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Thursday, 12/01/2011, 08:37 am

UFC NEWS – "Mayhem": Bisping Has A "Strike and Bike" Fighting Style

“I think the one big point that everybody is trying to make is that Michael Bisping’s kickboxing is so good. It’s okay. But it’s more of a jab and jog style. Strike and bike. He just runs in a circle and punches to not engage in the fight. Well, my style of striking is come forward, come forward, come forward. He’s going to be backing up, I’m coming forward twice as fast. I feel like, as far as the stand up goes, he’s going to have a lot of trouble keeping me off for one round, let alone five rounds. And then as far as the grappling goes, my takedowns are better than his takedown defense and my grappling is better than his jiu-jitsu. I really feel like… it’s great that people are counting me out. I really like it. I really like to be in this position. Really like it. I can’t wait to show my skills on Saturday night.”


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