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Monday, 01/23/2012, 02:55 pm

UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz: "I think I am the most well rounded fighter in the world, I deserve to be the pound for pound"

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143 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz: "I think I am the most well rounded fighter in the world, I deserve to be the pound for pound"”

    • kalaeboi says:

      Diaz!!!!!!! Has been for the past 10 years! Just like Penn baby!!!!!

    • spiritsplice says:

      Legend in his own mind.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Nick is a savage and will kill Condit, I love how people like you that always talk shit on the internet can’t stand his success because he is a real and fights hard rather than be some fake kiss ass person that is boring (GSP)

        • slacker says:

          Who do you think is the stronger grappler in a standing clinch, either up against the fence or in the center of the octagon?

          What about hand – speed and head movement?

          These guys both have incredible guards. You think there is any chance this fight will end by submission, maybe in the later rounds?

  1. R Bedford says:

    Yeah right.

  2. hayden g-sta says:

    Condit is going to knock his bitch ass out

  3. fuck says:

    yeeeeeaaa buddddy

  4. jboy says:

    I agree ..he deserves a spot in p4p, I just love his fighting style jus scrap

    • joey says:

      yeah man ive been watching mma for a while now and im starting to change my out look on it.for me im getting into styles more now than ever id much rather watch nick,nate,neer,condit,penn and aldo style fighters that just scrap and make it exciting rather than gsp,fitch,evans,davis and those wrestler base fighters that just grind out a decision.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        yup watching scraps are always more fun than watching grinders. i think if these grinders fought the way they did in roman times theyd be murdered after their win for being so boring.

        • io31 says:

          LOL! Gotta love the awesome reasoning. They are no good because the Romans wouldn’t have liked them. Maybe, you know jus maybe it is also the fault of the guy who can’t defend they TD and can’t get up. Paycheck didn’t stay down there for long, why can’t 209 do the same?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          they get the job done and go home with the w. thats fine but expect to be called for being the safe boring fighter you are. there are lots of wrestlers out there that can finish or put down beatings then there are those who cant.

      • dage says:

        agreed man…in pride allll those wrestlers would lose the decision and lose there purse

  5. pthance says:

    I say prove it. Be the champ we all see!

  6. MMA MASTER says:

    Yes sir, This will be a war!!

  7. Really... says:

    lmao. What a bum.

  8. Richard says:

    Win a UFC championship first you delusional stuttering moron.

  9. 1981AD says:

    Condit by decision.

    • Flying Kamel Toe says:

      If you think Condit goes 5 rounds with Nick Diaz and wins by decision, you need to drop the crack pipe. Diaz has the greatest cardio in MMA. Only person in mma who trains, participates and shows well in triathlons. He can throw punches at high volume, with the same power, and consistent pressure for 5 rounds. There’s nobody in MMA that can make that claim. If Condit wins, it would have to be by KO, you dweeb.

      • Darren says:

        I also think there is a chance of Diaz getting a bad cut, in recent interviews i have notice just how much scar tissue Nick has around his eyes. I would hate for this to be a factor, but i have not seen this mentioned yet so thought i would throw it out there.

        Other than that i think Nick will win by tko/ko, his pace and constant attacking style is tough to deal with.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          He has had surgery to file down his bone on his eyebrows so he won’t get cut easy so I doubt cuts will be a factor but you never know

  10. stone cold says:

    great fighter

  11. andrew says:

    wow to all the haters, diaz has come along way and deserves some respect as a fighter if u dont like him personally w/e just give the man some probs for his skills in the cage

  12. Ray says:

    F–k the over-rated Diaz bros. The Natural Born Killer finna knock Nick out his panties, this has been long over-due. And i watch the Rory Macdonald and Nate Diaz fight everyday b4 class to put a smile on ma face lol

  13. CJ says:

    He says in the pound 4 pound rankings…. pretty big difference to what the title implies! He’s definitely should be in top 10 p4p

  14. Mitchell says:

    This guy really thinks he deserves to be in the P4P category over Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Jose Aldo….give me a F’n break. He is complete garbage.

  15. danriverapv says:

    and the winner is… Diaz.

  16. slacker says:

    This quote of his is so ridiculous it doesn’t warrant a thought – out response.

    • Wow says:

      You’re SO COOL that you won’t even waste thought energy into a response! Can I have your autograph? That is just…so cool…

      • slacker says:

        You are calling me vain and he is the one praising himself in front of the whole MMA world? Talk to him about being humble, not me.

        As for the facts of what he is asserting, it becomes even more ridiculous with every new person that reads it.

  17. Xaninho says:

    Good fighter, maybe even great. Pound for pound best? Nope!

  18. the original steve says:

    there is 1 thing he is lacking is wrestling

  19. Donnybrook says:

    Good fighter but NOT P4P… he’s been kickin cans the last few years and need to prove himself now that he’s joined the UFC and is swimming with the sharks now.

  20. nick soule says:

    lol Diaz is a animal no one has his cardio, no one has his style of boxing which he uses soo good and no on has ground game like the rat pack training camps. I dont think carlos will have good enough head movment and will be feeling the effects of diaz volume punches by the 2nd round, and i dont think he will go BJJ for BJJ untill the striking game proves unwinnable and i think Diaz finishes him in the 3rd by tko, Diaz is gonna take out GSP, the only person who has edges on GSP in 3 areas, cardio, strikes and overall ground game.

    • Kyle K. says:

      Nick and Carlos are the only 2 guys that stand a Chance against GSP. I don’t like GSP keep that in mind….but lets face reality here. Georges does not get tired. Ground game…eh he doesn’t use it much but do not forget Georges is a Black Belt in Bjj…..I think Nick has an edge in Bjj…but I think Georges is to strong for nick to gain any advantage on the ground. While Nick has some very good hands….Georges will tweak his boxing game to fit Nick Diaz. George will push the pace use his jab and lots of leg kicks to keep Nicks dangerous fists from Georges face and body….Plus It’s pretty obvious that Georges can put the fight on the ground anytime he would like. I’m corssing my fingers that whoever wins at UFC 143 will beat GSP but when it comes down to it deep down I know Georges will destroy them both.

    • Chris says:

      GSP easily has better overall ground game. GSP has decent BJJ to Diaz’s great BJJ but the wrestling is easily the dividing factor between the two.

  21. slacker says:

    The guys he has been fighting are all much shorter than him. See if he starts throwing body shots to Condit, Condit will Mauy Thai clinch his neck, knee his face, and drop him to the ground. You’re damn right he respects how Condit fights. He’s gonna get broken down and beat up.

  22. Kaja says:

    After watching the 30-minute clip of Diaz and Condit, I actually have more respect for Diaz…where he’s come from, why he talks the way he does, etc. He’s seems sort of like a recluse, maybe not that well educated…but he has the BJ mentality of just scrap’ing!

    I still hope Condit can pull out a win, but if Diaz does win, I hope he puts a hurting on GSP enough to retire him when the time comes.

  23. slacker says:

    Unless you actually move up in weight to fight someone while cleaning out the division you are in, this whole P4P stuff is just guess work. The only guy who deserves to be talked about P4P period is Anderson Silva and I don’t even like the guy. A few years ago, B.J. was another great one.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      Silva shouldn’t even talk about pound for pound.

      he’s confessed to being SCARED of guys bigger AND smaller than him (Jose Aldo p4p). Hell, he even ducked the GSP superfight (until people started talking about Jon Jones… NOW he wasn’t GSP lol).

      • slacker says:

        Scared of GSP!? I think not. He called him a midget! GSP has been ducking him! I’m a fan of GSP but the truth is the truth.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        brandon u idiot silva has been callin out the roided midget for years, how in the hell do u think hes avoiding gsp when gsp is the one talking about gaining weight correctly, if he moves he will move permanently, then he back tracks and says he will stay at 170 and is not interested in other weights.

        • Chartmonster says:

          Andy calling who out? Bisping..forrest Or maybe the 5’10 170 GSP? Andy’s a fag ..tell him to stop suckin jones’s bone! No Brazilian can beat jones..what a hommo!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          GSP has nothing to lose fighting Anderson. Anderson is taller than him and out weighs him by 30-40 lbs naturally. If I were GSP I would just make it a catch weight fight. If he loses so what? Anderson is a much bigger opponent. GSP might even beat him If he wrestled him, there is no need to wait a year gaining weight the legal way to even the playing field.

          Anderson has everything on line vs Jones because they are around the same weight and would most likely get rag dolled by Jones.

        • Chartmonster says:

          Gsp at 190 lbs fight will stomp the blackzilian out of him. Takedown and GNP clinic..

      • zk says:

        From shit I’ve seen only fighter Anderson is not tryin to fight is Jon Jones and for good reason…

        • DBKlein69 says:

          anderson is more than willing to fight a midget. someone just 2 inches taller than him tho (jon jones)? no thanks. he’ll just take the fights he thinks he can win. rematch with sonnen? nope. shoulder hurts. lower back hurts. i shouldn’t have to fight him because he is so disrespectful. blah blah blah.
          the difference between gsp and andyboy silva is that when someone disrespects gsp (nick diaz), he goes to dana and asks for the fight. when someone is as disrespectful as chael has been to not only andyboy, but his darling wife, he goes to dana and says he does NOT want the fight. and then complains to dana that he should make him stop saying all these mean things about him and his wife, makin him look like even more of a bitch.

        • Zack says:

          Stfu Anderson is gunna beat chael AGAIN.. Chael better find some better roids

        • Chartmonster says:

          Everybody knows he’s scared of Chael n Bones! FK man Chael called out fkn bones Jones..who’s the fkn man..the Chaelmonster is bc he doesn’t give a FK! Andy needs to stay in brazil. His fans should be ashamed!

  24. Taylor says:

    This is how stupid this site has gotten. How can any of you say that Nick is garbage? You dumb motherfuckers…Nick Diaz is one of the greatest out there…he BODIED BJ Penn…he did what no one else has ever done to BJ…what do you think he’s gonna do to Condit?

  25. Diaz says:

    Why you change his words up to stir shit up he said. ” a spot in the pound for pound”

  26. Ryan says:

    He said he should be in the pound for pound rankings not that he should be the pound for pound. Why are the writers here purposely misquoting him. They should fix the quote but probably won’t since their aim is to make Diaz look arrogant

  27. johnyfz450 says:

    diaz is 1 of the realist dudes in the game he dont sugarcoat shit he tells it like it is and is an awesome fighter and him and condit is gonna be an amazing fight either 1 can win this but i would like to see diaz win and if he dont i like condit so its a win win situation for me

  28. jeremy says:

    Diaz is a beast. He def. Deserves a spot in the p4p rankings but not above any champions.with that said I’m a big diaz fan. Both he and his bro. They talk shit but they back it up. Condit is over rated and diaz is gonna put it on him when they fight. No doubt!

  29. Most well rounded fighter huh?How can he call himself the most well rounded fighter when he has zero wrestling skills.I love watching Diaz fight but some of the shit that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable.

    • slacker says:

      He needs a bit more time fighting tried and true, natural welterweights – not B.J. – and he will wake up and smell the grape vats of Lodi. It starts with Condit.

    • learntoread says:

      @ techno striker:

      Please, by all means, give us your source/validity in terms of Nick Diaz currently possessing: “zero wrestling skills”. I’m curious to hear your explanation.

      Please tell me you’re not sourcing MMA bouts which occurred OVER FIVE YEARS AGO !! Seriously, lol.

  30. Josh Ituralde says:

    Wow so much hate “slacker” now what can we say about nick diaz that BJ’s face hasnt already shown.LOL.; Your only as good as your day period. Diaz WAR!!!!!!!!!!

  31. stone cold says:

    bj penn, jose aldo, nick diaz, junior dos santos are my fave p4p fighters imo. frankie edgar runs too much. but most skilled fighter would be machida.

  32. e says:

    fuck getting caught up thinkin who deserves to be p4p. jus scrap homie do your thing.

  33. clay says:

    Say what y’all about nick but one thing is for sure he will fight and he will male it a good fight ….. he might not be good with media or he might not know how to talk to ppl but he knows how to fight and he’s pretty damn good at it and i been saying it for a long time that he’ll beat gsp and it’s coming …… gsp is a talented fighter but if anybody is garbage its him he wants to stay in a class that he done cleaned out twice and stack up easy wins and then dana has the balls to say he one of the best p4p fighters ….. BULLSHIT the only way he’ll fight ppl outside of his weight class is if they smaller like BJ ……. he dont want competition he wants to stay where he can bully everybody he says he cant gain weight ….. again BULLSHIT look how big the dude is he can easly move up a class look in the beginning of his career and now he done got huge and how do u do that if u cant gain weight but if he moves up then o shit i just might lose but he might do good but he is to chicken shit to test them waters …… but now its about to bite him in the ass diaz will take him

    • stone cold says:

      100% accurate. he says “i want to be the michael jordan of mma” when he doesn’t want to fight the best fighters lol. and he would only drop to lightweight and not middleweight! he always has to be the bigger man lol pussy

    • Zyro says:

      …Clay are you mentally retarded? you answered your own question. Qoute ” a class that he done cleaned out twice and stack up easy wins ” clearly he is a shitty fighter because he cleaned out an entire UFC weight class and defeated every challenger which by your standards makes him a crappy fighter. I get that he is the furthest thing from an exciting fight but you cannot say he hasnt earned a spot on P4P list. As for Diaz I cannot say he isnt a great fighter as for P4P he is close and i can easily see him earning a spot soon. I just wish the Diaz brothers would just STFU and fight enough with all the talk and hype and drama from these two seriously just shut up and fight thats what you get paid to do.

  34. CrAzyBK64 says:

    I like diaz but come on people let’s be honest diaz success has come from the fact that he can take a punch. Hold on let me rephrase a million punches. Be has pretty good hands not the best boxer I don’t even know where that came from that’s a joke but he is a well rounded fighter above average at best but honestly he would be nothing without that chin. Like it or not its true look at the bj fight anybody else would of been knocc the fucc out from the first round bj was throwing .bombs but diazs face can hang. I just wish he wouldn’t let himself get punched so much every fight he comes out looking like shit and he doesn’t need to hes a pound 4 pound but no where near the top. His stlye will only last so long ask liddel, wandy, fedor the list goes on he’s a great fighter but not as great as everyone thinks and I think Carlos can beat him if he doesn’t get into a slugfest because if he does diaz will win by limping the shit out of carlos. Ima just sit bacc and watch the best man win. Great fight

  35. allen says:

    diaz is lucky that anthony jhonson is now on middleweight or he will be crashed totally!!!

  36. banks says:

    Diaz is legit hasnt lost since he left the ufc and win or lose he doesnt back down from any fight actually he begs for tougher opponents. hes not better than jonny bones anderson or jose aldo but i think his name can be mentioned among gsp and dominick cruz either way im confident hell earn his respect

  37. Mike Diaz says:

    This is a shame. The UFC has had non stop cameras on Nick to fulfill their bulls*** responsiblity of hyping up a fighter to sell a fight. And now you got these very uncharacteristic articles coming out with qoutes we know a fighter would never say! Sad that the UFC just won’t let Nick Diaz be Nick Diaz……I got Diaz via TKO punches somewhere in the championship rounds! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  38. bbjr says:

    I hate reading all these posts about how diaz sucks this, condit licks that. All you guys on here who are so sure of the outcome of this fight should throw some money down on it. You know why fights are so exciting to watch??? Its because you don’t know who is going to win!! All the keyboard warriors on here hating diaz (really… , Richard, 1981 AD, Ray, Mitchell, Slacker etc.) are really just uneducated in the world of MMA. Same guys who said that BJ was gonna takes nick back and choke him out. With that being said, Nick Diaz is the man and I can’t wait to watch this war

  39. roberts says:

    get some diaz……………….

  40. clay says:

    Apparently u can’t understand shit i did say he is a talented fighter then i was referring to dana labeling him as one of the best p4p fighters he is not one of the best p4p fighters cuz he dont want to challenge himself dumbass …… before u try to talk shit maybe u should pay attention ….. gsp is way bigger than these guys he is fighting he can easily move up and test himself if he wants to be the greatest then he needs to prove it go up a weight class …. i mean fuck if thats the case i’m sure dos santos could move down to light heavy and clean that class out but then what would everybody say ….. gsp wants to stay where he can bully everybody thats not what fighting is about its about the competition …… now that diaz is back in the ufc we’ll see what happens if he beats diaz which i hope he dont but if he does then he should move up a class he wants stats he dont want to fight the best or challenge himself …… he’s a fucking douche

  41. clay says:

    I totally agree bbjr this fight will be a war its going to be good …… ppl say diaz sucks cuz of his personality lol ….. this dude is a warrior and his skill sets are bad ass the dude is a beast lets say he fights gsp and gsp takes him down he wont just beat up nick, nick is a worldclass jiu jitsu black belt he has some of the best bjj ….. to say this guy sucks is dumb and u right they know nothing about mma

  42. Tim says:

    He said he deserves a spot in the pound for pound rankings… Bj’s boy misquoted him probably on purpose to make you check this link… Diaz deserves a spot in the pound for pound. Truth…

  43. Steve O says:

    Being a strikeforce champ doesn’t prove anything but that you can dominate the minors!
    When an undersized unmotivated BJ is your best win in 5+ years you don’t get to be in any discussion for p4p

    • slacker says:

      haha.. perfectly stated!

    • learntoread says:

      It’s amusing when the same BJ Penn fanatics who were stating before the fight that BJ would steam roll Diaz now feel the need to make lame excuses as to why Nick won in attempt to diminish the accomplishment.

      Great stuff.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Steve, it’s not the promotion that defines the fighter. There are fighters among the top ten lists that are not presently in the UFC. For all we know, there could be some kid fighting in a high school gym for $50 a pop that is twice the fighter Anderson Silva is. So yea, being a champion even in a promotion as minute as Strikeforce, as you have implied it, means something. If it meant nothing, then you’d be the champ. You have gold strapped around your waist?

  44. olde english says:

    This is gonna be a great fight I can’t wait.


    Nick Diaz will get knocked out.

  45. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “…I just fight.” That’s the truth right there. Gotta love that shit.

  46. Es Kay says:

    Boxing is average at best,wrestling is not so good,good bjj,athleticism is average.Not exactly p4p qualities and his opposition lately has been handpicked meaning no good wrestlers with sub defense and bloated lightweights.Easiest road to a title shot or interim title ever.

  47. learntoread says:

    Great mis-quote there Pedro 😉

    What Nick actually stated was:

    “I deserve a spot in the pound for pound rankings.”

    Which, by the way, has already come to fruition to some extent. Some sources currently have Diaz in their top 10 pound for pound lists. And if he is to beat Condit next month and gain the interim WW title, there is no doubt he should be a top 10 P4P on all lists.

  48. Soccerchago209 says:

    it’s that STOCKTON slap… everyone has an opinion and ppl may dislike Nick but the truth is his a really smart fighter and he knows what his doing. I’ve talked to him in person and was amazed when I got done cuz he was on point and not saying anything stupid at all. Pretty cool and nice guy if you ask me

  49. Jason says:

    Win the title, then fight and beat Anderson at catch weight to take the top spot. Otherwise, be happy in the top 10

  50. Jon says:

    I agree he’s one of the best pound for pound. I think he’ll submit Condit or take the decision, but when it comes to fighting GSP I don’t think he’ll be strong enough. Not even sure he could take out Fitch if it came to it, and I think GSP’s ground game is better. 5 frustrating rounds coming up when that match rolls around.

  51. Chartmonster says:

    I’ll give Diaz this! At least he will fight the top contenders and not make excuses about shoulders and back to avoid a real fight like that Lil house spider.

  52. Kris says:

    To be P4P he would have to beat the below list, which is the correct P4P list.


    Even if he does beat Condit, he still has to beat GSP to fit in anywhere in the P4P list. All rounded? Has he forgotten about wrestling??

    • Kris says:

      Further to that, A.Silva is a fraud of a ‘champion’, but he is #1 P4P.

      Diaz is a beast, and he will beat Condit. But still wont make the top 5 P4P

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        anderson is a fraud but ur fine w gsp laying n praying his way up the p4p rankings right? in case you havent notice gsp has been sliding down the list. dana white even said bones and edgar have already passed him.

        lmao i feel bad for everyone out there who has a k to begin their name where a c should be, what are you some kardashian wannabe? pathetic and shame on ur parents.

      • learntoread says:

        @ Kris:

        I am pretty sure Diaz meant “top 10 P4P”, not top 5.

        Fitch had been on most top P4P lists for years, and he’s never beaten any of the fighters you’ve listed…actually, he got mauled by GSP.

        Truth is, all of the UFC’s title holders (even interim) should be in the top 10 P4P.

      • Xaninho says:

        Can you explain why Silva is a fraud of a champion? Has he not beaten every single opponent UFC put in front of him?

  53. EddieStix says:

    I know that Diaz is a born killer and a damn good fighter, but Condit is one of those dudes that always seems to get counted out; then he hands his opponents ass back to him with a knockout. Just makes me more excited to see this fight than anything.

    • slacker says:

      It is a really intriguing match – up. They are almost mirror reflections of one another in their mental approach: They will both stand and take hard shots in order to deliver hard shots, knowing that their chin, stamina, and pain threshhold will outlast their opponents’! Now that they are faced with themselves, what are they going to do? What is the strategy? What mindset would you use to defeat yourself??? Who is going to break first mentally and physically? Or, do you avoid the anticipated war of attrition, maneuver around your opponent’s presumptive mindset, use a surprise tactic, and try to end the fight early with a take-down and submission?

  54. niggerwithagun says:

    hes number 5 on my list

  55. DAMN! says:

    I wonder how Nick diaz is gonna fair with Anderson…

    • Rafi Bomb says:

      Why would he be fighting Anderson? You know the UFC stopped open weight tournaments like 15 years ago, right?

    • slacker says:

      Shields said he is planning to move up to MW with an eye to fighting Silva ’cause he doesn’t want to be in the same division as Nick. lmao. Another Strikeforce guy over-estimating his abilities. Let’s see if he beats Akiyama first. I doubt it.

  56. KIng Prodigy Levreau says:

    Aloha!!! I thought titles were given to you by others and that you can’t just make up nicknames and give yourself a title, HOOD 101. You know nicknames like “little puppet”. With that being said I always claim P4P to my friends and anyone else because I believe it is a mindset and a way of thinking that you can’t be beat or you just aren’t going to lose. I love the Diaz Brothers and who they are. I will always root for them everytime, except against the “Prodigy”!!! I hope that with a few more wins and the beaten he will put on GSP will show to the world how great his heart and fighting spirit really is. Then we will know he is P4P. He is just stating it a little early. Condit is no joke and always thought he was a little underrated. He has the heart of a LION. I love Diaz’s mindset going into this fight, I just hope arrogance isn’t ignorance. One love from the city of “NO” in central cali. WAR DIAZ WAR!!!

  57. Rafi Bomb says:

    “I deserve a spot in the pound for pound rankings.” was the actual quote. Way to go, Pedro. Smart though, best way to get people to read an article about Nick is to make him look like he said some arrogant, outlandish shit. You’re phony as hell, dude.

  58. andrew says:

    haters haters haters

  59. jpeters says:

    This guy is crazy! How can you be the most well rounded fighter when your wrestling/takedown defense sucks!

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