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Tuesday, 01/10/2012, 07:01 am

UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz Discusses GSP, Thinks Explosive Workouts Cause Injuries

“I think he’s hurt. I think he might’ve hurt himself. He shouldn’t have done that. If it hurts, don’t do it. I had to go through a lot of fights like that. You know, there were things I couldn’t do, and I couldn’t come in at 100 percent. So basically, heal and worry about your weight cause that’s all you’re gonna be able to do is make the weight and go out there and fight. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, and sometimes you can’t be at 100 percent though. But, no, you know, he hurt himself, and you know, the type of exercises he does too, your injury prone. You’re higher likely to hurt yourself doing explosive workout exercises. I have different type of workouts. I’m a different type of athlete, and I think that we get hurt less and we fight more. That’s why I have more fights. I have twice as many fights as most of these guys out here.”

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40 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nick Diaz Discusses GSP, Thinks Explosive Workouts Cause Injuries”

  1. Damn says:

    Nick’s The Man!

  2. Sheek says:

    Wow..I respect nick a hell of a lot more..even if he didn’t mean what he said this shows he’s more mature than his coach..His coach just talks and doesn’t think about what he’s saying..Nick is definitely maturing..I’ll give him that respect.

    • jacob lee says:

      Yea Nick is a cool dude. He is like Koscheck, Lesnar and all these guys…..he comes off as a jerk and often times is, but sometimes what he says can be respected. I think he lets his emotions take control of his mouth and is a little cocky but even he has admitted that, so all in all he is a good guy. But as far as making comments about Gracie….chill cuz he deserves respect. I mean I hate the guy but I know where to draw the line. Like I hate GSP and Anderson Silva with a passion but for what its worth i respect them.

    • Damn says:

      I bet that this was on or after UFC 141 and Cesar Gaycie needs to STFU

  3. Anthony1994 says:

    An actual interview from Nick that made sense, I like Nick he seems a lot more comfortable when it’s one on one interviews. Hopefully now that Nick has said that he believes GSP maybe now his nut huggers will stfu about ducking!

  4. Richard says:

    I like how Nick is slowly turning face…and people like to say MMA and wrestling have nothing in common!

  5. bb says:

    why doessnt nick talk bj

  6. 514montreal says:

    what a stupid headline trying to make nick sound like an idiot. so much more was said in this clip. how about writing a headline like this when bj runs his stupid mouth on twitter

    • 808hilo says:

      Is Canadian English different from American English that much that you would think the headline is wrong? He definitely does say what the headline implies, so why would it be inaccurate? One thing about fighters like GSP is that they rely on strength while fighting, but they need to feed their muscles with “explosive” workouts. This definitely increases the risk for injury. Fighters like Nick rely more on fighting skill and technique over brute strength while fighting, so weights are a smaller part of their training program. Nick said this very clearly in this interview.

      I’ll keep the direct insults out of this post…we should ALL turn over a new leaf !

      • 514montreal says:

        nowhere does my post say the headline was “wrong” or “inaccurate”, and in no way did i need you to summarize the video for me. My post was to show how this website favours BJ and tries to make Nick look like and idiot. its not the first time i read a bias article or in this situation a stupid headline
        keep it real bj

        • 808hilo says:

          The name of this website is….BJPENN.COM. So favoring BJ is accepted here. And how does the headline make Nick look like an idiot and why is it stupid? It doesn’t and it isn’t. Disregard the semantics of the words chosen.

        • Xaninho says:

          Nick does that perfectly by himself, latest news he is a no-show on UFC countdown….

        • Ryan M says:

          The headline is perfectly accurate. I think Nick comes off looking really smart. He told it like it is without too much “Diaziness”. He explained that explosive workouts lead to more injuries. 514montreal, you are stupid.

  7. Ninjaman says:

    How can some of you say you hate Anderson or GSP with a passion? What negative impact have they had to tarnish the sport or even their compettion? They work hard and perform to a level that demands respect. Even if you dont like the style of a fighter you dont say you hate them with a passion. I work to hard to try and get friends of mine interested in MMA which they feel is to aggressive and violent and its because of fans like you folks who hate and swear and say such inappropriate things that it represents you, the website and the sport in a bad way.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      it’s part of being a professional athlete. some people will be your fans, some people just won’t like you no matter what you have done for the sport. liking or disliking someone doesn’t take anything away from what they have accomplished in the sport or in terms of how they helped the sport. i respect him, but i can’t stand anderson silva. i can’t deny that he is one of the best fighters ever. however, i’m not going to be his fan just for those reasons though.

  8. Nicks English Teacher says:

    I love Nick as a fighter. I just wish he would STFU! Keep the mic away from his face! His simple mind can’t formulate sentences and it’s obviously frustrating for the guy!

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      You’re fucking retarded maybe you have listening problems but everything he said made perfect sense I think the fact that you get no love at home makes you want to come here and act like you’re smart or something but when you go back to your sad little reality you nothing more than the average dumbass I guess this nerd didn’t learn in school that you don’t talk shit about people that will fuck your world up

    • Heath says:

      Hey teach.. His simple mind can memorize what it takes to be one of the best Jiu Jitsu guys in mma today… Can also formulate multiple senarious to beat the shit out of his challengers.. I thought it was one of his better interviews BUT there will always be so called “English Teacher” trying to stick the jab…

  9. Pious Enilolobo Jr says:


  10. Jacob Abisinello says:

    Those scars on his eyebrows look really bad here.

    • Ethan says:

      he had surgery to file down those orbital bones so they weren’t so sharp and he hasn’t been getting cut nearly as bad as he used to, but your right, the damage thats already been done is very visible

    • learntoread says:

      Which the bleacher report later corrected with actual “reporting”:

      Rumors of former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz missing the taping of the countdown show for UFC 143 are false, according to Cesar Gracie’s twitter:

      “@ufc rumors Nick missed countdown show are false. They finished shooting 2 weeks ago. Went fine.”

  11. Stockton209 says:

    love him or hate him he fights. PERIOD

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is bull shit. Two months ago he said GSP was faking an injury. How come nick hasn’t responded to BJ? Two words, Ceasar Gracie. They are telling more by not saying anything at all.

    • Heath says:

      Nick is saying more by not saying anything… Bj is in his rear view mirror, not his headlights…

    • raven says:

      he was talking about gsp cuz he was tryinng make a point and start a fight…talking about bj is a dead topic…he beat bj easy///he will beat him again…nick is number 2 ww bj is retired…makes no sense why bj is talking now

    • learntoread says:

      @ Ninja Oreo Dollop:

      TIP: When Nick Diaz accused GSP of “not being hurt” he was talking about Georges pulling out of the Main Event of UFC 137 (which was held in October, 2010).

      In this interview Daiz is speaking about Georges pulling out of his 2nd consecutive Main Event for UFC 143…a different training camp & a different circumstance which occurred months after the event you’re speaking of and resulted in GSP needing to undergo surgery.

      Got it ?

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        They aren’t their own exclusive injuries they are the same injury made worse. You three don’t get the subtext behind this new outlook on Diaz part? Maybe there is a part of this interview that was edited for another news story. What does he have to say about beef with BJ?

  13. chon209 says:

    nick said bj is a sore loser on inside the mma a while back and it seems he was right and nick can care less this far off from the fight and i am glad because this is really bs on bj or his staffs part (bj still hasnt officially confirmed himself) so i hope bj takes more time off and comes back on a different note than this bs

  14. slacker says:

    Nick and B.J. in my opinion are both very proud guys. I think that explains some of their comments and behaviours post – UFC 137.

    As for Nick not commenting on B.J’s tweet, I don’t think I can blame him. He is about to fight for the interim belt. He doesn’t need any distractions. I am sure he will respond once the Condit fight is done.

    I think B.J. is going in the right direction these past two fights incorporating wrestling into his fight strategy. I think he should drop back down to LW and re-invent himself as a boxer/wrestler. Fight some guys ranked outside the top 5 or 10 so he can continue developing his wrestling skills and the increased cardio demand that comes with it. Get some wins under his belt fighting with this new style. Be patient. Be humble. Do this as long as it takes, and in 2 or 3 years he may be the LW champ again.

    As for Nick Diaz, the hype will be short-lived – Condit will reign supreme! After that, Diaz will have to fight other top 10 guys who have wrestling ability – unlike the guys he fought in Strikeforce – he will lose, and fade into UFC contender obscurity.

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