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Monday, 12/12/2011, 10:42 am

UFC NEWS – Miller’s Schedule Surgery For Son Following Major Donations From Dana White And Lorenzo Fertitta

Tis the season to be generous…

With the holidays upon us, many people look for ways to give back, to share with loved ones and to be selfless and giving. Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are apparently no different.

We announced here on BJPENN.COM a few weeks ago that Dan Miller’s son was in desperate need of surgery to replace an abnormal kidney.

With the cost of the procedure being so high, the Miller family set up the “Daniel James Miller Foundation” and everyone from friends and family to the MMA Community took part and tried to provide some relief to them through charitable donations.

With time ticking away, UFC president Dana White as well as CEO Lorenzo Fertitta made substantial donations that will provide the family with all the relief they need and then some.

Miller’s coach, Mike Constantino announced the news to

“Zuffa went above and beyond to make sure that Daniel James Miller and his aunt Kathy, who will be the living donor, will have the absolute best health care and the funding possible to make the surgery happen. In addition to that, Dana and Lorenzo also made a substantial donation to the Daniel James Miller Foundation.”

“I would like to thank Dana and Lorenzo for reaching out to help Dan Miller and his family. Zuffa has proven time and time again that they take care of their own, and they should be recognized for that. These are the things that make being a part of the UFC family so special.”

“…The MMA community really stepped up, and I am very proud to say that I am a part of it.”


15 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Miller’s Schedule Surgery For Son Following Major Donations From Dana White And Lorenzo Fertitta”

  1. Zack says:

    Cool. Dana not a douche for once

  2. Michael says:

    good to hear. Dan Miller seems like a good guy and I’m happy for him.

    Check out the cheeks on that little guy.

  3. Long-Strong says:

    Dan Miller is a great fucking fighter! Good luck to his family.

  4. Reasonable Thoughts says:

    Dana can be harsh, but he clearly cares for the fighters he respects. Bravo Mr.White.

  5. matt says:

    To many ppl hate on Dana. He does his all for this sport and its athletes. he comes off like an ass some times, but in the long run he;s a good guy and i appreciate his hard work.

  6. Jasen says:

    What a stand up organization!!!
    The best part is you will never hear one mention from Dana or Lorenzo about the donations.
    An example for all other organizations to follow.

  7. Brian says:

    this made my day love to see theres still ppl out there with a heart.

  8. God bless the millers especially in the holiest month of all! Thanks.. Dana and fertitas!

  9. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I wish i could have given more than the $25.00 I did but i just was hoping it would just add up with alot of other MMA fans also donating. My heart and prayers go out to the Miller family

  10. dave says:

    people hate on dana soo much,,no one thinks how har his job is…not matter what he does someone will think he is making mistake…it hard running ufc company……now to mention mma is populer and where it is alll cuz of dana white and his vision…dana changed the world

  11. maritza says:

    good to see that.. i always thought Dana White was kinda a douche.. but I seem to like him more and more everytime i see a new interview or post!! Good to see you do take care of your fighters!! god bless baby miller & family.. may it all go well!

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