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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 11:54 am

UFC NEWS – Melvin Guillard: "I'm like a Jose Aldo, no one wants to stand with me"

“I consider myself to be like a Joe Aldo in that aspect. I admire that kid and he’s a great champion. He is actually one of my favorites to watch. I got to watch him defend some shots against Chad Mendes and it immediately rung a bell in my head. I need to fight my fight the same way Jose Aldo did his because I know Jim’s coming in to take me down. Everyone who fights me wants to take me down; no one wants to stand with me.”

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45 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Melvin Guillard: "I'm like a Jose Aldo, no one wants to stand with me"”

  1. Dude says:

    says the guy who got KO’d by “Creepy” Joe Lauzon

    • THE INUK says:

      he didnt get ko’d LOL but yeah, what an idiot. J-lo dropped his ass… yeah, and he can barely strike!

    • FunCrusher says:

      He is just like Jose Aldo if u really think about it… except he doesn’t throw kicks…or elbows…. or knees, uhhh or flying knees ummmm he has absolutely no BJJ skills… and he is missing the Winning consistently part…..but u ya know, besides that he is just like Jose Aldo!

      • ian mearns says:

        i TOTALLY agree he is Jose Aldo if Jose Aldo had the reflexes of Hellen Keller

      • dddd says:

        except he gets chokes a lot.

      • Shawn says:

        Well…in fairness, before his lost to Lauzon, he was on a 5 fight win streak. Before that, he was on a 3 fight win streak before losing to Nate Diaz. So ya, I don’t think ‘inconsistency’ is an issue for him. He just needs to stop comparing himself to others, and concentrate on his own shit. He got cocky and over confident with Joe. But all u hating on Lauzon, obviously have no idea who this guy is. He’s finished all the fights he’s won. He even KO’d Pulver as a last minute replacement, in the first round. He’s got hands, his jitz is just better.

        • FunCrusher says:

          Everyone has KO’d Pulver, you and I have never met him, but im sure we’ve KO’d him recently. Pulver was recently knocked out at the movie theater when he went to put on his 3D glasses and put them on a little to roughly. He was then rushed to the hospital for further examination, when he laid down to fast he was KO’d once again by the under fluffed pillow. Joe Lauzon is very game, he comes to fight and has a good sub game, no one is underestimating him or calling him a scrub. He’s just a tier below gatekeeper status.

      • bdizz says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Thats good!

  2. Chris says:

    Can this even be considered hyping the fight? Sounds more like tooting his own horn to me. Hey Melvin, more than 2 shakes is playing with yourself.

  3. Thom says:

    Joe Lauzon didnt mind standing with you.. I like you melvin but your arrogance is your downfall

  4. To Mr. Guillard says:

    Good luck on Friday. Your ground game is suspect. Your stand up is reckless, but exciting. I hope you get the win. Aloha.

  5. Will says:

    Guillard is not good at all.

  6. johnyfz450 says:

    the only thing you have in common with aldo is a few letters in your name

  7. Zack says:

    No one would want to stand with you if you used your head instead going for the ko from the minute the bell rang. Joe lauzon faded his ass and then choked him out. He needs to be more disciplined and he would win a lot more

    • Shawn says:

      I used to not like this guy cuz of his arrogance, but he’s grown up alot. Yes he lost focus with Lauzon, but he did have a 5 fight win streak before that. Thats when he was disciplined and didnt get cocky. He just has to get back to that. By the way I did have Joe winning that fight by sub. But I didnt expect him to set it up by rocking Melvin.

  8. Xaninho says:

    He wished he had Jose Aldo’s skills lol.

  9. THE INUK says:

    Being real though, I enjoy watching Melvin fight. His stand up is good. Its pretty technical, but more just extremely fast power shots! he doesnt realize this is mma though…

  10. J says:

    is this serious? or a joke? lol his stand isnt in the same world as aldo

  11. the original steve says:

    this guy is the most ignorant fighter in the ufc

  12. LMAOOOOO. Melvin is soooo full of himself. Really bud cause a grappler knocked you on your ass last fight. Him and Jim Miller fight should be interesting. I got Guillard winning, but they both are overrated guys with no notable wins.

  13. Keyboard warrior says:

    Joe didn’t go for a takedown but you still ended up on the floor…

  14. THE INUK says:

    also, is it just me or does this guy have a hella funny voice, exactly like Nate diaz LOL

  15. Fitz says:

    This dude gets rocked by Jeremy Stephens and then runs from him the whole fight I think he needs to watch some tape on himself .

  16. lol says:

    This is what happens when crack babies grow up.. This guy is not even top 20..

  17. Jose Aldo says:

    Learn some BJJ, leg kicks, knees, speed, man up that chin, and win some more fights first, otario!

  18. 1981AD says:

    Call me crazy but I thought I watched a fight where JOE LAUZON stood with him and dropped him, then choked him out BJ Penn style…

  19. Ryan says:

    No one wants to stand up with melvin?? Watch when he fought Jeremy Stephens, all melvin did was run for 3 rounds. Overrated!!

  20. patricio says:

    I think Nate diaz stood with him and would be willing to do it again just dont go the take down and get choke. Also cowboy would stand with you as well



  22. DBKlein69 says:

    melvin guillard: “im like a jose aldo, except not as good with my striking. or my leg kicks. or my tdd.”

  23. DAVE says:

    Its a shame hes fighting on the night when his marathon is on-now he wont get a chance to watch himself and think hes Aldo

  24. *In Bill Cosby voice* says:

    Papolos say the craziest things! lol

  25. Ricky Nunes says:

    No offense to Melvin but Aldo has an awesome ground game to fall back on if he gets taken down, Melvin does not

  26. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    He must still be rocked from lauzon knocking him down and submitting him…. what a joke! Aldo is in a different class than Melvin and should backhand him for even trying to make a comparison.

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