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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 02:21 pm

UFC NEWS – Munoz Injured, Bisping In Against Sonnen For Number-One Contender

An undisclosed injury has forced Mark Munoz out of his co-main event title-eliminator bout against Chael Sonnen scheduled for the UFC’s second appearance on FOX TV.

In his place comes Michael Bisping.

The winner of the newly minted Bisping vs. Sonnen main event will fight Anderson Silva for his middleweight title.

In the main event, Phil Davis will square off with Rashad Evans for the number one contender seat in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division ruled over by Jon Jones. The co-feature of the evening is a middleweight number one contender bout between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen.

No word on who Maia will fight as a replacement to Bisping or if he will stay on the card at all.

Chael Sonnen appeared to be locked for a title shot against Anderson Silva. UFC President Dana White even went as far as to state that he would be a fool not to put Chael in the cage with the middleweight champion. However, after word got out that Silva is on the shelf until June of 2012, Sonnen apparently wanted to stay active and will now face Munoz for the number one contender seat.

Bisping is fresh off of his three-round destruction of Jason “Mayhem” Miller. The two coached opposite each other on the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and faced off in the traditional coach vs. coach matchup this past weekend. The victory gave Bisping his fourth straight win in the UFC’s middleweight division since posting only his second divisional loss to Wanderlei Silva. Since dropping to middleweight the British fighter has posted an impressive 8-2 record.

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156 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Munoz Injured, Bisping In Against Sonnen For Number-One Contender”

  1. Ryan M says:

    Bisping is doomed.

    • jacob lee says:

      Idk dude Bisping has some good cardio and striking. But Chael has excellent cardio and good striking as well as phenomenal wrestling and will to win. Chael trains with Hendo so he kinda has to keep the tradition by beating Bisping. I think Bisping poses more problems for Chael but I also think Chael will beat either Munoz or BIsping any day of the week. Should be an epic war of words.

      • lolziez says:

        another closed minded tard… Munoz owns Sonnen in wrestling (proven fact) and has heavy hands compared to Sonnen who can only ground n pound and wear people out, although Munoz donkey kong ground n pound is more effective so plz know what you are saying before you say it. I do want Sonnen to kick the shit out of Bisbing though..

      • mike says:

        Thats hilarious that you said bisbing has good cardio did you see his last fight? If mayhem miller wasn’t embarrassing when he gased out then how about that fact that bisbing could not finish shit and was gased out at the end of the fight he’s lucky meyhem was that much worse then him. The ufc basically just gave chael the title shot with anderson because munoz would have beat him and bisbing is a joke. Oh andto mma fan munoz destroyed leben who is twice the fighter than bisbing is.

        • jacob lee says:

          its funny how much of an idiot u are

        • mike says:

          That was a very insightful comeback comin from the guy that talks out of his ass and has someone telling you how dumb you sound on everyone of your posts.

        • jacob lee says:

          bro i am a mixed martial arts fighter. I have 2 blackbelts i know mma and im not stupid either. My posts are based off facts.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          its a proven fact that some mma fighters know jack shit about mma. just cuz u train mma doesnt make u know more about someone else in mma, all u can really testify to is your own experiences.

        • @bruce lee says:

          jacob maybe you are a loser mma fighter,1 win 50 loses ahahhaha. and mmaislandjunkie is right ” just cuz u train mma doesnt make u know more about someone else in mma”

        • Shawn says:

          Most people wno brag about want they do, really don’t do what they brag about, or embellish what they brag about. However, despite what these other guys believe training in the fight game (and serious about it, not the weekend trainer) gives you the experience and practical knowledge. Huge difference in knowing by watching and knowing by doing. Its a different thing when your getting punched, kicked, throwndown, kept down and being set up for a submission. The mindset is much, much different than if you were just watching all this unfolds. So yes, training in the arts makes you more insightful about fighting, than someone who’s never really trained. In regards to the article, this is another match up I’ve wanted to see. Cuz either one gets a beat down, I’ll be happy. Cuz he got a beat down. And will get smoked by Silva. Lol

  2. JR says:

    Tough night for Bisping with two fights and all, “The co-feature of the evening is a middleweight number one contender bout between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen. Also featured on the card is a middleweight bout with serious title implications between Michael Bisping and Damian Maia.”

  3. krafty11 says:

    cant wait for the trash talk between these two!! should be epic.. lolz!

  4. J says:

    wow this type of stuff makes me think dana has something to do with this he just announced yesterday that the next trip to brazil will be in a soccer stadium and he knows he could only fill it up if its sonnen vs silva for stupid same thing with jones dana wants him to keep his title so im sure someway somehow jones wont fight rashad the matter what

    • mike says:

      Exactly dude dana just gave sonnen the next title shot well I guess there’s a chance he.ll loose which I still hope somehow bisbing learns how to fight in between now and then in which case chael shouldn’t retire but actually just kill himself. Either way I can’t wait for silva to destroy sonnen.

    • chaelftw420 says:

      If that is true then Dana White is an idiot cuz Chael would tune Munoz so easily. Look how terrible Munoz did against Leben, did you not see Leben take Munoz down. Obviously all this Munoz is better then Chael at wrestling is to the sell the fight, its the only thing they have. If Leben can take him down then Chael is gonna slam him on his face multiple times and have a easy win.

  5. Furby8704 says:

    this is BS…best of friends arent fighting now?!?! shocker!!!

  6. Brownzillian says:

    I personally would have liked to see the rematch between sonnen and Maia

    • InternetToughGuy says:

      That would’ve been good but that would derail the master plan in place. It all comes down to money. Sonnen vs Silva is a guaranteed hit. Maia would submit Sonnen no problem. Probably punish him a bit too but wouldn’t allow for the rematch. Who knows, Bisping could pull off a huge surprise here.

      • chaelftw420 says:

        No way would Mia tap Sonnen again. Sonnen is a way better fighter now, just watch his fight against Stann if you havnt seen it. Lol Chael is gonna smash Silva, Bisping, Munoz and Mia no problem, just wait and see.

      • Zoeldog27 says:

        what do you think Chael has been working on while he had all that time off submissions he showed that in the stann fight so to nyone who thinks Silva is going to be able pull off a 5th round hail mary triangle AGAIN has the odds stacked against em because odds are once Sonnen destroys Bisping which he will he might even finish him wouldnt suprise me he will beat Silva this time my moneys on Sonnen being champ and defending it by the end of the 2012 and i like Silva but Sonnen has this division wrapped up

        • Mike says:

          Putting an arm triangle choke on a guy who has an underdeveloped ground game shouldn’t be that impressive.

          This is coming from a guy who has Sonnen winning a rematch with Silva, btw.

  7. Sean says:

    Damn, I’d be more excited if bisping didn’t look so bad in his last fight against big bird..anyway still hope bisping wins.

  8. Mike Tyson says:

    Bisping is going to get hurt……… BAD

  9. lalo diesel says:

    toquinho vs maia……is still fresh….

  10. Jb says:

    Chale smash that piece of garbage. God I hate bis, was looking forward to Munoz vs C, must suck for mark

  11. Blu ivy hova big lips says:

    I hate sonnen and really don’t like bisping but Chael the chodeman sonnen is a hgh using toolbag. I hope he loses. It’ll be hard to lay n pray bisping.

  12. e says:

    hope to see bisping get smashed.. also would lol hard if sonnen miraculously gets pwned by bisping. win/win either way

  13. Furby8704 says:

    they knew he could possibly lose against Munoz so they give Chael easy ass Bisping to whoop so he can go on and face Silva for the biggest fight ever in UFC History

  14. Big J says:

    Yes, Sonnen, tear him up!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. AdrianM. says:

    I agree with JR, I think Chris Weidman deserves a shot at Maia.

  16. shamus o'brien says:

    considering wrestling is pretty much non existing in britian chael will fuck him up. mark wouldve been a pretty tough challange

  17. Aido says:

    what a joke maia already punked sonnen. when does he get another shot????

  18. hayden g-sta says:

    Bisping all the way by knock out

  19. Hostile Hunter says:

    He certainly got lucky with this one…he was already preparing himself to lose against Mark. Telling everyone he would either be moving to WW or LHW. There was a very small chance that he was going to win that fight in my mind. Now its a shoe-in for Sonnen…Good luck Silva

  20. steve says:

    Perfect way for dana to sell sonnen as the good guy against bisping. Setting up a usa vs brazil type event in a Brazilian soccer stadium making it the most bought poverty ever!! Its all $$$$$$$$

  21. A T T says:

    ohh poor michael bisping you called chael out at the press conference now you got your wish.

  22. chardt says:

    AWESOME!! Two tapdancing Douchenozzles with ego’s the size of a Kardashians Ass Punching each other in the face for fifteen minutes?

    Oh hell YEAH. Win Win.

  23. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Bisbing is hosed…time for an “undisclosed injury”….

  24. magoo says:

    Right freakin on,end the Bisping hype Chael. Might as well make it an interim title fight at the same time!

  25. q says:

    I was excited for bisping/maia I thought those 2 matched up well now bispings fighting someone way out of his league it will be a slaughtering

  26. DOC SANTOS says:

    That sucks. I was hoping to have Munoz challenge Silva.

  27. Jpeech says:

    Aw man @mmaislandjunkie i actually lol for that dick in the ear comment good job.

    Any way i think chael will destroy that pillow punching bitch bisping. I am a little upset because i wanted to see munoz vs sonnen. It would have shown if Chael was the true number one contender…. now he just has to slap around a pussy for 15 minutes…

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i agree jpeech i wish sonnen had a tougher road back to the championship, imo rumble johnson was a tougher challenge than bisping. i was really looking forward to munoz fighting too. oh well i guess all the smack talk between bisping and sonnen will make up for the fight itself being so one sided.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      very true. i was looking forward to that fight the most. now, instead of chael proving himself to be without a doubt the #1 contender, he’s been relegated to a glorified tune-up fight.

    • Steve-O says:

      Damn, was looking forward to this one!!! Anything can happen in this sport. Would love Bisping to fook Sonnen up lol, that would be amazing

  28. DBKlein69 says:

    i would’ve loved to see the look on bisping’s face when he got the call from dana saying he wasn’t fighting maia…but instead chael sonnen. he was probably like ‘son of a fucking bitch!’ lol
    also, now that andyboy silva knows this, he is without a doubt working with ed soares on coming up with another injury that should keep him sidelined until oh gee i dont know umm….chael’s next fight?

  29. jacob lee says:

    ???? He has more problems on his hands with Bisping. The only thing mark had going for him was to get more takedowns maybe, or sweat so much that chael tapped due to nausea. Bisping has takedown defense, solid ju jitsu, good striking and pretty good cardio. I mean Chael would have beat either guy easy but I bet sonnen is not to happy!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      jacob lee ur an idiot. everyone and their momma knows munoz was a bigger threat than bisping. munoz is a certified collegiate wrestler who out wrestled chael back in the day and also has more devastating striking than chael. but chael had the better chin between the two. now that bisping is subbing in for munoz everyone is expecting an easy decision for chael becuz bisping has zero tdd and is the most overrated guy in the mw division.

      • jacob lee says:

        @mmaislandjunkie….ur not the first one to call me an idiot, WOW ur so tough. And Chael admitted that Nate Marquart out wrestled him in practice and Chael beat him up bad in the fight. Chael admitted that Okami has beaten him in practice and he dominated okami as well. Chael said Brian Stann was really tough and gonna be a hard fight, but again he dominated him. So Mark beating him in college (which by the way is very different from mma) is not relevant. And besides chael has admitted that he isnt great at anything particular but that he will push the pace and fight. Chael has made the statement that no man has ever out struck him and he isn’t lying. Go look it up and you will find that any match he has ever fought, win or lose Sonnen landed alot more strikes than his opponent. Plus if Brian Stann, Nate marquart and Anderson SIlva can’t knock him out I dont see how a philipino guy who gets kicked in the head by deaf guys can knock Chael out either. Consider everything before running you mouth u jerk. All i did was state an opinion based on facts.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          so what is it ur trying to say? becuz munoz will get outstruck by chael bisping has the better chance at beating chael? all i was saying is the playing field was more even with chael and munoz’s backgrounds. bisping will be a fish out of water fighting a top wrestler with his zero tdd defense. and i am absolutely certain i wasnt the first to call u an idiot, its just habit calling ppl for what they are for the shit they say and do.

        • mike says:

          im not the first but jacob lee you are an idiot if you think bisping has a chance other than a light falling on top of chael and mortally wounding him as bruce is saying the count before the fight in order to come out with a win. Munoz would beat chael and demian already beat chael so its obvious the ufc wants chael to lose to silva in a brazilian soccer stadium so they can make $$$.

        • Chris says:

          Because being deaf clearly affects your ability to kick someone in the head….

    • zk says:

      Mayhem took down bisping, enough said

  30. nick diaz says:

    i dont understand why u all think sonnens going to destroy bisping? bisping has better cardio, better punches, better kicks, better speed, better footwork, better ground game, sonnen has better wreslting, better strength, thats it, if rashad evans couldnt hold bisping down for long or pass his guard how will chael? bisping won that fight or a draw at the least even dana said after evans fight , its gona be a good fight personaliy i think its a bad match up for sonnen his hands are as soft as pillows and he hasnt got the best cardio chael is going to try and lay and pray bisping because he couldnt stand with bisping he will get picked of by his pin point strikes! its a 50% chance ethier 1 can beat the ethier

  31. Axel39 says:

    Theres not enough time for hype ! the switch was made too late. And “undisclosed injury” ? hmmm conspriracy.

  32. nep says:

    Fuckin ah and hello bj Penn from kodiak island Alaska agree 100%

  33. Jpeech says:

    @nick diaAre you saying rashad evans is as good of a wrestler as Chael? Cause i would say you are a little off on that. Chael has good enough hands to get inside and take Bisping down and after that its over. Bisping is not good enough anywhere for me to be worried that chael will lose. Munoz on the other hand was…

  34. Xaninho says:

    wtf is up with all the injuries? I don’t like Bisping at all, but I would love him to smash Sonnen and expose him for what he really is, a fraud.

  35. IS THIS TRUE ?!?! says:

    Is it me or is this just a money move, I mean honestly, Munoz would have beat Chael, but who wants to see Munoz vs. Silva,NOT ME!! I personally want to see Sonnen vs. Silva II, Dana White is a business man and saw this too, and pulled the plug, easy win for Chael now and Silva vs. Sonnen II will take place as PLANNED! Tisk Tisk Tisk Mr. White don’t let this become the WWE.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      vitor v sonnen would have been more interesting!

    • Xaninho says:

      Could very well be. I think Silva-sonnen II would be the biggest PPV ever..It’s all about the money. Even if Bisping wins, a Silva-Bisping fight would sell better than a Silva-Munoz fight.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        u underestimate the filipino drawing power!

        • Xaninho says:

          Hhmm maybe I do….I have no idea how big MMA is there.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i dont know either but i know they go insane for pacquiao. i think since mark is an american filipino he might not have as much drawing power as pacman but idk if i was filipino id be pretty proud of him.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Bisping < Munoz any day. That's why his TUF event was free.

        • Xaninho says:

          Oh I like Munoz better than Bisping too, but I thought everyone would love to see Bisping get his head kicked off by Silva.

          Munoz is a likable guy, I wouldn’t want to see him smashed by Silva.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Idk why but Anderson’s PPVs aren’t up there with GSP or Brock Lesnar’s. Maybe it’s because of his performance against Maia.

          I still think Munoz vs Anderson would sell more PPV than if Bisping was in his place. Munoz is more of a challenge than Bisping who is a hyped up B grade fighter. Good but not great…

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          its becuz mainstreamers like drama and shit talking more than actual skills. thats why mayweather makes more than pacquiao and gsp makes more than anderson when it comes to ufc pay. but i think anderson makes more than gsp overall and rightfully so.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I do like me some trash talk as well as skill.

          Can’t think of any boring personality wise fighters other than GSP who make the mega bucks. GSP isn’t even boring just super nice.

  36. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Fuck!!!! I was looking forward to this fight and the whole card on Fox! Bisping is going to get his ass kicked so hard. If Bisping beats Sonnen he get my respect.

    Lets just have Maia vs Sonnen again.

  37. mason says:

    At least the pre-show BS will be entertaining now

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Who is doing the pre-show?

      • mason says:

        I meant the hype leading up to the fight. Both these dudes are entertaining as anyone.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Okay, the trash talk will be good. If only the hype wasn’t so dead for Condit vs Diaz… And that’s a huge fight. UFC is having a tough time advertising their product even with Fox on their side. I didn’t even notice till yesterday that Guillard vs Miller was this Friday. I can’t wait to see the numbers on these Fox network fights.

  38. mason says:

    At least now the pre show BS will be entertaining

  39. nick diaz says:

    jpeech, i wasnt saying evans was a better wrestler they both r very close but evans puts up a way better threat than sonnen and bisping handled him very well all i was trying to point out and it was at light heavyweight fight aswel bispings alot stronger at middleweight sonnens fights r gsp like very boring lay and pray style with pillow hands at least gsp does damage when hes punching his opponents

  40. 10dan says:

    Munoz caught a break as well, his takedowns are too predictable and opened for a guiotine choke. The Count has a chance of outpointing Sonnen

  41. slacker says:

    Sonnen should have this. His relentless takedowns should wear down Bisping’s more technical game. I would be impressed if he could finish him inside 3 rounds. For Bisping’s style, that can be very difficult to do.





      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        i dont think ive ever seen anyone happier to see thei fave mma fighter get an easier opponent and a rematch with the champ for beating the easier competition lol. vitor definitely deserves his title shot before sonnen now, rumble is much more of a threat than bisping.

        • Rumble MUCH MORE of a threat than Bisping?haha your letting your hate blind you bro. Rumble might be a bigger can crusher than Spitsbing. Rumble sucks what did his performance show you that he has any hope of even contending for a belt? The guy dosent know how to use his size, has awfule carido, and his striking is not even good. Only thing he has is KO power in his right hand and right foot. If your are trying to justify Vitors schedule over Chaels thats pretty lame. And dont worry if Chael beats Bisping and Vitor beats Wanderlei im sure Anderson will still be “injured” and they will face off too find out who the true #1 contender is.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i dont think bisping would have made vitors eye swell. vitor would have been in big trouble if rumble didnt get stood up twice imo. i hope ur right though about anderson being injured, vitor v chael for the true #1 contender spot! btw rumble would ko bisping EASY!

        • I dont understand how you are/have been impressed with Rumble. His career consists of knocking cans out half his size. His striking looked sloppy and awful vs Vitor. i dont think he would take Bisping but its not like it matters because he got the boot. The next 4 months will play out as following : Chael and Bisping get into one of the best pre fight trash talking spectacles of all time, Chael dominates Spitsbing and goes on a post fight tyrade about Anderson, Vitor and Wanderlei coach TUF, Vitor beats Wanderlei, Anderson is still on the shelf so they book Sonnen vs Belfort winner gets Anderson in the summer.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          rumble rocked vitor pretty bad when he threw him to the mat and landed the big shot when he dove into vitors guard. if u argue those facts then it whatevers but vitor looked shook after those two things happened. then the ref stood the fight back up and vitor regained confidence but was taken down again. ref stood them back up then vitor lands a punch and finishes the fight. i highly doubt bisping would have made vitor stumble like rumble did, but ur right it doesnt matter cuz rumble got the boot. but bisping is weak and if he tried to strike with a better striker he would lose and imo vitor and rumble are better strikers than bisping.

        • Xaninho says:

          That would be a good scenario. And eventhough I dislike Sonnen, if he beats Belfort too he really earned his spot for the belt again (if he stays off the juice now).. Fair is fair

        • Agreed Bisping is trash. 7 of his UFC wins are against guys not even in the UFC anymore, 1 win against a guy addicted to pills, 1 welterweight, and 2 undercard fighters who are in the verge of getting cut. At least Chael beat Dan Miller when he was worth something.. Chael took Dan Miller soul and basically ended his career.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dan miller isnt ever gonna be as good as his younger brother, he reminds me of a cooler jason guida lol. but yea bisping is garbage, he is the best fighter out of the uk but with that said it kinda makes the uk look bad.

        • Disagree junkie.. I’m a fan of both Vitor n Chael, and Chael has fought tougher competition and did a heck of a better job dispatching Anderson.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          id say chaels competition is slightly better rated on paper so id have to agree. but i still think rumble would beat stann and bisping.

        • Xaninho says:

          In restrospective I think Stann was overrated..I expected so much more than what he showed against Sonnen. It was a disappointing performance.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


  43. Long-Strong says:

    aw… this news kinda makes me sad. was looking forward to seeing Munoz in action. doesn’t this situation kind of remind you of the Vitor – Nate – Yushin – Anderson Silva when they changed up the fights and the supposed favorites got an up in the competition and the others went down. Like Vitor – Yushin got withdrew cuz Vitor had to go fight Anderson and then Yushin go to fight Nate… lmao just a weird thought

  44. t says:

    i think if by some way bisping can win he well have no awnser to the much better stand up of silva its simple the fact is bisping like to stand and silvas stand up is better and i think it would be better for the rematch of silva and sonnen and i also think that chael and mark whould have been a good fight with both being even with each other thats my thoughts

  45. A.James says:

    Bisping is nice all around but Chael has A+ level wrestling. This is going to the ground and unless Bisping can submit him Chael is going to take this.

  46. drew says:

    sonnen is gonna destroy bisping he wont allow him to do anything if he didnt let anderson or stann do much, hope bisping retires of straight shame

  47. Unko Vince says:


  48. BX81 says:

    I got sonnen on this one. If bisping thought he had a hard time with getting mayhem off of him in the 1st round he’s in for a surprise. Wrestling is by far the best base in mma. I don’t see either one knocking each other out on the feet, I see sonnen pushing the pace toward bisping the whole fight till he gets him down and ground and pounds. That’s just me though.

  49. Me says:

    Wow , the better replacement for Munoz is Palhares , I m dying to see him destroying Chael Sonnen! I think chael would not accept the Fight cuz all the trash he talked about Anderson would force him to retire!

  50. rowson uk says:

    You americans are the same ones who had their lips firmley pressed up to mayhems but lips when they fought!!!! If bisping was american then you would all have your mouths firmly around his cock like you got round cheals at the min!!! Bisping will win by desicion, then you can all move on to suckin on silvas penis to beat bisping!!!!

  51. Fenic01 says:

    Im English and want Bisping to win, but really cant see how he will do it! Sonnen v Munoz wouldve been a better fight!

  52. rowson uk says:

    Bisping is highly underated,,I’m not a big fan of bispings outside the cage but in it I like his style,always good tactics(hendo fight exception),this is his time I reckon!!

  53. CanILive says:

    chael round 2 submission

  54. davvee says:

    this sucks now sonnen is going end andeerson career,,,anderson has been out so long and needs a tune up…i know after surgery and the time off he wont be at top form…this is bs…and u kniow after anderson has 1 loss in ufc he wont fight anymore….the only good thing about this is hopefully bisbitch will shutup and stop talking like he is worthy of a title shot,,,bisbing is a gate keeper…if you can beat bisbing you in the top 5,,,,if you cant beat bisbitch you not in the yop 5 elite……this will be interesting to see cuz bisbitch is hard to hold down,,,that would be great if he won,,,anderson weould fuk bisbing like sparring practice…..bisbing has perfect style to get seriously hurt against andersom

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