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Wednesday, 11/30/2011, 06:30 am

UFC NEWS – Maynard Wants Fourth Bout With Edgar

“Hopefully he holds on to the belt, because there’s got to be a part four, I think, to make it a true trilogy. Now he has one and I do two, so that’s a draw. So, we gotta do it again. Hopefully, he holds on the belt and I can work back up there.”

In an interview with former UFC lightweight title challenger, Gray Maynard states his case for a fourth encounter with Frankie Edgar.

After handing down Edgars first loss, Maynard failed in two separate fights to repeat the initial performance and as a result did not capture UFC gold.

In fact, in their last meeting it was Edgar who returned the favor and gave Maynard his first loss as well as simultaneously sending the contender back down the ladder.

After three fights the pair are technically even this much is true, but good luck convincing the UFC and fans to buy into a fourth matchup. Trilogies are rare; four-peats are almost unheard of.


57 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Maynard Wants Fourth Bout With Edgar”

  1. Joe says:

    k you gotta go through cerrone and a couple others first

    • e says:


      • Patrick says:

        Maynard will make his way back up but, hopefully it don’t turn into a fitch situation where the guy has no one to fight because of his lack of draw. I enjoy seeing maynard fight because the guy is always going to give you everything he has

        • Mike McMack says:

          Maynard is a much more entertaining fighter than Fitch so I don’t think he’ll have that problem. The problem is that theres not really much more to see between the two of them, they threw everything they had at each other the first 3 times so theres no question marks left as to what a 4th fight will be like. We know it’ll be entertaining but I think it will be a long shot for Gray with how stacked 155 is.

          I hope Frankie moves down to 145 to take on Aldo and lets the other dozen guys in the mix have at it. Dana already said that Frankie would have to vacate the 155 belt to move down but why should Frankie do that when he’s the #1 guy at 155 now. I think at 145 Frankie would be a powerhouse with great boxing and wrestling. We’ll see, I’m rooting for Bendo to finish Frankie when they meet in Japan.

        • Patrick says:

          Frankie vs Aldo would be great given after mendes I don’t see much of a threat to his belt. Its a fight that the fans would like to see. Edgar is very quick and agile and his wrestling is great he is a hard nose guy. Bendo is going to have to finish him off by using his size which i hope he uses. I give Edgar his respect Im just not a fan of his because of his personality.

    • phace says:

      Cerrone? I think Maynard would whoop Cerrone. Fighters he’d have more trouble with based on style in my opinion are Guillard, Henderson, and possibly Guida(seems to be getting better every fight). However, Cerrone and Pettis are guys I think he can hold down and outpoint.

  2. Sully says:

    There has to be a fourth to make it a true trilogy? Loooool, not a true trilogy is there are four parts Gray.

    • MMA FAN says:


    • Jmad says:

      he’s not counting the draw

      • haychdubbya says:

        ya…..we know. it’s purely retarded to think we didn’t know that. get off his nuts k??

        • Jmad says:

          I’m not even a maynard fan dumbass. and i wasn’t replying to you

        • haychdubbya says:

          ur the dumbass for even stating that. the obviousness was plain and simple…”he’s not counting the draw” & I don’t care who you’re replying to that was idiocy at its finest lol….now quit acting like a 6 year old and move on haha

        • Jmad says:

          You seem to be the immature one telling me to ‘get off his nuts.’ that shit doesn’t even make any sense. Go find someone else’s comments to troll. “that was idiocy at it’s finest” really? even if it was obvious what i said, i wouldn’t consider it as “idiocy at it’s finest.” You sir, sound like an idiot.

        • haychdubbya says:

          eff u jmad the jihad go make a bomb..u bein on grays nuts means u love his ball sac and don’t wanna be anywhere else…it is u bein a pure retard stating something sooooo obvious…

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I’ve read (trolled) these comments… verdict? @haychdubbya is a douche.

    • MJJ says:

      What he is saying is they are both 1 and 1, the third fight wasn’t a true trilogy, because Edgar was 0-1-1 vs Gray, If Edgar still holdes the belt, and Gray works his way back, he should have another title shot vs Edgar.@Pedro “Good luck convincing the UFC and fans to buy into a fourth matchup.”????? These fights are epic, did you watch the last fight? I would pay to see them scrap again atleast I know they will put on a show.

  3. Outside Opinion says:

    Two chances to knock off The Champ is one more chance than most contenders get. Keep training and work your way back. Remember Frankie didn’t decision you, he knocked you out.

  4. Jb says:

    I don’t see Maynard getting past cowboy

  5. Jrock says:

    Gray will get back there soon.remember he cleaned out the divsion to get there once and I dnt think there are a lot of the guys who can take gray. Except maybe frankie.

  6. Justen says:

    I don’t see maynard getting past Cerrone, or Edgar getting past Benson. I bet Benson n Donald have a trilogy before maynard n edgar have fight number 4. N I bet it’s for the ufc title this time! :)

  7. jose alvarez says:

    gray would have to get past guys like the cowboy, guida, henderson & melendez when he does come to the ufc

  8. ian says:

    i think he should move up to 170lbswhere he wouldnt have to cut so much weight &would have better stamina

  9. The Refutor says:

    Fuckin bullshit!, Stop being a dumbass and wrestle the fuck out of Frankie. and he will beat cerrones ass in the dirt

  10. Dan says:

    i think Frankie and Benson Henderson we,ll be having 2 fights first because ben will beat Frankie then another rematch i believe.Also i think the 55 division is that stacked gray his gonna have his work cutout petis cerrone hopefully Gilbert Melendez good look gray lol.

  11. dummyman says:

    The fourth fight HAS to happen. They are tied up right now. The draw means both fighters failed to win on two separate occasions. This fight absolutely has to happen, and I would certainly pay to see it.

  12. Pat says:

    If frankie loses and gray wins, why not make a non title fight. I would suggest having it headline maybe an UFN or UFC on Fox just so it can be a 5 rounder and their last two fights were so fun to watch. Making this fight a main event, 5 rounder, and putting it on fox would do a lot for the network exposure (if it lives up to their last two fights). I wouldnt want to see this fight as 3-rounder on a PPV

  13. deezy says:

    Gray should shut his mouth. He sucks.

    • aaron johnson says:

      Yea, Gray sucks so bad that he beat Frankie once and then almost knocked him out two more times. Hahahaha. Where do you people come up with this shit? Gray got robbed in the second fight. It shoulda been stopped by TKO in the first round. And some could make the argument that Gray shoulda been awarded the TKO in the third fight. After all, plenty of fights have been stopped for waaaay less severe beatings. Frankie does not want another rematch with this guy.

      • e says:

        you’re trippin.. frankie took ALL of maynard’s punishment and came back. the only people cryin bout the fight that should’ve been stopped are bitter maynard fans. frankie would pwn maynard again, and then we’ll be hearing bout him campaigning for a 5thilogy…

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          This… I can agree with.

        • krafty11 says:

          Pawn?? lolz.. Gray was gassed and he got caught with a nice punch. Frankie does have serious heart to come back from a beating like that, but he in no way pawned Gray. a knockout can happen to anyone..

        • e says:

          gray gassed in the second fight too after he NEARLY took out frankie.

          i dont know what you’re thinking but it’s clear cut that frankie OWNED maynard by KNOCKING HIM THE FUCK OUT. you’re telling me that isnt Ownage?

          no shit a knockout can happen to anyone. it happened to maynard.

  14. brad t says:

    I hate to tell gray, but even in movies the prequels do not end. They always leave the storyline open. That’s why there was a trilogy in the first place. But the trilogy is completed because at the end of the movie, there’s a final “stamp”. And Frankie placed that final stamp square on his jaw! The movies over grey, put in a new DVD.


      I’m not even a Maynard fan but both those fights shoul have been stopped in first round. Edgar will regret it someday because he will be brained damaged from it FOR SURE. Also any of you Frankie nuthuggers that don’t think maynard should ahve been given a 10-7 round for the beating he put on maynard in the second fight are confused at best. Gray won the second fight and was screwed. third fight easily should have been stopped 1st round. maynards better fighter Frankie runs away better.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        fitch idk wtf ur talking about. whenever a fighter fights back and WINS after being beat down they EARNED it. mma isnt like boxing where you have 10 seconds to get another shot. fights should not be stopped unless you tap, get knocked out COMPLETELY, or are in a position where you cannot defend yourself intelligently. frankie was never in any of these spots against maynard and i commend the ref for doing a great job and frankie for showing who had more heart.

  15. Long-Strong says:

    4th fight is deserved. it’s 1-1-1 right now. completely split down the middle.

    • MJJ says:

      @jonesy, lol, your an idiot, I would take Gray vs Edgar over BJ vs Edgar any day, when BJ fought Edgar it was boring as all hell, atleast Gray hurt Frankie bad in his fights, its ok to be a fan of BJ, but get real.

  16. MarkB says:

    His best bet is hoping the title changes hands so he can get another shot at it…. Dana isnt going to sign up to a 4th fight any time soon.

  17. “There has to be a fourth fight to make it a trilogy”lol.Gray is all muscle and no brain.Thats almost on a par with Diego Sanchez’s “Two words,destiny”lol

    • MJJ says:

      If you consider the draw a wash,they are both 1-1, so he is correct the fourth fight would make a true trilogy, basically they are even and need another fight to settle it.

  18. sf weekly says:

    Pedro, I enjoy your articles, but please prof read.

    Edgar is finished with maynard.

  19. EffLay&PrayFighters says:

    HELL NO! he got KTFO… 4th fight my ass… theres a LOOOOONG list, get in line. Gay Maynard had his chance…TWICE!

  20. There just not now too many other deserving guys. I mean they re 1-1-1

  21. AAxAntonio says:

    gray is a beast somewhere in the future he will see another title match, against who is the question, edgar? henderson? maybe cerrone? who knows, but he will at some point fight all those guys and all the other top 155’ers

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I want to see Frankie fight other people. Lets stop living the past and move on.

  23. I just want to see Edgar get his ass kicked! Ben Henderson is the man to do it..

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      edgars a good guy and is showing the heart of a champion. maybe if he was a douchebag hed have your respect. that or maybe if hes been submitted like 10 times.

  24. KingGareth says:

    Maynard needs to work his way back up just like he said.

  25. stoned says:

    The difference is his 1 win over you has TKO to go along with it.That is a HUGE difference!You should premise your plea as the number one contender again and not that you both have a win against each other.And one thing,Frankie has the heart of a champ,that’s another difference as well.

  26. Zack says:

    Some of you are so retarded. Gray got knocked the fuck out deal with it. This is just like the idiot Belfort fans ” oh vitor would’ve knocked Anderson out if Anderson wouldn’t of knocked him the fuck out first” . Just shut up you stupid trolls. If you think there should be a fourth fight go watch the last two and see that gray can’t fuckin beat Frankie. Just like koscheck can’t beat Gsp. Idiots

  27. The natural says:

    Everybody says it’s a draw and it’s says it is on both records it is but is u fight the champ and don’t beat him that doesn’t count for anything for u but if u hold on to the belt ur still champ and it’s shld even feel more like a loss being he fought him again and got knocked out. So both fights I feel and everybody shld feel is for the champ so I see it being 2 for Frankie and one in the past for grey

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