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Wednesday, 12/28/2011, 04:45 am

UFC NEWS – Overeem: No one in the division can strike with me

On the verge of making his UFC debut, UFC 141 main event participant, Alistair Overeem took to his personal blog to discuss this Friday’s fight.

Here are the highlights via YahooSports:

“The fight has been promoted as the biggest two athletes in UFC history fighting for the No. 1 contender spot in the heavyweight division. It has also been promoted as a classic “striker vs. wrestler” battle, based on me being, if I may say so, one on the best, if not the best, strikers in the division and Brock almost certainly being the best wrestler in the UFC’s top division.

However, I don’t necessarily agree it is that simple.

While he doesn’t have world-class technique, Mr. Lesnar is a big man who can punch, and I have trained to avoid Lesnar’s strikes like I would any opponent. I will never give an opponent a chance he cannot create for himself by not preparing for any situation. It is not only about respecting Mr. Lesnar, but also respecting myself and the sport.

I’m an all-around fighter. I do everything. I’ve got wrestling, I’ve got submissions and I’ve got striking. Of course, I like to knock people out – and that is the plan Friday – and my striking is something that I focused on because I wanted to be the first MMA champion to also win the K-1 kickboxing Grand Prix, which I did a year ago. Obviously my strikes were my best weapons even before K-1, but they got a lot better because of the K-1 competition.

Right now, I don’t feel anyone in the division can strike with me, but this is MMA and I have prepared very hard for any eventuality.

There’s a chance I could use a submission. This fight isn’t just a case of my strikes against his wrestling, I have won big fights with submissions, and while I think every fighter prefers to win by KO, at this level you take any chance to win.

There are lots of little distractions, but none of them will affect the result. When I’m looking in Brock Lesnar’s eyes, I won’t be thinking about missing a training session because there was a miscommunication about my drug test.

This fight is scheduled for five rounds, and I have trained for five, but I personally think I will win in the first round. I will knock Brock Lesnar out. Second round at the latest. I never underestimate anyone, and Mr Lesnar is a former UFC world champion, but this is it, the chance to send a message to my fans, my critics and to UFC fans who maybe haven’t seen too much of me yet. All the talk, all the would-be distractions, all the training and the hours in the gym and on the mat – it all comes down to Friday night.

He wants it, I want it. One shall stand, one shall fall.”

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem: No one in the division can strike with me”

  1. Halferson says:

    Bullshit! JDS can knock this guy out quickly!!!!

    • Enzo says:

      Haha no kidding…I’ll take JDS over Allistar any day

    • black flag says:

      YUP! dos santos will punch the cock off this guy!

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. $100 says IF he beats Brock he gets KO’d by Dos Santos. Take away all the roids and Reem is just a LHW that got knocked out by Liddell and Rua….

      • Steroid Detector says:

        If you know something about Overeem using steroids, please share this breaking information please. I’ve been trying to improve my steroid detecting system by just looking at someone, but it hasn’t been accurate lately. But I see you have the gift. Man, that must be so cool to do! Who else is using steroids?

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Don’t be such a douche bag, it is impossible to take his previous more athletic physique and turn himself into a monster without some form of steroid, HGH or equivalent. He’s obviously not alone in MMA given some high profile fighters testing positive, but IMO (which is based on a academic background in human biology & endocrinology, plus over 18 years weight training) I would say with certainty that at some point Overeem has definitely taken his share of turkey tablets….so stick that in your dumb fuck pipe and smoke it.

  2. Zack says:

    Coming from the same people who said Cain would destroy jds.

  3. dez says:

    After he beats brock we will find out how well he wil do against jds

  4. dave says:

    brock is to strong with his takedowns

  5. A.James says:

    Cigano has the faster hands but I don’t know if Reem would just leave his guard down like Cain did. I think Reem could dish out the punishment from a distance and that would be the deciding factor in a possible match up.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Don’t get too cocky Reem, JDS has KO power in both hands.

    I don’t know how JDS will respond to a few hard leg kicks though. Or a muay thai clinch with a few knees to the gut and face…He has never faced an opponent like Overeem, and Overeem has faced worldclass strikers already.

  7. Thetude says:

    I think everybody is under estimating reem. The guy is a motha fuckin monster, He has 48 professional fights under his belt, brock has 8, and cigano has 15. The crazy part is he is just hitting his peak right now, i could definitely see him winning the ufc championship and defending it a few times.

  8. ANDYBOY says:

    did anyone of you even read this article??? obviously not, all he did was point out that he won the K-1 Title and retained it, he didn’t say he’ll KO JDS, he didn’t even mention JDS or Cain or ANYONE other than Brock. On paper Reem is the best striker in the UFC HW division, look at paper Shogun is a better Striker than Jones…..anythign can happena nd he even acknowledges that. and dont think that because JDS landed an OVERHAND RIGHT that his technique and boxing is better than Cains. Cain was winning the punch exchanges until the overhand right……weird i’ve never seen Pacquiao or Mayweather throw and land a KO over hand punch and they KO people……weird JDS’s boxing must be better than theirs………..morons. JDS and Reem is a dream fight for HW’s that are gonna bang. Cain was coming off a looooong layoff and was hesitant even tho he was out punching JDS….so JDS and Reem would end in the first witht he way they throw. Reem is gun shy with guys that ARE and WILL try to take him down…like Brock. JDS is gonna stand and bang with Reem, he would bring out the best in Reems game, now who go’s down unconcious??? could be either one……but stop spreading rumors that JDS striking is better than everyone else’s. what combo or straight punch has he landed on ANYONE and KO them? not Nelson, Ivel was a left hook with no set up or follow up, Cain was one overhand right with no set up….learn about striking clowns!

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