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Friday, 12/09/2011, 01:29 pm

UFC NEWS – Miguel Torres Releases Public Apology Following Controversial UFC Release

“I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, I have my beautiful wife and daughter, my family, my health, my gym, and in terms of my career, I succeeded to the biggest stage in the sport of mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I am very sorry for upsetting my bosses at the UFC, and also to my fans and everyone else who was upset by the language in my tweets. I understand it was wrong, and I meant no harm or disrespect. Given the chance, I will do whatever it takes to make things right. I am going to learn from this. I think life throws you opportunities that can make you a better person, and so that’s what I’m going to do here. That is how I am going to react. I am going to use this to improve myself, and I hope that my fans will continue to support me.”

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40 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Miguel Torres Releases Public Apology Following Controversial UFC Release”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Good luck Miguel. We’ll see you sooner rather than later back in the octagon.

    • Michael says:

      no doubt- he is a tremendous fighter and what he did is not that bad at all. He was simply quoting a TV show. In my opinion, Rashad’s Penn State Comments were a bit more disturbing.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Idk where I sit on this… Miguel isn’t a comedian so his comments can be taken in the wrong way even if it is a quote. Imagine a politician or a president of a company or Manny Pacquio saying such things. It would seem out of character right?

        Dana shouldn’t have fired him and Rashad should have been admonished for such disgusting comments. On the other hand Dana is trying to sell a fight and trash talk sells fights. He needs to be inspired into new ways of punishment. What happened to 3 strikes?

        • Michael says:

          I hear what you are saying but Miguel Torres is by no means a politician or president of a company (unless you count his gym).
          What he said was certainly in poor taste, but was it really something worth firing him over? Suspended, sure, fired seems extreme.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


        • lolziez says:

          to many people with sensitive vaginas is all it is. the guys profession is beatin the shit out of people, but gets fired for a tweet. how fuckin pathetic does that really sound? how can you be a fan of a person her kicks peoples ass for a living but read a tweet and get mad and offended? cause whoelse would read his tweets, but fans of him or at least MMA in general. So those people like to watch people get knocked out, choked bloody, but cant handle a fucking tweet?

        • Tomas Mares says:

          If you knew the kid personally you would know it is in his nature to act silly, funny and clownish… By know means does Miguel have a hateful heart… He’s a good kid who was made an example of. The person I met at the Houston Expo was and is Miguel Torres… You got this one wrong Dana… What Dana didn’t have the balls to do to Forrest and Rashad he took out on Miguel…. Now take Cerrone, all he did was flip everyone off at the expo!!! Now that’s Fd up!!!!

  2. david uppercut says:

    what a dumb thing to do.

    Good riddance!

  3. Michael kk says:

    All he did was quote something off a tv show. It was a stupid joke but he shouldnt have gotten cut like that especially with rashad and forrest saying worse things.

  4. john says:

    Don’t appologize for saying anything that bullshit freedom of speech…use it or it means nothing

    • baldy says:

      freedom of speech is a double edge sword…sure you can say whatever you want, but that doesnt mean there are no consequences for what you say. hence the phrase…chose your words carefully. i wont even get into how stupid twitter is. jotting down every stupid thought that enters your head….dumb.
      having said that…i dont think he should have lost his spot in the ufc. he’s always been a good ambassidor for the wec, ufc, and mma in general. add in the evans and griffin twits…er i mean tweets, a hefty fine would have worked. not to mention dana white doesnt always chose his words carefully.

  5. DewYouKnow8 says:

    He was treated very unfairly, Dana clearly had been looking for a way to get him out. Not that I support what he said in the first place, but i think he was treated unfairly..

  6. MMAnalyst says:

    hmm… seems like if you are talking and say this then somehow it is less of a big deal than typing it online, I think if Rashad had tweeted his comment instead of blurting it out at a press conference he would be in hotter water.

    Anyway, I hope they let him back after a short break, he really doesn’t seem to be some raging psycho or woman hater, in fact he usually seems like a well-mannered respectful representative of the sport.

  7. sgt thai clone says:

    Double standards do apply,When you have Forest tweet the same thing and all he does is give a public apology,and might I add a sizeable donation to a rape group—Then Rashad says something alot worse at a presser -yes at a presser, with Dana present, not even a slap on the wrist–Dana is not being FAIR , bottom line

  8. Most overrated fighter ever. Loved watching Joe B smash his ass and than joke him out with ease.

  9. brad t says:

    And Dana said he didn’t hear Rashad say that! While he was standing next to him and they were on microphones I find that hardly believable. What a tool.

  10. Sheek says:

    In my opinion..if that was any one of his big prize fighters,nothing would have been done…its stupid to get worked up over something like twitter…twitter seems to be the main cause for ppl in entertainment to get in trouble.smh

  11. RevChris says:

    These guys are fighters, not spokesmen. They are now incented to have a ‘social networking presence’ via Twitter. They are not using PR ‘bots to spit out marketing plugs, but sharing their random brain farts (while shamelessly plugging their product). I think getting fired for quoting a low-rated basic cable program is ridiculous. While most are educated and intelligent, they are still more weapon than man and will occasionally say something some people may take the wrong way.

  12. Eric says:

    What Rashad said was way worse, especially since Torres was quoting a tv show.

  13. Robster the Mobster says:

    First I lol’d, then I serioused

  14. Xaninho says:

    There are some things you can say-or tweet in this case- as a public figure. Making jokes about rape isn’t one of them. It’s disgusting.

    Evans remark was just as bad, but the difference is he said it in a splitsecond while being in a heated arguement with Phil Davis. He didn’t have time to think it over before tweeting it. Something torres obviously did have time for, but apparently he still decided it was ok to put that stupid joke up.

  15. drew says:

    making a joke out of rape i feel is naive on his part, he must not know the feeling of someone close to you being subject to such heinous and devilish crimes since day one. Good Riddance you ignorant idiot.

  16. drew says:

    anybody who defends this in anyway shape of form, my first post goes to you too.

  17. Creature says:

    I think whole thing is stupid, he was fucking quoting a tv show not like this just popped in his head. Here is a question, if people are so upset about this, why not attack the show where it originated instead of a guy who is always humble and respectful because he quoted something?

  18. oscar says:

    A joke is a joke. I understand there is a place and time for everything but we have to also learn not to be so sensitive. Bad things happen and life goes on the skinny guy makes fun of the fat guy, the fat guy makes fun of the poor guy, the poor guy talks shit about whoever is different. Were all different and we attack those differences. He who is free of sin may cast the first stone.

  19. chon209 says:

    the difference between saying something and texting, tweeting and e-mailing is it can be held against you in a court of law not saying he broke a law but just realize there is a huge difference between blurting something and writing something with your signature in this case electronic signature and i know this from my own personal expereince when i said the same thing (not what he said :) that I e-mailed at my job and the e-mail almost cost me my job as apose to when verbaly said it it was overlooked.

    never was a fan but it always cracked me up seen a mexican rocking a mullet

  20. Shawn says:

    A classic case of not thinking before speaking. More common w younger ppl, but even d older ones slip from time to time. Its good Miguel understands this, is willing to face d consequences, and is moving fwd to better himself. Hopefully, he’ll make a comeback from this.

  21. Evilwayz says:

    I was a student of Miguels for two years the guy is a class act everyone makes mistakes if Dana is going to fire miguel over this bull!!!! he should of fired rashad and forest i cant even believe anyone would get in trouble over something so stupid people take themselves to serious.

  22. stua says:

    dana white over reacting….. again…. not suprized

  23. ThaGreenBandit says:

    DW is starting to look real dictator like

  24. magoo says:

    Rampage can fondle and dry hump a female interviewer and everythings cool,Torres twits tweets or twats a comment in poor taste and gets skidded WTF Dana? your the king of potty mouth you double standard sucker of the penis!

    • Barn says:

      You’re right on point Magoo. I remember seeing those clips of Rampage dry humping those reporters and was thinking WTF? I guess DW is pro-sexual harassment. What i don’t get is that DW calls Rashad for an explanation and he didn’t give Torres the same chance.

  25. Ruben says:

    And of course the goofy white boy Forrest Griffen can say what ever he wants and the mexican gets fired… .What a suprise..

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