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Monday, 01/02/2012, 04:00 am

UFC NEWS – Nevada State Athletic Commission Garnished Overeem’s Wages From Last Friday’s UFC 141 Event

Last Friday we saw Alistair Overeem destroy Brock Lesnar in the UFC 141 main event. The win gave him the second highest disclosed payroll of the night with $385,714.28.

Unfortunately for the newly crowned heavyweight number one contender the Nevada State Athletic Commission was forced to withhold $241,285.49 of his fight purse by a Nevada judge due to his ongoing legal battle with his former management team Golden Glory.

The legal team representing Golden Glory filed a lawsuit against Overeem in the Clark County courts alleging that the newly signed UFC heavyweight fighter breached his contract entered with them four-years ago.

For his part, Overeem was never told that the majority of his purse was being withheld by the Nevada government prior to the fight and instead was notified by reporters during the post-fight press conference.

“It would have been ideal if a lawsuit could have been avoided,” said a representative from Golden Glory prior to Friday’s UFC 141 event. We wish Alistair well in the fight, and in fact, have a financial interest in his continued success. Unfortunately, my clients simply had no choice.”

The Golden Glory legal team is seeking 30% of all of Alistair’s earnings past and present that have yet to be collected.

Overeem’s new manager seems confident the charges are unfounded and seems to think Overeem will get out of this latest saga unscathed.

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32 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nevada State Athletic Commission Garnished Overeem’s Wages From Last Friday’s UFC 141 Event”

  1. dummyman says:

    Pay your Damn camp you bum!!! What a shame to have such a gifted fighter disrespect the vary camp that helped propell his career. Pay and move on.

  2. john says:


  3. D.cosby says:

    War!!!!! Their going to war!!!!!

  4. Tye says:

    @dummyman, it’s hard to pay your camp when the money goes directly to them. that’s why the UFC dropped strikeforce fighters from golden glory, because the UFC only pays fighters directly

    • HarmZKR says:

      Golden Glory (from what I have heard) pay their fighters out of their own pocket BEFORE the check from the fighting promotion gets sent out to the fighter because obviously, fighters want their check right away and not want to have to wait weeks for it to clear. And when the check has finally cleared, GG deduct what they paid to the fighter already and pay the sparring partners and trainers that were involved. Apparently there are fighters out there who dont pay their trainers and I guess when GG does things this way, its better for all involved.

      • effyocouch says:

        Nope. Golden Glory would take the check directly from strikeforce or whatever, pay themselves, and then pay the fighter. How would they know how much to pay each fighter when they don’t even know if they’re gonna win or lose? That’s a significant amount of money they could be either adding or forgetting.

  5. HarmZKR says:

    Bas Rutten has so far given the best explanation regarding Overeem and Golden Glory that I have read. And after reading what Bas said, I’m siding with Golden Glory on this one.

  6. Xaninho says:

    So 2/3 of his paycheck goes to his management? There is something wrong with their calculators…

  7. dummyman says:

    I only know the media coverage, and Bass’ explaination is the best info I have to base an opinion on. I can tell you if GG has been covering fighters up untill now, they may rethink their payment structures hereafter.

    • jerome says:

      Sure believe Bas! Dude, where are you from, not saying Bas is a liar, but seriously he is best friends with golden glory owner! Also they are saying Reem didn’t pay his training partners????? Come on dude, that is what golden glory has stated for years that they collect the money, then give everyone their cut, soooooo unless someone didn’t pay golden glory for one of Reem’s fights (which is golden glory’s problem since they pay this way) then all of the trainers and sparing partners AND management would be paid! What it is more than likely is Reem realized how much money golden glory was getting for “this service” and it isn’t cheap, so he left them, now their biggest payday just left camp so they are crying like babies and trying to get a breach of contract when they never cared about him in the first place, only his money!

  8. CraiggormanENG says:

    He should treat his ex management like brock or tell the to fight the main card!!

  9. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Fighters SHOULD get paid.
    Not the gyms for crying out loud.
    Little bit the same happened to me last year.
    I paid them for the next month training,
    I got injured so I can’t train for the next month,
    I wanted my money back because I won’t be training for the next month,
    They said no. They can’t give me back my cash.
    I got mad as hell and I left their camp.
    And months later, the guys from that camp that didn’t gave me back my money, they all go knocked the fuck out on their fights.
    Haha, KARMA IS A BITCH!!! FUCK THEM!! hahahaha

  10. Alice says:

    God the fighting camp was paid separately … so who cares

  11. DaRuckuz says:

    kick to da liver should do the trick

  12. Shawn says:

    Golden Glory is just pissed he left them. He was probably their top money making fighter. So just like any other management one signs a contract with then leaves, their going to be pretty upset and get as much as they can from the fighter. In a world where people sue companies because they are dumb enough to spill hot coffee on themselves, trip over their own feet while trespassing, or injure themselves because they didn’t read the instructions, this doesn’t come as a surprise. This is all up to the courts now. The question is did Overeem really breach bis contract.

  13. hanibal says:

    30% is too much in my opinion.. this is an individual sport and most the work and success comes because of the fighter’s talent and hard work the best coach cant turn a talentless guy into a champion, besides, all the risk in the fight is taken by the fighter, if he gets injured and cant fight anymore the coaches will just train other fighters but for him all is lost..
    furthermore, the gym and management will continue to operate, gain money, and earn revenue even after the people in charge get old and on the other hand the fighters have really short careers compared to other jobs and have to retire early with nothing to support them except thei savings ..

  14. dave says:

    i dont know why they say 30% the they take over half..he made around 380 and they held 240 thats way more then 30%…and thats crazy most the tiime when a lawsuit come for something like this they woud give the fighter all the money then have the court and if he guilty then he would pay the money….golden glory must have fuct him into signing something,,they made a tricky contract and he signed it

  15. Make it right and move on bc when Reem beats Jds the Reem will be worth millions!

  16. David says:

    His entire fight purse was for $385,714.28 total. The commission is witholding $241,285.49. That means he got paid $144,428.79 for now, until the pending lawsuit is settled. That means they witheld 62.5% of his winnings due to the current lawsuit over present and past winnings owed. Please learn to read, comprehend, and calculate simple mathmatics.

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