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Saturday, 11/26/2011, 06:25 am

UFC NEWS – Overeem On Lesnar: “I am going to rip Brock Lesnar apart, piece by piece.”

“I think I have earned a UFC world title fight, by winning every major title outside the UFC, but I am here to prove that I am – without question – the best heavyweight on the planet. You don’t do that sitting on the sidelines or working out in the gym, you do that by fighting and beating the best available opposition in the biggest fights that can be made.
Myself vs. Lesnar is a huge fight and I jumped at the chance to fight him.

But I don’t underestimate this man. Winning UFC belt from Randy Couture in his fourth pro MMA fight and defending it against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin was very impressive. I am also impressed by Lesnar’s fighting spirit; he has twice come back from a very serious illness and fought very tough opposition right away. He obviously has a lot of confidence in himself in fighting me after more than a year out and surgery on his stomach, and I admire that about him, but I am even more confident in myself. I will knock this guy out.

He is great at takedowns and controlling people on the ground, but he I can stop his takedowns and he is no match for me on the feet.

I am going to rip Brock Lesnar apart, piece by piece.”

Newly signed UFC heavyweight fighter, Alistair Overeem, was recently interviewed by Yahoo Sports and the above quote is the result.

Staying with his catch phrase for his UFC 141 main event against former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, Overeem once again proclaims that he is going to rip Brock apart “piece by piece.”

Can he keep it standing long enough to back up the talk or will Lesnar’s wrestling game takeover?

Speak on it Penn Nation!

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53 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem On Lesnar: “I am going to rip Brock Lesnar apart, piece by piece.””

  1. Xaninho says:

    If he can stop the take downs he will pick Lesnar apart. I’m not really confident he can though…I mean he stopped Werdum’s take downs, but obviously Lesnar’s take downs are 10 times better.

    So I guess we’ll see just how good Overeem’s take down defense is. If it’s good enough, then Lesnar’s face will look like steak tartar if he even makes it past the first round.

    • stua says:

      brock aint got a chance, i think y’all overrating his takedown ability.. this fight will be on its feet and then end up with brock getting gnp… thats a more likely outcome

      • Xaninho says:

        He is a pretty good wrestler so he must have a really solid take down. At least that’s what I expect from a wrestler with his credentials…

      • Xaninho says:

        Nevertheless I do hope it goes like you have it planned out for Overeem hahaha

      • jerome says:

        Brock is legit, a collegiate wrestling champion, and to top it off the dude is fast! Have someone running full bore at you that weighs close to 265 that can easily squat double your weight and bench it as well. That being said Brock’s take down’s are NOT unstoppable, but he is legit so don’t try to blow smoke up everyone’s butts with your nonsense. I hope Reem can stop them, and beat Brock as I am no Brock fan, but I give credit where credit is due and Brock is legit in his take downs.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          LOL man I thought he was gonna leave JDS eating his dust in that TUF relay based on this speedy hw talk.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          very true, but he needs to get through Reems standup in order to make those takedowns; and if he gets top position he needs to stay there. imo Lesnar needs to grind Reem down (GnP) make him tired & then go for the kill in the later rounds. If he charges in and thinks he’s going to man handle Reem, he’ll get his ass handed to him.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree with you 100%; if Overeem can keep it on the feet, Lesnar is going to get smashed. & if he can’t it will be the other way around.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        K, just watched the Overeem – Rogers fight; just further confirms my above comment. Lesnar needs to get the top position and stay there if he’s going to pull this one out. On the feet, he’s going to be wayyy out-classed; and if he goes down and Reem smells blood? Lesnar’s going to get a more controlled version of Carwin’s donkey kong act on his head. In other words, (imo) it’s over.

    • Philippe says:

      I would say one and a half years ago that Brock could probably beat Overeem easily with his wrestling. But Brock has been out with diverticulus for almost a 1.5 years and only one short fight in between with Cain. I have a feeling ring rust will be huge in this fight and will definitely play a factor to Overeem winning this fight by TKO 1st round.

  2. david diaz says:

    poor lesner’s gonna get killed…if you’ve watched his fights in the past or even some of his wrestling matches you’ll notice he’s not really the most technical wrestler he’s more pure power and speed and just tackles guys to the ground but overeem is just as big and just as strong so it won’t be too hard to stuff a mere double leg and catch him on the way out to end the fight

  3. Itchyfireball says:

    I believe Overeem, like Dos Santos against Cain will have the most chance of victory in the first 2 rounds. Overeem is very explosive, and very strong, so during the first 2 rounds i believe he easily is strong enough to stuff Brocks take downs and he may even toss him around like he did to Rogers. He will look to strike and capitalise on Brocks weak stand-up, if he lands he could seal the deal. He has great ground control and we saw that against Rogers. I believe he is stronger then Brock But i think Brock may have better cardio, but like GSP says “you get tired when you get into positions where you dont want to be”. Look for overeem to win by tko or decision.

  4. JARIS says:

    Hi fags.. Lesnar’s takedowns won’t work on a huge dude like Overeem..

  5. Paul Anaya says:

    OK peeps…has overheem faced the kind of opposition that brock has beat? Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Shane Carwin? Wow he beat Brett Rogers and gassed against Werdoom trying to stop his takedowns! What you fail to realize is the combination of brocks speed and power has never existed before. And he dont gas! Overheem wont be able to toss that kind of strength around like he did a fat and out of shape rogers…this is a pure wrestler we’re talking about! I promise you Overheem will be on his back by the middle of the first round eating lunchboxes, and by the bell of the second, he wont have anything left in the tank! The only thing Alistair will take apart piece by piece is the stitching on brocks gloves!

    • Xaninho says:

      He fought Werdum injured…

      Lesnar fought a Couture on his way to retirement, Mir has no apparent take down defense, Carwin..haha c’mon man Carwin isn’t any better than Rogers!

      Overeem is the Dream, Strikeforce ánd K-1 Champ.
      Lesnar is a former UFC and WWE champ…See the difference?

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I still think Brock still has this one. He’s becoming better in his stand up, has better conditioning, he is at least as strong as Overeem and he is a very strong wrestler. It’s a bad decision to bet against a wrestler.

        • Xaninho says:

          Ofcourse Lesnar might win, anything can happen. There are several reasons, but in general I think Overeem is the far better all-round fighter.

          I see more and more fighters arming themselves against the wrestlers take downs. Once the majority of MMA practitioners got that under control, the wrestlers in MMA will be done, apart from the wrestlers that manage to get more all-rounded…But mark my words, the one dimensional wrestlers will be done within a few years.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I think your mistaken. More and more MMA fighters are learning wrestling in order to make their ground game complete. The ground and not to sound cliche is where the fight goes. Matt Huhes, GSP, Jon Jones, Cain, Brock all of these guys were or are champs who use wrestling predominately. If anything brawlers and one dimensional strikers will fade away. Basically anyone who is one dimensional will fade away within the next ten years. Ben Askrin is the ww champ of Belator and he is a one dimensions wrestler.. His days are numbered. I think Anderson Silva’s days are numbered as well…. Even with his black belt in BJJ.

        • Xaninho says:

          Jay Hieron should have won that fight against Askren. That decision was disgusting.

          Anderson Silva is 37 years old, so yeah ofcourse if he continues he will end up losing.

          And speaking of cliches “Every fight begins standing up”, it’s just a matter of stopping the take downs. 😉

      • Karate guy says:

        Hey dude for the record when someone is on their way to retirement they don’t fight 5 more times after that fight. Randy was coming of a T.K.O. victory of Gonzaga and lost to Lesnar, ok but then he went on to fight 5 more times and have a 3 fight win streak. Hey buddy in my opinion the fight with Nogueira (which was after the Lesnar fight) was one of his best fights ever. So stop pretending like you know what you are talking about.

        The reality of it is that Lesnar is out matched in the striking game. And Overeem has much more experience. but Brock lesnar doesn’t have to be a world champion kick boxer in order for him to knock someone out. He hits hard, and if he can work on his cardio then he might be ok. Did you watch UFC 121? Lesnar came out with flying knees and was taking it to Velasquez. He landed a pretty good right cross to knock down both Randy couture and Heith Harring. So don’t count him out.

        Oh and by the way try and reframe from injuring yourself in battle……Hey did you hear that? Mommy is calling her little keyboard warrior to bed. Run along you mighty warrior and come back to battle tomorrow after school.

        • Xaninho says:

          lol you might want to tone it down a notch little battyboy. I have 15 years of Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do experience under my belt. So I’m in no way a keyboard warrior.

          Something you obviously are ‘karate guy’. Have you ever even stepped foot in a ring? I bet you only do Kata’s…Now go buy urself a black belt cause you won’t earn it.

      • IrishHandGrenade215 says:

        r u serious? carwin isnt ne better then rogers lol ur nuts carwin has all around better tools.. he gets beat once bad n thats ur analysis.. if ur talking injury fights carwins back has been injured for past 3fights i believe and been putting off back surgery until after jds fights.. carwin easily still top 7 hw rogers? needs to go to boxing like kimbo cause they dont have the tools to last

      • IrishHandGrenade215 says:

        r u serious? carwin compared to rogers haha he lost to the current champ in a brutal beating and now all of a sudden hes compared to bret rogers ha bret needs to go to boxing like kimbo did carwin still top 7 hw imo…

        brock is hated on but he wasnt thrown cans.. he made huge strides in the sport in just little time..overeem is good as well should be an interesting matchup

    • Itchyfireball says:

      Yea Brocks wrestling really saved him against Cain didn’t it. You dummy. Did you even watch that fight? Who has Overeem faught you ask? Ok…Shogun, Vitor, and Cro cop in their prime in Pride. Not to mention Todd Duffee, Badr Hari….so you see your a dumb ass and now you can go back to jerking off to your sister and your dog.

  6. magoo says:

    Call me crazy Lesnars gonna,pound the snot outta Overeeted,and he will finish by sub or too by way of lunch buckets in the noggin!

  7. brandon thomas says:

    You must be read xaninho comment 1 above yours he’s right on the money the experience alone plus reems a monster

  8. pk9grrr says:

    they both really have the same bully” im gona beat you with my strength and size mentality”..reem mite do a cain on brock,brock mite do a werdum but be successful with it,both can knock eachother out,its a coin toss.. survival of the fittest

  9. Long-Strong says:

    eh… hope Brock wins because MMA moves forward with him. Does anyone else agree with this? He brings in the crowd and publicity and the numbers and the money…

    • Xaninho says:

      I think it’s Overeem bringing in the new fans. Why you think UFC has been trying to sign him for several years now? DW is even giving him a shortcut to the titleshot, he just has to turn Lesnar’s face into steak tartar.

      Lesnar isn’t as popular worldwide as Overeem is. Let’s be honest, there aren’t alot of fight fans liking the wrestlers fighting styles( lay ‘n’ pray, grinding) simply because it’s boring to see a fighter ducking the fight Lay n Pray and grinding to a decision win.

  10. jc1 says:

    both guys have huge fanbases… and then there are the anti-fans who buy the ppv just to see them lose, so it works out for the ufc.

    imo brock’s only offense is powerful takedowns or power punching. both require timing and an opponent with poor footwork – his defense is his offense. the gameplan seems simple… lots of punches and movement (no kicks). it won’t allow him to get comfy and time an bomb or a tackle. easier said than done of course.

  11. T.DADDY says:

    WAR BROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. magoo says:

    T.DADDY and mmaislandjunkie have the best one liners on BJPennCom,you guys never seize to amaze me,your both funny as fukc with your little digs are hillarious imo…..ol Chartai is in the running as well,misarable bastard….hahaha……….JK Chartai

  13. VTO says:

    Brock is no slacker and will do what he knows how to do, take people down and try to ground and pound, which seems to be his ONLY game plan whenever he fights, tried it time after time against Velazquez and failed because of Cain’s wrestling. I am and have been an Overeem fan and I will be even after he’s done fighting and I will enjoy watching this fight, I just want for Overeem to watch for the crazy fast take downs, Brock won’t want to stand and trade because he knows he will get smashed. I give credit where it’s due, Brock is fast and likes to take people down and is good at trying to control them, he’s got no stand up, specially against Overeem. Let’s make it happen Alistair you got me as a fan.

  14. Zack says:

    I think Brock’s takedowns are just too good blah blah blah. My fucking grandmother could knock Brock lesnar out. Overeem will hit Brock one time and Brock will be rolling all over the cage trying to find his pacifier. I think Brock’s gunna come out looking immediately to force a takedown and get caught just like against Cain. Who ever wins it’s gunna be cool watching two grizzly bears fight.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      If he would of controlled his shit against Cain, he might have got that top position and stayed there. The fight outcome could have be a lot different with that viking gorilla bashing his melon for a round or two. But Brock didn’t, he was all mad boners and scrambling around. Cain got back to his feet and picked him apart. The same will happen here if Brock isn’t able to gain top position and control the reem.

    • Nightmare_Inc says:

      You have zero eye for detail and therefore don’t have a clue man … saying something like Brock will get ko’d highly proves you may have seen like 2 mma fights all together . Any rematch with Cain would be a Lesnar victory… lol kids these days. Lesnar will run through Overeem like a hot knife through butter (Based on Overeems last 2 fights and career fights) and get a shot at Dos Santos who I also said would end Cain in round 1.

  15. AAxAntonio says:

    hahahah everyone saying reem is gonna kill brock, you realize reem was in the minor leagues right? fighting chumps. as far as stand up i would think reem has a big advantage, but if brock can just catch him once with a wild punch or something, you should know reem has a glass jaw.

    • Itchyfireball says:

      Judging by what you have just said you dont know alot about either Brock or Overeem. Number one Reem wasnt in minor leagues,K1 isnt minor, Pride or Strikeforce isnt minor. And if you think theyre chumps why dont you go and fight them? Also Brock doesnt have knock out power, hes thrown 2 good punches in 7 fights. One to Randy and one to Heath Herring. Reem doesnt have a glass jaw you silly monkey.

    • Xaninho says:

      I guess that’s why UFC bought Strikeforce and signing all those Strikeforce talents. Cause they’re chumps! Right! And all the former Pride fighters in UFC! All chumps too? I see!

      Ofcourse the former WWE champ has fought REAL battles right?

  16. mysterymat says:

    dont count brock out standing tho with hands as big as his its a matter of timing.

  17. Findog23 says:

    overeem better catch brock coming in. i think brock knows he better put him on his back. if he does i believe that he grounds and pounds. overeem is a naturally thin framed man and he will exhaust carrying all that mass if he has to work from his back. just my opinion.

  18. Anthony1994 says:

    Hoping Reem but I think Brock will take it :/

  19. Overroid is talking alot of shit in the lead up to this fight.Yet hardly a word from Lesnar?.Its the quiet man you have to watch.I think Overroid is talking to much shit and setting himself up for a fall.

  20. Joe says:

    cause brock just got smashed his last fight…

  21. Nightmare_Inc says:

    I love Overeem but this is worst case scenario for him… there is zero chance he will win this fight you can write it down it’s already done.

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