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Wednesday, 02/01/2012, 02:21 pm

UFC NEWS | MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | Phil Davis "Eats" A Punch

This week’s most story telling photo coming out of a recent MMA fight is this one from last weekend’s UFC on FOX 2 main event between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis.

In the photo it appears as if Phil Davis is literally eating a punch from Rashad Evans on his way to a unanimous decision loss.

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6 Responses to “UFC NEWS | MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | Phil Davis "Eats" A Punch”

  1. Jaz castillo says:

    U no y he loss cuz he got pink nails

    • L Brown says:

      I would say more his fighting ability

      • bruts says:

        lack luster fight, only thing good about this whole event was chael saying that “The Greatest Fighters Aren’t Called The Greatest They Are Called Chael Sonnen” that was the high light of the whole event. rashad and davis’s fight WAS HORRIBLE turned it off after the 1st round.. it was pathetic not like rashad did anything huge… jones is going to annihilate rashad, hopefully make him fish it again

  2. Extra Chode says:

    Nom nom nom

  3. brandon says:

    personally i was looking for the rashad that had that killer instinct like when he destroyed Rampage, i don’t know who this guy was boring fight is boring i have to agree.

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