living

      • GRT 3000 says:

        1) your right, he hides his roid usage better. 2) he’s not a bum, but he is a real estate agent who got caught scamming. He is a fighter that got scamming. and he does lose all of his fights by late round submission. He’s owes Andy a BJ for tapping him out. His most famous tap yet.

    • jersey says:

      hes still on ped u fuckin idiot

    • ThaGreenBandit says:


  3. brad t says:

    Silva is in a class of his own. And he would OWN sonnen…again!

    You see what I did there? Lol

  4. B-Unit says:

    Fabry, what part of the fight did Chael get smashed? I believe it was Silva getting “smashed” for 4 1/2 rounds. Did you even watch it?

  5. Anthony1994 says:

    Great few days for me, Silva back training and it’s only a matter of time till he whoops some ass again and BJis back. Both great for fight fans!

  6. peter says:

    i saw a roided chael get subbed.

  7. dontworryaboutit says:

    I think Anderson is an amazing fighter and a true champion. But reading some of your posts about him smashing Sonnen is confusing me. Did you not watch the fight? He was on the wrong end of an ass whopping for five rounds! In true champion form he pulled it off with some slick Jits, yes but still! Even if you hate Sonnen dont be blind to the fact that he poses a real threat to anyone including/especially Anderson Silva. I would not mind seeing him destroy Sonnen but that is not how it happend and I doupt that is how it will go down if they go at it again.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      true he was dominant for 4 1/2 rounds before he got subbed. But I’ve said this b4, that’s exactly how he loses…lay n pray pitter patter followed by a late round submission. Watch some tape on the guy, he’s been getting subbed for years. And now Anderson subbed him and poof! – he’s the best ever!

    • DBKlein69 says:

      because unlike fortyb4five and grt 3000, most ppl dont have anderson silva’s jizz in their eyes so they were able to see the fight clearly. and what they saw was anderson silva getting RAGDOLLED. they saw anderson get rocked twice on the feet, one sending him staggering backward, the other knocking him on his ass. they saw anderson getting dragged to the ground AT WILL by chael p. sonnen. they saw anderson take a BEATING. something they had never seen before. and as much as clowns like fortyb4five and grt 3000 try to deny these things, the ppl saw it happen. u can say roids and broken ribs and real estate scams and anything else u wanna say to try and divert ppl from the truth, but its too late. the ppl have already seen the fight. the ppl have already seen, with their own eyes, anderson silva get his ass kicked by chael p. sonnen. sucks dont it :)

      • OF_ted says:

        Hop off chaels dick. He got fuckin submitted! He lost the fight! Quit makin excuses he got caught slippin and tapped.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          we all know he got submitted genius. thank u for bringing that to our attention. the problem is what happened BEFORE he got submitted. that is the part retards such as urself would like to gloss over. u dont wanna deal with that, cuz deep down it hurts u that someone u hate so much could completely dominate ur beloved champ like that. it kills u that everyone chael ragdoll anderson silva. but that is something that ur gonna have to come to grips with sooner or later, because it will never go away :)

        • Xaninho says:

          Well ‘the problem’ was that Sonnen was a weak ass bitch despite the roids he took. He slapped Silva almost 300 times with his weak ass pillow hands, while Silva wasn’t even breaking a sweat with a heartrate of 60 bpm…That was your boyfriend Chael’s problem.

          Oh and ofcourse the fact after being submitted 10 times he STILL couldn’t defend a submission!

          How many submissions does it take before an Oregon ‘gangster’ learns to defend submissions?

          I dunno exactly but we’re still counting!

        • DBKlein69 says:

          keep telling urself that.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @DoucheBagKlein can relate to Chael. Nothing more to offer than mouthing off. Gets you a lot of attention doesn’t it retard? Fack, at least Chael is getting paid for it.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          it obviously gets me alot of attention from u because u comment after every single one of my comments, which is kind of pathetic, but to be honest im flattered that i get so much of ur time. but what the ppl on here dont know is that the reason u are so obsessed with me is because of the ongoing questionable relationship i’ve been having with ur mother. and that is something i sincerely apologize for :)

        • GRT 3000 says:

          what’s with u and banging everyone’s mom? did u get molested as a kid or something?

        • DBKlein69 says:

          yes i did get molested. by ur mother. that is how our relationship started.

  8. Dante says:

    the KING IS BACK!

  9. Deejay says:

    To y’all tha are hating on my boy Anderson if y’all watch watch the fight he had a jacked up rib. That is the only reason why Sonnen did so good. This time around he has a fight coming.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      he had a jacked up rib AFTER the fight, moron. that’s what happens when u get slammed to the mat 35 times in 23 minutes by chael p. sonnen. deal with it.

      • Oat says:

        No that’s NOT true, he did and you can read up on it have a broken rib prier to that fight with Chael. But I’m sure being slammed or put on his back didn’t help him either lol. Although Chael beat my boy up for 5 rounds he still lost and looking at his face compared to Silva’s face, it looks as if Chael got beat up for 5 rounds and still lost lol Rematch i hope cause a 100% Anderson will Beat a 110% Chael any day, that extra 10% is the roids :) LMFAO!!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Anderson is the GOAT stupid, deal with that.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          anderson got embarrassed in front of the entire mma world grt. deal with that. @ oat, please tell me u are not that retarded. the csac would never have let anderson fight with broken ribs. yes, they do get checked before they fight. what andyboy had was “bruised ribs”. would u like a tissue?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          He’s the GOAT and Chael is the one who got embarrassed. Look at the expression on his face after Anderson subbed him. lol. the story of Chael’s career. The guy not only taps he yells tap while he’s doing it. It must be frustrating to take a page out of the Jon Fitch playbook only to have it stuffed in your face by a real fighter. Chael is the loser here pal and Anderson is the undefeated MW champ. keep the tissue.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          pal? lol do i sense a little sarcasm gay roy tranny?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          gay roy tranny? what are you fourteen? Go ahead and have the last word little girl; it’s what you NEED. Here’s a little vid of yer hero to watch b4 your uncle comes in and fingers you tonight.

          if you ffwd to 57 secs you get to see Fael’s trademark move right after his trademark lay n gay.

          Nice chattin’ with you Dounchebag, too bad you got owned.

        • Richard says:

          +1 owned

        • CoolKiwi says:

          lol, hilarious. tell it GRT…I’ll second that – owned.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          i did get owned, last night, by grt 3000’s mom. and it felt really good :)

  10. amy christman says:

    Oki’ve been on my wife’s account here and reading all these STUPID comments. Some saying silva smashed soonen some saying sonnan a showboater?I guess they’ve not really watched silva with all his showboating and sonnan was stomping him for 5 roundz before getting caught wake up

    • Xaninho says:

      You call that stomping? I’m laughing at you really hard now. And you of all people calling others stupid is even funnier!

      You’re a poor lame, delusional Sonnen fanboy.

      • DBKlein69 says:

        what is most ironic is that xaninho is a delusional silva fanboy and amy christman’s husband has a brain to go along with 2 eyeballs. because that’s all it takes to comprehend what happened at ufc 117: silva getting utterly dominated on the ground and on the feet, and pulling out a miracle victory.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s why Silva didn’t have a mark and Sonnen’s own mother couldn’t recognize him after the fight. By the way Sonnen is a momma’s boy, just like you.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          i am a momma’s boy………ur momma’s boy. she makes me her bitch every night…and i love it!

  11. Silva looks huge. That coward fraud of a champion must have been pumping that HGH BIG TIME. Injury my ass.Good he took his sweet at ass time with a minor injury. Cant wait for Chael to smash him and end his hype train. Get over it guys Silva sucks hes the worst wrestler in MMA. Chael or Munoz will destroy him.When Silva vs Sonnen 2 happens Chael will make him tap to strikes in the second FOR SURE.

  12. Ryrie says:

    lol anderson is “back” in training, even tho hes never really been away from the gym and hes been helping his team mates train for their fights! im sick of arguing about anderson v chael because everyone has their opinions and alls im going to say is its going to be one of the biggest hyped fights ever for sure! dunno about tapping to strikes but i think sonnen will desicion him next time if he beats munoz, or maybe sub silva! i think it was round 2 or 3 of their last fight that he was mounted and coulda had an arm triangle but let it go and he seems to have a solid arm triangle. like i said, done arguing because you cant tell someone that thinks they know everything anything :) Team Sonnen 4 Life :)

    • hate hate hate says:

      amen… sonnen is a beast. just because people dont like his attitude, and are nuthuggers, they hate on him super hard. I can’t wait the munoz fight so ppl can hate even harder bc they know he will ruin silva and are scared their boyfriend is gonna get hurt.

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I honestly don’t really care who wins in Anderson vs Sonnen if it ever happens. I really don’t think Sonnen’s ego would allow him to lose to Munoz even though Munoz actually is dangerous anywhere you go and not just when his opponents are their backs.

    If Anderson wins…. Okay, he’s the #2 P4P champ and no one will buy the following Anderson vs Bisping card.

    Either way Sonnen is moving to LHW eventually. Writing is on the wall.

  14. Better work on your TD defense..period!

  15. BJPennrules says:

    Chael wont get past Munoz I guarantee it!

  16. Fuzzy says:

    Does it bother anybody else that Anderson Silva cannot be mentioned without a bunch keyboard warriors immediately ranting about Chael Sonnen? That brash bag of douche doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Anderson.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      …but unfortunately for u, his name will be mentioned everytime anderson silva is brought up. why? because chael kicked his ass and anderson got lucky. everyone knows this. and what makes it worse is that anderson is ducking a rematch with chael because he knows he may not get lucky the 2nd time around. that is why chael’s name will forever be linked to anderson silva. sucks dont it :)

      • Zack says:

        Anderson got lucky when he tapped out chael and Dan, he got lucky when he knocked out vitor, okami, Franklin, marquardt…. The list goes on. He must be one lucky SOB. Or your just one stupid SOB.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          zack please tell ur mom im running late but will be there by 11. and tell her to make sure she’s wearing that thing i got her :)

        • louielongdick says:

          apparently you shouldn’t have been so cheap,the belt for the strap on dildo you bought for her is broken!

        • Dante says:

          phael fans are funny lol
          all these bitches can say is “your mom this, your gay that”
          deep down everybody knows it hurts them that they cant say faggit phael WON fight the against anderson
          thats cause anderson made that trt abusing bitch tap beautiful
          with a minute left after allllll that …….ground and pound? LOL

        • DBKlein69 says:

          no but we can say chael kicked anderson’s ass for 23 minutes and made him his little bitch before silva pulled off the miracle victory. and THAT is what pisses the chael-haters off most :)

        • Dante says:

          u wish sucka haha all those trt filled strikes didnt leave a scratch on anderson.. one elbow from the bottom and a triangle later still mw champ sucka hahaha
          and anderson made chael his bitch, thus the submission victory with chael tapping out 😉

        • DBKlein69 says:

          if anderson made chael his bitch he wouldn’t be ducking a rematch, and we wouldn’t be on here calling silva out for being a scared little bitch……but we are……because he is :p

        • Zack.. You finally caught on! Who said u were a total DUMBASSBITCH!

      • Xaninho says:

        Anderson Silva just doesn’t want to waste time beating the same cans over and over.

      • Fuzzy says:

        Depends how you define an ass-kicking. I think something like Jon Fitch vs. GSP can be considered an ass-kicking. There was only one point in the fight (the very first round) that I was worried that Anderson would be finished. To deny that Chael dominated the takedowns (he also had some lucky ones, i.e. 5th rd. slip by Silva) and controlled Silva on the ground would be asinine, however it never looked like Silva was ever going to be finished/(t)ko’d. If anything, Anderson just looked annoyed that Chael was on top of him. To call the triangle lucky is a mere matter of opinion, I look at as such: Anderson seized the only opening that Chael gave him that night. Chael fought a perfect 23 minutes, and the only mistake he made (sitting upright in a BJJ blackbelt’s guard -_- ) got his ass tapped out. If anything, I feel that qualifies as patience and skill. Anderson never forced any nonsense submissions, never lost his cool, never threw any outlandish strikes, and capitalized on the chance he got. Thus he is the Champ, and Chael is a Chump.

        P.S. Chael suggested to me that you cup his balls the next time you want to gobble on his knob.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          that’s crazy! i suggested ur mom cup my balls just the other night! wow what are the chances!

        • Fuzzy says:

          Haha you picked on someone below for not countering a point you made with an actual argument, and look at you. You not only copied my insult–with minor changes of course–but you also have confirmed yourself a hypocritical moron. Please castrate yourself for the safety of future generations.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          no im serious fuzzy! i really did suggest that to ur mom thats why it was so funny! just really ironic, thats all. sorry.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        linked and inked with a loss. sux don’t it?

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        what would have been lucky is if chael sonnen escaped andersons submission hold, too bad anderson is all skill and chael has no luck.

  17. Dan says:

    Did anyone see the fight? Silva landed some hard shots on Chael. He hurt him twice, and damaged his face from the bottom. After round 1 Chael did nothing but lay on Silva and get his face beat in. Take a look at his face at the end of the fight.

  18. Tony says:

    Dbklien or what ever your name is, I watch the fight daily , chael punched Anderson for five rounds and barely hurt him just wore him down a bit he never past andersons guard and just through bitch hits, yes mad fight from sonnen but watch it again Anderson was hurting chael more from bottom strikes, in fact just before the triangle of the year Anderson hit him and near closed chaels eyes “from his back I might add” and that’s how the triangle slid in so easily, don’t get me wrong chael held him down longer then anyone and had the fight of his life but even chael said after the fight that Anderson hit and kicked him harder then anyone has eva hit him before.. Give a man credit when it’s due, I think we all know chael wouldn’t take 5rounds of punches on the ground from Andy, I can’t see how anyone can’t see that it was an amazing win for silva and an amazing fight from chael,, and you say andersons never fought anyone good or what eva like he picks his fights you are so nieve to believe that he has taken on everyone who has earnt there title shots and although they are not in andersons league he did not only beat them he cloaked them out and destroyed them in as Joe would say spectacular fashion every time,, about the Jon jones vs silva fight i think it might happen but understand from andys point of view , it’s a big step to take on such a big dude and specially one with the talent of jones and is it worth losing your undefeated legacy in the ufc just cause a couple of losers who comment on mma posts want to see you lose,, I think that answers itself but in saying that you watch Anderson will end up taking the fight cause he doesn’t like to let people down and watch him if not win and knock jones out he will give jones the hardest fight of his career and hurt him more then his eva been hurt before jones ground and pounds him for the win,,, and you unedjucated fools will still not give Andy his love even though he stepped to one of the most talented giants in MMA

  19. Ryrie says:

    its not that anderson got lucky every fight but if chael had 1. stood him back up in the 5th, 2. watched the wrist control, 3. better paced himself he would have won! im a HUGE silva fan but im also a Sonnen fan and im also a die hard MMA fan and ive rewatched the fight 100 times and no matter how you look at it the only round silva looked himself was the first half of the 4th, and he was lucky not to lose his title that night, and thats fact. So many people are such big silva fans that they dont want to believe that hes beatable but thats what chael proved. Thats the only problem with hard core mma fans tho, we all think we know it all and are unwilling to even listen to everyone. Calling each other key board warriors is just as pointless as the argument in the first place. We all have one thing in common and thats our love for MMA so we should all get along for that simple fact!

    cheer up guys, it going to be a great year for MMA and the UFC! we’re very lucky :) Peace!

  20. AAxAntonio says:

    cant wait to see silva fight agaiin

  21. Tony says:

    I agree chael was winning the fight big time and Andy didn’t really look like himself,, chael down awesome and proved that Andy is human but no matter what he still lost and Anderson should get respect for coming through like he did , not only did it prove he is human but it also proved he has the heart of a champion, name one other fighter who got bashed for five rounds and still has his head together enough and the pure heart and cardio to pull that off late in the fifth, awesome fight from both peeps if you ask me the more all round better fighter won on the night and that is a fact

  22. Ryrie says:

    ye was an insane finish for sure! just goes to show that a fight aint over till its over, think chael got too complacent thinking he had it in the bag! i think we def need a rematch tho just to shut us all up haha! these silva v sonnen debates get outta hand these days lol!

  23. Jason says:

    . chael’s an idiot for letting himself get submitted yet again (most of his losses are by submission), but the fact of the matter is anderson got completely outclassed and dominated like a bitch for 4 and a half rounds. if he didn’t constantly fight specialists, in the weakest division in the UFC, against people much smaller than him who actually belong at that weight class (anderson’s frame is for 205) he would have a very different record. Chael will shit on his life. Again.

  24. GRT 3000 says:

    Haters going to hate on Andy; he’s fought the best and beat them all. Like attracts like though…loser like losers. There’s always going to fanboys pulling for all the #1 contenders and former champs that Andy’s smashed. keep crying dick-wads – it’s all you can do. 😉

    • DBKlein69 says:

      anderson silva = afraid of chael p. sonnen

      • Zack says:

        Last time I checked Anderson told chael to come to brazil. Chael hasn’t said a word since.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          because he’s tired of calling out a coward. come to brazil. that just proves anderson is a pussy. he needs a whole country behind him to fight chael. i understand ur retarded, but try not to forget, “come to brazil” came many months after saying to dana “i dont want to fight him again. make him stop saying all these things about me and my wife”.
          meanwhile dana is thinking “wow he’s saying this about ur wife and u DONT wanna fight him? hmmm sounds like a pussy who doesn’t wanna try his luck twice”

        • GRT 3000 says:

          go eat the realtors ass some more Klein. & quit hating on the proven champion. you obviously don’t have a thread of class in you, so you’ wouldn’t recognize if it slapped you in the face. Now I think there’s a string of imaginary moms waiting outside of your trailer. get to it.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          notice gay roy tranny 3000 could not debate my point. notice he did not deny that anderson went crying to dana about all the mean things chael said about his wife, and in the same breath, SAID HE DID NOT WANT TO FIGHT HIM AGAIN!!! lol at all u blind-loyalty fanboys :) deep down u know he’s a coward but ur hatred towards chael wont let u admit it. its ok. we know :)

        • Xaninho says:

          First fight was in the US with morons chanting:”USA! USA! USA!”, it’s nothing but fair if the second fight takes place in Brazil. But Sonnen doesn’t want that, he needs the back-up.

          And in this case Silva has nothing to prove in the cage, cause well he already made the bitch TAP. Best way to get back at the ultimate submission victim is not giving him what he wants.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          yea silva has nothing to prove, yet the fact that chael ragdolled him for 23 minutes will never go away. it follows him everywhere. if u look at his twitter mentions, over 50% of them have chael’s name in them as well. lol and those are mostly from his own fans! he will never hear the end of what chael did to him at ufc 117.
          but back to ur original point, um yes, silva has nothing to prove. ha!

        • Andy wanting Chael to go to brazil to is a chickenshitt fkn move and u know. That says COWARD all over it.

  25. jeff says:

    he wasn’t “roided” by the way, he had a 0.1 difference in TESTOSTERONE, not a sterioid

  26. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Muhammad Ali took a beaten by George Foreman by using the rope-a-dope knowing that he didn’t think he could win. At that time Ali was considered one of the “greatest of all time” but still took a pounding. Watching that fight I thought Chael had his number, but like a champion does, they just find a way to win. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Not one fight or loss should categorize the fighter and label them for life. There career in a whole will show there true defintion. This was a great fight period, and I can’t wait if they ever do a rematch, it should be great. Match making is what makes this sport so great and maybe Chael will get em’ next time..dunno. On another note…Aloha Penn, WAR PENN WAR!!! All day a warrior walks around Hilo. From the city of “NO” in central cali. To all the haters both ways…who doesn’t want to see this again? That’s all I’m saying, because I do.

  27. 16v149 says:

    Look face it you sonnen scrubites, sonnen is the last fake american white hope. Not to worry dana posee will go to the ukraine to find a white beast.

    Mean while enjoy the colour revolution ,girly boys.

  28. BeanofGTG says:

    How old are you guys and why are you all arguing like kids?

  29. SanSooRob says:

    Lol don’t you fools get it , sonnen got tebowed lolololol

  30. Matthew Logan says:

    I really hate this guy, but fuck he’s a good fighter

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