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Tuesday, 12/06/2011, 03:43 pm

UFC NEWS – Nog Brothers Sponsored by World’s 8th Richest Man

We found out today that one of the world’s richest men, Eike Batista, a Brazilian entrepreneur and president of the EBX Group, announced that he will be sponsoring both of the twin brothers, Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira and Rogerio ‘Minotouro’ Nogueira, in their upcoming fights at UFC 140 in Ontario, Canada.

Batista’s EBX Group includes five companies that trade on the BOVESPA´s Novo Mercado, a special segment of the São Paulo stock market where enterprises with the highest standards of corporate governance are listed. These companies include OGX (oil and gas), MPX (energy), LLX (logistics), MMX (mining), and OSX (offshore services and equipment).

Batista, who is ranked 8th on the prestigious Forbes list and is considered to be South America’s richest man, explained his choice of sponsorship on a press release appearing on his website. Here is what his statement said:

“We are supporting national sports through our sponsorship of the Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogério Minotouro brothers, who are Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, in the last competition of the twins this year against heavyweight Frank Mir and middleweight Tito Ortiz, respectively, in Canada on December 10.

It seems almost perfectly fitting that Mr. Batista sponsor two of the most popular Brazilian names in MMA since the sport is gaining mass popularity and continues to show bright signs of becoming of one of the biggest sports on the planet (which will translate into big, big monry). Batista, who has an estimated wealth of US$30 billion, sees the opportunity to cash in on the MMA money train as the sport continues to take over the Brazilian public’s interest. We’ll see if Batista’s Benjamins can help the Nogueira brothers pull out victories in Canada this Saturday at UFC 140.


26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nog Brothers Sponsored by World’s 8th Richest Man”

  1. magoo says:

    Now you no why he’s rich,smart move.

  2. bizzle says:

    Nice.. The NOG brothers are perfect gentleman and true pioneers of the sport..

  3. sgt thai clone says:

    they should use the tune, money by pink floyd, as thier coming out music

  4. Ekeezy says:

    Damn they got a Nice Hook up!!!

  5. Xaninho says:

    lol it’s great for the Nog’s, but I find it funny that a man who has $30 billion is still out to make more money. If I were him, I would be out sponsoring my favorite fighters and footballclub too, but not to make more money, more as a hobby…

  6. Who cares.. doesn’t mean they will win fight!

  7. Mike Diaz says:

    What will Mr. Batista say when Tito has Lil Nog tap out and Frank Mir knocks Big Nog TFO back to UFC 142 where he will be sitting pondering retirement, just my opinion. Keep your eyes on your oil and stocks Mr. Batista. TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  8. mike says:

    Batista is not South America’s richest man, this article is incorrect.

  9. dave says:

    wow lil nog looks alot like rick franklin in that picture

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