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Wednesday, 12/14/2011, 09:35 am

UFC NEWS – Overeem Would Like More Fair And Frequent PED Testing In MMA

“I’ll be tested four times in three weeks this month, so after this, there cannot be any more doubts. The thing is, I’ve fought in the States before and every time I got tested, I’ve never tested positive. So I don’t where all [the speculation about steroid use] is coming from. I’m too focused on my career, and I don’t really pay attention to these messages… I cannot judge other fighters, though of course sometimes you have your suspicions. Do I think testing should be [done] more [frequently]? Yes, I do think it should be done more, but I think it should be applied to all athletes and not just a randomly select few. That would be the fair thing to do, right? Otherwise, you would have select testing, and that is unfair.”

UFC heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem took to YahooSports! to talk about the Performance Enhancing Drug testing procedures in MMA amongst other things.

His call for more frequent and fair testing guidelines is a very relevant topic, especially in light of what he has gone through this week while trying to obtain a license to fight in Nevada.

But is he right? Should someone step up and implement more stringent testing guidelines in our sport? Especially considering that 99% of fighters claim that 99% of fighters use some form of performance enhancer yet outside of a select few fighters none get caught or are even tested?

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27 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem Would Like More Fair And Frequent PED Testing In MMA”

  1. Kyle says:

    Uber-reem wants frequent PED testing about as much as Lohan wants a sobriety test. What a joke.

  2. CanILive says:

    is it though? this is his career and future, i mean i know he’ll be fine without the UFC just like fedor, but still, he’s a professional and his future is on the line

  3. Rob says:

    I think the solution is to simply make the penalities more meaningful. You gotta make it to where the punishment is too much of a risk to take. More and more testing isn’t really the answer. Make it hurt badly when you get caught…that’s the only way.

    More and more tests are really just an inconvience to the fighters that are clean and sets up chance for one of them to legitimately miss a test and then have suspicion cast upon them and possibly a suspension, even though they are clean. It punishes the good guys in order to catch the bad guys.

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “…For a guy who is already under public scrutiny as a suspected steroid abuser, Overeem’s decision to skip the country last month on the same day the Nevada State Athletic Commission notified him of a “random” drug test prior to his UFC 141 bout against Brock Lesnar is the kind of public relations gaffe he absolutely can’t afford.” Do you really want more frequent testing, ‘Reem? Do you really?

    • jkwon says:

      he booked his flight to return to holland, even before he was notified.

      how about, you don’t know the full story, so stop speculating.

      • Michael says:

        I wish is mother a speedy recovery. But you are blind if you do not see how this could be viewed as suspect. The guy gains 60+ pounds of sheer muscle while competing internationally under questionable commissions and bolts from the states the day he is asked to submit his PED testing. I understand he says he booked in advance of the notice, and his family is more important, no doubt, but this looks bad. Be a fan, that’s fine, but don’t be blind. Perception is everything and this is not perceived well .

        • Ramiro says:

          You’re ignoring the fact the fact that he had huge problems cutting down to 205 and he was walking around much bigger than that.
          Look at Hendo, the difference of him @185 or at 205…
          So he didn’t put on 60 pounds of muscle, he stopped dieting and cutting a lot and could finally let himself gain musclemass, instead making sure that he never got any bigger. Which is natural thing to get if you train all the time, you gain mass and muscles…

          Its a big problem and it can affect your performances in big way.

          But now he must go out of his way to show everybody that he is indeed clean…
          Let the comission know in advance if he goes away for example when he’s got a fight coming up.

          By the way, Lesnar doesn’t exactly look like he got his muscles the regular way either.

          For me personally, i don’t care if they are roided or not because i think a vast majority are on something TRT or whatever.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          Hey chango when did he cut to 205?

        • Jerome says:

          50 pounds not 60 and it was in 5 years, hell I can go to a buffet and gain 2 pounds before I take a crap, I can also go to a buffet every night and then go hit the weight room and gain 10 pounds of muscle easily in a month, so 50 pounds in 5 years is easy. Hell when I started weight training I gained 30 pounds of muscle in 2 years without any supplements or steroids, and that is a fact.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        How about you take the time to figure out The definition of the word ‘speculate’ and figure out if it really makes sense in the way you used it. I quoted an article and asked a question.

    • Jerome says:

      He was not notified of any random test on the day he left, get that crap straight. When he applied for his license he was told he needed to submit a urine sample within usually 10 days of the fight, they can notify you of a random test, but if you read the article that was clearly not done, NSAC got their panties in a bunch because he has a life and wanted to help his SICK mother. Reem NEVER skipped out on a mandatory test get that crap straight! Maybe you should start to read everything instead of piecing things from one article to another to another, if you had then you would realize your comments are totally off base and you sound like an idiot.

  5. Bman says:

    Hes only being asked to do more because he didn’t do the same basic test that everyone takes. Had he followed simple direction he would not be recivei g any different treatment from anyone else. He only has himself to blame for this

  6. The King says:

    ROIDIN REEM!!!!!!!!!!

  7. stua says:

    i think everyone is missing the point here, typical though, hes asking more more tests across the board.. i think there needs to be more testing across the board. cos you will find 95% of your favourite fighters are using some crap to cut weight.. look at Rampage.. how the fuck do you cut to 205 from 265 within months? -60lbs diff anybody?

    • Anthony1994 says:

      Really 95%? I’d love to know how you know so much about all the top guys? Just because the do stuff you can’t doesn’t mean they’re using! If every top guy was using then more would get caught, or hell they might even get rid of testing just so all the fan favourites won’t get caught! Also out of curiosty when was rampage 265?

  8. Big Fan says:

    Pedro what did he go thru? He failed to take the tests while he was here in the States, He failed to do that and the test have to be at approved sites not his own doctor. his doctor could have tested him 100x .

  9. Chris says:

    Yeah I could really careless if they are roided up or not. Everyone that is speculated of using them have lost before so its not doing much for their winning lol. Just cause your on roids doesn’t mean you have a chin of steel. Your a human if you get hit in the right place your going down. Yeah its bad for your health and mind but fuck it. If they want to screw up their lives let them. It will take the dumb cheats out of the equation.

  10. IF he comes back clean all u jackasses doubting the REEM can kiss his testosterone makers (nuts)..LMAO! Fingers crossed dammit..

  11. bizzle says:

    Reem wants better testing? LOL funniest shiit I heard all day.. Talk about irony.. Funny thing is everyone is so focused on his physique but the truth lies in his face, sorry but there is not a diet or exercise regimen on the planet that will alter the structure of your face and jaw.. His face tells the true story of what he is on..

  12. ripp2002 says:

    Yes… more testing more often. Every round of fights each night… 1 out of 2 has serious back acne, not the kind you get from dirty sheets… if anyone involved in sports doesn’t realize that is a sign they are simply not willing to see it. If we can see if on the cameras… its beyond bad.

  13. T.DADDY says:

    this guy takes roids point blank period… aint no way u got that big by eating horse meat… sorry bra that shit dont fly in the

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