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Tuesday, 12/27/2011, 05:30 am

UFC NEWS – Nothing to Hide: Voluntary Drug Tests to Clean Up the Sport?

Margaret Goodman, founder of The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), recently created a program for boxing and MMA that allows fighters to sign up for unannounced drug testing by the organization. Test results would be forwarded to state commissions whom would review and penalize fighters for extraneous substance violations.

The former ringside doctor for the Nevada Athletic State Commission knew the fight game’s regulation of PED’s was shabby to say the least. “When I first started talking to people, I saw that (doping) was rampant and largely ignored by many state commissions, who do little to no testing.” Goodman’s adamant stance stems from the fact that out-of-competition drug testing is rare in combat sports, and that athletes are allowed up to three days’ notice before being reviewed, allowing them to clean out their system in time to avoid repercussions.

VADA, a nonprofit organization, looks to change the standard of drug testing by using more effective methods of screening. Many state commissions test fighters for TE levels (testosterone vs. epitestosterone in a human body). Simply put, the use of a synthetic testosterone boosts testosterone to abnormal levels, while epitestosterone levels remain the unaltered. Rather than use this less expensive procedure, VADA will use a more costly carbon isotope inspection that can detect the use of steroids up to two weeks before a fight event (blood tests will also be included to check for human growth hormone and hematocrit levels).

The suggestion of using carbon isotope testing ironically stemmed from Victor Conte, founder of the Bay Area Lab Co-Operative (BALCO), who was notorious for supplying steroids to professional athletes such as Barry Bonds, Bill Romanowski, and Marion Jones. After serving four months in prison for his illegal actions, Conte took the positive out of the negative from his life decisions.

“Because of difficult lessons I’ve learned from personal consequences, I’ve been a strong sports anti-doping advocate for more than five years now… I did an interview with Dr. Margaret Goodman about 18 months ago regarding the rampant use of drugs in combat sports. This is when we first discussed the idea of a voluntary anti-doping program such as VADA. I’ve been an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of this groundbreaking concept from the beginning.”

VADA uses UCLA’s Olympic Analytical Laboratory, a renowned lab accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. One of VADA’s highly regarded scientists, Rodrigo Aguilera, was responsible for testifying in Floyd Landis’ appeal of his positive doping test that denied him the 2006 Tour de France victory. With athletes’ drug tests being in good, honest hands, Golden Boy Promotions signed a deal this week to test welterweights Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto for their upcoming rematch on Feb 11th in Las Vegas.

“I think this is going to explode on to the scene, and I see it taking over,” Tony Morgan, Berto’s trainer, told “We are excited to be the first event VADA is working.”

VADA isn’t just looking to regulate a level playing field. “There are cheaper way of doing things, but we also care about the health of the fighter,” Goodman said. With pressure to perform, mixed with the health risks involved in using PEDs (including death), some athletes are unable to stop and save themselves. In light that the organization is voluntary to join, hopefully many athletes will take part in VADA’s testing to make sure they are healthy, and to put pressure on those who are abusing combat sports.


18 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nothing to Hide: Voluntary Drug Tests to Clean Up the Sport?”

  1. sean says:

    fuck nate the weak he is weak and thats why he needs peds to be strong what a pussy

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      If Nate marquardt thinks this is going to help him get back in American MMA he is 100% WRONG. Everyone knows he has been on massive amounts of STEROIDS his entire career. The only reason Nate went on TRT (LEGAL JUICING) is because he was having a harder and harder time covering up us NON-STOP steroid usuage and he knew it was only a matter of time before they implemented random testing. The other reason was he saw how TRT turned Sonnen from an average fighter with 15 losses on his record to a fighter that ragdolled him and beat his a’ss. He even admitted he talked to Sonnen about TRT after his loss to him. Anyone like Marquardt who has been JUICING his entire career can stop for a few months and get his body to produce blood samples showing he has LOW T. Marquardt has been on the JUICE since his early 20’s and its no wonder his body can’t produce its own testosterone anymore. I look at TRT like a “get out of FREE card” for lifetime JUICERS who are worried about better testing coming down the pipe. NOONE in any pro-combat sport should be allowed to benefit from LEGAL JUICING. none of these guys were born with the condition that TRT was originally developed for. These are high end athletes who were able to compete at a high level because of being naturally high in testosterone to begin with and now even though they have abused ILLEGAL steroids their entire careers they are being awarded a loophole in the RULES to be able continue to JUICE but now its legal cause they get some shady money$$$ grubbing doctor to say they arn’t feeling as strong as they once were when they were JUICED to the gils. No No No their is a very legitimate reason TRT is banned in Boxing, NFL, major league baseball, hockey and any legitamate pro sport. The way I see it fighters like Sonnen and Marquardt who are are well known for using steroids since the early 1990’s should be S.O.L. and sent packing. Most adult men have a testosterone level between 350-500 but these LEGAL JUICERS like Nate and Sonnen who are now supposely below 300 are now allowed to LEGAL JUICE up to 740 which i can tell you by experience (I’m 50 years old on TRT and have never ever used steroids) is like becoming 21 years old again and having a higher testosterone level than 99% of males in the world. Keep in mind Marquardt and Sonnen has already PROVED that not only are they abusing TRT but they are training with levels higher than most BODY BUILDER FREAKS. This is so unfair to the natural athletes because everyone knows extreemly high testosterone levels allow a fighter to train at a much higher level and recover 10 times faster than a natural athlete not to mention they are able to train right thru little nagging injuries that would sideline most fighters. TRT has created a completely unfair playing field and there is nothing in place to regulate the amount of testosterone these cheaters are taking except they have to taper off for their upcoming fight day testing which is a sham in itself because these guys are still allowed to be at 740 (we all know they have their own testing done to monitor how long it takes for their levels to drop in time for the commsions testing) Hell Sean Sherk admitted he had his own testing done when he got busted unfortunatly for him he didn’t use the UCLA olympic level testing and was using the same old lab he had always used to make sure he wouldn’t fail steroid tests his entire career. (Sherk did vow he would never fight in CA again) I guess he was alittle pissed off at them for outfoxing the steroid FOX-CHEAT who up until that point had been able to beat the system. I guess Sherk should have not gotten complacent and kept up on technolgy and then he wouldn’t be so pissed off at CA for being ahead of the curve and busting his ass redhanded for being the STEROID ABUSING LITTLE FREAK THAT ALL FANS ALREADY KNEW HE WAS (IS) Sherk fought it to the end saying no way he could have failed his test and that he was a self- proffessed expert on steroid usuage.) which as i said is still higher than 99 % of natural athletes in the world. The only reason the commsions are using that insane high of a number is because in very rare cases some olympic athletes in their prime were tested as high as 740 test level naturaly. Bottom line is these lifetime cheaters like Sonnen and marquradt are now being awarded a legal avenue to not only cheat but to rub it in all the natural athletes faces that they will be fighting and training at a higher level than everyone else and there aint nothing any of them can say or do about it. TRT is 100% wrong and is for teen males who bodys are not developing naturally or 45-70 year old men who really need it for medical purposes not lifetime users of ILLEGAL STEROIDS.

  2. Chael says:

    Ya guys lets give up the juice. Everyone thinks I’m a pussy now

  3. Isaiah D says:

    Ironic that the guy in charge of the new voluntary anti-doping association shares the same name as one of the most talked about dopers.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I find it hilarious how may people that forget that marquardt not only buses TRT but he has tested positive for DECA (nandrolone) ILLEGAL steroids before in Nevada, His excuse was he had been fighting in japen his entire career and it was legal there and everyone was doing it so he just asssumed it was legal in the U.S. that by the way is on record and now in his interviews he says he has never taken illegal steroids and when he got busted it was GNC’s fault. NICE TRY NATE GNC doesn’t sell ILLEGAL steroids. Marquardt’s career is all but over and he’s so desparate at this point its embarressing. Nates dreaming if he thinks he will ever get back in the UFC.

  4. fitch says:

    i’m here to stay faggot ^

  5. Jeff says:

    I didn’t see Nate’s name anywhere in the article. I think they just used his picture as an example.

  6. Heath says:

    Great post… In my opinion if you have to replace your testosterone because its at a low level to fight then you should change your proffesion. jmo

  7. A.James says:

    Damn. They threw Nate’s pic on this article. He’s history though. Let’s use Sonnen’s face next time.

  8. Sean says:

    man if they clean up the sport right after bj leaves…

  9. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Thats too funny every single win marquardt ever had in his career he was all JUICED up now that he is kicked out (BANNED) from american MMA and prob 2 fights from retirement he wants to be the spokesman for cleanng up the sport. On eof the biggest abuser of steroids in MMA to be a spokesperson I don’t think so, maybe BJ Penn or Nick Diaz. Marquardt is so desparate to get his name in the n ews because he hasn’t had a fight since he was banned from UFC for life and he knows his career is all but over

  10. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Bellator never offered Marquardt a contract. Nate would like you to believe they did but all you have to do is watch ariel hawanis radio show where Ariel broke the news to nate and his manager that Rebney has released a statement saying that nate was not a good fit for their organization which as we all know isa nice professional way of saying they didn’t wan t anything to do with all marquardts steroids baggage. Do you blame them for not wanting a fighter who is like a 4-6 time loser for steroids. NOONE has been given more chances than Nate cause he is so good at using that little hurt puppy dog voice to hide behind what is a low down career of steroid abuse. Nate himself told the nevada athl commsion that he had been using steroids the entire time he fought in japan because everyone did. Nate is so desparate at this point in his career and its obviosu by this article he is willing to do anything to try and trick some of his old fans into beliving thta he now off the JUICE. i call bullshit the man has been JUICING for 15 years and his b ody has to have them and TRT was just an ecuse to keep JUICING. Nate needs to call it a career bcause UFC and bellator will never sign him EVER

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