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Tuesday, 12/13/2011, 06:19 pm

UFC NEWS – Overeem Complies With NSAC Ruling: Flew To The U.K. To Take Steroid Test

As part of his conditional license requirement handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission yesterday afternoon, UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem took a flight to the United Kingdom today to get his steroid screening done by an approved facility.

These test results will not be available until Dec. 20, exactly 10 days prior to his main event bout with former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. On the date of receipt of this first screening Overeem will be required to take an additional steroid test in Las Vegas to further comply with the terms of his conditional license to fight.

This stringent form of testing is due to the fighter’s inability to comply with the NSAC’s original request for a urine sample which started on Nov. 17.

The fighter has long been accused of using performance enhancing drugs due to his size and hopefully by the time these tests are complete some of his critics can put these talks to rest.

Overeem fights for the first time under the UFC banner this month at UFC 141 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in a five-round bout against Brock Lesnar.

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33 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem Complies With NSAC Ruling: Flew To The U.K. To Take Steroid Test”

  1. Nick says:

    It’s not surprising people would think he’s on roids because of his size. I mean he was puny compared to when he was in Pride. I doubt he’s on roids though

  2. Sweet says:

    If anyone has seen videos of how much food the dude eats it’s no wonder he’s so huge. Lesnar is getting sent back to WWE after December 30th.

  3. Harry says:

    If he fails, Velasquez should replace him

  4. War goth666 says:

    Actually i think mir would be the best to replace him. Mir aaid in the ufc 140 post figh interview that i anyhig happend to overeem he wouldnt mind facing brock in a rubber match.

  5. The King says:

    Lmfao so it’s safe to say it takes EXACTLY 10 days for his levels to get back to normal.
    Why doesn’t he just get with Hendo and GSP’s doctors? THEY know wtf they are doing..
    And if you dint think so you just a dumbass period. And NO. I don’t need PROOF!
    a lot of you need to get your heads your heads outta your ass

  6. bizzle says:

    LOL what a joke, him pasting the tests prove nothing.. He got all the extra time he needed when he was in Holland.. So gullible..

  7. Freddy says:

    feed the horses roids then eat them haha!!

  8. G says:

    It’s kind of obvious he’s using something. There’s absolutely no reason why someone couldn’t hand over a urine sample within a period of, what, five hours? Everyone on Earth pees, like, three or four times a day, at least. So, using this logic, Overeem obviously hid something. Kind of lame that it’s so obvious.

    • Jerome says:

      Ok lets get this straight, if your mother needed you would you be worried about a freaking piss test? Especially if they (NSAC) did not clearly put on the paperwork you must do this on this date at this specific place? Oh wait you know everything, so you know it is on there right??? Ok keyboard tough guy I know the truth I also had to get a license to fight in Nevada once, and guess what they do NOT give specifics, no dates, only due by dates which are 10 days prior to the match. HMMMM, sounds like they just had their panties in a bunch like most of you haters out there, Reem didn’t do anything wrong, he went to take care of his mother, turned in his tests before the 10 day deadline like he was supposed to, but since he was in Holland instead of the USA he used his doctor, one he could trust and one he knew, hell if he used you or anyone that doubted him maybe you would change his samples. IF NSAC was that worried about him using roids they could have made him give a sample before leaving the building and had someone with him from that moment on. That is the bottom line, so quit hating on a guy that has NEVER tested positive, and go suck Sonnen’s nuts some more or Marquart’s after all they both have tested positive.

  9. lol says:

    The reason most of you idiots think he is on roids is because you guys come from shitty genetics. I am just as big as Overeem and I dont take roids and I been accused of roids as well.. Dont be jealous because you phags are weak gay and have weak azz genetics..

    idiot haters!!!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      ur probably not as big as overeem, at least not muscularly. guys his size with his definition more times than not are on something. even brock was busted with hgh in the past.

      • can u find a legit link to prove that?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          years of working out hard and not having those results lol.

        • Talking.bout Brock lol

        • Lol i think i saw that one before someone was telling me itwasnt true. Its BS how that Ryan Braun scumbag who ended up winning MVP on a year he obviously cheated isnt getting stripped of his award

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          at least in baseball u the goal isnt to hurt another person physically or try to pillowfist them 300 times before being submitted. =)
          but like everything else mlb all theyre gonna do is put an asterisk next to his name.

        • zoeldog says:

          mate just went to your link that doesnt prove anything lesnar was never convicted of having steroids in fact the lab test results proved conclusivly that they were a vitamin of some sort with no sign of any groth hormone and the police were very apologetic im just trying to work out how you think this artilce justifys you saying that brocks on steroids there is no way the UFC would risk anyone whos on steroids look at marquart do you think if say Sonnen for instance had really cheated and done roids that he would still be in the UFC no way i cant believe that Dana White would risk the reputation of everything he has worked for with the UFC for Sonnen Lesnar or Overeem and for anyone to say that there are guys who use roids in the UFC is slinging mud and if everyone keeps doing it eventually it will stick all your doing by slagging these guys off is slagging off the UFC really

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          sorry zoeldog but in america if u can afford a good attorney you can get out of a lot of sticky situations. lab results showed it wasnt a steroid but at the time no one knew much of human growth hormone, which lab tests showed it was.

      • Jerome says:

        mmaislandjunkie, no you are wrong, most guys that size DON’T use, but yes many do. I just get sick of people accusing people of using PEDs when they are not using them. I used to weigh 255 every day of the week and was ripped, I was actually bigger than Reem (not as tall but wider) I have never used in my life, it took me 3 years to get that big and then another 5 to take it back off the right way. When I started out I thought muscles were where it was at but they weren’t at least for me, I fought better at 205 without the 6 pack than at 255 with the six pack, I had more energy and was quicker, opposite of Reem because I didn’t need to cut tons of weight to make 205 like he did.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          jerome im sorry i have to disagree with you but you might be right and i might be wrong im just going off what i feel is going on. i think guys in the upper professional circuits are more prone to use steroids/hgh because it is more available for them and they have more support in hiding the fact they juice, such as having their own doctors. i know bigger strong guys who dont compete professionally but compete locally in fights and bodybuilding comps and i see the difference in the guys that use and the guys that dont. idk reem may not be on something but its almost unbelievable he never was.

    • Bullshit! says:

      jajaja so funny when peoplemake up stories to prove their point!There is no way in hell you are Overeem’s size even less equal in muscularity!!!THATS BULLSHIT! overeem nut-swallower wannabe!!!The only thing I would believe in a comparison between you and overeeem would be that you have a penus as big as overeem’s eyes!AND MAN THEY ARE PUNNY!


        Do the maths, he was 205lb in 2003 when he fought Chuck and 8 years later he’s 255. A gain of 6lbs of muscle a year for 8 years, thats assuming he’s only got to 255 this year. How long has he been fighting at this weight?. I don’t think that’s possible, even with the best genetics.

  10. Brendan says:

    Alistair overeem is on fuckin hgh or steroids youtube chuck liddell vs alstair hes 3 times the size he was then hes a fuckin joke hes a good kickboxer thats it he is gonna get smashed by lesnar and by a miracle he wins jds is gonna own him like a rented mule

    • zoeldog says:

      Mate i used to way 121kg now im 88kg and I never used any roids at all so peoples bodys can change check out some videos of how much this guy eats the UFC wouldnt have him fighting if there was any doubt. Think about it.

  11. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    I’m a super anti-steroid guy and I really hate cheaters. And I truly believe that Overeem isn’t taking steroids.
    If you want to be as big as Overeem, EAT HORSEMEAT!! If it doesn’t work out, then blame your shitty genetics;)

    • Horse meat is Overeem’s bullshit excuse to hide the fact he’s on steroids.He fucked off to Holland to give himself enough time to get them out of his system.I know his mother is ill but the timing seems very convenient.His mother takes a turn for the worst just as Overeem has to submit a urine sample?More like.”Oh shit i have to submit a urine sample.I’ll go to Holland and kill 2 birds with one stone.I get to check on my mother and get the roids out of my system at the same time”.

  12. johnyfz450 says:

    well whatever the case is he got huge since the pride days and if he is using juice and gets busted hes fucked

  13. TRAP SIZZLE says:


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