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Wednesday, 01/25/2012, 03:00 pm

UFC NEWS | MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | Barry Does Work, Morecraft Unconscious

This week’s most story telling photo coming out of a recent MMA fight is this one showing Pat Barry hovering over his freshest kill inside the cage.

Last week’s UFC on FX 1 broadcast opener between Barry and Morecraft took home “Fight of the Night” honors and showed a much improved Pat Barry weather the early storm of submission attempts thrown at him to get back on his feet and knock his opponent out.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, this one ought to be worth 10 grand easy!

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16 Responses to “UFC NEWS | MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | Barry Does Work, Morecraft Unconscious”

  1. J says:

    if this dude develops his wrestling and his ground game watch out heavyweight division

  2. Jb says:

    HD is a beast. Much improved sub defense. Very under rated by those who don’t know much about him. And he fights dudes so much bigger than him lol but I don’t ever see him taking the belt. Gatekeeper

    • Melvin Kelly says:

      so true my dued i like how you putting it sorta like the clay guida of the heavyweights

      • ian mearns says:

        Who cares if he is a gatekeeper! I met him in Seattle and he was nice as shit. I hope he stays around a long time distributing leg kicks daily don’t be scared homie

        • Jb says:

          Wow…so down bro who the fuk said it was a bad thing to be a gate keeper some of the best fighters are the ones who leave it out there and go for bombs. I’ve had the chanc to talk to pat multiple times which shows he always has time for fans. But to say he’s going to take out jds or overeem at this stage is way to early. #neverscaredhomie

        • killa says:


  3. tim says:

    The Ref is busting a move while Morecraft is swimming backstroke on the blue. 14 words

  4. Justen says:

    hahaha Dean n Pat both look like they are dancing. The you got knocked out dance! lol

  5. A.James says:

    Moorecroft’s head was ricocheting off of the canvas!

  6. e says:

    Thats one bass ass dude in the cage

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Pat needs to fight a striker next. UFC wasn’t doing him any favors matching him with Morecraft.

  8. DAMN! says:

    Gotta Love HD, really classy guy, really underrated fighter.

  9. dave says:

    he should really try cut to 205…he has better chances at holding a belt theere…he may be able to do it if guuys like umble cut to ww ……morecraft was to cocky and goofy to tthe fight,,if you saw his ugly face when they had the weigh in stair down was nuts…….

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