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Monday, 01/02/2012, 08:51 am

UFC NEWS – Nate Diaz Set A New CompuStrike Record Last Friday Against Donald Cerrone

Many have called it the best performance of his career and it is kind of hard to argue that point.

Last Friday in the UFC 141 co-main event, Nate Diaz outpointed Donald Cerrone in dominant fashion to not only earn himself a judge’s decision but also set a new CompuStrike record for a three-round fight.

Diaz now becomes the fighter to hold the highest striking percentage landed in a 15-minute bout. With 258 of his 314 punches landed he was able to execute a solid 82% accuracy rating in the bout against Cerrone.

To be clear, the new record is for percentage of strikes landed in a three-round fight and not percentage of strikes landed in a fight scheduled for three rounds that ended earlier than the scheduled time limit.

By comparison, the latest victim of a Stocktonian, Donald Cerrone, landed only landed 66 out of his 200 strikes thrown for just 33%.

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101 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Nate Diaz Set A New CompuStrike Record Last Friday Against Donald Cerrone”

  1. SanSooRob says:

    Don’t be scared homies

    • Alice says:

      Maybe so but he flat out lost that fight . ^^^ Nobody is scared of the Diaz bros so stop talking shit like ya think that retarded comment Nick said is tough… Don’t be stupid homies

      • bertram says:

        lmao wait, you said cerrone lost that fight? apparently you lack the ability of viewing things objectively lol. whether your a diaz or cerrone fan, you cannot be serious with that statement.

        • bertram says:

          cerrone won that fight*****

        • Stevo the great says:

          If anyone thinks Cerrone won that fight… are straight smoking crack…..end of story!

        • david diaz says:

          idk how you can knock a guy flat on his back literally 8 times and still lose a fight…cerrone may have gotten hit alot but he was never rocked, never got dropped, and was never really hurt…he was tired and thats it

        • zach says:

          Anyone who this cerrone won because he knocked Diaz down should leave this site, stop watching mms and never return because you are fucking retarded

        • brett says:

          @david diaz. let me tell you how you can lose a fight like that. read the fucking headline you idiot!!!!

        • Fartler says:

          Cerrone lost because Diaz landed 258 strikes to Cerrone’s 66.

        • IknowMMA says:

          Bertran you are an idiot!

      • EdSoares'Balls says:

        Nate lost that fight? What? Are you kidding me? There is no way a human being can be that fucking stupid and still operate a computer.

      • nesbitt says:

        How on earth did diaz lose that fight? clear as day he took 1 and 3, and there is a good argument he took the 2nd too. Personally i had cerrone winning 2 becaus eof his sweeps, but diaz came back strong in the last minute or so.

        • EdSoares'Balls says:

          Sweeps do not win rounds. What else did Cerrone do besides sweep Diaz leg out from underneath him? Did he mount any offense? No. He ate 250 punches.

        • nesbitt says:

          Personally i’d score a sweep the same as a takedown, its dictating where the fight happens. though having said that diaz was allowed straight back up on all occasions so not much dictating going on. I also scored the stumble/head kick as a valid headkick and knockdown.

        • Gorhob says:

          Even if you score a sweep the same as a takedown, a takedown shouldn’t be scored if you don’t do anything with it and the person gets straight back up. Cerrone didn’t win any rounds and anyone who says otherwise is nothing but WRONG.

      • JMango says:

        Don’t be stupid Trick

      • Brian B says:

        You are insane….I get how people want to see the Diaz brothers fail so badly but get a clue! Cerrone landed some leg kicks and executed some Thai sweeps that do zero damage!

      • learntoread says:

        There really are some completely delusional human beings who post on this website.

        “Cerrone wins fight by leg sweeps”, f*ck off.

      • david says:

        did u even watch the fight the only thing cowboy did was get a few leg kick sweeps he did nothin to follow those up, his striking was way below diaz’s level.. diaz peppered his face with shots n set a new record connecting on 82% of his strikes

      • IknowMMA says:

        @ Bertran! You are an idiot and know nothing of MMA just shut up and go watch a sport you can understand… Like curling you huge as moron!

  2. Thom says:

    Nate is a beast and finally is putting everything together in his career, LW champ 2012.

  3. RCS says:

    now ceronnie will have more time for rodeo and wake boarding

  4. James Wolfe says:

    Hats off to Diaz, he put on a good fight. I thought Cowboy would be better…oh well, I hope they fight again…you will see a different Cerrone, I believe.

  5. This guy says:

    Sweeps are the new takedowns?

  6. Jb says:

    Will the real cowboy please stand up? Wtf I give credit to Nate but that wasn’t regular cowboy. Not saying Diaz didn’t win but Cerrone did not look himself. At least they squashed the shit talking after. Good fight

  7. MajorTom says:

    The sweeps weren’t enough to win. I like Cerrone a lot. But those who are saying he “knocked Nate down 8 times” are fibbers. They weren’t knockdowns. They were leg sweeps. Diaz had Cowboy hurt and threw him off his game by being in his face and using range against him. Diaz looked good. Hopefully he’s learned to handle a wrestler.

  8. dave says:

    What a beatdown,Diaz looks like someone lit a fire under his ass the last two fights-technically his boxing has improved by leaps and bounds in a couple of fights,Morphing into his brothers style of relentless aggression stalking you–too much pressure for most fighters to handle,real hard to knock out too , might knock them to the canvas,But thats thier world,The Diaz brothers are the most exciting fighters in the UFC —- Cowboy is one tough dude

  9. Shawn Hutcheson says:

    Diaz technical wasn’t knocked down as many times as you guys say he did. He was only knocked down 3 times. The rest were ruled as trips. Tripling doesn’t score any points in the UFC. And when he did knock Diaz down he never went to the ground with him to finish the fight, which costed Cerrone the fight. The judges are taught to judge the standup portion of the fight as boxing anyway. So a knock down from a leg kick isn’t seen as highly as one from a puck or kick to the head. So when Cerrone knocked Diaz down they only counted 3 as technical knock downs and the rest as tripping. And of the 3 knock downs that Cerrone earned, none of which was done by a blow to the head or body. You can argue all you want for Cerrone but if actually wanted to win this fight he’d have jumped on Diaz when he kept tripping him. Would’ve looked better in judges eyes.

  10. Hostile Hunter says:

    Nice record to hold. Im pretty sure Sonnen held the record with the Silva fight and Diaz just snatched that from him. Very impressed by his boxing. In my mind tho i dont see Nate hanging in there with any tough lightweight wrestler, If they choose to take him down than he is going to be taken down. Question is can they fight off his Submissions.

  11. slacker says:

    Wrestling is Nate’s weakness; Cerrone should have taken advantage: the rest is history. Nate measured him perfectly with his striking. He even ate a couple good knees too, showing his toughness. That first round against Cerrone was just like Nick’s 2nd round against B.J. Just too dominant to recover from.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I really don’t think cowboy had the strength or energy to roll around on the mat with Nate. They should have a rematch, I was screaming at the tv the whole match. I’m not taking anything from Nate but Cerrone wasn’t himself that night.

      • slacker says:

        Maybe he wasn’t himself that night. I dunno. But I think if he has the energy to stand and take punches, he’s got the energy to work some top control. Even, if that means, you do it for 30 seconds, stand back up, box a little, kick his legs out again,and work some top control for another 30 seconds and stand back up. Who knows? Maybe he was out of it from getting head-butted from his horse. But, unless he says something, I don’t want to make excuses for him.

        • Ethan says:

          grappling is a different kind of conditioning than striking, hitting pads and moving was exhausting, but when I first started grappling it was the “hey i gotta get off the mats before i blow chunks” kind of exhausting…

          also Cerrone didn’t look like himself because the pace of the Diaz brothers boxing dictates the fight standing, you engage with them when they let you, and if you are trying to engage without their approval then your doing it with more punches in your face than you planned for.. The reason wrestlers win is because they dictate the pace and where the fight takes place

  12. Pious Enilolobo Jr says:

    Stockton motherfu****!!!

  13. slacker says:

    So, who should Diaz fight next? Should it be a #1 contender fight with the winner fighting the champ?

  14. Dream says:

    Cerrone won? whatta joke. Most who hate on the Diaz brothers are fans in denial, and most who are fans of the Diaz brothers like I know Diazs are underrated

  15. luke says:

    On top of Diaz landing 250 + if the fight continued Ceronne would of been exhausted and submitted.

  16. MMFT says:

    i’d say diaz won 29-28. cerrone was too focused on trying to bang with him and didn’t follow a game plan at all. and greg jackson gave hive absolutely no help in the corner. a lot of people are saying cerrone should win because of the knockdowns, but i disagree. he wasn’t rocking him to the point he could do anything, he was just kicking his legs out from under him. had he done something after the kicks, then i maybe he could’ve swayed the judges, but he just let him back up so he could continue his boxing destruction. it was a fucking awesome fight though.
    just goes to show you how relevant boxing still is, even though everyone thinks it’s dead. learn to box, kids.

  17. HoosierMMAfan says:

    Im a cowboy fan, but he got it handed to him. The Diaz bros big mouths but sure back it up. Bjpenn got his ass handed to him and may man Cerrone did Fri. He sloeed up very slow. Theyll fight again. Great matchup
    It will always win fight of the night.

  18. FEdgar_fan says:

    Two hundred something ineffective punches. Cerrone looked untouched at the end of the fight. Wrestlers punch harder than that from inside someones guard yet people complain about it all the time.

  19. magoo says:

    Is hitting someone that many times in one fight,and not being able to rock them,let alone finish them really that impressive?

    • slacker says:

      Well, it just goes to show that fighting can be somewhat of an art. As simple as punching somebody in the head may sound, there is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. The Diaz brothers do it via cumulative effect. I doubt the Diaz brothers would call themselves artists. lol But they use the tools they have. They are lanky and gangly – nothing impressive to look at physically – but they have great reaches, which they use to their maximum advantage.

    • BX81 says:

      Yes, it’s very impressive. Especially when you add the damage of all those strikes. The cowboy only landed 66 strikes not because the 250 plus strikes were weak. Not every hit has to be a hay maker… Perfect example was earlier that night the janitor leaped foward into a jab and he was done. Diaz stiffled the cowboy with his boxing and he couldn’t get anything going because of it. Good job to diaz

    • Heath says:

      Shut up Magoo.. Ceronne’s head was so scrambled he couldnt even put punches together. Did you see his face? He had absolutely no answer for the ass kicking he was taking. The fact that he didnt go down is a feather in his hat and he should wear it proud.
      And he was scared to come play jiu jitsu with Nate so he decided to take an ass kicking rather than be submitted.. Cowboy was spent after the first round.. Wish it would have went five.. Stop letting your hate for the Diaz brothers consistantly make stupid comments for you… Either one of these guys could beat gsp, though they may have to wait for you to finish bustin your nut up in his ass…Bitch

      • magoo says:

        Dude do these Diazs guys give you royalties for kissin there asses? Did you honestly think that that was the best Donald Cerrone? Props to Nick he tapped the cowboy 250+ times most guys would break there fukcen hands hitting someone that many times,Ill tell you what take Nates dick outta your left hand and take Nicks dick outta your right hand and take a break buddy,your rubbin them raw….lol

        • Ethan says:

          i didnt know Nick fought the cowboy… oh snap, he didn’t…

          the reason Cerrone looked like crap is because he couldn’t dictate the fight.. Nate dictated the pace by connecting with his punches and staying out of range of cerrones strikes… he disheartened him and thats the ONLY reason you can attribute Cerrone looking like crap to… learn to respect all of the competitors instead of making exuses for the ones you like…

        • Heath says:

          lol.. good one Mangoo… Sad part is I cant jerk them both off at the same time, takes two hands for each Seems their cocks are as big as the toolbox they bring to the cage..

    • Guamy says:

      haters gon hate ^^^

  20. Watched the fight again last night. Nate brought pressure and cowboy played defense wrong move, in the 2nd rd cerrone tore Nate up w leg kick / sweeps and never capitalized and got up on top for GNP. FK the respect his bjj crap go in and smoke that fool.. Cowboy blew it! Cowboy never used head movement and never circled Nate’s just came head on and gave Nate the fight…strategic error from team grease!

  21. Skyrim geek addict! says:

    Used’ ta’ be Cerrone adoring fan…..but then I took big-brother-wannabe Nate Diaz to tha’ knee….Cerrone should have dragon shouted his head off!>:I specially tha’ unrealenting force level three shout!!!that would have it!!!……GSP is a dragonborn…….and andrei arlovski an old werewolf!!!!!…………Roy Nelson is a giant mudcrab…..

  22. josh says:

    I think everyone should box like the diaz and do the stockton slap.

  23. DaRuckuz says:

    Nate whooped dat ass,THE END

  24. maurice says:

    Lol @MAGOO. Stop makin dumbass comments like donald didn’t use his head movement and sayin diaz punches did nothing. Donald nvr had good head movement, dats y he was getting outboxed by paul taylor until it went to da ground. Donalds entire face was muffed up. Cowboys entire face looked horrible during the post fite conference. Lesser men would of been finished by diaz assault, donald showed heart and a chin. U make it sound like cowboy chose not to use his head movement. Gtfo man. U really think he wanted to be on da end of those punches. Donald doesn’t have good boxing base, and it showed tremendously 2nite. And after da majority of his sweeps diaz would invite cowboy to da ground…cowboy chose to eat punches and pray for the bell, only other option was to get subbed in nates super active guard.

    • magoo says:

      fuck off maurice the moose!,cowboy stood in front of diaz for 15 min and took everything Diaz could throw at him…stupid idea!, but yet Diaz couldn’t even drop him once!!yea Nate looked good,and Cerrone looked terrible. You win some ya lose some,it wasn’t 2 fights ago your boy Diaz looked like shit against Rory Mac….remember?The biggest mistake cowboy did in this fight was not going to the ground with him,but that was probably G Jacksons bright idea,bottom line Diaz fought well,and the cowboy jammed out.

      • krafty11 says:

        Magoo. Nate gave Cerrone an old fashioned ass whooping. end of story.. you can make all the excuses you want, but Cerrone just couldn’t hang with Diaz in the standup, which most people thought was clearly in the Cowboys favor. Diaz beat him at his own game..

        • Ethan says:

          and actually if you listened to Greg Jackson between rounds the plan was to utilize take downs after combinations, which would have been a good strategy, punch first, take down, you score points and dictate the fight by preventing counters…

  25. maurice says:

    And dats to MAGOO and da rest of da bitches who don’t give da diaz bros credit. I bet no other lw will eva dominate cerrone like dat again…unless he runs into nate again. Both diaz bros find ways to give solid fighters da worse beatin of their careers. Still can’t believe u guys thought donald would beat nate…let alone finish them. Lmfao

  26. maurice says:

    I think dana will grant diaz a title shot after bendo vs edgar. Give cerrone da winner of pettis vr guida. Diaz is a stylistic nightmare for edgar, so u boys better pray bendo beats edgar. Atleast bendo poses problems in the clinch and ground. But…bendo isn’t “smooth” enough to shuck off thg caesar gracie bjj fighter. Usually I don’t see edgar size as a big deal, but against diaz hell look like a midget. Literally edgar only advantage would be wrestlin, but cmon, hes so small diaz would definently sweep him. Honestly think edgar has no choice but to box wit diaz. Wonder how many punches diaz could throw in 25 mins.

    • magoo says:

      so i guess your basically saying Nates stronger then Maynard!!!Thats hillarious If Diaz can beat Pettis or Guida the second time round and gets Frankie it aint going 25 min so it won’t matter bout the pitter patter!

    • slacker says:

      I don’t think he deserves a shot yet. I would give him the loser of pettis vs. lauzon first. I think the winner of pettis vs. lauzon will be next up against whoever the lw champ is.

  27. tristanpt27 says:

    LISTEN GUYS… Saying that Cerrone won this fight against Diaz, is JUST LIKE saying that Mayhem won his fight against Bisbing. I would like both of these to be true as well, but just by simply looking at the facts (strikes landed / damage taken/ octagon control), they are obviously not. Without a doubt Cerrone and Mayhem are some some badass dudes, but they flatout lost…… PERIOD

  28. maurice says:

    Pettis vs lauzon I mean.

  29. slacker says:

    Cerrone had an excellent year – 4 – 1. However, he did not use his head against Nate. At the end of rd 1, Jackson told him to follow-up his leg kicks with punches. He also told him to look for his takedowns, which he also ignored. This tells me he was fighting with his ego, ignoring his corner, wanting to prove to Nate he could beat him at his greatest strength – stand-up only. He starts using wrestling in the 2nd round and it is a completely different fight. Cerrone wins the 2nd round decisively, and they both come out for the 3rd with an even chance to win because now Nate is also tired from having to grapple from the bottom for a lot of rd. 2. Next time they fight, he mixes stand-up with wrestling and he wins the fight. He just fought 6 fights in 12 months + 2 weeks, and went 5 – 1. Excellent year! Hats off to the cowboy!

  30. Jeremy says:

    I love the Diaz brothers for the fact that i’m a fan of fighting. There attitudes are sometimes what gives them a bad wrap. If I was a fighter I would handle my differently . But at the end of the day these guys bring their a “game”, and their good at fighting. I was actually going for cerrone but @ the end of the day i”m a fan of fighting. i like the best fighters. I don’t believe Nate is elite because his wrestling and legs need a lot of work, but i’m a huge fan of both fighters because they bring it. They have the heart to fight, and that can be taught!

  31. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nate worked for that victory and got it. But, sweeps should count as takedowns because both result in your opponent being taken to the ground. Maybe that was the idea or thought that Greg Jackson had but eating 200 something punches is a pretty bad strategy. Greg Jackson and Cerrone asleep at the wheel? Probably has too many fighters to train or spending too much time with his lhw P4P champ Jones Bones. Really it was probably a combination of underestimating on Cerrone part and something else. Cerrone did get rocked in round one with a jab.

  32. G says:

    258 punches and 0 TKOs/KOs. That’s a new failure record.

    • krafty11 says:

      you obviously no cr-p about MMA and the Diaz bro’s.. they dont punch to ko people( but it does happen occasionally), they punch to wear their opponents down. If you don’t believe me listen to the fight commentary and what Joe Rogan has to say. People might not like him, but he knows his stuff..

  33. Vale Tudo says:

    Outstanding Performance by Diaz

  34. dave says:

    wow nick set new combuo strike against bj for most punches…now nate does another for donald..the diaz bros are going be champs side by side soon…..cesar gracie best camp ever

  35. jeff says:

    he needs to fight either, the looser of edger/henderson or maybe like maynard and then if he wins that he should get a title shot

  36. maurice says:

    @SLACKER SHUT THE FUK UP! He said donald won round 2. Ur a fukin dumbass if thats is wat u believe. Donald had bout a broken min of sucess. He dropped nate wit a beautiful head kick. Dat got da crowd excited. Then he started doin the leg sweeps which got da crowd amp for awhile…until they realized donald wasn’t capatalizing on it. A good 4 mins was diaz peppering cowboy and throwing feints. Don’t tell me it was even goin into da 3rd. Lol. Dats jus dumb and delusional. Diaz won man. In dominating fashion. Jus give ya boy donald credit for showing extreme heart and a great chin. Jus don’t say donald won any rnds in dat fight. 1 judge gave rnd 2 to cowboy…GOTTA BE WHACK ASS CECIL PEOPLES!! Lol

    • slacker says:

      Well, I never said he won rd 2. I said if he took top control when he had those chances, he could have won that round decisively. I think most people would agree that it was a pretty close round either way, so if you factor in Cerrone working in some ground and pound, I think it is fair to say he could have secured winning that round.

  37. Eddie D says:

    Keep Hating HATERS!

    Its funny how all these hating ass bitches thought Nick was gonna get dominated by Bj..Then you haters sa nat was gonna get killed by Cowboy….Maybe you bitches should just face the facts..Diaz brothers are fuking beasts…Dont be scared to accept the facts homies

  38. FEdgar_fan says:

    That is because his horse did actually headbutt him. I hate the “I’ll rack up points by making light contact with your face many times” way of fighting. This isn’t supposed to be olympic boxing.

  39. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I don’t know if you watched the footage of the post-fight interviews, but cowboy’s face looked pretty goddamn swollen and lumped up. He certainly didn’t look like that during his entrance into the octagon. Did the horse head butt him some time between the end of the fight and the press conference?

  40. Brandon Wheaton says:

    This. ^^^^

    Lol @ keyboard fighters.

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