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Saturday, 12/10/2011, 10:47 am




  1. Sheek says:

    I don’t really understand why ppl don’t like Jon Jones..How is he too cocky,or not humble?.he’s cocky because he believes in himself? Or because he does exactly what he says he’s going to do in a match?..And he is far from disrespectful..He gave respect to Rampage even though they didn’t really like each other…not 1 time has Jones disrespected Machida,but Machida has had so much to say about Jones..Ppl are so delusional..Jon is a good champ,and I believe he will continue being champ for a long time.

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      I like Jones, I used to dislike him because of the illegal elbows thrown in the Hamill fight but he’s more then made up for that.

    • Been says:

      wondering that also for the longest time, and been asking for video proof of Jones being “cocky.” Never got a link to see Jones being cocky. What is Corissa referring to when she said that Jones is disrespectful to the “former champions” that he is fighting? Rampage trash talked so much before he got his ass beat. Shogun didn’t trash talk, but I know his coach made a video saying many fans and/or media people were disrespecting Shogun prior to the Jones fight. But that’s not Jones’ fault. Haven’t read/heard trash talk between Machida and Jones. Rashad has been talking down Jones forever! It’s everybody versus Jones, and Jones is made out to be the cocky one. Don’t understand that one.

    • Jorge RIvera (not the fighter) says:

      Agreed. Jon Jones is the bomb. I don’t get why these two idiots don’t like him. Oh well, whatever.
      I think his 10 inch reach advantage will be a major factor over Machida. Bottom line: Machida had his ass handed to him twice by Shogun Rua (the first fight was a judges rip off, hence the quick rematch). Jon Jones basted Shogun’s ass, found the time to preheat the oven, slow cook it and deliver it to him in a presentation only a top chef could deliver. How can anyone think that Machida can beat someone that opened such a can of wupass on his previous nemesis? Don’t get that one…

      • james P says:

        dang man, how are u gonna bash jones like that and call him “cocky”? whhat?! They might be confused with his confidence as a fighter, and as a champion i don’t see a problem with that. Machida is one of my favorite fighters, but Jones takes the cake.

  2. Badkarma7 says:

    she dislikes Jones but she still wants to take him for a ride……so flippin sad

  3. mick says:

    they talk about jones like they know him….machida will not win this fight…or come close at all….in fact i say bones finishes him early

  4. Digs says:

    nice to see cute girls with a little knowledge about mma and the fighters involved. most girls only know about GSP and his spandex shorts.

    • Ryan M says:

      My wife knows who is in what weight class, who’s fighting next and what each fighters skills are. I’m so blessed. It would be difficult to live without being able to talk to my wife about MMA all the time. I hope some of you have MMA wives too.

  5. Matt mma fan 4 life trout man says:

    Hahaha jones is not a god and can be beat…just like the Liddell era, Faber era, Ortiz era. They all ends. He might get past machida /rashad/Hendo/ etc…but their is always some smarter bigger, faster, stronger, super fight jones vs dos santos, or jones vs anderson

    • Me says:

      Well theres that, but theres also the fact that Jon Jones has never really been hurt badly. Thats what makes a true fighter is someone who can get hit with a big punch and keep his head in the game and continue to fight. When we see Jon Jones get hurt and see how he deals with the pressure, then we will know how good of a fighter he really is and if he deserves to keep the LHW title.

      • Matt says:

        But what if a guy has the attributes that allow him to hardly ever get hurt much less even get hit? That is a skill that can help win fights. Jones is a guy that does a lot of damage, he finishes fights, and he takes no damage. Why does he have to take damage to deserve to keep a title? Sounds like you like fighters that get hurt and are able to comeback. And that’s ok, But there is a place for a guy that can do what I said above. Because its like a team with a potent offense and potent defense.

    • Jorge Rivera (not the fighter) says:

      Of course he can be beat, but will it be now? Will he be beat by someone who he beat to a pulp? Remember, Shogun Rua handed Lyoto his ass to him twice and what happened to him when he faced Bones?
      So sure, given time and injury and whatnot, he’ll eventually lose. But not before becoming a legend like the Matt Hughes and BJ Penn’s of the world.

  6. JARED says:

    Hey Pedro,
    Big fan of the site, and huge fan of BJ. My wife and I got married in Hawaii and she’s an mma fan solely because of him. We saw UFC 137 live in Vegas on my birthday. I’m getting her BJ’s book for X-Mas and was wondering how I could contact him to request an autograph for it. I would be willing to pay if necessary. She got me Chuck Liddell’s autograph and I have to pay it forward and keep her a fan beyond his potential retirement. This would seal the deal. PLEASE work with me any way you can and I will be forever indebted to your efforts. Thanks a million, Jared

  7. Me says:

    What is the crawling around that Jon Jones did? What are you 2 not fans of MMA or something??? It’s something that happens in wrestling. Anybody that’s ever wrestled knows what that mysterious crawling around thing was. Get educated before you speak of “mysterious” things that you don’t understand!

    • Jorge Rivera (not the fighter) says:

      Agreed. Hey, if it’s legal to walk on your hands to distract an opponent, I say do it (so long as one can defend oneself like that). The second Rampage landed a punch on him in that position, Bones stood up. So it’s more about giving the opponent something unexpected to think about and distract him from his game plan. That’s called being an intelligent fighter, something in very short supply in the UFC. Might and skill come in many different forms for the wise fighter. This is an indicator that Bones is the real deal! Can’t wait to see him again!

  8. Corissa Furr says:

    Hey guys! I appreciate any feedback you guys have. Looking forward to interacting with you guys and talking MMA =)

  9. Corissa Furr says:

    Just so you guys know, I used to love Jon Jones and was a fan BUT after he won the title his whole demeanor changed (which is understandable). Like before he fought Rampage in interviews he would try to be funny (like Rampage) and totally failed. Just seems like he’s trying too hard. I can kind of see where Rashad is coming from when he called him a “fake ass white boy”

    • bizzle says:

      What is not to like? He talks about himself in the 3rd person, he brags about being a snitch in high school and he signs his name ufc champion even before he won the belt.. lol.. Can’t deny his skills though.. I am hoping Machida crane kick KO’s him this weekend.. Like Mr Miyagi said “no can defense”

    • : ^ ) says:

      How about from this angle: Watch Jones’ interviews with Rogan after his fights with Vera, Mats, and Bader. He WAS that boy from a small town (Endicott, pop: 13000) gaining all kinds of attention~more than he ever received in his life. Not only positive attention, but negative also. 21-22 years old barely out of high school. Not prepared for the change that was heading his way because of his success as a fighter. No school course or class available to prepare you for what’s about to happen.

      Then, everybody has their eyes on YOU! How you goin’ act? People not only praising you, but also challenging you and calling you a “fake ass white boy.” Most likely you will make mistakes in handling the situation because you’ve never dealt with that before and there’s no one to tell you how exactly to deal with it.

      So he tried to be funny and failed (I agree, I saw the videos). I chalk it up to Jones trying to figure out what works for him and comedy (along with sarcasm and insults) isn’t it. Give him time. He’s still trying to figure out himself and the MMA world.

    • Jorge Rivera (not the fighter) says:

      I don’t see that Corissa. He’s on top of his game in his 20’s. Sure, he’s immature and potentially a bit arrogant. But isn’t that part of the show? If he was a boring fake ass white boy, he wouldn’t be wuping everyone’s ass. Rashad is the one that surprises me because he seems to have a fan base. My wife and I hated him from the moment we saw him on the Ultimate fighter show. Matt Hughes hated him. He’s had some good fights, some even bordering on great, but look what Machida did to him.
      So if Machida wuped his ass and got his ass wuped by Shogun Rua and Jones tore Shogun a new one, what do you think Jones would do to Rashad? Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, hence Rashad’s opinion doesn’t count here.

  10. dave says:

    this girls is soooooooooooooooo hot…and lil nog just pulled out is last fight…and big nog also cuz had surgery…im not faulting them for pulling out im just saying there wrong about all brazilains…(i dont know how spell) just saving all the mouth trolls who are always trying point out other mistkes here,,,i see it everyday…..i think loyoto in round 4 or 5..jones lookee tired in later rounds with rampage,,,loyoto wont tire,,loyoto by ko rd 4 or 5,,likely 4,,,

  11. Coolio says:

    ThaNks Corissa, huge fan, can’t wait to see more!

  12. The King says:


  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Youth is overrated but Boney Jones has it! Tito will beat Baby Nog!

  14. Austin says:

    Where the hell is BJ Penn? tl;dw

  15. Who is Corissa Furr? Video not working..

  16. Photos finally uploaded.. Incredible specimen and mesmerizing mixture of ethnicity! There might be a hint of Thai in there. Gorgeous ..

  17. mmaislandjunkie says:


  18. bizzle says:

    Who gave you guys permission to talk to my women? :)

  19. Devilock says:

    Good discussion.
    Little Nog takes it by TKO-Tito will probably try to win similarly to how he beat Bader and will get caught.
    Mir will win by decision. Big Nog beat Schaub, who doesn’t have as much experience, in a rock ’em sock ’em brawl. Mir has far more experience and probably has more power than Big Nog.
    Machida by TKO. No one has come close to testing Jones’ chin. I think Machida’s timing and distance training will allow him to break the distance and at least get a few shots on Jones. Possibly countering one of Jones’ crazy/wild attacks.

  20. Corissa Furr says:

    Anyone catch the weigh-ins? Jones got more boos than anyone else… See guys, I’m not the only one that dislikes him lol =p

  21. Nightmare Inc. says:

    I think Frank Mir is the arrogant one who doesn’t respect other fighters … not Jones. If Machida can’t beat Jones then there is really nobody left (maybe Phil Davis) he’s too good. Perhaps have him fight a bear or something so people betting on these fights can get some kind of odds.

  22. magoo says:

    “And still the undisputed LHW of the World Jon Bones Jones”….sorry haters or Machida fans,its just the way its gonna be!

  23. Stro says:

    I agree w nightmare inc. about Frank Mir he is the most arrogant fighter in the game.
    Jon Jones is respectful, humble, thats why he doesn’t lose along with the physical talents. I agree that the reach is the obvious advantage. And to the point about him crawling to start the fight with Rampage he said he thought Rampages best chance to beat him would be to come straight at him throwing bombs and being low made it hard to hit him. So this nobody’s picks are: Lil Nog decision , Frank Mir TKO , Jon Jones TKO. Corissa your sexy damn.

  24. 420 says:

    Jon Jones is a FUCKING BREAST

  25. ryu says:

    i got my money on jones, tito,and mir. but who knows, im wrong alot. in mma anything can happen so i wont be surprised if at least one of my predictions doesnt fall thru. also i think hominicks gonna win

  26. The Ansir says:

    Jones is arrogant and that makes him pretty annoying to listen 2. But when you think he is a 24 year old champion in the UFC who has steady dismantled the LHW division maybe a little arrogance is hard to avoid.

    That said I cannot wait for Lyoto to go to work tonight. He is a great fighter and if he wins Black House will only need a few more belts to take over the UFC. Everyone favorited Cain to beat Jr. and he went in with a knee that needed surgery and put away a guy who had as much momentum as Jones currently,. Though skill is huge, desire can also be a factor as well, A cocky Jones versus a hungry Machida might make for a last minute fight of the year…

    Here’s to hoping, go Machida

    • Nightmare Inc. says:

      Jones wasn’t arrogant at all dude… Machida can beat anybody in the light-heavyweight division just not Jones. Just like the middleweight division everyone else is just going to hit a fucking brick wall if they get a title shot. Machida is still the man though just absent the title.

  27. ryan m says:

    yo yo jones is cool he isnt cocky atleast he isnt talking alot of shit, and hes likej ust wait till the fight just wait and bam he does it, atleast he shook rampages hand after if you’re nice for so long it might get boring so, its time to get cocky in the cage only place haha, imma smoke some og kush and eat a tamale i want big nog and lil nog 2 win i think they are peace out niggaaa

  28. Nightmare Inc. says:

    When did anyone start thinking Jones was arrogant before the hot girl said so anyway ??? Your all drones.

  29. BiG TAIWAN says:


  30. Corissa Furr says:

    Don’t be a hater Cory, no one likes a hater… Lol

  31. Corissa Furr says:

    I didn’t hate on Jones… Skills, looks, or anything like that. I actually picked him to win. I just said I think he’s cocky. That’s not hating. Hating is what YOU did. If you want to call people names than I invite you to post a picture on here of yourself… I bet you won’t. If he’s a gremlin, let’s see how handsome you are Cory =)

  32. Corissa Furr says:

    Disliking someone has NOTHING to do with hating. Hating would be if I denied his skills said he sucks when he obviously doesn’t. I picked him to win!

    Feel free to look up “hating”

    I asked Jeri and Christine and they NEVER heard of you and have no idea who you are LOL.

  33. Corissa Furr says:

    I’m done talking to you Cory. I’m here to interact and talk MMA. You’re just taking up space…

  34. mmaislandjunkie says:

    this is the second gayest thing youve said on this page. first was “I am quite handsome ask Jeri and Christine if you must.”

  35. Fortyb4five says:

    Guess what I bet your mother smoked weed son. So theoretically your calling your mother a loser!

  36. Cory.. Act like u have some sense!

  37. ryu says:

    hahahaha i wish there was a like button on this shit.. good one tho

  38. Mo says:

    I would be a little cocky too if I dismantled the LHW division one by one! btw he’s always given his opponents props after he’s beat em.

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