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Friday, 12/16/2011, 01:11 pm

UFC NEWS – Machida Knows The Path To Beat Jones And If It Doesn’t Work He'll Drop To 185

“Of course any loss is painful for a fighter. I lost but I still have three more fights at UFC and now my main goal is to be the champion of the weight class and bring the belt back to Para. Now it is a challenge to beat Jones and bounce back. We already know the path to get to him and in the next fight the things should happen with more ease. I wanted to thank the fans for the support. I know we gave our best and I know we did our best. We hired everybody we could but the result is not always the way we want. I think we always have to be learning something out of this and it is through the loss that we learn more than with the victory. I have been reading some messages on Twitter, on the Internet, and I only got to say thanks and say everything is okay with me, it’s alright, let’s go to the next one. I am a professional and it is part of my career: to win or to lose. I hope the next time we can celebrate together!”

“Now, I don’t want to change [to middleweight]- but if I am not the light heavyweight champion it really could happen.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida in a recent interview with Fighters Only, talks about his most recent outing against Jon Jones for the UFC title.

After suffering defeat for only the third time in his career, Machida was the most successful of any fighter trying to take out the champ, Jon Jones. While things may have not gone his way in the fight, he did show that he has the ability to possibly out strike the champion using good range and footwork to bounce in and out in his attacks.

Will a rematch with the champ be in his future? Who knows… But according to Machida if it doesn’t happen he would consider the drop to middleweight and try his hands in that division.


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71 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Machida Knows The Path To Beat Jones And If It Doesn’t Work He'll Drop To 185”

  1. SC00B420 says:

    Really? Who is buying this? Machida is supposed to drop to middleweight to fight friend and stablemate Anderson Silva? I REALLY don’t think so.

    • Brandon says:

      Anderson stated in fighter magazine “No amount of money could get me to fight lyoto machida”. Machida beats on silva & taps him out al the time training together (and has beaten stronger competition).

      • Long-Strong says:

        ^your words or Chael Sonnen’s? is there any video that proves this?

      • Fortyb4five says:

        Why would Anderson say “Ya I beat the fuck out of Lyoto all the time in sparring” he’s being humble you fucktard. Andy would smoke Jones and Machida in one night.

      • THE INUK says:

        lol Anderson would ruin machida… and jones for that matter… yalll are FUCKING CRAZY to think Jones would beat silva… I mean cmon, if you wanna talk STATS silva wins easily… TECHNIQUE? silva by far… other then wrestling… strength goes 2 jones also….. anderson 1st or 2nd rd KO!

        • lol says:

          jones is a new breed of fighter he would destroy anderson, jones brings a bigger reach, retard strength, different techniques, hes just got to much for anderson to think of

        • Fortyb4five says:

          haha are you serious? Anderson is the new breed. Jones does nothing as good or better than Anderson

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Andersen Silva will be long retired before Machida ever makes his dayview at MW. I couldn’t belive the size difference between Machida and Jon Jones. jones easily had 20 pounds on Machida. I think Machida could easily make MW without losing any strength and maybe even picking up soe speed which is scary. Vitor Belfort Vs Machida would be an epic fight in my opinion. I use to not care much for Machidas running away style when he first came into the UFC but he has been much more agressive as of late and I have sincxe become a fan of his. I thought machida was doing pretty damn good against Jones before he got caught. No matter what all LHW are goling to be at a HUGE disadvantage against Jones with that 84″ reach which is freakish at LHW

    • snoop froggy dogg says:

      Duude, if he really decides to fight Silva good for him but that’s shady as fuck and I don’t think that’s gonna happen but than again he does drink his own piss…… just to maybe win :/ .

  2. Bearing in mind Machida and Anderson won’t fight each other.If Machida moves down does that mean Anderson will move up finally?

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      If Silva moves up he will get rag dolled off Jon Jones.

      • mike says:

        Someones on jones dick. Anderson silva is a much more accomplished fighter than jones and only an idiot would say he would get destroyed. I put the edge to silva because jones can.t strike for shit and the only reason machida didn’t finish the fight in the first round is because he was to tenetive when he rocked jones several times. With that said jones has the potential to be like silva but he is new to mma and has several years to get to that level.

      • Thomas says:

        Couldn’t have said it better!

      • abill says:

        lets slow down with the “Jon Jones will smash Anderson talk”. Yes Jones is on a roll and his reach and skill-set is a problem. But Anderson Silva hasn’t lost in the UFC ever.EVER.

        • Donnybrook says:

          There’s no slowing down because Jones would SMASH Silva!… deal with it.

        • phace says:

          I wouldn’t say hands down that Jones “smashes” Silva. However, in on the ground(based on his top game) he poses a major threat to Silva(no telling what happens unless we actually see it of course). If Jones is bold enough to try to stand with Silva as long as he stood with Machida he’d run all kinds of risks. On the feet Silva has the edge but in top position on the ground Jones potentially has the advantage. It’s a riskier fight for Silva based on his legacy. Jones would actually have more to gain from it than Silva(even though being the 1st man to beat Jones holds a lot of weight these days).

  3. Austin says:

    Silva might not fight for too much longer. He’s getting older, he has a shoulder injury to work through, he doesn’t have much more to prove… Machida might move in just as Silva is on the way out. Possible, anyway.

    • Clarence Worley says:

      This is the correct analysis.

      Win a fight or two while Anderson heals up and has his last couple fights, then be first in line for the vacant title, which he would likely be a favorite to win.

      Not a terrible idea really. He is so talented that he has been able to be top 205er, but he is the size of a MW.

  4. Bob says:

    I too think Jon learned some lessons in that fight as well so I would imagine that he would be changing things up. Love to see a rematch though.

  5. Zach says:

    Silva only has a few fights left on his contract and has already said he wants to retire undefeated, So he wont be around for too much longer.

  6. ZachMMA says:

    He has 3 more fights on his current contract, that is over probably a year and a half in which he is going to try and rack up two wins against top level opponents and earn a shot at Jon Jones again. If he is unsuccessful he will consider dropping to middleweight which they will probably give him a stepping stone at first to get use to his weight, then a top contender. This process is going to take probably around 3 years. Anderson Silva will be 40 years old. I’m not saying he definitely won’t still be champ at 40, I’m just saying I believe Machida can make this move to middleweight with confidence that he won’t have to fight Anderson Silva.

  7. Hmmmm says:

    Idk maybe w machida not beating jones and if he was to move down to 185 it may at least open the door to machida vs jones

  8. Another Endicott Hood Rat says:

    I’m astounded to see how many people really buy this “Machida did really well” BS! Jon is in a class of his own! Time after time Lyoto has given every opponant FITS! (with Rua being the only exception) In seven minutes Jonny put him in a suitcase completely unconsious… The UFC needs to search high and low and try to find 8 to 10 new Light Heavyweights and have a tournament to see who (if anyone) has an upside worthy of joining this division. Anderson Silva is the ONLY man on the roster currently that has any Prayer of challenging Jonny “Bones” Jones. And to address the comments made by Mr. Machida- We have a saying in New York when a man who is completely full of Sh!t asks for something he CLEARLY doesn’t deserve… We tell ’em to go pound sand.

    • Logan says:

      Machida did more than any other challenger for Jones. The first round was clearly Machida’s. The only reason Jones won is because he went back to his strength, wrestling. If Jones would have tried to stand and strike with Machide the entire time, he would have lost. You clearly do not understand the sport at all.

      • sheds says:

        MMA consist of more than just striking. Jones wasn’t feeling the stand up, so he took him down sliced his ass open, then put him to sleep standing up. STANDING UP SON !!!!

        • Zack says:

          Omg standing up! A choke is a choke idiot it doesnt get any easier on the ground

        • Kyle6286 says:

          I’d love to see Jones fight without his gorilla 84 inch reach. Jones’ biggest advantage is his reach. I mean, he usually has almost a one foot reach advantage on his opponents. I hate white trash Diaz, but it was obvious that his height and reach was a huge advantage when he fought BJ. It just made it so hard for BJ to get close to him and stirke.

          I say, if Jones has a normal 74 inch reach, he isn’t LHW champ.

        • JB Spencer says:

          Thats bs to say the only reason jbj is champ is cause of his reach. Yeah, having long limbs is an advantage in alot of ways, but it can also be a disadvantage too, especially if you dont know how to use it.

          Lots of fighters have God given atributes like long limbs, size, hieght, strength, or even natural skills. Just like most other sports, but if that shit was all it took to be a champ then mma would be dominated by a bunch of skinny long limbed mofkers, cuz thats all it takes rite?? WRONG, we have all seen many long limbed fighters try to make there way in mma and not do well, why? because skill beats reach every day of the week. And jbj got skills.

        • JB Spencer says:

          Stefon struve next hw champ!!??

      • phace says:

        Based on his commentary I don’t see where his “not understanding MMA at all” comes in. I don’t see why some people here are so quick to question somebody’s knowledge of MMA based on having a favorite or saying something different from your opinion. Here are some facts: If you recall the last minute of the fight Jones and Machida had an exchange STANDING and Jones caught Machida with a left that knocked him to the ground. He then proceeded to knee him in the ribs and choke him out all on the feet. Yes, the wrestling helped but Machida got up and the continued the standup exchange which Jones won in the end. Give the man(Jones) his props.

    • SanSooRob says:

      Thought we said this about Gsp till mr Serra came to town lol
      Then jones will turn to a safe fighter mark my words powwwwww

  9. mike says:

    I’d love to see him at 185, but I’d love to see him beat Jones more. Silva would manhandle Machida, sorry. I love both them, but Silva is a different breed.

  10. Kealoha says:

    what about ufc heavyweight champion lyoto machida?!?!

  11. dave says:

    i think it would be great idea for machida to move down to 185 and take andersons spot,,i think anderson is 37 or close to it now and he will be retire for sure after he has a loss in ufc….and there is no way machida can tae jones,,,now we all see if mahcida fight jones again that jones will just take him down and muscle him,,,,the trouble was in the first round when jones was trying out strike him,,

  12. THE INUK says:

    If lyoto moves cause of this he is a fucking piece of shit… Anderson couldve been the 205 champ and didnt want to cause of Lyoto… if he decides to move down and challenge anderson, hes a little bitch and not a good friend at all… then again this sport isnt for the kind hearted lol

  13. maurice says:

    U guys r wrong. Jones clinched wit machida A LOT and dropped for takedowns more then once. Machida did wat he normally does, and dats da ability to shrug off stronger guys when they tie up. Wat machida did wrong was play jones game, by tryin to play da clinch game too long. instead of enscapin da clinch machida reversed position and held jons. In which jones refused to be outgrappled and outstriked. Jones was fightin machida fight, until machida got a false sense of security in da clinch.

  14. SanSooRob says:

    Machida !!! Machida !!!

  15. G says:

    Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of Silva fighting Machida, but it would be one of the most interesting match-ups in the UFC I’ve ever seen. Anyone who drops down from 205 poses a threat to someone who has stayed at 185 for many years.

  16. Donnybrook says:

    My $$ on Lyoto if he ever fights Silva.

  17. maurice says:

    And 185 would mean da real “machida era.” maybe anderson has expressed desire in fighting bones

  18. FunCrush says:

    Donnybrook is clearly the dumbest guy to ever post on this website. He’s too busy deep throating Jon bones, and im willing to bet that he hasnt been watching MMA for more than 5 years. JBJ was clearly losing the striking battle, and if u think he can hang with Anderson on his feet u are either retarded or a new fan..

    • Naes says:

      I seem to remember Jones dropping Machida in the 2nd which led to the clinch where he was choked out. Machida punched Jones in the face twice in the first round and was nowhere close to dropping him. Fightmetric shows they each landed 8 strikes in the first round and in the second Jones landed 18 to Machidas 5.
      So where is this out striking by Machida? He was just able to do what he normally does and that’s evade, he didn’t out strike Jones.

    • Donnybrook says:

      LOL… Seems I struck a nerve, we all have a right to our own opinion. Willing to bet you say, how about 5 grand?. Pretty hard to prove how long I’ve been watching or practicing MMA fucktard so who’s the dumb one… you know nothing about me so shut your Anderson cock lovin wang hole!

  19. They have twitter and Internet in brazil? I can see machida at 185, I’m sure he can beat anderson. Good luck the dragon and his era in mw.

  20. skye says:

    it’ll be great to see silva vs jones for LHW title, if machida drops to 185 i’d love to see him beat the hell out of bisping! that damn brit!…

  21. The Refutor says:

    Chael Sonnen would beat the fuck out of machida and jones

  22. jon says:

    My god there are a lot of trolls and idiots here.

  23. This guy says:

    Middle weight with Machida would be bad ass! Anderson will retire soon anyway. They wont ever fight.

  24. The Refutor says:

    Nobody cares about Anderson, Chael sonnen is the middleweight King.

  25. JB Spencer says:

    Any top 15 fighter with either world class bjj, excellent td def w/ above avg strikeing, or world class wrestling w/ above avg striking, could beat chael. And i think most of them meet that criteria.

    Yeah, chael is a world class wrestler thus he was able to dictate where that fight took place, but his only claim to fame is that he ALMOST beat anderson silva. Kinda like how jens pulvers only claim to fame is that he beat bj, one time. And look at him now, cant blame him for ridin this fame out for as long as he can, bet hes been begin dana for an ultimate fighter season sonnen v silva. Not taking anything away frow pulver, but his fate will be simular.

  26. I read all this and forgot what the topic was. You all talking Jones/Silva. The topic was the path to beating Jones – “little dragon seeks path”, “little dragon whips tail”.
    Least you finally got the match-up right.

    If Machida could get a shot after this one and I think he might, I think he was simply given a reality check. He knew he had the parts to beat Jones convincingly. He just had to lose. He had to stop seeing those parts as external add-ons and start seeing them as his own being – to stand in those parts and be them. And i think that is what he learned or should have learned. It’s not an image, it’s not a game, it’s a seat. Not sure if he forgot it or never knew it, but that’s all he has to know now. The new Machida will be a force.

    Other than that, if it don’t work out and Jones is still undefeated, Silva should move up for Jones to prove his ‘greatest of all time’ stat in mma – not taunt a WW to move up in GSP.

    And other than that, A Silva/ Machida fight would be a super extreme classic stylistically. That is the shit people want to see when comes to fighting. Fawk wrestling, fawk boxing, people want to see great BB striking legs and hands and evasion. Maybe even end it with a bjj whipped cream submission. Silva and Machida. Silva and Jones, or Machida and Jones rematch.

  27. Bob'O says:

    I believe that Lyoto would defeat Silva. I would rather see them fight at 205 though. Lyoto is talented, he might beat Jones the second time around. Only an idiot would not want to see Jones vs Silva though. ~Bob’O

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