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Saturday, 12/03/2011, 09:48 am

UFC NEWS – Overeem Leaves American Training Camp, Defects Back To Holland

“I am now training for Lesnar in Holland. I flew back about a week ago. I don’t want to go too deep into personal matters, but what happened was my mother is recovering from cancer and needs my support. She needs me in Holland over the next couple of weeks and I came back for her. What I can say is that going back to Holland to be with my mother won’t be a distraction; it is actually stopping me from getting distracted. If I stayed in Las Vegas for this camp I would be constantly worried about her and my focus would have been compromised. Now I can train 100 percent, and know she’s just across town.”

Newly signed UFC heavyweight fighter, Alistair Overeem took to his blog over at YahooSports! to notify his fans that he will no longer be training at Xtreme Couture for this UFC 141 main event against Brock Lesnar.

He couldn’t have a better reason to switch modes mid camp, but anyone else think the reasoning behind his departure may have an impact on this fight?

Best wishes to the Overeem family.


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