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Monday, 11/28/2011, 12:36 pm

UFC NEWS – “Mayhem” Miller Claims Team Bisping Is Feeding Him Secrets

“I just want everyone to understand how fricken hard I am training. I have never trained this hard or smart for a fight in my life.

In ironic twist news- I’m totally getting reimbursed for John Dodson’s insubordination.

I’m not even asking about Michael’s training, but for some reason all the friends that I’ve had for years that are working with him seem to be inclined to tell me about his camp and what he’s doing. I don’t want or need this info, I’m going to beat him regardless, just found it interesting.

Pretty karmic.”

Jason “Mayhem” Miller recently took to his personal blog to update his fans with how training is going.

In an interesting development he reveals that his former work associates that train where Bisping is currently holding camp have felt inclined to give him advice about how Bisping looks in training and what he is working on.

In our recent interview with Tiki Ghosn here on BJPENN.COM he discussed the long history he has with “Mayhem” and this kind of all ties in together as Tiki is Bispings head MMA trainer.

But can you count out misinformation as a tool for war and even if the information they are feeding him is true, will it make a difference come fight night?


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