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Monday, 12/12/2011, 02:12 pm

UFC NEWS – My Game plan Was Working, Says Machida

“We set a game plan that, from where I’m standing, until a certain moment, was working, but he landed that elbow and I got dizzy, I couldn’t see things straight anymore and it disturbed me because I couldn’t see. And on that moment I thought, ‘I gotta do my best here and now.’ I felt him lose a little on the first round, but I was focused on not making it a big deal, because each round was a different one and I had to win them all. I did my game and he was falling for it. He took me down, launching an elbow on me, and that surprised me a little, because I thought he would take me down but I would have a little time to think it straight. It was very fast and I had my head close to the fence, he hit me with an elbow, I couldn’t see and I tried to stand up and he hit me even more. I stood up and the judge interrupted, but we started fighting again and I didn’t have enough time to recover from that.”

In a recent interview with Brazilian media outlet,, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida discusses his disappointing loss this past weekend to Jon Jones.

We all saw it, and if you didn’t see it you need to check it out. His assessment is correct. His game plan was working well against Jones in the opening frame of action, however between rounds the champion was able to collect himself and come out in the second round with a full arsenal of MMA tactics to get Machida down to the mat and unleash those deadly elbows that we have seen in the past. (Ahem… Brandon Vera)

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110 Responses to “UFC NEWS – My Game plan Was Working, Says Machida”

  1. Michael says:

    I know it won’t happen, but I would love to see those two fight again. I really enjoyed the action in the first and second.

  2. Ninjaman says:

    I enjoyed your performance Machida. You did great until that darn cut. Hats offf to Jones, he really is a big light heavyweight. He will be hard to beat. before all this crap comes from Dan Henderson he should fight Machida first.

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Damn! From Machida’s description, Jones took him down, then before he had time to think about what to do next, Jones hit him with an elbow that pretty much sealed his fate. Haters are gonna hate no matter what, but that young brotha is one bad dude.

  4. Karate guy says:

    Words from the real champ

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I’m confused; since Bones took the belt from the guy that beat Machida for it, defended it twice since then, once against the person you are calling “the real champ”, I thought that would mean Bones is the real champ. Since I clearly don’t understand how the system works, do you mind explaining to me how one becomes “the real champ”?

      • Mo says:

        another chump that can’t face reality, this site is full of them.

      • A.James says:

        Geez guy. Lighten up.

      • bob says:

        Why are you always trying to correct everybody lol everytime I look at the comments you are trying to make someone else look stupid you act like you’re better than everyone lol

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          How was I trying to make him look stupid? I was asking a question. He said Machida was the “real champ”, and I was trying to figure out how that works, since Jones is the one wearing the belt, and had just had a victory over the “real champ”.

      • Karate guy says:

        no ur a worthless piece of garbage and its not worth it, sorry i didn’t know i couldn’t be a fan.

        • james P says:

          i think he’s just insulted that u kinda took away some of jones’ thunder by posting your previous comment lol. which i can understand being a bones jones and a machida fan

        • Rusk says:

          Calling him the “the real champ” implies it was close and he didn’t get fucked up which is just factually incorrect

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Don’t get all caught up in your feelings there, guy. lol. Why I gotta be a piece of garbage? I just asked how all that “real champ” stuff works. I mean, I was just wondering how one gets to that level since, according to you, Jones isn’t there yet.

  5. The Karate Kid says:

    Your my hero Machida! Remember next time, Wax on Wax off!

  6. Nick says:

    Machida was doing really well to…… then he got caught. Well he won the first in my eyes and pretty much looked like everyone else in the second round.

  7. Russ Phifer says:

    This is why I say take away the elbows. I hate it when a guy is dominating a fight but an elbow opens up a cut that stops the fight or this kind of deal. They aren’t needed. They have plenty of tools to use to win. Why have a loser get a lucky cut and get a win? Not that this was the case here…just saying. Russ in Houston

    • Choke_Poi says:

      Another thing I’d like to see removed are those downward kicks, side kicks to the knee. That could be career ending.

      • lolziez says:

        yea why dont they take out arm bars, heel hooks, rear naked chokes and everything else that defines mma.. yall need to stfu, everytime theres a dominant fighters, 1 person gives them alittle trouble suddeny, “OMFG! Machida the REAL champ (sarcasm) won that if it werent for that bullshit elbow that should be taken out of MMA” thats how fuckin stupid all you Machida nut huggers sound..take the sport for what it is and keep your hate to yourselves

      • Hearshotkid says:

        I agree about the sidekick to the knee, but not enough fighters even use it to have it become a big enough issue to make a rule change. Elbows, however, should stay lol. Obviously. The sidekick to the knee is going to hyperextend somebody’s knee, it’s gonna tear their acl or some shit, AND then it will be made illegal. Until then it’s going to be a legal strike. Elbow strikes are awesome, and landing standing elbows takes a high amount of skill, it’s a shame they are utilized more often. That’s why Jon Jones will be champ for as long as he wants to be. If you disagree, you are in denial.

        • JAT says:

          why would you take away the side kick to the knee? its a very useful tool in mma (obviously) It’s like saying you can put people in arm bars but youre not allowed to break their arm if they decide not to tap, or you cant put people to sleep if they dont tap. It’s mma and it;s quickly evolving and there are going to be new ways to beat your opponent. wouldn’t be the same if we took it all away.

    • Mikey Mo says:

      I love elbows. So what if Machida got a cut. His job is to fight. He got unfocused and cost him the fight. Say that because of that “lucky” elbow he won the fight. That elbows should be banned. What about a “lucky” KO huh? So lets ban punches next. Sometimes you need a little luck to win. Also the elbow wasn’t lucky that was clean, well placed and timed elbow by Jones. Good fight by both fighters but Jones showed he can handle adversity in this fight.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, then after that, take away the knees. I mean, who wants to see a guy that is winning, go for a td and get caught by the “loser” with a fight changing knee and end up getting KO’d. Also, submissions should be taken out, too. I mean, I’m tired of watching a guy dominate a fight, and get caught by a “loser” in some sub that he can’t defend. Hmmm, maybe we should get rid of kicks and punches too…

    • Brian says:

      hell yea man like 5years year ago I was saying this but nnow that jones is putting a hurting on ppl witht them everyones gonna be like you ppl only say that bc jones is unbeatable and you need a way to even things out lol. with that said this fight would have been so much better without that elbow it would have been a great matchup Im a machida fan and I gotta give it to jones he improved his striking in so many ways to fight a guy like Machida.

    • Robert J says:

      Take away elbows? UFC MMA is the closest you can get to a real street fight and it would be stupid to get rid of elbows. What next, Knees to the ribs or the face etc. Get real Dude.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Careful, bro. I think you’re talking to someone who was previously on the fence about MMA, and then kinda sorta thought they might wanna become a fan… Until they saw what a vicious elbow can do, and now they might be reconsidering again. Might lose another MMA “fan” if you’re not careful with your words…

      • Brian says:

        Never said I was worried about elbows hurting someone in a fight big guy calm down I’m saying remove the bows bc a guy can be winning a fight take one elbow andeverything changes bc of a sharp bow. I’m tryig to look at it from a real mma point of view not omg he’s a pussy he dont wanna get hurt by a elbow.

    • Devilock says:

      I used to be of the same opinion on elbows, but it was because of the cuts that elbows cause that tend to end fights early. In this case, it seems that the elbow dazed him and he never fully recovered from that strike. He got caught with that left from Jones and fell into a nasty guillotine.

      He was outstriking Jones in the 1st round. Machida showed how one could beat Jones using maai.

    • Millerhighlife says:

      If Frank Mir put someone in a twister submission he’d probly break their spine if they didn’t tap promptly, and you are more worried about cuts from elbows? You’re acting like elbows are only for cutting and not for the power they possess, don’t forget Brandon Vera got 3 of his orbital bones broken from a single elbow. Let me explain something to you though, a tactic some fighters use is to land glancing blows sometimes because they produce cuts. This can be done with both elbows and punches(hooks are used for this), that is one way to throw the strike for a specific purpose. Another way is to land it with devastating blunt force, which rocks the opponents brain within their skull and usually lowers their ability to fight if not knocking them out. Machida already was having trouble seeing from the severity of the blow(this temporary impaired vision fades away) before any blood made it into his eye

    • ryu says:

      keep the elbows and bring back nut punches, head butts, face kicks to downed opponents, and the downward elbow. not even being sarcastic

    • gbjj says:

      …… What really needs to happen is to give the guy on the bottom his toolset back…. Upkicks would be really nice

  8. stone cold says:

    machida had it but got caught! machida is the most skilled fighter!!

  9. A.James says:

    If Jones didn’t finish him the judges would have.

  10. Terrance says:

    Machida gave Bones the best fight yet and had Bones running scarred in the first round, way to go Machida !

  11. chris says:

    machida did the best out of anyone yet but jons on another level. nobodys taking out jon for a loooong time, espeically after he realized it can happen when machida put up such a good fight. his next opponent wont fair as well as machida did.

  12. FrogMan says:

    Jones got hit by a straight left and got intimidated walking back to his corner. He needs to eat a H-Bomb and get his toes stiffened up like BISPING.

  13. Chris says:

    All Machida discovered was a minor chink in Bones armor, that was addressed and adjusted to in the time span of 1 round in the form of…. Just take him down. If you don’t think this is a good tactic you don’t like any wrestlers or GSP for that matter. Its impossible to call Machida more skilled than Jones who not only beat Machida, but demolished those that Machida lost to. Machida has been training his entire life… Bones has been training for the last few years, partly from watching youtube videos. How do you compare let alone measure that? You don’t.. you look at the Win-Loss record, and let the victories and losses speak for themselves.

    Looking forward to Bones / Machida 2!

  14. jbeamazing says:

    machida didn’t last as long as shogun or rampage or even ryan bader no rematch please good first round for the guy but he never knocked him down or had him in that much trouble and im no hater i like machida better but he is just not good enuf for bones

    • MuayThai says:

      Machida did good, this was a wake up call for Jones but he weathered the storm and expect him to do better next titel defence if he comes up against a similar syled opponent. With all of Machidas, style and skill, you could tell even though the fist round was a toss Jones would have worn him down eventually, the guys has an arsenal! Dont knock the Bones, he is also a humble and respectful winner, no bragging just doing what he does best => Demolishing his opponents!

  15. Xaninho says:

    Machida did great up until that elbow. His Blitz was working, he used it well to cover the distance. 1st round was Machida’s, obviously 2 F@cking judges saw the 1st round for Jones…

    They need to be educated really, cause it’s not even funny anymore. Dana White’s favorite saying is:”Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.”, and he’s so right about that. The judges don’t know the first thing about MMA, or at least so it seems.

  16. Bo says:

    So you want to give props to machida for running the first round? That’s a so l joke. I get tired of seeing machida run around like a little girl with a bug on her back. Jones dropped him coming in with a fist. Looks like jones took machidas lick but couldn’t handle jones’. Machida takes time to figure out it took shogun a 2nd fight. It took bones 1 rd

  17. Derrick Villanueva says:

    The fight cpuld’ve gone either way. Jones was just the better man that night. Read my full ost fight analysis at

  18. pk9grrr says:

    good tactical fight ,machida did show that jones can be put off his game and rely on his comfort zone which is to get the take down and apply damage,machida actually made jones look one dimensional

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yup, he made jones look lost n confused for a round – it was fun while it lasted!

    • CL713 says:

      You’re so right! He looked very one dimensional using his wrestling, ground and pound, striking (which he used to catch and drop Machida), and finally wrapping the fight up with his submission skills. Machida did a fine job striking with Jones, better than anyone yet but Jones’ striking was better and he was all around better. I’ve never understood how anyone can be so blinded by how much they love their fighter, or hate another.

    • Dan says:

      or doesnt that prove that machida is one dimensional as he apparently can only strike?! seeing as yes, machida edged it on the feet but then on the ground was dominated with wrestling, Ground n Pound and jiu-jits….yeh….one dimensional i guess?! good one

  19. slacker says:

    If Machida did some things a little differently, he could be a much better fighter. He is the fastest guy at closing distance at light heavyweight – guys are defenseless when he rushes in. So, as well as throwing some punches, he could easily drop down for some kind of takedown too. He needs to work a ground game into his fighting style. Even with his great skills and success so far in the UFC, he is still a bit too one-dimensional. I hope Machida and Jones fight again in the future.

  20. Vincent says:

    Why do people get butt hurt when a comment that has nothing to do with them offends them? Come on people you can’t talk trash just because someone has an opinion that you don’t like. Don’t talk shit especially over the Internet that’s a little immature I personally think everybody has great opinions and it would be alot better to say them without the trash talking. I’m a machida fan and think he did great in the stand up game he has improved alot but needs to fine tune his ground game just a little more. Jones did great as well I would love to see him and rashad fight.

  21. lol says:

    love both of them.. Machida got the closes and I thought he was going to get it.. Good jobs jones.. Lets see a rematch for free on

  22. mmaislandjunkie says:

    machida was the last real test for bones at 205 no one can close the distance on bones reach. rashad? please that dude has the worst chin and hendo? hes got alot of power but whats the use if he cant land anything? i only see jds or a hw takin on jones n havin a chance at winning but bones is the real deal.

  23. Major Mouthpiece says:

    yall acting like the elbow ended the fight machida got hit with a elbow the fight was halted for a minute they started again everything was fine he got caught coming in and submitted elbows didnt finish him! elbows stay and side kicks should as well perfect tactic and they were both throwin em everytime jon jones wins somebody brings up an excuse! a year ago it was give him a title shot now its he’s a loser and he’ll fail u guys are like the guy from major league 2 they’ll blow it in the ninth! blah blah blah

    lastly florian is the only one who cheats with elbow he has even admitted it. i think he said i throw elbows to open cuts and hopefully get the fight stopped he really said it no lie

  24. assasin_23 says:

    yeah, jds/bl/cv are the best opponent to jones! There’s no one in 205 that can c0me close to j0nes ability. .i cant wait for a unificati0n bout for the lightheavy weight and heavy weight title with jones as the champion! m/

  25. hayden g says:

    Suga rashad is coming for the belt!! fuck machida that nip

  26. Thetude says:

    dana white even said it at the conferance, it is gonna be a long long time before anybody takes that belt from jones, there just isnt anybody with the skills, machida was the only LHW fighter i thought had a shot, now hendo wants to get beat up too. Jones’ chin might get tested in that one, but i dont think hendo will be able to lay a glove on that guy and his cardio will be the downfall, jones will avoid contact in the first two rounds, easily tire out dan, then jones will choke him out just like rampage and machida. what i and im sure alot of other fans wanna see is jones vs silva at 205. silva has the skills to beat jones and vice versa.

  27. Zack says:

    About The elbows… I think that it’s stupid that you can elbow someone on the ground but the guy on bottom can’t do anything back really. The kick Anderson knocked okami out their first fight with is a perfect example. Why can you not kick someone off your back If they can drop elbows. If they are gunna keep elbows legal then they need to make soccer kicks, stomps, knees to downed opponent, and 12 to 6 s legal. Elbows are a huge part of jones game, just like soccer kicks and stomps were shoguns game. Elbows are very devastating and can really fuck you up. So I say if elbows stay legal make it all legal.

  28. me says:

    i am suprised jones can wlk with everyone on his nuts!llol jones has lethal elbows and awkward style,would love to see them fight again..and what a dousch for just droppin machida knowing he was out!! True champ,not!

    • you says:

      if BJ had dropped an opponent like that, would you think the same?
      Would anyone think the same if BJ did that?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        If BJ had done it, it would be all about fighting spirit, and being a warrior. He held on to a choke for a few seconds after Pulver tapped out and the ref stopped the fight, but no major backlash. Someone’s always gonna hate.

  29. jvd says:

    At least there was someone who could hurt JBJ, hahaha he needs that in order to grow more and be the very best.

  30. Long-Strong says:

    ugh Jon Bones Jones….

  31. Mike McMack says:

    Great fight and great first round for Machida considering what he was up against. Jon Jones is getting better every fight with his striking but his grappling is by far the best in the division. Nobody dominates opponents with grappling the way Bones does in the 205 division. Once he gets his boxing tight he’s going to be even more of a beast.

  32. Mike McMack says:

    I hope Rashad beats Phil Davis so Jones and him can throw down. I think Rashads speed will present Jones with some problems the same way Lyoto’s did. Jones will probably win that fight too but the hype and trash talk before that one will be epic.

  33. assasin_23 says:

    rashad will just be “a walk in the park” fight for jbj. .he will just be ko unconscious just like machida. .the best fight for jbj will be, if silva will climb up to 205 or if jbj will go up to heavyweight to unify the two division! That will be an exciting and epic fight!!!

    • bizzle says:

      JDS vs Jones wouldn’t even be a fight and JDS would obtain his 12th 1st round finish..

      • slacker says:

        I agree. With some of the heavyweights being “superheavyweights” now, I don’t see how anyone can even dream that Jones would beat anyone in the top 5. Of course, he will put on some weight, but JDS, Cain, Carwin, and Brock would all snap him in half. There is a certain point of difference in size where guys don’t bother to wait before they engage in strikes – they just walk through you. That’s what all those guys would do to Jones. If he beats any of those guys, I will retire from this site forever!! lol

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I agree, Jones would need to stack on a ton of weight before he could compete with the big guys. But if you look at Reem when he was younger, he looks a lot like Jones does now. He’s what 265 lbs now? A little help from uncle roids though, but he go there.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, if he doesn’t go up naturally, maybe But then, who knows how it would effect his speed. If he doesn’t juice, how would those skinny legs of his handle a kick from JDS or Cain? Without roids, I don’t see it at all. Does anyone know what his walk around weight is anyways?

  34. assasin_23 says:

    haha, i wouldnt be so sure if jds will be able to stop jbj when they into the ring. .it will be an exciting fight to watch! . .with jbj athleticism and with jds power, it will be a clash of the titans fight!

    • bizzle says:

      JDS is one of the most naturally gifted athletes in the UFC.. He has had 8
      UFC fights and has never been put in trouble, Carwin one of the strongest HW’s in the UFC said he was amazed at how strong JDS is.. As long as JDS is champ I don’t see Bones moving up, he knows where his place is, at 205 he is a man among-st boys, bring him up to HW and he will get tossed around and finished..

  35. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I really don’t think Machida’s chin is that much better than Rashad’s.

  36. BeScaredHombre says:

    i bet frankie could get a win over jones, hop around him for a UD

  37. assasin_23 says:

    snap him(jbj) in half??? You’re out of your mind dude! . .with jbj athleticism, it will be hard to land a punch or take him to down! Considering jbj arsenal, he will be a great champion even in two division!

  38. assasin_23 says:

    i will not be so sure bout that dude! We will not know who will win until they are inside the cage. .but i have great expectations that jbj will be able to unify the LHW AND HW belt! Respect your opinion thou. .

    • slacker says:

      Thanks. I respect yours. His athleticism and agility is noted for sure. I just think those jumbo heavyweights are too big for anyone who can’t bulk up past 240 lbs. Also, I’m not convinced he has enough power in his punch striking. Time will tell, but I really don’t think he could beat the very top guys.

  39. Jake says:

    I know what he meant when he said true champ. Machida is one based on his good natured, respectful and humble approach to the sport and other fighters. The cocky kingshit self absorbed attitude is not that of a true champ. You may wear the belt but a true champ has other inner tools that make him a champion. And your attributes I just pointed out are far from the definition of one. Its not the metal around your waste that defines you as a fighter. When you have to be told to show respect you’ll never know what it really is. I suggest he try’s a different PR approach because the bullshit he spits off at the mic and what everyone’s else sees in his actions and behind the scenes is not the same person.

  40. Mach00man says:

    To be the man, you have to beat the man!

  41. assasin_23 says:

    jbj is just 24 y/o. .he is just new to mma and he is just learning every aspects of it. .who knows what jbj can achieve. .lets just wait and see. .im also a fan of jds thou. .tnx for the respect. .

    • slacker says:

      For sure. Personally, I have more interest in seeing Jones and Anderson. But it’s going to be too late soon. Dana said at the post-fight that Silva is 37 yrs old.

      I really think that both Rashad and Davis can give Jones a good run. I think they can get the take-down. But I am really looking forward to Davis and Rashad. I could see it being a draw.

  42. assasin_23 says:

    yeah, same here. .i also want to see jbj vs spider silva however dana is right, silva will be to old for jbj after jbj beat all the fighters in 205. If dana want to see this one hell of a fight, he should arrange this now or regret forever! Nwie, ive seen the stats of jds and jbj, they just have similar data, just a big difference in weight.hehe. .i really want to see jbj fight jds, that will a super exciting and hell of a fight for me.

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