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Tuesday, 11/15/2011, 08:25 am

UFC NEWS – Miguel Torres Sacrificing It All To Return To Glory At UFC 139

“To my family, friends, and true students, I miss you guys and am coming home in a week. The choices I have to make to become a world champion again comes at an extremely high expense. I know what must be done to take care of my family, students, business, and employees. When I was fighting in local events in small shows it was easy to just train in my own gym. The game has changed so much, every fight team has a gym of 40 full time fighters who live and train full time and are always in the gym, do not work, do not go to school, or diss training cause of their girlfriends. I have had to raise the stakes immensely to achieve a lifelong accomplishment. This message is just to clear my mind so I can prepare for my fight next week. If one can’t appreciate what it costs physically, mentally, emotionally, or even monetarily to do what I do at the highest level then they can stop coming to my gym. If you ever even get close to where I am, you might understand where I am coming from. Everyone makes choices for a reason, I have a real opportunity at being the best in the world, not just taking a chance or going for a long shot … I never claimed to be perfect, a god, a millionaire, or claim to have all the answers in life, but I do know about hard work, mma, martial arts, fighting, and getting shit done. To everyone who supports me, my gym, my career, thank you and I love you guys. Trust me that I miss my gym family as much as my family at home and my friends. It hurts to be away and not be able to sleep cause you are worried about everything that is going on. I saddens me that this is what it has come to but in life we all chose our own paths. Miss you guys, see everyone in a week when I come home. Osu.”

In a pretty lengthy post, former WEC bantamweight champion, Miguel Torres tells his supporters exactly what he is going through both physically and mentally in the lead up to his UFC 139 undercard bout with Nick Pace.

At one point in time, this former champion was considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. While holding a tight grip on the WEC’s bantamweight title he held an official MMA record of 36-1.

However, once the rest of the division caught up to him skill wise it has been a tough road back to the top for the former champion. After running into a brick wall named Brian Bowles at WEC 42 to take his first defeat in six years Torres took on up and comer Joseph Benavidez in an attempt to get back to the top and prove he still belonged. That attempt failed in the first frame of action and he lost all hopes of title contention fromt hat point forward.

Bouncing back in his next two outings, Torres was last seen in a back and forth decision loss to former title challenger “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. The loss snapped his two-fight win streak and forced him on an untelevised preliminary bout this weekend against Nick Pace.

Will putting his entire life aside to focus on a training camp yield the results Torres is looking for, or has the former champs best days passed him by?

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9 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Miguel Torres Sacrificing It All To Return To Glory At UFC 139”

  1. Kalaeboi! says:

    Handle ur biz my boy! Ur true Fam will always be in ur corner! Good luck and God bless…

  2. What happened to this guy?He seemed to be unbeatable.After the Bowles loss his career just took a massive nose-dive.Hope he can make it back to the top.He has to much talent to be a gatekeeper.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I was just about to comment on that! His fall from grace was EPIC! WTF?! At one point and time, Torres couldn’t be touched! He was a nasty finisher and then all of a sudden he takes a loss, and… Nothing. Hope he can make it back to the top because I used to really enjoy watching him scrap. Missed his fight against Johnson

    • This guy says:

      Eventually fighters made their way up to his level and proved they were better than him. Then when the going got tough he flaked out and could not get it together. He was even talking about going to 155 and fighting the champ there at one time. Then he realized how overrated and fluffed he was made out to be fighting these cans. He will never be a champ again. He is not good enough by a longshot anymore.

      I think its mainly in his head. But the body goes where the mind goes.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        At one point in time, he was 36-1, and champ of the WEC. You don’t get credentials like that by being overrated. Are you saying that Chuck was overrated too, because after Rampage KO’d him, all of a sudden he was getting put to sleep by everyone. Saying the competetion caught up to him, or saying all those wars finally wore him down, I can understand. But with what he’s accomplished, calling him overrated and fluffed… I can’t agree with that in the slightest

  3. Creature says:

    Im a person who hates the term “lay in prey” by all means, and i hate when people constantly label ground specialized fighters lay in prey fighters, but the fight with torres/johnson was ridiculous, Mighty Mouse lay in preyed the hell out of Torres.. He has all the skill needed to get the belt back, lets see if he can find the right camp and mindset to put it all together

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