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Tuesday, 01/24/2012, 07:44 pm

UFC NEWS | Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller Booked For UFC on FOX 3

The UFC just announced two important happenings in the world of MMA. The first of which is that they are returning to FOX TV on May 5 with UFC on FOX 3.

The second announcement comes in the form of the first official bout on the card; Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller.

UFC on FOX 3 will go down on May 5 from New Jersey’s Izod Center.

Nate Diaz is the second half of one of the most dominant families in Mixed Martial Arts today. After an impressive run in the lightweight division, the “Ultimate Fighter” winner took to the welterweight division where he successfully dispatched Rory Markham and Marcus Davis before dropping his next two bouts.

The consecutive losses sent him packing back down to the lightweight division where he has since destroyed Takanori Gomi and Donald Cerrone.

The next chapter for Diaz is none other than New Jersey’s own Jim Miller.

Jim Miller has had an equally, if not more, impressive run in the UFC as the Stocktonian. Since entering the UFC in 2008 the lightweight standout has gone an impressive 10-2. His lone losses came at the hands of former number one contender Gray Maynard and current title challenger Benson Henderson.

A proven force in the division, Miller was last seen on the UFC on FX debut card headlining against Melvin Guillard. He took the fight via submission in the very first round of action.

In this classic east vs. west matchup the winner is likely next in-line for a shot at the UFC title currently held by Frankie Edgar.

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54 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller Booked For UFC on FOX 3”

  1. "H"BOMB says:

    gonna be an awesome fight! i got miller by ud!

  2. iamsoawesome says:

    BADASS FIGHT! i got Diaz though.

  3. GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

    DOPE. I got Nate all the way on this, should be a good fight though

  4. jeff da moari says:

    sick fight!! WAR DIAZ!

  5. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cinco de mayo gonna be crayzeee!!!

  6. DyNoMiTe says:

    Unfortunately, I think Miller’s gonna lose because I haven’t seen any have any spectacular striking ability and seeing as how Nate hasn’t been KO’d by anyone with knockout power, Miller’s only shot is to somehow take Nate down and submit him. And that’s not likely to happen

    • dleerox says:


    • Semtex says:

      That is his only chance? What about taking him down (which he probably will) and staying on top for 3 rounds?

      I am rooting big for Diaz. If this happens to be the main event and a 5 rounder, Diaz chances increase. But make no mistake – stylistically this is a better match up for Miller than it is for Diaz. Every loss of Nate has come by a good wrestler with good enough submission defense and Miller is more than qualified on these fields.

    • Shawn says:

      Some of you must not know that not only can Miller stand strike even with heavy handed specialists, most of his wins are via submission. Submitting Guillard, Olievera and Ludwig. With the latter two not being slouches on the ground. As well as going the distance with Henderson, Maynard, Bocek and Tibeau. He’s also has conditioning. Diaz may never have been KO’d, but he hasn’t been knocking out anybody either. And like some people know, he has problems with really good wrestlers. This is going to decision or someone is getting submitted. Going by their last 3 fights, and knowing how these guys fight (neither changes up their game plan), I would have to put the edge on Miller.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Miller is smaller and nowhere near the wrestler Maynard is so I doubt he will be able to even take Nate down he will get overpowered in the clinch and on the ground if it even gets that far so Nate will win via dominate UD

  7. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    Fight of the night for sure ! , hopefully whoever wins gets the W by submission. I reckon Miller 51% Diaz 49%

  8. daveee says:

    after nate beat miller he beter get a title shot…everyone was crying for cerrone to get a title if he gets threw diaz but diaz upset…now its time he gets his shot….nate have never clearly bean beat at lw..he has lost decisons but never fuct up….nate allll day

  9. learntoread says:

    Hard to see Miller gaining any advantage in the standup department, Nate is apt to pick him apart.

    On the ground, where Miller typically has an advantage in terms of positioning for subs, it’s not going to happen here.

    I’m thinking it will be Diaz outpointing/overwhelming Miller on the feet and Miller trying to secure take downs and GnP attempting to outpoint Nate on the mat. If Diaz can stuff a few takedowns, he’s got this, if not Miller will most likely win a close SD due to points earned with top position.

    Going to be a good one.

    If Diaz wins, and does so in as impressive fashion as his last couple wins, he’ll most likely be next in line for a title shot (being that Miller, along with Guida, seem to be the main gatekeepers at LW currently).

  10. Kyle says:

    I don’t see ANY way Diaz wins this fight. His one weakness is guys that can take him down, have above average wrestling and great Jui-Jitsu defense. Miller has both of those. Actually see this being a fairly boring UD for Miller.

  11. danriverapv says:

    This Kyle guy has obviously never seen Jim or Nate fight. its impossible for either of them to be in a boring fight. Nate Diaz by Unanimous decision, Jim is too F-ing tough to finish.

  12. HoneyBadgerAintScaredHomie says:

    Assuming both guys come to fight, this should be a pretty good one. I don’t particularly want to see someone grind out a decision by just controlling things on the ground.

  13. boobs says:

    Diaz for sure. By punch to the face, second round.

  14. Put him in a straight jacket! says:

    Nate has striking and submissions. Miller just has submissions. I would love to see a great display of submission work but I see this staying standing where Nate has the edge.

  15. Mike McMack says:

    Wow, close one to call. Diaz has an advantage with his size and reach, if Diaz has good takedown defense he wins. If he doesn’t then Miller can do some ground and pound, it’s going to be hard to submit Nate but Miller is no slouch on the ground. Diaz might be great at BJJ but we all know that he wants to stand and bang while Miller wants to get the takedown to impose his will. Love it when a fight is too close to call beforehand, can’t wait to see it.

  16. Jason N says:

    I want BJ V. Nate Diaz

  17. Chartmonster says:

    Of course I got Jim tuf hombre white boy! Miller by submission!

  18. Daniel R says:

    if the Diaz that beat Cowboy shows up, Millers in for a tough night but still so hard to call this one – gonna be a great fight!

    • Shawn says:

      I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into that. The Cowboy that showed up to to fight Diaz, WASN’T the Cowboy that’s had a 6 fight win streak (since his last loss to Bendo), beating the likes of Siver, Rocha and Oliviera. And Diaz still couldn’t finish him, while getting his face mashed up too. I still don’t doubt that if the real Cerrone (that I’ve seen fight since he started in the WEC) showed up, he would have pulled the win over Diaz. But yes, this is going to be a good fight. Definitely no “boring UD” as some think, even if it does go to decision. Fights don’t have to finish to be great fights (ie. Shogun vs Henderson). Looking forward to it.

      • Ethan says:

        dont make exuses for Cerrone, he showed up to fight… don’t try and discredit or rob someone of their victory by saying something like this… the issue is that Donald Cerrone didn’t know how to fight Diaz… He didn’t know when he got in there he wasn’t gonna have a chance to initiate combat because Diaz stuck it to him first and didn’t let up… DIAZ took the fight out of Cerrone, NOT Cerrone not showing up to fight..

  19. Me says:

    Of course Miller by UD , Diaz will lose to everyone with excellent wrestling

  20. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Scrapperz! That’s wzup! Get that ‘W’, Diaz!

  21. Jay says:

    Nate all day, miller is a very tough dude but Nate’s boxing has looked real sharp in his last 2 fights and he has looked the best he has ever looked in my opinion, I think the loss to Rory in the fashion that it happened humiliated Nate and lit a fire and has pushed him to another level.
    On paper I give the edge to Nate as I think they are even on the ground but Nate is better on the feet and the fact that he very rarely throws kicks may help him in being able to defend the shot from Miller if he can do that (which is no easy task I must say) he should be able to pick him apart with his hands and take a fairly one sided UD, in my opinion.
    If Miller can close the distance and get past the range of Nate, making wrestling a factor I see it being a much closer SD, either way should be a hell of a fight two real game tough dude’s can’t wait always get my money’s worth when these two dude’s step in the cage!

  22. josh says:

    The UFC and fox must be pretty confident that Mayweather and Pacquio wont be fighting on May 5th to set this up. I think if that fight happens the UFC ratings will suck bad for this show.

    • CanILive says:

      yea cause i can’t wait to watch a mexican beat the crap out of an old wife beater!
      i’ll dish out money for ufc events, but not boxing.
      besides FOX is free

      • josh says:

        Obviously you have no idea what the fuck your talking about? Which one of them are mexicans?? And you might dish out money for the ufc even but more people will tune in to watch pac/ mayweather than any other pay per view event ever.

      • Ethan says:

        lol PROTIP incoming

        Manny- The Fighting Pride of the Phillipines, IS NOT FROM MEXICO!!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        If you’re gonna make a statement like that, try not to make yourself look like a total idiot while doing so. Manny, in no way shape or form, is not Mexican. The Phillipines, bruh. I’m just saying…

        • CanILive says:

          ok ok you got me, i was just joking, not taking anything away from Pac man, he’s a great athlete,
          but why is everyone so hung up on seeing them fight?

          it’s like trying to give casey anthony some spotlight again,
          mayweather is a bum, and soon to be incarcerated,
          why should anyone pay to see him fight, he doesn’t give a fuck and only wants a pay day

        • CanILive says:

          seriously, how many millions of dollars are they seeking for one fight?

          it’s like my dad said,

          “guarantee me 10+ million$$ win or lose, and i will get in the ring with a grizzly bear”

          for that amount of money we could definitely see something more entertaining lol

    • brett says:

      Pacquiao isnt fighting Mayweather until Floyd is out of jail. Looking at a late 2012 fight or early 2013.

  23. Ethan says:

    too close to call, Diaz has got more tools to win but a haunting weakness (wrestling) that plays toward Millers strength. should be a very exciting match no matter where it goes.

    • davee says:

      agreed….if the diaz bros worked there wrestling more they would be unstopable…that there only weakness…i still thinnk diaz with box him on the feet cuz diaz bjj will make milleer keep it standung,,,there both true scrappers

  24. ZeroXcuses says:

    Miller will take him down an pound him out.

  25. Shawn says:

    I don’t know about “destroying Cerrone”. Ya, he beat him up, but Diaz got his face mashed up too. Don’t look pass Miller. Nate will probably be favored, but Miller can pull an upset via Decision or Submission. Most of his wins are by subs. And that’s records against some decent strikers. With only two wins in the LW div, even if Diaz wins, I don’t think he earns a title shot just yet. One more fight if he beats Miller. Ben Henderson is already set as the #1 contender for the LW title. Since he’s already beat Guida for that spot, there’s really on one more person (after Miller), that I’d love to see Diaz fight, and should fight. And considering he was slated to be the #1 contender coming into the UFC as the WEC champ, beating out Henderson for it, Pettis and Diaz should fight for the #1 spot to take on the winner of Edgar vs Bendo.

    • Ethan says:

      that would be an exciting fight.. the thing about Diaz and a title shot… in all his losses at 155, arguments can be made that he won the fight.. there hasnt been a fight at 155 (that I can remember) that I thought he was beaten… as far as points goes he might’ve lost on the judges score card, but i’d rather go home after a fight with an L then goto the hospital with a W.. Diaz did a heck of a lot more than Guida in there fight, and he fought harder than gray maynard too, wrestling controls where the fight happens, but should not earn so much favor by itself.. its already helping the fighter dictate the fight, but if they can’t make anything significant happen then they shouldnt be encouraged to hold fighters down by giving them the win…

      • JB Spencer says:

        I agree wit u all day except for one fight (and trust me i hate to bring this up) but joe stephonson beat him decisivly a several moons ago, but other than that, + 1. I swear they gave guida points for huging nates waist and swinging his hair around all crazy like.

        Hell except for the rory mcdonal fight u can say that for ww too.

  26. slacker says:

    I think this will be real close. Advantage to Nate in the stand – up – striking. Fence grappling – striking and take-downs to Miller – he’s the stronger guy. Both great BJJ.

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