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Monday, 12/05/2011, 03:49 pm

UFC NEWS – Lyoto Machida Breaks Down His Training For Jon Jones

“Actually, I also brought Anderson Braddock (Silva), who’s a guy that fights in K-1, he’s a great K-1 fighter. I brought him and Glover (Teixeira) on the first moment. They stayed here for two weeks. On that period we tried to do many sparrings, simulating similar situations I’ll might confront during the fight, also on the clinch, the takedowns. We know Glover is a high lever fighter and why he’s been smashing everybody down here in Brazil, and I’m sure he’ll make a good career abroad, and Bradock also helped me a lot to simulate the fight. Then Glover had to go because he was fighting and then I brought King Mo to add a lot. He’s a high level fighter in Wrestling, he has been a world champion on the Pan Am, he has defeated Olympic champions, so he knows the details of the position that can help me block his game during the fight, and I guess that’s the main aspect. I guess the technical part is the most important one for a fight like that, because I’m fighting a very technical guy. Jon Jones knows many techniques, he’s can do many things, so that’s why I’m trying to improve more and more my wrestling.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida talks about his preparation for this weekend’s UFC 140 main event against champion, Jon Jones.

Bringing in guys that can help him in the wrestling aspect of the fight against Jones is the smart route to take. However, will it be enough to deal with the length, the craftiness and athleticism that Jon Jones brings to the table?

Four more days and we will find out…

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16 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Lyoto Machida Breaks Down His Training For Jon Jones”

  1. A.James says:

    This is some real street fighter *ish right here man! It’s going to be an awesome fight!

  2. SEAGAL GURU says:

    Lyoto !!! Did u bring Steven Seagal ,too ? I wanna your super front kick again

    • diddy kong says:

      That would be nice, but in all likelihood Jones will already be expecting that. Perhaps it would be best if Machida focused on counterstriking. He may surprise everyone.

  3. momo says:

    nice AS lite but in the end you need the real AS if you plan on winning

  4. Donnybrook says:

    Good luck Machida!

  5. G says:

    You know what, James, I agree with you. This is why I love the UFC (and MMA). These people, these characters, are all REAL LIFE Street Fighters. I mean, seriously, Jones is kind of like Sagat and Lyoto is like … Ryu? I guess? No, nevermind. Anderson Silva would be Sagat… and Jones would be… Dee Jay? lol

    • A.James says:

      lol nice! I like a lot of the fights that the UFC puts on but, a lot of the fighters generally have the same style or approach. Stellar wrestling with submissions and a little bit of boxing. Very few guys have legit boxing and even fewer have that elite level of jujitsu. Lyoto and Jon have different styles compared to the norm. Lyoto technique is at a very high level while Jon’s physical advantages are best described as “freak” (in a good way). I want to see totally different styles going at it like Hendo (wrestling) and Shogun (muy Thai). Along with their legendary status their different styles and abilities made that fight possibly the best fight of all time (which came to a draw point wise but ended with shogun being the dominator at the end in my opinion). Isn’t that how the UFC started? Everyone wanting to see which style of fighting is the best? I can’t wait for the day that we can finally get a Pacquaio level boxer in the octagon while they’re still in their prime. I have high hopes for this fight honestly and I’ve never been dissatisfied with either of these men. I’m cheering on Ryu this time. WAR MACHIDA!!!

  6. CD says:

    … I would like to see Machida win this fight but there is, in my opinion, absolutely NO WAY he can do this.

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