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Friday, 11/25/2011, 09:21 am

UFC NEWS – Mike Pierce Tells Disturbing Tale Of Former Teammate Rick Story’s Bullying Ways

As a professional fighter one would think you would hold yourself to a higher standard of conduct. However, if what Mike Pierce says about his former teammate Rick Story, than this is obviously not the case for everyone.

In a recent interview with The Joe Show Radio, Pierce lays out the reasons behind him leaving his former training home with coach, Pat White and training partner, Rick Story.

Check it out:

“This kid drove all the way from Iowa. He was a wrestler, a wrestler looking to be an MMA guy, he hardly didn’t have any experience, out to Vancouver, WA to learn how to fight. And you know, Pat was getting frustrated with him because he was doing what beginners do when they get beat on by a guy that’s really experienced, you know. He was covering up, backing away, putting his his head down. Typical beginner-like stuff. And he (Pat) was getting frustrated, so he told myself and Ricky just to go in there and knock this guy out. That’s not what you do to teammates, man. There’s a time and a place for that, but in the training room? That’s probably a little far.

I refused to do it, and I went in there and sparred like you’re supposed to spar. And Ricky went in there and just starts wailing on the guy. And keep in mind that this kid had already had some sort of a head trauma anyway, where he was having vertigo issues. He would sleep and lay in his bed at night and look at the ceiling and it would spin. Okay, obviously there was some sort of a head trauma with the guy. And then, Ricky goes in there and starts wailling on this guy.

Now you know, we’re just boxing. It’s just boxing sparring. So the guy takes a knee after taking a few nasty shots. Takes a knee with one hand on his head and the other one waving off saying ‘Hold on, hold on, my head’, and then you know, Pat’s all over saying ‘F**k it, keeping hitting him’. So Ricky grabs him by the back of the head and starts uppercutting him in the face, like that’s okay?…and I was just shaking my head, like, you gotta be f**king kidding me man.”

While it may be common practice in several gyms across the globe to “haze” newcomers in an attempt to weed out the weak from the strong, does it seem like maybe Story and his coach may have crossed the line?


62 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Mike Pierce Tells Disturbing Tale Of Former Teammate Rick Story’s Bullying Ways”

  1. John says:

    Never liked Story because of his attitude. This guy will be digging ditches in a few years.

  2. magoo says:

    What comes around goes around…..rick will get his one day!

  3. Brandon says:

    Well, if this is real,
    Bullies are losers, and losers will always be losers.
    And that will be the Story of Rick Story.
    That’s all I gotta say.

  4. get real says:

    I guess when you are average at best fighter you have to beat up on someone new to the sport. What a bunch of garbage. If this is true the coach should be stripped of whatever status he has. And Dana should get rid of Story. This is horrible publicity for UFC.

  5. Chris Hill says:

    Would love to see B.J. Penn go in there and beat the brakes off Story. I think it’s something in Vancouver Washington’s water that makes people there assholes.

    • justin palmer says:

      I live in Vancouver and I’m not an asshole. I don’t think. But I have seen both Pat and Rick out at restaurants and they seem like jackasses. They were loud and you could tell they thought they were better than everyone.

  6. Snooks says:

    Regardless of this being true or not, Rick story is a snap show angry 12 year old. He has no place in professional sports, especially comabtive ones. He needs a child therapist to deal with the times he got beat up in high school. I thought Rick was a tool since I first heard of him. The fact is, this story isn’t unrealistic for an weener like that.

  7. Bad news says:

    The greatest asset this Sport showcases is not the fighting, its the Sportsmanship during and after the fight. What makes beating a down fighter training?

  8. Brandon says:

    I hope GreaseSP rapes Story in a boring 25 minutes dry hump fashion.

  9. Outside Opinion says:

    Wrestlers are not Martial Artists. Big Difference. Look at Sonnen. He is dedicated to anything he can gain for himself, Martial Artists tend to look a a bigger picture. Hurting someone for no good reason is a poor way to live whatever you do…. Honor is where it’s at.

  10. Andrew says:

    This is a straight up bull @#$$* and should not be tolerated one bit. It’s not promoting the sport nor the martial arts period.

  11. El Charlie says:

    Definitely agree. I thought the purpose of having a new guy come in is to teach, to mentor. I mean that’s what I’ve always gone by. We have new guys coming in and out of the gym over where I train and I take pride in being able to teach somebody something new. How to bob, how to weave, how to set up a submission. How to execute in the cage. But never in a million years do I think about wailing on a new guy. It’s just simply not what it’s about. I think I did that once in training and words can’t explain how horrible I felt after I did. Of course I didn’t take it to the degree that Story did but it was somewhere along those lines. Shame on Rick. Never really liked him as a fighter and I dislike him even more after hearing this.

  12. DBKlein69 says:

    i think the situation is taking care of itself. after 2 straight losses to brenneman and the dane, he’s prob 1 more loss away from getting cut. cant feed him to rory mac tho cuz rory is coming off wins. maybe dan hardy? that would be a fun fight to watch

  13. MJJ says:

    I am from the Pacific Northwest and given Ricks back ground and him being a local, I went to the same college as him, I naturally would cheer for him, and my son was inspired by him, after hearing this I hope this Dbag gets served up to a top 170lb fighter and gets smashed and cut from the UFC, fuck Pat White, people should leave his gym and he should get his ass kicked. I have tought boxing, and MMA, and if we had someone who couldn’t take the punishment, we would council them and basically say this isn’t for you and offer them something else, not beat the crap out of a lesser, unskilled fighter, when they are down. I just became a big fan of Mike Pierce, and BJ Penn, please sir, be inspired by this and tell Dana you want to fight Rick Story, and smash this fool, after beating him to a pulp, hold the choke after he taps a few seconds.

  14. UNREAL says:

    Sometimes bullying can make you a better person even though it is wrong. Herschel Waller was bullyied wen he was young it inspired him to do something about it nd he became famous

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Lot’s of great martial artist were bullied. Cung, Bruce Lee, GSP…. Though if you read further about Bruce he had some bully tendencies and anger issues.

  15. brandon thomas says:

    Would really like to see Penn just show him how to box storys a bitch! And then that guy there talking about hope he gets pissed finds a great CAMP PENN.THEN PUTS AN END TO THIS story

  16. Xaninho says:

    Why bully the new guy instead of teaching him? I’ve seen a guy who was curling up and covering up in the first few lessons. We were patient with him and taught him he needed to change that.

    That same guy became a really good Thai boxer and now even has fights in Thailand.

  17. stranebrain says:

    This is probably bullshit. Don’t be so quick to judge and ya gotta stop buying everything you read ya fuckin dummies ….

  18. Boss man says:

    I know Rick Story personality and this is true he does pick on people and try’s to fight anyone , he is a hot head . I hope the UFC kicks him out he is a dirt bag loser white trash kid and do is pat white should be on little people big world .

  19. Andrew says:

    Good for Mike Pierce for stepping up and leaving. I wouldn’t want to train with a coach and crew like that either. Yeah its a tough sport and training sessions can get intense but you should not be going in there trying to or enabling another person to seriously hurt someone.

  20. John Adams says:

    What is this, the Cobra Kai school for MMA up there? Hats off to Mike Pierce for saying eff that man. Hope Story continues to get schooled in his remaining time in the octagon.

  21. jigSAW says:

    Ya know, I liked this guy too….that’s exactly type a guy I hate…its ok, I along with plenty others are on there way up and will teach him a lesson….punk

  22. Reasonable Thoughts says:

    Crossed the line by a mile if you ask me. Garbage stuff, not happy to hear about that one bit.

  23. Brandon says:

    beating up newbies in gears of war is fun,
    but in real life isn’t…. Lol

  24. KingGareth says:

    “And keep in mind that this kid had already had some sort of a head trauma anyway, where he was having vertigo issues. He would sleep and lay in his bed at night and look at the ceiling and it would spin. Okay, obviously there was some sort of a head trauma with the guy.”
    I’m against bullying, but this guy knows he has head problems and still walks into the cage. No one is dragging him in there to get beaten.

  25. Ruben says:

    Thats messed up, as a beginner the last thing you want is to get demoralized and beat down. How can he possibly defend himself? And i understand that you have to take a few beatings to get tougher but you don’t take them when you are brand new to mma. Fuck both of those chumps, Roid Story is on his way out of the UFC anyways so he’ll get his punishment

  26. MJJ says:

    Rick “The Horror” Story, is the “Whore” Story, for bein a bitch and not standen up to his coach. Pat White your gym is called Brave Legion, and you pull off some coward ass shit like that. That shit is criminal, the guy takes a knee and Rick grabs the back of his head and keeps hitting him, the white trash piece of shit should be in jail.

  27. jigSAW says:

    Also Pierce, screw u too for not sticking up for him….u say u didnt agree with it then go in and stop it…ur a pro fighter, u should be able to stick up for what u believe is right not turn and shake ur head….I train with multiple Ufc and Top level fighters and none of that would ever, EVER happen….matter of fact when I first walked in, I was greeted by those guys like they knew me…in a MMA gym its supposed to be a family like atmosphere and beating someone new and taking there confidence is the total wrong thing to do u PUNKS!….its ok though cause after reading this no one will be coming to ur “gym” anyways and hopefully somebody high see’s this and puts u outta business

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I wouldn’t be so tough on Pierce. In our society it’s normal for people to just turn and look away. Most people don’t want to get involved when witnessing something that is obviously wrong. I currently don’t train in MMA and anytime someone bullied me when I was younger, no one came to my aid. I am no supporting not helping the bullied but it’s pretty normal and by not getting aid it toughed me up. I got in a lot of fights with my bullies and after standing up to them they would move on. I hope this newbie who got beat up stood up for himself in that instance or after that incident.

    • MJJ says:

      @jigSAW good point, I was focused on Story and his coach, but your correct why didn’t Pierce step in? If he knew it was wrong and he knew the guy had brain trauma why didn’t he step up, I’m not a pro fighter, but I’m not a coward either, I would have put myself between the kid and Ricks punk ass.

  28. pk9grrr says:

    if this is true or not,rick = muppet

  29. noway says:

    Story is a piece of shit! I’m so happy he lost his last fight. Can’t wait to see dude get knocked on his ass! I hope they give him Mcdonald next.

  30. GRT 3000 says:

    Story sounds like a tool; if his coach said to start banging the guy next he prob. would.

  31. Long-Strong says:

    LOL HAHA, something about Rick Story’s face makes me believe this is a biographical story. HAHA, get it??! BIOGRAPHICAL; cuz its real?!?!?! but seriously, his face kinda makes me think he is capable of something like this.

  32. Kipo says:

    This da kind guys I like see B pound out…like how he wen pound guys out on da streets who think they all dat!!

  33. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I have lost all respect for Rick Story.

  34. Donnybrook says:

    That doesn’t surprise me all, just from what I’ve seen in interviews you can tell he think his shit don’t stink. Not to worry there’s many many beatings coming his way.

  35. ThaGreenBandit says:

    If this is real, definitely not a good look for MMA. That’s the exact type of shit those old bastards are referring to when they argue against legalizing MMA in places like NY. Hope he catches that third “L” to complete a 3 fight losing streak n gets bounced outta the UFC

  36. Nick says:

    Corrupt ass camp. How are you gonna beat up some innocent kid? I never like Story I hope he gets KTFO.

  37. Story comes off as an assholle anyways. Shitt comes around full speed ..

  38. James says:

    First off, Story is a stud. I met story in college because my roommate was a wrestler. He was probably the most personable guy I have ever met. He trains hard and fair, he has dedicated his life to get where he is at and this little fourm will only fuel the fire folks. I have had the opportunity to work out with him a few times in the gym and was so willing to help me get bigger. Filled with so much knowledg, and advice it made me a better person. As far as the allegations at hand, that’s exactly what they are lies, and they are very bias. You guys are talking shit, about someone you have never met. I consider Rick a great fighter, if you want to state your opinion, that’s fine but make sure you hear both sides before coming to conclusions. Ricky is gonna go far in this business and this will only make him a better fighter. Keep rocking man and don’t listen to these insignificant pricks

    • MJJ says:

      @James, so Rick shared some roids with you and he is a great guy, he is dbag, and i’ve heard from people who know Pat White that he is a prick, and that is who Story surounds himself with, hope BJ comes out of retirement to put a beating on this retard.

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