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Tuesday, 12/27/2011, 04:03 pm

UFC NEWS – Overeem Adheres To NSAC Requirement: Undergoes Second Pre-Fight Drug Test

UFC 141 main event competitor, Alistair Overeem has adhered to his conditional license requirements handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and submitted a second urine sample yesterday afternoon in Las Vegas.

The results of the test will not be readily available until after his fight this Friday with Brock Lesnar, and he still has to come back two more times, post-fight for additional steroid screenings.

ESPN got the scoop on this one, here’s a clip:

After arriving in Las Vegas on Monday, UFC 141 headliner Alistair Overeem submitted a urine sample at a Quest Diagnostics facility, per the terms of his conditional license issued by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Dec. 12.

Results of the urinalysis aren’t expected to be known by the time Overeem is scheduled to fight Brock Lesnar at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Friday, NSAC executive director Keith Kizer told

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28 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Overeem Adheres To NSAC Requirement: Undergoes Second Pre-Fight Drug Test”

  1. Xaninho says:

    No worries it’ll be fine. Better test Broid Lesnar’s too.

  2. Jerry says:

    And Brock Losner don’t have to take one?

  3. steve says:

    Brock lesnar already took one, he just didn’t have to take a second test because he wasn’t late submitting his.

  4. G says:

    Let’s look at the results AFTER the fight! Yeah, that’s smart! I can’t believe they still do this after Marquardt, Sonnen, Leben, et cetera. (All of them failed drug tests after their losses.)

    • BiggoTrav says:

      The results that come back after the fight are from a sample taken before. This is his second sample submitted before the fight, and he will be required to take two more tests afterwards. I do agree that it is not optimal, but it is the best possible solution we have right now.

    • dave says:

      leben was not pda his was oxy

      • asdf says:

        Leben was caught on oxy recently. BUT, he was, I believe tested positive for steroids in another ufc bought, one of the pre-100 cards.

        Imo, IMO, i think oxy or most drugs not ped, still make a difference. On the professional level, training periods, and psychological stress factors, all contribute to success or failure on fight night. So, IMO, i think oxycotin (sp?) helped him recover and deal with the pain. So, therefore was an unfair advantage. Kind of like how in some marathons now, you can’t listen to music. It’s music. But, like professional exams, they want things to be as fair, and equal as possible.

        • Redman says:

          asdf… I have never taken oxycotin because it is a synthetic version of heroin, but judging from the personal experience of watching many people on the drug it is not beneficial. You turn into a zombie, and your response time is drastically altered. The fact that someone would take this as a performance enhancer would be idiotic on their part

        • Xaninho says:

          I agree, it was obvious Leben didn’t enhance anything. It was one of his worse performances ever.

  5. Philly C says:

    in this day and age, and with the money they have, they should be able to have a result immediately. my girl on house arrest and gets called up to the prison for randoms and they get instant results for illegal drugs. unless theres something i dont know they should be able to do the same for peds. they just wanna make sure the fight still goes on irregardless lol

  6. Philly C says: its a word that’s used, but is defined in dictionary as nonstandard or incorrect, which i never knew. thanks Spellchecker McGoo! lol. but regardless of it being a word, am i right in my assumption that it’s odd that it takes a week to get a result? i mean i don’t care, im pumped to see the fight and wouldn’t want to see it called off, just curios.

    • Jordon says:

      It’s redundant. Regardless means the same thing, so no need to say a word that basically says “regardless” twice. And that guy’s girlfriend isn’t having results sent to a lab… They just dipstick her and that isn’t as accurate and can’t trace drugs back as far.

  7. Nsac kinda tough on the REEMMONSTER ..testing twice or what? Sounds like unfair treatment here.. let’s hit every fighter like this to be fair.

  8. the original steve says:

    i feel as tho steroids should just be allowed in the sport. all these guys have cycles to get it out of their system for their drug tests.

  9. rondo says:

    What a kick in the nuts it would be for us fans,if the results came in positive! Nah screw that nonsense negative result. I can’t wait for Lesnar to silence the mma community!

  10. Mike says:

    Both these guys did tons of roids but i think lesner stopped awhile ago possibly Overeem too but it seems like they don’t trust him for shit.

  11. Long-Strong says:

    let’s see…

  12. The natural says:

    Steroids mess everything up a person who took steroids at any point of there life for even the shortest time is goin to be stronger then some one who hasn’t i mean shit look at that belfort aikama fight man who used too juice vs one who hasn’t ever before. The reason why is muscle memory. Anybody who ever took steroids before shld not be aloud to fight ever….

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