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Tuesday, 12/06/2011, 06:15 am

UFC NEWS – Nik Lentz Recounts The Time He Tapped Lesnar And Got Thrown "WWE Style"

“Usually I’m not gonna train with Brock, there’s no reason, he’s too big for me, but I did roll with him one time, and number one, it was really gross because the dude sweats like a ridiculous amount, so I was just covered in Brock Lesnar sweat, like just dripping in his sweat. But then he was kinda messing around and I jumped on a guillotine, and I wound up actually tapping him out, and then he actually got kinda angry, and the next time that we started, he just picked me up above his head WWE style, and like threw me across the room, so that was the end of my training with Brock. So yeah, I got him one time. I jumped on a guillotine, because he wasn’t ready for it, and I choked him out, and then after that I got thrown across the room.”

UFC lightweight, Nik Lentz candidly details the first and only time he rolled with Brock Lesnar to the “The Verbal Submission” podcast. Early in his MMA career, and before forming Team Deathclutch, Lesnar was a regular member of Greg Nelson’s Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts Academy, training alongside Lentz, and other UFC fighters like Sean Sherk, and Jacob Volkmann. At 280lbs, Lesnar is considered to be one of the most physically strong fighters in all of MMA, and from the sound of it, Lentz experienced this strength firsthand.


9 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nik Lentz Recounts The Time He Tapped Lesnar And Got Thrown "WWE Style"”

  1. sure says:

    yea right, sounds like another fighter has begun trash talking -_- sad that ronda joined as well.

  2. Rusk says:

    Hope Brock gives Reem the diamond cutter

    Self high five baby

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Woulda paid to see that shit go down.

  4. JB says:

    Nice job with your source of where you got this from. You didn’t do this interview.

  5. It clearly states the source as “The Verbal Submission” podcast.

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