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Tuesday, 01/03/2012, 07:47 am

UFC NEWS – NSAC Releases Overeem’s Full Fight Purse As Golden Glory Targets His Pay-Per-View Bonus

After his UFC debut, we reported here on BJPENN.COM that the former management team of Alistair Overeem, Golden Glory, was seeking to have his wages garnished due to breach of contract.

They filed a lawsuit in the Clark County courts and where granted the judgment to collect a large sum from the athlete based on their contract with Alistair signed four-years ago.

The NSAC was forced by a Nevada judge to withhold the funds from Overeem’s fight purse, but yesterday without the proper paperwork and bonds from Golden Glory they released the check in full to Alistair Overeem for his successful debut victory over Brock Lesnar.

Now, the team at Golden Glory states, they are still going for his pockets, but will now target his more lucrative pay-per-view bonuses. Which based on the lawsuit has become public at $2.00 per pay-per-view buy.

Here is what a representative from Golden Glory had to say on the matter:
“This was a short-term possibility that KOI and Golden Glory were prepared for. Seeking the initial writ was merely the first step in a long-term litigation strategy that KOI and Golden Glory will prosecute in Nevada. The writ of attachment remedy remains fully available to my clients and will be sought as to Mr. Overeem’s future pay-per-view payout, which we expect will be more lucrative than his initial fight purse.”

“Rest assured, now that we have had the opportunity to troubleshoot complex international hurdles – and without a long holiday weekend to contend with – future writs of attachment will be utilized to ensure that Mr. Overeem makes good on the commissions owed to my clients and his Golden Glory training team, who helped him achieve the success he now enjoys.

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17 Responses to “UFC NEWS – NSAC Releases Overeem’s Full Fight Purse As Golden Glory Targets His Pay-Per-View Bonus”

  1. Xaninho says:

    They couldn’t provide the correct paperwork cause there isn’t any paperwork that supports their claim. Bunch of vulgers!

  2. mmadian says:

    I agree everyone wants something for nothing.

  3. Damn says:

    Golden Glory? more like Stolen glory

  4. jao says:

    $2/ppv buy…puts a nice perspective on the otherwise hush that fighters get paid. 500,000 buys equals $1 million. thats a nice pay day. just estimating on the buys btw.

  5. mike f says:

    Lesner ppv typically avg about 1.2 million. That’s a nice check.

  6. Rick says:

    Golden Glory Hole more like it!

  7. G says:

    Yeah, lesnar fights usually sell over 1M ppv. 2M+ for reem! Nice. Brock might even get more than $2 per ppv buy. He really was making more in the ufc vs wwe, especially if you consider fighting that he fights twice a year for ufc versus touring for most of the year for wwe. Wish brock would continue with mma but if it’s his health that’s the problem we’d just have to accept the sich…

  8. EJ says:

    is it only the main event fighters that get that cut? or us it those who make the main card? get a different amount per buy?

  9. Hostile Hunter says:

    Brock is getting $4 per ppv buy. Same with Bj, and GSP. Bas Rutten in my opion is the scum of the business. Never liked they way he disrespected overeem after the Break-up between Reem and GG. fucking Pigs need to move on and try to get free cash somewhere else.

  10. ANDYBOY says:

    No, Bas was upset because Reem smiled in GG face and BAS’s face, that he would pay his training team their right share. Now Reem, like any gifted athlete, isn’t living up to that word. I still like Reem, and as a fighter i understand that you can have the best camp in the world, but you decide if you win or lose a fight, not them. I don’t see anyone telling Cerrone to leave greg jackson for getting the biggest ass beating any Greg Jackson member has ever gotten…..does Greg jackson deserve less than what Cerrone gives him now???? should GSP stop giving his training partners less if he loses to Nick?

    as a fighter i understand Reems mentality, and having trainined in Holland breifly, that’s their mentalityu over there, they’re very strong minded people who speak their mind. Reem’s God given talent and atlhletic abililty is the reason he is where he is today, YES without good trainers you cannot acheive much in a gym but you still can achieve. it’s hard to say what REALLY happened between them but all i know is that trainers do latch onto successful fighters like a leach and try to get as much as they can out of them, being a trainer doesnt pay much AT ALL, some of my old trainers live in their gym to save money, they have big name fighters too. so maybe Reem’s ego is the problem, maybe Golden Glory are a bunch of worhtless snakes? Reem will lose the battle so he should jsut pay out now and get it over with. Win or lose against JDS, that PPV will be HUGE! and if JDS gets another overhand right(not a skilled boxing punch) on Reem like he did Cain then we will see a rematch between Reem and JDS. But if Reem beats JDS and Cain, And Carwin, then he’ll pick up America sponsors too. So Reem should just pay out, say F*** You and be doen with it. It all started over the Dream fight so better to pay out now then have them use Americas twisted corrupt legal system put a strrnglehold on all his UFC pay outs…….

    • fingerssfv says:

      “…he’s not living up to his word(?)” Well, he hadn’t gotten paid yet. How can he not live up to his word regarding paying his training staff, if he hadn’t been paid yet? You know something we don’t?

  11. KingGareth says:

    GG is greedy.

  12. Daniel R says:

    am i only one that finds this photo comedy?? Reem has the smuggest smile in the world like “what the fuck u gonna do about it??”

  13. matt says:

    Reem has never been paid fully for K-1 victory or Dream Win .Golden Glory was supposed to make sure he got it.they didnt and he left.Now they want his UFC money becouse they now he will get paid.Scumbags.

  14. Old Fight Fan says:

    The absolute truth is difficult to know, given the details in the media. But I tend to side with fighters, given that boxing has a devilish history of screwing its fighters royally. This is not boxing, but greed is greed, and almost everywhere I look these days, I see management and ownership screwing its employees. It does SEEM that UFC may be the exception and is doing its best to fairly compensate its fighters.

    On a different note, when Reem fights JDS, the fight can truly go either way in the first 2 rounds. If it goes to the third round and beyond, JDS will own Reem, simply because Reem will gas.

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