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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 05:15 am

UFC NEWS – “Korean Zombie”: If The UFC Calls, I'll Be Ready For Aldo

After his 7 second knockout victory over former 145 pound title challenger, Mark Hominick, Chan Sung Jung could be in consideration for a top spot in the UFC’s featherweight division. Although the “Korean Zombie” knows he’s only had four fights under ZUFFA owned promotional banners, he is very excited if the opportunity of a title shot is offered to him in the near future.

“I doubt that they’ll make that match up right now, but if they do I think I’d be ready for it. I’m guessing that the matchmakers will give me at least one fight and if I win that then maybe I’ll be in line for a title shot, but that’s up to the UFC to decide. But, whenever I get the shot, I’ll be ready. I think I’ve improved my game overall and I keep trying to improve as an all around fighter … I definitely want to get back to train with Team Alpha Male again, but at this point I don’t know when that will be. The training at Korean Top Team is top notch, so I know I’m getting great training here, but yes, when the time and situation permit I would like to go back and train some more with Urijah and the guys.”

After an 0-2 start in the UFC, Chan Sung Jung has won his last two fights in decisive fashion. Although other featherweight fighters with more wins on their record may argue that they are more deserving, none of them have ever pulled off a Brazilian jiu-jitsu “Twister” victory or a UFC record tying 7 second knockout. Although he only holds a .500 record of 2-2 in the UFC, fans and UFC brass acknowledge that it’s not about what the Korean fighter has done on paper, but rather how he’s gone about doing it.

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15 Responses to “UFC NEWS – “Korean Zombie”: If The UFC Calls, I'll Be Ready For Aldo”

  1. Jmad says:

    The Zombie is good but I think Aldo would be too much for him.

  2. @PedroPinheirodS says:

    The Chan is good , but Aldo will kill him . Hug from Brazil guys !

  3. A.James says:

    The Zombie has great potential and room for improvement. I believe we’ll see an even better fighter in his next match.

    • Nick says:

      Agree 100%. He looks better every time he fights. I love this guy, he comes out to fight and finish. I think he’s got a bright future in the featherweight division, let alone the UFC.

  4. THE INUK says:

    To he honest I think Aldo would be too much for him.. But you never know until they get in the ring w. eachother. Korean Zombie has tons of potential and is a exciting fighter to watch!! a REAL fighter!!

  5. Long-Strong says:

    he needs two fights before that. he’ll need to improve immensely as well.

  6. DOC SANTOS says:

    He should add some muscle. Aldo is a pretty stacked featherweight.

  7. Hominick is one tough bastard, and zombie made him look like butter!

  8. Mike.Ontiveros says:

    Yeah.. a guy that walks right at Jose Aldo like a Zombie… What else could he ask for.. I think Aldo would punish this guy… But i do love the Zombie…his fights are fun to watch…

  9. david uppercut says:

    The Korean Zombie will be ufc featherweight champ in 2012! you heard it here first!

  10. MMA FAN says:

    I think the Zombie would beat Aldo now. Aldo couldn’t finish Hominick and look how easy Zombie beat Hominick (just my opinion!) Does anyone know if Frankie is going to be fighting Aldo? i thought i heard something about that.

  11. KZ is a beast and i think training with team Alpha Male is helping him alot especially his ground game and scrambles. He should have taken the fight with Eric Koch than he would have been in line for a title shot with a W. As a big Aldo fan i want to see him fight Mendes, KZ, and Hioko or maybe Bartimus before moving up. Aldo has his work cut out for him

  12. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Article is a tad off. He has 2 fights in the UFC and had 2 fights in the WEC, and the first “loss” was against Leonard Garcia, and we all know that 1 was debatable. Technically the Korean Zombie is 2-0 in the UFC; but all of this is the “on paper” business already talked about.

    And as everyone else has said Aldo is probably too much for the guy, but that can be said about basically everyone. It’d still be fun as hell to watch no matter what.

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