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Friday, 12/23/2011, 12:50 pm

UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz Overlooked Once Again: Opened as Underdog against Condit for UFC 143

Nick Diaz voiced in past post-fight press conferences that people don’t give him enough respect. All too fittingly, Vegas odds makers and online sports books donned Diaz as the underdog for his upcoming fight. Condit came in as a -125 favorite to Diaz’s -105 underdog bet.

Although bookies have altered the score since the original bet line to -115 for both fighters, it cannot be helped but noticed how Diaz is still doubted.

Despite an 11 fight win streak and vacating his Strikeforce welterweight title to join the UFC, critics may view that Diaz hasn’t fought top level competition yet. Whether or not this is true, it is hard for anyone in MMA to uphold a double digit win streak. Although Nick Diaz won’t be facing GSP for the championship title fight, he will certainly be highly motivated to win the interim welterweight belt, and wait for Georges to recover.

While Nick Diaz impressed fans at his homecoming victory at UFC 137, Carlos Condit is also making waves from his last fights. With a four fight win streak (three of which were won by KO) over fighters Rory MacDonald, Dan Hardy, and Dong Hyun Kim, Condit is a formidable foe in the welterweight division.

One deciding factor leading up to UFC 143 is that Condit hasn’t fought since July, while Diaz fought this past October. Whether or not ring rust will play a factor will be seen when both men collide on February 4th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas for the interim welterweight title.

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53 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz Overlooked Once Again: Opened as Underdog against Condit for UFC 143”

  1. omar says:

    lol..diaz is gonna smash condit

  2. DevonAK86 says:

    Diaz all day! TKO in the 2nd via GnP!

  3. Diaz-Fan says:

    This fight is going to be great!

  4. MMACRAVER says:

    Really pulling for Condit on this one. He deserves a title shot so badly.

    Convincingly defeating Diaz will legitimize Condit as the number one contender to all the haters.

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    WAR DIAZ, this gots fight of the year written all over it, a chin checkin session! TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  6. evilbeast says:

    You have to earn respect. Being a douche bag doesn’t earn it. I hope Carlos kicks his ass and Nick cries all the way back to Stockton.

  7. johnyfz450 says:

    i cant wait to see this reguardless what people say this is a pretty even fight in my eyes and for people to say that diaz hasnt faced tough competition his last fight with bj was awesome and bj has great boxing and bjj but diaz got through

  8. Condit is gonna KO Diaz for sure, he will be the next champ…

  9. Curtis R says:

    Diaz is a beast so is condit people dont give diaz enough respect cause of his style and its been a while since he was back in the ufc before penn. People gotta realize he dosent go out and try and knock people out with one punch he scrambles there brain and out boxes the fu*k out of um

  10. slacker says:

    Condit in the late rounds.

  11. dave says:

    diaz is right people dont give him enough respect….both the diaz bros are my fav fighters but i always doubt them,,when nate fought marcus davis i was sure he was going get smashed and boxed but nate surprsed me beatinng davis on the feet then subbing him..nick is the same..i doubt him against bj..and now again with condit..i think condit is a really bad match for diaz…but i really hope diaz can win this.he deserves the title and deserves to be champ..hes a real fighter

  12. DeepSeaGod says:

    Win or lose….Diaz’s post fight interview is entertaining. It’s like giving a guy with down’s syndrome a microphone.

  13. browneye says:

    Gonna be a good fight. Diaz hasn’t gained respect cause he’S A DBAG. There worse places to grow up than Stockton. Homo thinks he’s a thug. Would have been fun to see a canadian beat up a thug with a speech impediment.

  14. Rightfully so Condit is gonna destroy that faggot. He will knock him the fuck out.

  15. What separates the two fighters.. Condit’s knock out power! Carlos will fight gsp for the belt!

    • learntoread says:

      No, what actually sets these two fighters apart are: Diaz’s chin, composure, superior cardio, & continual forward pace…(*also taking into account that Condit has been susceptible to being finished by submissions numerous times in the past).

      If you’re attempting to equate Nick Diaz to a fighter of Dan Hardy’s caliber, you’re a fool.


    • Donnybrook says:

      Yep, totally agree.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I’ll give Condit KO power but thats where it stops, Diaz will box the shit out of him. He wins this easily for me. Diaz has faced big punchers before, Daley, Lawlor and BJ all have one punch knock out power and he outboxed them all. That fool who posted about the early stoppage needs to watch that fight again because Daley was wrecked.

  16. GRT 3000 says:

    Condit’s going to smash Diaz imo. He’s a finisher.

  17. sOppie says:

    imo Diaz has had fought better than Condit that being said I’m not saying Condit is over his head, this is going to be a good fight regardless both these guys are fighters I’m extremely excited about this fight and pulling for Diaz but not saying Condit can’t pull it off his extremely talented. Saying Diaz isn’t a finisher is stupid. I wish both these fighters best of luck but my heart tells me Diaz is the next UFC champ.

  18. Adam says:

    It’s too bad these guys aren’t as well known , in the mainstream media, as GSP is. This is a much better fight in , imo. But they won’t get paid as much because this fight won’t draw as many PPV buys as a fight with Geoge

  19. Q says:

    I got Diaz by decision

  20. Donnybrook says:

    Not anymore… Diaz is the fav now.

  21. Abe says:

    Diaz fans are retarded, you do realize condit has better stand up then BJ, and he isnt just gonna look to box with diaz he is gonna do everything. I think Condit is gonna take the UD, and after Condit wins Diaz is gonna be a punk ass bitch saying he didnt really loose and shit like that, along with him his retarded bitch ass fans are gonna complain. Condit gets this by unanimous decision.

  22. jeff says:

    and what if diaz wins? are all you condit fans lame? fandom is a double edge sword and goes both way guys;)

  23. Nick says:

    I want Diaz to win. I love him as a fighter, but don’t care for him as a person. Well they make him seem like a bad guy when he’s probably not at all. So I’d like to meet him and see what he’s like.

  24. A.James says:

    Condit has to end this early otherwise Diaz will dominate more and more as the fight continues. In order to stop Diaz you’re going to have to grind him out and as we all know Condit isn’t that kind of fighter.

  25. slacker says:

    Merry Christmas all!

    Diaz is tough with great endurance. But he has met his match in Condit. Anyone who has seen his fights against Ellenberger and McDonald know what I am talking about. He gets better the longer the fight goes. It is Condit who will break Nick down, round by round, for the victory!

  26. CONDIT SUCKS ASS says:

    Condit never deserved a shot, he beat mid level competition, he didnt even fight Matt Hughes or Serra at mid, he needs a top level win for me to believe hes ready for a shot, and i dont see anyway in fuckin hell he can win against Diaz unless he catches him on the chin 4 times in a row

  27. slacker says:

    Condit has such an amazing variety of punching and leg strikes, Diaz won’t be able to put together his usual rhythm of punches. It will be a good win for Condit’s growing UFC resume.

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