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Wednesday, 09/05/2012, 11:46 am

UFC NEWS | Lyoto Machida Nixed From UFC Light-Heavyweight Title Picture Following Turn Down Of Jones Fight | UFC NEWS

“You know that when I make a fight, I don’t say a word till both bout agreements are signed and the deal is done. I did exactly what it is that I never do, because we were in this position. That big media call was the next day — I wanted to have some answers. So, I went out there, and Machida was in the friggin jungle, somewhere. Ed told me, ‘He’s in the jungle. I can’t get a hold of him.’ I said, ‘What do you think?’ He said, ‘I think he’s gonna take the fight. I don’t see why he wouldn’t.’ So, I went with it, and it didn’t work out. This is a guy who had been terrorizing me for a title shot, and he said that four weeks wasn’t enough. I said okay and moved on. Lyoto had been crying for a title shot for a long time, and you know how this stuff goes. When you turn down the opportunity to fight, things start going in another path, in another direction. It happened to Rashad Evans. Rashad Evans was out of a fight for a year and a half. We’ll see what happens. He’s not next in line. He’ll fight another fight.”

UFC president Dana White revoked Lyoto Machida’s number one contender status last night while on FUEL TV. Machida earned his shot at redemption against Jones with a spectacular knock out over Ryan Bader on the UFC on FOX 4 main card, but with all the shifts in the division and fight cards the president is saying he is back on the proving grounds.

Is that fair?


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  1. Gibby says:

    So Lyoto has his #1 contender status stripped for refusing to fight jones on 4 weeks notice. That’s fucking ridiculous, he earned it! Be aswell go and strip Jones of his title for refusing to fight Chael on 8 days notice? Sometimes i wonder about the descisions Dana makes. Maybe its just his time of month :)

    • Sam says:

      Huge Lyoto fan Whatever weight class these
      guys are in they better stay polished for
      a shot at the belt at all times. It seems like
      the new thing to overcome is training.
      I guess it’s the transition from fighting to the
      Fastest growing sport. I miss the naturals
      but dig a well trained fighter as long as Jackson doesn’t bleed these guys of every
      bit of character. Then again maybe he’s
      refining them to a pro.

    • CALI says:

      Machida vs Shogun III will happen…

    • Quinn says:

      Totally agree! I think it’s time for Dana to step down and let someone else take over – someone who has a fresh outlook on today’s MMA fighters. This past year and some, when you watch the pre-fight/post-fight interviews, he looks agitated, stressed out, and angry! The job is getting to him and now he’s directing it onto the UFC fighters.

      • Josh says:

        Agreed! Dana is making it harder and harder for us to enjoy watching and probably pissing off a lot of the fighters as well. He has to forget the whole ‘fastest growing sport’ mentality, and take a look at his actions. Either stop running your mouth and putting blame on the fighters and deal with whatever complications come up professionally, or step down.

      • Mike b says:

        Good point!I realized that recently about Dana,I always watch the post fight interviews with Dana,and he always seemed to be enjoying he just looks miserable and fed up.hes always on the road promoting the sport and has no time to his self.whether u love this sport or not eventually it will get to ya.pulling machida out of his title shot seems like frustration more than anything on Dana’s part,I think that was wrong.the UFC hasent been having a good year at all with the injuries and all the bullshit that’s been happening.i think Dana needs another guy to help him with promoting the UFC cause now it seems like its too much for him to handle on his own.

      • Dana is on some kind of GOD trip with these guys. He puts these fights together without any concern for the fighters or their opinion. It’s all about him and never about what they think. It has got me to a point where I dont wacth it because of him. Just ask Randy Couture about it.

    • Hi says:

      Agreed, Dana has too much control!!!

    • UstaLikeMMA says:

      Lyoto dropped for refusing to fight on 4 weeks notice and Jones / Sonnen could happen if the fans want it. It has officially stopped being a sport and become the Roman Colosseum. I’m done!

    • deez nuts says:

      Even as a huge Lyoto fan I think people are over exaggerating the perceived injustice here.

      Lyoto didn’t really earn a shot. He won one fight, a fight that by all accounts was a pretty easy matchup for him. The fight before that he got finished by the reigning champ and he has two wins in his last five fights. (even though it is hard to count the Rampage fight heavily against him)

      I think Lyoto is rather capable of beating any other top 205er to get another shot and his doing just that will make him a deserving challenger for the belt. I also think that he will be better off fighting more high profile/big payday/exciting matchups right now rather than jumping right back in with Jones. Maybe someone can expose a chink in Jones’ armor in the meantime or Lyoto can develop some new tricks or make some adjustments to help him land something big and win the belt back, but extra time for him is definitely better for Lyoto.

      All is right and just here, Dana may be a bit of a dick in the way he is handling everything, but he isn’t doing some grave injustice to Machida.

    • BJ is KING says:

      Last few weeks has been crazy in the UFC. We definitely need a UFC event soon, too much news, I want to see some fighting.

    • james stern says:

      For real I respect Dana in a lot of ways but sometimes he seems to be the bully and especially if it doesn’t have the outcome Dana wants

  2. Me says:

    Quite harsh if you ask me, But at the end of the day Machida did NOT deserve a title fight in the first place. Apart from Dan Henderson who would you guys like to see fight for the title? I wouldn’t mind seeing the winner of Shogun/Alexander fighting for the title.

    • You says:

      Machida didnt deserve it??? You’re a retard.How the fuck DO you deserve it then since KOing an obvious contender isnt good enough.Oh but Shogun does deserve it more… just dont say anything more please.Dana White doesnt get what he wants so he punishes people with that im the boss and youre not bullshit.I persoanlly thikn that fighters should be ready at ALL times its their fucking job but that being said he was harsh on the punishment but all hes doing is proving a point and trying to scare other people who would possibly turn down a fight.I agree it sucks for any professional should every turn down a fight,but Dana White’s fuckin sandbox hes making the UFc out of needs to stop A FUCKIN SAP hes got to much damn power.Regulate this mob boss mentality bullshit I say.

      • Me says:

        Come on Machida has lost 3 times in his last 5 fights. Beating 1 top 10 opponent SHOULD not grant you a rematch with the guy that chocked you out not so long ago. Whereas Shogun knocked out Forrest, Has a fight of the year performance with Dan, knocks out Vera and if he beats Alexander why shouldn’t he fight for the title? Well to answer your question ‘how do you deserve it’ I say you have too beat 2 – 3 top guys. Call me retarded if you want I’m just stating my opinion :)

        • Not You says:

          A fight of the year performance and a win aren’t the same thing. Try and give an even comparison next time.

        • Project pat says:

          Probably cuz shogun looked the worst against jones

        • math major says:

          Machida Beat Rampage sorry to say he got hosed on the decison

        • Justin says:

          Machida has lost a lot of fights lately and he wins a single fight then gets another title shot. Bader seriously? He is the only guy that has lost to Tito Ortiz in like the past 9 Fucking years. Shogun is more deserving and he has beaten Machida twice (seriously everbody knows shogun won the first fight), Dan Henderson, That Swedish guy, and then comes Rashad and maybe Sonnen. Machida has not had a good record lately. Three more fights then sure.

        • Quitcrying says:

          I agree, machida threw a counter punch against Tito Ortiz’ last victory. That does not deserve a title shot. The pee drinker was than given the title shot and passed on it, end of story. How is Dana the bad guy? Check your facts before commenting.

      • Doesntmatter says:

        @You Wether i agree with you or not doesn’t matter but bro u need to go either to anger managment or a mental hospital.

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I second that.

  4. Gibby says:

    Well considering Dana Publicly stated that whoever won most impressively would get a title shot, said after Machida’s perfect Ko of Bader that he would get the shot, then take it away cause Machida aske for 6 weeks and not 4? Just dosnt make sense to me, Dana has destroyed his LHW division more in the past 2-3 weeks that any single person has in UFC history! Gustafson and texiera still need a bit of work in my opinion, leaves opponents for jones pretty thin.

  5. T.DADDY says:

    Wow that’s some BS.. thanks bones

  6. You Never Really Know Where You Stand With Mr. White says:

    Machida didn’t ask for the terms on how to become Jones’ next opponent: Dana White laid it out in black and white. Machida just went out and made Bader look like an amateur. Machida definitely deserved the next title shot because he earned it under the UFC’s terms, but now they (the UFC) is going to take away what Machida earned? Whatever, Dana. You do what you do. Until an Apple steps up in the MMA world, you can continue to be Dell.

    We should’ve know this would happen after Dana flipped on the winner of Shogun-Vera getting the next shot at the title.

    • Vera was not deserving of the title shot in the first place. White knew that. an uproar over that possibilty because of guys like Machida and Sonnen being in the mix when Vera hasn’t proven anything is what caused White to change his mind over which fighter could presumably obtain the #1 contender title. I completely understand that Machida was working within the boundaries allowed to him.. he was supposed to be next in line. Taking it away just adds to the drama and makes us do things, like – talk about it on So is the publicity stunt working? yes. LOL. That aside.. my personal opinion is that Shogun deserved it more than Machida… Gustaffson deserved a shot at a top contendor MORE than that. Not saying the title shot should be there for Gustaffson, just a shot at a top contender since Gustaffson has been proving himself. This fight against shogun is deserved. Shogun I think up to this point has given more and shown more that he is the top contender, minus Dan Henderson. Hendo, at this point is #2 – to be #1 once he is healthy.. winner of shogun/Gustaffson fights winner of Jones/Belfort. Machida fights under #3 contender. that’s the way I think it should have been in the first place. OR a rubber match for the #1 spot between Shogun/Machida for the belt. I don’t think Bader (losing to TITO of all people) deserved it aqnd I certainly don’t think that Vera deserved it. So either of those scenarios would have played out.

  7. learntoread says:

    Maybe it’s time for Rua / Machida 3?

  8. Dee says:

    Dana White throwing another hissy fit. The vindictive bastard. I’m so tired of this guy acting like a child.

  9. The natural says:

    Dana really needs too shut his fucking mouth andstop bashing the fighters who put him were he is today he and Joe will be the fall of the sport there too arrogant

  10. Cj says:

    Dana White is a stupidass! He’s the one fucking up everything you can’t put the blame on every fighter, Dana just does that so that people don’t bitch at him

  11. m says:

    if Dan Henderson is healthy he’s still next in line. Machida is 2nd.

    That would be a great matchup BTW.

  12. Shake says:

    Its not like he got injured during the bader fight. He should have taken it especially because of the fact that he has already fought Jones once and actually won a round on him. Maybe he shouldn’t have pigged out on some Brazilian BBQ after his fight against Bader.

  13. Gibby says:

    Hahaha ye I was pretty disappointed Lyoto turned down the fight due to 2 weeks differance. Shame. But Dana needs to stop throwing his top attractions under the bus! The UFC is built on these guys! I personally think everyone needs to step back and remember what made this sport what it is and why the fans are so die hard. We dont want or need, promoters/managers/ fighters acting like pre madonnas. We already have boxing for that!

  14. ballsackface says:

    thats bullshit
    this is all gonna implode in danas face. hes getting too big for his boots

  15. ballsackface says:

    infact ive just realised whats going on
    hes gonna build it up for chael cos hes in bed with him
    this guy has a bad record (yes he had one close fight with AS) and he keeps getting buy ins.
    maybe the armerican gangsta thing is true. hes bribing to build him fights

  16. Derpedy Derp says:

    Sigh.. I don’t get why all the media conveniently leaves out the facts surrounding this. There is more to the story. Was he in the “jungle?” Yea.. of course. Why was he in the jungle? For starters, he anticipated Hendo vs JBJ going down as it was supposed to. In the interim he had time to open up a gym down in Brazil and take his family on vacation. Machida has made it known before, that when he prepares for a fight his team has to get visas, which takes time. Figure 1 week is spent doing media, it would take 1 week for him to get back home and situated.. and then who knows how long for his team to get visas and get to LA, and on top of that would have had to cancel the opening of his gym. Not only would his team need to get visas to go to LA, but Machida and his team would also need them to get to Canada. And what happens if he loses again? He will never get an opportunity again to fight Jones.

  17. Gibby says:

    Dosnt machida live in America now?

  18. Jabari says:

    This is absolutely right! He didn’t deserve a title shot in the first place! Beating Ryan Bader does not put you in a title shot, cause didn’t Tito Ortiz just beat that dude last year? Thank god we wont have to watch Machida get put to sleep standing up again. After Belfort, Jones needs to fight Gustaffson and/or Daniel Cormier… Why are we retreading ppl on a 1 win streak?

    • The Terms Were says:

      whomever among the four-Shogun, Vera, Bader, Machida-looked most “impressive” in victory would get the next shot at Jones after Henderson. That’s what was said by the President of the UFC. In many people’s opinion, including mine, Machida looked more “impressive” than Shogun. Shogun is a true warrior and beat a game Vera (one of my favorite fighers), but I thought Machida looked outstanding in striking and avoiding being struck. That’s why Bader gambled and paid for it. Shogun, warrior spirit and all, looked like he gassed from the second round and could’ve been beat. I enjoyed the fight, but thought Machida looked more “impressive.”

      My order? Hendo, Machida, Shogun, Gustaffson, and Rashad. Everyone else should fight several times to prove themselves worthy of a title shot.

  19. Q says:

    Machida shogun 3 for title shot

  20. The truth says:

    Machida vs hendo for the number one contender spot

  21. Al Nation says:

    If you understand why 4 weeks is not enough, then you can’t listen to people saying negative things. He might have to spend the four weeks just cutting weight, and then be out of shape for the fight. If he is the number one contender then show it by giving him the respect of wanting to be at his best when he is fighting the best.

    Dana is not thinking clearly. He said Jones making mistakes when he gets older he will make the right choices, well Machida made a mature smart choice and he is now not in the title contention? “sigh”

    Everyone always talking about the smart fan knowing the ins and outs of the sport, well as a smart fan, id rather wait and see the fight with both fighters on equal training grounds recovery etc, then having it happen because he was next in line..Sure, some fighters will take the fight because they have nothing to lose and all to gain. It still doesn’t make it a fair thing to force upon someone. if Jones and Dan were given a main event and time to train and have a camp, then so does Machida deserve the same thing.

  22. Al Nation says:

    If you understand why 4 weeks is not enough, then you can’t listen to people saying negative things. He might have to spend the four weeks just cutting weight, and then be out of shape for the fight.If he is the number one contender then show it by giving him the respect of wanting to be at his best when he is fighting the best.

    Dana is not thinking clearly. He said Jones making mistakes when he gets older he will make the right choices, well Machida made a mature smart choice and he is now not in the title contention? “sigh”

    Everyone always talking about the smart fan knowing the ins and outs of the sport, well as a smart fan, id rather wait and see the fight with both fighters on equal training grounds recovery etc, then having it happen because he was next in line..Sure, some fighters will take the fight because they have nothing to lose and all to gain. It still doesnt make it a fair thing to force apon someone. if Jones and Dan were given a main event and time to train and have a camp, then so does Machida deserve the same thing.

  23. Sam says:

    Machida had a good reason to turn it down, Jones is a cocky bastard and gets way to much credit. He needs to have his title stripped for being a pansy!

  24. Donovan says:

    Sure that’s fair….or….it would be if Jones was stripped of his belt for turning down a challenge. What kind of champion does not accept the challenge? Answer: A poseur

  25. maurice says:

    so machida turns down a fight on 4 weeks notice and dana has a fit. jones turns down a fight on 8 days notice and dana has a fit. im not goin to even mention all the fuked things dana did with his power b4 these incidents. i cant believe im admitting this, but im starting to hate dana….i finally see y he was always hated.

  26. Marcos DaVinci says:

    Ridiculous…i think Dana White is more upset that he missed out on a lot of money on HIS behalf not the mma fighters…to pull a move like that shows that you are taking it personally and shows that your taking your frustration out on the wrong fighters…Jones deserves every bit of ridicule that comes his way, the guys a straight up bitch. Fighting Chael Sonnen was a gimmie fight for Jones and i personally never liked Jones because all he has IS reach…sorry Dana White I supported everything you did except this…its clear that you need a break, let someone you trust fill in because you’re too emotional and making irrational decisions right now…take a break man seriously go on vacation, smoke some weed, fuck some hot bitches and smoke more weed for a month or 2 and you’ll be ok. ^_^

  27. Sencala says:

    Jesus christ ok so if Machida turned down the fight that wasn’t the card saving fight it was your second choice and you take away his #1 contendership. Should Jones lose his title for refusing to fight Sonnen. You don’t ever have to read very far to smell the bs the managers talk Dana made the call. Then the fighters got involved. Dana F- that up not Machida or sores he’s just not big enough a man to admit it so he blames Machida. Even if he had a little sack and wanted to shift blame to someone that could be held to blame he’d blame ed sores but sores has had Dana by the balls since Anderson stepped into the octagon.

  28. power bomb says:

    dana is killing what he made more every week it seems… maybe the next fight can be a tag team or tables match… ufc soon to be wwe. they need to go back to the roots of the sport and try to hold knock out style tourneys for champion bouts

  29. punchkick says:

    lyoto vs chael!!!!

  30. Leroy says:

    And i suppose Dana still wonders why Fedor wouldn’t fight for him lol. Change the name now from Ultimate Fighting Challenge to the Dana White Show. You might as well.

  31. Quinn says:

    Dana sure likes to keep his fighters under his thumb! On one hand he says one thing then on the other, he completely does the opposite. He treats his MMA fighters like he’s some kid playing with his action figure dolls! He chooses to be an opinionated-douche publicly with no respect to his fighters rather than dealing with matters in a professional manner discreetly.
    Sure he done a lot for today’s MMA but I have noticed over the past year or so, that he seems to have lost the passion for it.
    Quite often, Dana adds to a problem by letting his emotions take over instead of being level headed like a professional public relations guy!
    Is this his way of hyping up the sport by sh!tting on his fighters or just being a dick with ears?
    Either step down Dana or stfu! and focus on a plan B, and plan C if the origin fight card(s) don’t work out!

  32. KingRon84 says:

    I don’t feel bad for Machida because his camp has said in plenty of interviews that they are ok with fighting again and it is not an issue to them but it was funny because Soares said in an interview that he thought Dana was full of shit from the beginning when he said the most impressive person would get the shot cuz he was just drumming up interest in the fight.

  33. Carl Gale says:

    I reckon that Dana made a good call here. I read an article today on Bleacher Report talking about the “Just Scrap” mentality that has seems to be dying over the last few years. Now remember back to the early days of MMA when everyone would of fought anyone, particularly to the early UFC days and the full lifespan of PRIDE (when records didn’t mean anything as long as they went out on their shields). Now today’s fighters, including champions, top contenders and even the lower set fighters, will not face each other in a heartbeat like they use to, even if it was for the UFC title. When I first got interested in MMA all I was hearing from other fans was, ‘the best are fighting the best’, which is something Boxing has lost touch with a long time ago and, in my mind, was the one thing that if kept MMA would never get stale.

    The problem is that fighters today are choosing things such as ‘quantity over quality’ to winning as well as trying to pick their fights on their own terms more and more simply because they want to ‘look good’ to the higher up people in MMA such as Dana White. I believe that this is the wrong way for fighters to see this and should instead be trying harder to take fights once offered, aim to finish their opponents by looking and creating openings to end it and not worry about what the future hold if you take a short notice fight. Its not all their fault though, when there are really only two promotions out there right now that if a fighters get to either of them can make a full time living out of fighting, the last thing you want to do is risk losing you job and be forced to a promotion/s where you cannot sustain a living purely from fighting.

    Now this is when guys like Dana should be coming into the equation. Because Dana still has this ‘Just Scrap’ mentality that he wants all his fighters to have, he should be encouraging his fighters to follow the three points I just stated and even if they lose a fight doing these things, give them more chances to compete against the same level or better fighters under your promotion that, say, a fighter who wins from decisions made by lay and pray and hit and run tactics and then chooses to await on opponents or champions rather than keep busy. Dana should do more to make fighters maintain the ‘Just Scrap’ mentality or we may see even more future fights and even delayed, weakened or even cancelled.

  34. Lu says:

    Sooo, is not who earns the number 1 spot is who Dana White dictates. I love this sport but not like Dana is taking it to.

  35. Dee says:

    Lyoto loss to Rampage in a very close decision. I don’t think close decision should go against any opponent especially when you’re fighting a decent guy. He loss to Shogun and took a short notice fight and loss to Jones. He didn’t ask for a title shot, nor was looking for one, but Dana offered it to him.

    I agree Dana is stressed out, but he’s going through an ailment that’s changing his life. That’s why he isn’t the same.

    Dana not being fit for the job? That’s questionable. I don’t see anyone else doing it right now, but I will say he’s highly unprofessional. He brings a lot of backlash to himself and the fighters. He openly bashes fighters, reveal things about the fighters that should never be leaked, and he adds way too much drama. He also is vindicative and wear his emotions on his sleeve. He is the promoter. He should be promoting the UFC and the fighters not turning into Vince McMahon on guys when things do not go his way.

  36. Bob'O says:

    This is a big mistake by Dana White. I usually respect the guy, but this absolute bs.

    Lyoto earned the next shot with that KO of Bader, that was the deal.

    You’re gonna penalize Lyoto for wanting to prepare to fight a guy who choked you out on your feet last time?

    He’s smart for not taking the fight on that short of notice. He just fought! What the hell are you thinking Dana?

    Are you fucking kidding me? Machida should get the winner of Bones vs Belfort, period!

    Lorenzo needs to step in and correct this bs. ~Bob’O

    • ASDF says:

      You know Dana is a marketing/sales specialist. He’s not a good manager. And not the best leader of the bunch. He’s failed to accept accountability of the reason why GSP and Fitch are they way they fight. He use to apply the Jimmi Patterson 3 losses you’re out. When he FINALLY realized he was shaping his fighters this way, he started keeping fighters who ‘fight’. Now he’s punishing Lyoto Machida. WHEN, he FINALLY realizes the consequences, he’ll notice his OWN fighters won’t trust his word, something he’s taken so long to build, as the guy who says, ‘I just said it, he’s getting the next shot. It’s done.’. Just like Dana had to end up buying strikeforce, he’s creating another ‘spilled milk’ incident the Fertitas are gonna have to bank roll him out on. Just like he, imo, partially created the spark for aNOTHER, Frankie Re-Match Edgar, now he keeps his mouth shut about judging and who he thinks won. Don’t tell me, no one noticed it just happened after Bendo Edgar 1. He runs things iron fisted, which imo is fine, but he’s a loose cannon with that style. And as we’ve seen, constantly shoots himself in the foot. It’s wack a mole with Dana his iron fist again. Fuck’em all attitude. Nutzoid.

  37. Good job Dana, take away a fight that fans were excited to see! As if it wasn’t difficult enough to find quality opponents for Jones. It was not up to Lyoto to save your card, yet he is the only one you are punishing?! Just because your bitter about having to cancel a card, that is no reason to punish the fans and the one man who will actually give Jones a good fight. It makes the fans lose respect for Dana, he is acting like a child. Look at the big picture cue ball!

  38. mojo says:

    Its the smart move. In a couple weeks everyone forgets that someone turned down a fight. a lose however is much more permanent…. except with sonnen who can fight champs at his whim. I guess sonnen is like tank abbot in the respect that they both talk a lot of shit and people love them even after losses.
    also dana seems to be using his most popular fighters too much and not allowing room for other fighters to gain popularity. i dont know how they get new fighters, but i thought everyone in the ufc was the best of the best mma wise. if this is so then bringing new up new fighters is merely an act of promotion.

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