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Monday, 12/19/2011, 11:22 am

UFC NEWS – M-1 Global President Calls Dana White "A Dog On Hay"

“We want to have 3 fights. One in Russia, one in Europe, and one in the USA. We really want to get a rematch with Werdum, but he is locked up in the prison called UFC, and because of that arranging for him to fight Fedor would be very difficult.

Dana White is like a dog on hay — he neither eats it himself, nor lets the others eat it. There are many other good fighters, whom we are considering. For instance, Josh Barnett. We need to wait for the Strikeforce HW’s tournament to end and then we can see how likely it is that we can arrange a fight.”

In a recent interview with Russian media outlet,, M-1 Global president, Vadim Finkelstein takes a stab at UFC president Dana White.

Fedor Emelianenko was at one time considered the best heavyweight fighter in the world; however after three consecutive losses on American soil, the Russian based fighter has last his entire luster.

The two feuding promotions (M-1 & UFC) have never been able to come to terms on the value of Emelianenko and outside of one fight between Dan Henderson and Fedor the two MMA companies have never worked together and probably never will.

Trying to find a credible opponent for Fedor outside of the UFC has got to be a trying task. They own 100% of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world and continue to take on any fighter with possibilities of greatness. But does it even matter? After Emelianenko’s third straight loss the majority of the MMA world has come to the conclusion that his time atop the sport is over.

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50 Responses to “UFC NEWS – M-1 Global President Calls Dana White "A Dog On Hay"”

  1. Maicon says:


  2. koentje says:

    dana white is just like don king.
    dana white knows nothing about mma.

  3. MMAnalyst says:

    Fedor’s window is closing… he should fire those fools and come to the UFC, even if he loses 2-3 fights in a row he’d make some serious money – though I think he could be great at LHW, or him and Roy Nelson could have a fatty fight at HW. Either way, fighting Jeff Monson (no disrespect) in Russia instead of sucking it up and joining the UFC is stupid business IMO.

  4. CanILive says:

    it’s like sayin the HEAT should get michael jordan on their team for this year…. jeez fedor either go with the flow or retire…… Dana is a cement wall, i don’t see him negotiating especailly after kick miguel torres out of the ufc…. WHO SHOULD BE RE-HIRED ASAP

  5. Gabe says:

    @MMAnalyst problem is Dana doesn’t want him anymore. he’s lost whatever little credibility he had after his losses. i wish he had taken the deal UFC offered him before then at least if he had lost 3 in a row it would have been on the biggest MMA stage in the world.

  6. Dana white is gay. He has a gross double chin.

  7. Jo says:

    If Mr. White is so bad why is the UFC so good

    • momo says:

      fact i would love to know were M-1 stacks compared to ufc. As for all you Dana haters stop being so damn jealous yes he is where every mma fan wants to be but just suck it up none of you could have done what he has done or could do what he does.

  8. Fedor v josh Barnett would be INSANE bc Josh is a top 5 HW! I would watch this one.

  9. nik says:

    Oh, M-1. You fools.

  10. Nick Diaz says:

    M-1 Global is run by the Russian mob. They probably won’t let Fedor do anything that they can’t make money from. Suckage.

  11. Nick says:

    Lol dogs don’t eat hay.

  12. G says:

    “…the Russian based fighter has last his entire luster.”

    I swear to god, my only problem with being a fan of MMA is the horrible MMA news article writing.

    I don’t know if I’ve seen an entirely proof-read MMA article in a long time.

  13. Suck Deez Nutz says:

    They just mad they don’t have top name fighters to make money out off. I sense a desperation from M-1!!! Hahaha and it’s called a contract you idiots.

  14. uhnomuhlee says:

    lol.. Someone’s sour.
    Fedor doesn’t deserve any rematches against top fighters because he is not one. These M-1 guys are like whining babies, throwing tantrum and insulting the president with the hopes that they can upset him into making a poor business decision to prove himself. It’s a good thing Dana knows better. Fedor thumbed his nose at UFC even though he hadn’t fought a real top HW in years, so now he can keep that thumb and his M-1 buddies… and no, he cannot have some UFC money. He should have either come in years ago, or he should have quit before he lost 3 in a row. Now everyone can see how unreliable his record is in regards to showing what caliber a fighter he has been for the past 5 or 6 years. He dropped down to the B level, so that’s what he became. He can no longer come close to the top of the HW division, so Dana would be silly to bring him in. The only ones he would be appealing to are the fast disappearing nut riders of Fedor who haven’t seen what kind of depth there is in the HW division… or, he could make Fedor his little pony show, put him in with one of the big sharks and let him really get dismantled. I wouldn’t mind watching that. Let Mir eat him up… maybe even a Struve triangle. All I know, is Fedor isn’t a UFC caliber fighter. He hasn’t been for years. He’s a name, so maybe Dana can wring him out for a little bit of money for one fight. I just don’t think it’s worth it though.

  15. lol says:

    yeah, hay made out of shredded $100 bills.

  16. omar says:

    the only fighters that fedor can fight that r good heavyweights rematch with bigfoot,or barnett or cormier

  17. ADOLFO says:


  18. du kid says:

    U can’t knock Dana white after he jus donated tons of money to charity and a fighter in need… Tha

  19. Fedor Had his Chance says:

    I have no sympathy for Fedor or that clown he calls his manager. Fedor had his opportunity to sign with the UFC and he turned it down, likely because that clown of a manager wanted insane amounts of money which knowing what we know now was unjustified money anyway. If Fedor was smart he would have accepted the offer with the UFC and would probably still be fighting for the UFC even despite his losing streak. Fedor will probably never fight in the UFC unless he can fire that idiot that manages him, string some impressive wins together and then maybe….just maybe….

  20. Philippe says:

    I lost a little respect for DW after kicking out Miguel Torres but he is still one of the best at conducting business and his dedication to it is very transparent. Although I have a feeling stress and pressure is going to get to him next year with the UFC deal and now having to manage Strikeforce as well. And don’t forget Bellator and Viacom stepping it up on 2013.

    And for M-1 Global, they should just rename themselves M-1 Russia. They are just a bunch of goofs who is looking to grow through Fedor’s name. Fedor “was” unbeatable during his prime. Now he is still good but not good enough to be a champion.

  21. Jpeech says:

    Fedor was never unbeatable…

  22. Mike McMack says:

    Fedor is part of MMA history. He’s a nobody in present day MMA, he had his chance to fight in the UFC and now his greedy manager wants to cry about not getting Fedor fights with UFC fighters. M-1 is a trash organization and the UFC doesn’t need to do M-1 the favor of letting one of their fighters fight Fedor. Fedor needs to sign a contract with the UFC just like every other fighter currently on Dana’s roster if he want to fight the big boys.

  23. SanSooRob says:

    Fedors Great !! M-1 not do much lol
    Come on Fedor dumb those fools , get back on top !!!

  24. GRT 3000 says:

    What’s with the dog & hay metaphor? Dana is the dog on hay that won’t let any horsies get at it? is that it…?

  25. Dan says:

    Dana White did not make the UFC and he is not the reason for the popularity of MMA. The UFC was an already created product in America. All Dana did was use someone else’s fortune and Japanese MMA rules and allowed the world to once again enjoy MMA in America.

    Dana is ruining the MMA world by eliminating all other competition.

    It’s all politics don’t believe in the hype on either side.

  26. Dave says:

    Finkelstein must have learned to negotiate at the Stalin School of Diplomacy. He insults Dana and the UFC in the press then whines because they won’t let his guy fight their fighters. No wonder Russia is an open sewer.

  27. MAgog says:

    sometimes chael just makes me shake my head.

  28. James Troy says:

    fedor sucked in his prime and sucks even more now. deal with it. the ufc doesnt want shit fighters. let fedor fight some kimbo level guys so he has a chance. werdum doesnt want to rematch fedor. he has his eyes on a title, not another run in with a bottom ranked has been.

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