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Thursday, 12/08/2011, 05:15 am

UFC NEWS – Michael Bisping Chael Sonnen’s Chael Sonnen Right Next To Him

“Well, he’s just another person that had his shot. I seem to remember him getting tapped out just like Chael did. Both of these guys have a problem with submission defense. If he’s bitter about it, don’t talk shit about me about it just because you blew your shot.”

During yesterday’s UFC on FOX 2 pre-fight press conference the UFC sat Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen right next to each other.

After a reported asked Bisping to respond the an interview from Dan Henderson, he went on a minor rant about the ability to submit guys like Chael and Dan, siting how they both lost to Anderson Silva via submission.

Sitting right next to Chael and almost right in his face, Bisping responded with the featured quote. Chael took it on the chin and other than what you may call an awkward moment, the former number one contender did not remark.

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47 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Michael Bisping Chael Sonnen’s Chael Sonnen Right Next To Him”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Yo, that shit was HILARIOUS!! Bisping was sitting right next to Phael, and went in on him and Hendo without skipping a beat! Dana was laughing his ass off and Phael didn’t really have shit to say about it. Did he punk out? Sure looked like it to me, because he’s usually real quick to talk shit. Meanwhile, Davis and Evans kept things pretty cool during the whole thing, but all of a sudden, towards the end of conference, Rashad called Davis “mousy”, and all of a sudden, the shit talking between them two got going real fast!

  2. richard mcgill says:

    Chael will wait and smash Bisping in the octagon.He has given Bisping a bit of confidence and will talk after smashing that confidence out of him.

  3. apex says:

    Lol sonnen is a lil bitch ahahaahaha. He can talk shit talk shit and talk more shit on twitter . Put him next to some one…. Pooouuf! He turns into a lil bitch.

  4. bw says:

    hard to believe that not only did Hendo not shut up Bisping with that KO, but Bisping still thinks he can talk trash about Hendo. I wonder if he realizes that A) Hendo has some of the best sub defense in the game, and B) every MMA or KO highlight reel for the rest of time will feature him getting KO’d by Hendo’s overhand right!

  5. Jb says:

    Bis has no skills on the ground and has pillows for hands. Anyone that’s made the top five kos should shut his hole

  6. Spartacus says:

    sonnen, I really don’t understand why that fool is still in the UFC, only talks shit and shit that is just total BS, yeah sometimes it’s funny, but mostly is disrespectfull, he used steriods, has a soso record ans calls himself a champ?? Anderson Silva has 1 off day of so many domination fights and Silva still made him tap and that fool thinks he’s the champ, what a clown. Now you see a real trashtalker against him, and little scared chael doesn’t know what to say. It’s easy talking trash against a humble dude that doesn’t even speak good english. And against Bryan Stann, he was scared also because Bryan is a “real” American hero, if you believe in that American soldiers are fighting overseas for your freedom in the USA, but that’s a totally different topic.

  7. Brandon4ReaL says:

    That was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen in the UFC.
    Funnier than shamrock’s “living death” quote. Habhahahah!

  8. g says:

    Jesus Christ. MMA articles never cease to amaze me with their horrible writing abilities.

  9. Joe says:

    That has got to be the worst titled article EVER.

  10. Zack says:

    Who ever writes this shit is slacking. Makin simple mistakes daily wtf is this middle school.

  11. Foxy79_ says:

    War BISPING!!! I love both of them 2 but Bisping is the man!! <3 No punk there..

  12. EdSoareisBalls says:

    Lol the writers for this website are some of the worst.

    Pedro Carrasco should be ashamed of himelf and should never write another pathetic article again.

    First, you moron, you did not watch the press conference, because if you did, yo uwould know that Michael Bisping wasn’t repsonding to an interview by Dan Henderson, but CHAEL SONNEN was responding to a question about a tweet by Dan Henderson that said Anderson Silva was ducking them. Chael had obivously not seen the tweet but said something along the lines of “I think Mike was mentioned in that tweet as well”, and Mike got butthurt thinking Chael was mocking him so he responded with this.

    You guys are so ridiculous. You must have naked pictures of BJ or something.

  13. Socrates says:

    Are guys serious? come on. Bisping was definitely referring to Hendo here. For you dumbasses that did not watch the conference they were discussing Henderson’s recent tweet. Chael had nothing to do with it. Very audacious of Bisping to talk shit about Hendo when he almost decapitated him. Chael would smash Spitsbing any day anyway.

  14. MJKIVP says:

    I don’t really like Bisping but he’s right on the money with this comment…

  15. Beejay says:

    What the hells wrong with you Chael nut huggers? Yeah bisping was responding to what hendo tweeted but took a shot at Chael for his lack of submission defense and for losing his chance at the title. He cleary took a shot at chael who just sat there with nothing to say…

  16. Jpeech says:

    Chael would slap the shit out of Bisping It would not even be funny but that will not even happen He will lose to Maia because Maia is better every where compared to Bisping who throws pillow punches spits on people and throws illegal knee’s what a sissy

  17. Jpeech says:

    hahaha and chael doesnt need to say anything to him bisping is not on chaels silvas or munoz skill level yet and that will show when he loses to maia

  18. Big J says:

    Who do you guys think will win between Bisping and Maia? How do you think it will play out?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      if bisping can keep the fight standing he can outstrike maia imo but maia is good at trips and takedowns i see them hitting the mat at least once in their fight and if it does bisping is gonna be in a world of trouble.

  19. KingGareth says:

    Bisping will win it standing. He has great takedown defence, but hasn’t really faught a BJJ guy at Maia’s level. If Maia gets him down it will be a good test to see just how skilled Bisping is at defending submissions.

  20. jpeech says:

    Mmaislandjunkie you are a joke first off
    Anyway Michael Will not be able to finish the fight standing and Will end up getting taken down and submitted

  21. jpeech says:

    Lol no you idiot you always going out of your way to be a douche makes you a joke

  22. jpeech says:

    Hahaha how you talked to me first Jesus its like you are ten

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