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Monday, 12/19/2011, 11:35 am

UFC NEWS – Kenny Florian Eyes One More Title Run

“I feel that I have all the skills to [get back in the title picture]. I’ve had different issues over the course of my career, but I’m capable of doing it. It’s just going out there and getting it done. I have some injuries I’m going to let heal for the next two months. Once those things clear up, I’m looking forward to getting back on the race to the title… I really have no idea [who my next opponent will be]right now] I’m hoping it would be a well-respected, top guy in the lightweight division. But, right now I don’t have anyone in mind. I have a back injury that I’m letting heal up. As soon as that’s cleared, I’ll start talking to the UFC about possible opponents.”

Three time UFC title challenger, Kenny Florian in a recent interview with The Bleacher Report talks about his future in the UFC and what he see’s happening next in his career.

After losing a title shot to Sean Sherk, Florian went on to rise back through the ranks and earn a second title shot against BJ Penn, but fell short again. He then went on and dropped to the UFC’s newly minted featherweight division to challenge Jose Aldo for the belt where he dropped a decision in the bout.

Now, set to return to his true home at lightweight, Florian eyes one-more run towards a title. At 155 pounds, Kenny have proven time and time again that he is a true assassin, rarely dropping defeat to anyone and running through most everyone he faces, but can he make an impact with the new surge of talent in the UFC?

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32 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Kenny Florian Eyes One More Title Run”

  1. Mike Diaz says:

    Just be happy with the commentating gig Kenflo if gatekeeping the LW title doesn’t appeal to you. TEAM PENN!!!!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I would bet the farm Christine Cyborg santos would knock Kenflo out inside 30 seconds. Lets see thats the only title Kenny hasn’t lost yet isn’t it? Such BS Kenflo should have never been given the shot against Aldo and got his ass handed to him in both Lighweight title fights. If the UFC ever gives Kenflo another title shot they need to change their name to WWE. UFC will never match Florian up with another wrestler period wait and see. Mendes would have even schooled him

  2. CanILive says:

    GUILLARD VS FLO Make it happen.

  3. Give it up man it’s not in your future!

  4. He wasnt in the FW tournament???

  5. Calvin says:

    I wish Ken Flo would go to Strikeforce i think he could get that title and do a ufc vs strikeforce match and retire on that note

  6. Matt says:

    Melendez is stud in strikeforce he is ranked in the top 10 p4p so i doubt K-Flo would even give him a match. Florian would be better off just getting a few more wins under his belt and commentating, personally i don’t think a championship belt has ever been in the cards for kenny which is a shame because he is a good fighter but just a career gatekeeper much like michael bisping.

  7. G says:

    Florian obviously folds under pressure during title shots. He’s 35 and probably has, what, three more fights left in him? He should just stop now or retire after a couple of wins.

  8. Long-Strong says:

    Gilbert Melendez vs Kenny Florian; someone make it happen!

  9. Ryrie says:

    ive always been a huge fan of kenflo and didn’t think he performed well at 145lb! i personally think kenflo v melendez would be an insane match up!

  10. kennyJumpWeight says:

    reason he hasnt won any title in ufc is because hes to busy cutting weight rather than training and improoving his GSP copied skills

  11. aaxantonio says:

    good for kenny i hope he gets another shot

  12. I hate watching Kenny fight.All you can hear for 15 to 25 minutes is Keith Florien screaming his head off.

  13. bostonbrawler says:

    Techno Striker that was funny. I think KenFlo should worry about his gay ass tank top instead of title fights. hahha

  14. slacker says:

    This guy has no chance at winning a title. He has had 3 opportunities that have come and gone. He is a good fighter, but does not have champion skills, just like Guida. He’s dreaming if he thinks Dana is going to give him another title shot.

  15. Zack says:

    I would maybe say give him a shot if he came close to winning any of his 3 shots but he got dominated

  16. A.James says:

    Kenny is his own worst enemy. There was no reason for him to go to 145. He could’ve taken Grey if he had been working on wrestling over the years but he totally blew it off and is behind the times.

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