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Monday, 12/19/2011, 09:19 am

UFC NEWS – Overeem On Steroid Accusations: Haters Gonna Hate

“I’m now the most tested fighter in the sport. I will be tested four times in three weeks, and then at least twice more in the next six months in addition to any testing for my next fight. I have had people – I will politely call them ‘haters’ – accuse me of taking steroids since I was a 185-lb. kickboxer at the age of 17. When I was 20, I’ve fought at a weight of 222 lbs. I am now aged 31, and weigh 35 lbs. more. I don’t think 35 lbs is too much to grow in 11 years from a 20-year-old to 31-year-old. Facts are, I have been tested with the commission numerous times before when I fought in the U.S. and got tested in Japan. I always passed any testing, so hopefully now with these next tests coming and the fact of me being the most tested fighter in the sport, the critics may be satisfied. And if not, well, that’s not my problem, that is their problem.

Someone in an interview this week asked me if Brock is stronger than me. Maybe he is, but that’s not important. We are not having a weightlifting competition or a wrestling match, we are in the Octagon fighting MMA where there are more factors in play then just who is stronger and wrestling. The more I think it will end in the first round. We both like to finish fights quickly so people don’t blink because it might be over in seconds. Brock Lesnar is one of the best wrestlers out there, but he has a weakness which I can capitalize on. His biggest weakness is my biggest strength – I’m the better striker, that’s for sure. I am fully prepared. Brock is a very straightforward fighter. Look at his fights, you know right away what he is about: takedowns and ground and pound. There’s nothing unique or tricky about his style. It just so happens he is very good at that thing he does. I don’t think that is good enough to beat me. I respect him, but I don’t think he faced a fighter of my caliber as a mixed martial artist.”

In a recent blog posting at YahooSports! , UFC 141 main event fighter, Alistair Overeem talks about the recent distractions regarding his PED testing with the NSAC and his critics who think he must be on the juice.

Last week many thought that the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion would be removed from his main event fight against Brock Lesnar due to not complying with the commissions testing requirements, however, the NSAC took it easy on the big man from Holland and offered up a conditional license to fight on the UFC’s year-end card.

Now the most tested man in MMA has something to prove to his critics, he wants to prove that after a gauntlet of passed PED tests that he is not using illegal substances and that his massive frame is a 100% natural product of hard work and dedication to his craft.

With Steroids able to leave your system in a timeframe of 3-10 days, does it matter that Overeem is taking the tests with prior notice and time to clean or will a passed result appease the masses and get off his case for being a user.

The man, after all, has never tested positive.

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28 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem On Steroid Accusations: Haters Gonna Hate”

  1. CanILive says:

    so are you tryin to say that, chael, marquardt, other fighters testing positive are just dumber than the REEM? if he’s tested that much then i think he’s good to go.

  2. Dustin says:

    please overeem. just don’t kill brock. we are trying to get this shit mainstream.. i could see alistar kneeing him so hard in the stomach and brock just dying on the spot cause of his past surgeries. im legit scared.

    • Phalen says:

      Don’t worry my man! This is not an actual possibility. A knee to the abdomen could, technically, kill him if it burst one of the lining sacs, feces seeped into his body cavity and became infected. But he had those sacs removed. Also, he would only DIE if that was untreated, but UFC’s doctors are top-notch. The only real fear could be if Alistar kneed him with enough force to detach his intestine all together.
      I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it! Your buddy Brock will be just fine!

  3. Phalen says:

    The way see it, this will not be the last time someone questions The Reem for abusing steroids. The dude is monsterous compared to his former size. If Jon Jones bulked up to 265 in a few years people would say the same thing about him. It’s bound to happen. The truth is, we may never know if he has used enhancements or not. All they can do is test him and go off of the results. I can understand his frustration if he has remained all-natural throughout the years, but he should have had some expectation of this.
    I’m exited as hell to watch these bohemoths clash though!

  4. figgy pudding says:

    Lesnar’s gonna Mop the Floor with Reem!

    • apex says:

      Lol I can tell you never saw overeem fight befor, overeem has caught people off his back… won 19 fights with submissions and I’m only talking about his mma fights.
      So yeah… Knowing lesnar… on his feet he will get hit and get nervous then go for a takedown. 9 of overeems mma submissions are guillotines, 2 of those were standing guillotines. When did you see lesnar go against some with amazing stricking,great clinch work and good submissions.

  5. CanILive says:

    girlll look at that body,, he works outtt

  6. G says:

    It sucks to have only just acquired Overeem to have Lesnar kill him inside the Octagon. :(

    • io31 says:

      You need to invest in your assets and Overeem is an investment for Lesnar. If something goes wrong and Overeem actually pulls this off they at least have another superhero figure that they can build up. Most probably Overeem is the new Heath Herring.

      • THIS GUYS AN IDIOT LOL says:

        overeem the new heath herring god thats fucking stupid. thats like sayin jon jones isnt going to be champion and hes over rated, you seem like you dont watch much MMA maybe you should go back to watching NO MMA, because you know nothing, and make a fool of your self by even talking. overeem has a chance a VERY HIGH CHANCE of being UFC HW champion… saying hes going to be the new heath herring is probably up there with some of the stupidest shit ive EVER heard IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. its worse then anything ive heard from my drunken parents…

      • stua says:

        the new heath herring? gawd your stupid

    • IknowMMA says:

      Lesnar gets hit and gets tentative and scare. Happends every fight!!!

  7. What is that a 20, 25 lb dbell he is curling!?. I am dissapointed by his performance.

  8. Long-Strong says:

    lol why is everyone on this site (mostly everyone) counting on Brock Lesnar so easily?

    • Zack says:

      Bcuz every fight starts standing up and brocks stand up is down there with mayhems standup(horrible). If Brock can’t get a take down within the first two minutes he should prolly just tap

  9. Ethan says:

    Overeem is a product of eating Horsemeat, makes me want to eat horsemeat…

  10. Zack says:

    Look at the picture that’s only like a 35 pound dumbbell. He’s not on roids lol

  11. Xaninho says:

    I don’t understand why people think it’s so impossible to gain the amount of weight/muscles Overeem gained.

    Evander Holyfield gained the same way, it’s just a matter on which part to focus on. Obviously a large part of Overeem’s training hours are spent building mass. That’s why he’s built like he is, cause he’s bodybuilding.

    That may be the reason he seems to gas out within 3 rounds…I hope he focuses more on cardio nowadays, cause main-events are 5 rounds now and Overeem is a main-event top Heavyweight.

  12. LCM says:

    Of course the tests will come back clean unless he is seriously retarded. They gave him a date to test, he skipped it and came back weeks later saying “Ok, test me now.” LOL? Does anyone not see the major fucking problem with that? Not to mention most of his previous tests were administered by his personal doctor.

    It’s not even his size that causes me and many other people to make steroid claims. It’s the fact that his jaw and facial structure are much different now than they were in his early-mid twenties. No workout regime, diet, etc in existence can accomplish that, nothing except for the juice.

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