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Tuesday, 01/17/2012, 07:32 pm

UFC NEWS – Kenny Florian Announces He Is Not Retiring From MMA

During tonight’s “UFC Tonight” broadcast on FUEL TV, show host and UFC fighter Kenny Florian officially announced that he is not retiring from Mixed Martial Arts.

Recent reports have circulated that Florian may be forced into retirement due to a nagging back injury, however when asked on this evenings show he stated the following:

“You know, there are some articles circulating about my back injury. I do have a back injury but right now I want to see how it feels over the next few months and take it from there.”

A resident on the UFC roster since 2005 when he appeared on the first season of the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter.” He went through the infamous house and came out a finalist, however he eventually lost to season winner Diego Sanchez.

After competing for the UFC for six-straight years Florian’s dominance has spanned four separate weight classes.

He started out in the UFC’s middleweight division before dropping to welterweight. He then dropped to lightweight where he fought in two championship title fights. The first of which was against Sean Sherk and the second against BJ Penn.

In his most recent outing he faced Jose Aldo for the UFC’s featherweight title at UFC 136 this past October.

Although he has fought for a UFC title three times, Florian has yet to capture gold during his time with the promotion.

The good news for Florian fans is that he is not calling it quits and will live to fight another day.

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29 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Kenny Florian Announces He Is Not Retiring From MMA”

  1. e says:

    best of luck with your future and take care of that back injury.

  2. david says:

    kennys one of my favorite fighters, i beleive in him

  3. stone cold says:

    kenflo sucks just like his name. hope he is healthy tho

    • MMFT says:

      kenflo doesn’t suck. he’s very smart and talented. he’s always in shape. and always has a great game plan that he executes pretty perfectly every time.

      so you must’ve meant to say “i suck.” because you kinda suck.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      If he sucks how come he’s had so many title shots?

      • MMFT says:

        ^yeah, another point i didn’t make. how has he constantly competed with the top of the division in multiple weight classes if he sucks? how does he go five rounds with one of the p4p champs if he sucks?
        again.. you suck, stone cold. go back to wwe.

        • david.uppercut says:

          because he blows Dana White all day to get those title shots LOL for real if you look at his title contention fights, who did he fight to get to BJ? Joe Stevenson? who did he fight to get to Aldo? diego nunes? LOL c’mon he’s obviously putting someones weiner in his mouth

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          diego nunes is a game fighter and kenflo beat roger huerta who was hot when he beat him and he beat joe daddy only two fights after he lost to bj penn. kenflo is a solid fighter but unfortunately for him every division he goes to has one guy better than him.

        • stone cold says:

          lmao stfu MMFT.. he does suck just like you. he got owned by sean sherk, jose aldo, bj penn, diego sanchez. truth hurts.. u suck more than kenflo.. hahah!

        • MMFT says:

          your mom sucks more than kenflo. i’d know.

        • stone cold says:

          @MMFT – why did he go to 4 diff weight classes? cuz he sucks, keeps failing. he knows he cant win!! haha yeah kenflo sucks! truth is ugly. oh yeah, but u suck more than kenflo tho sorry! hahaha owned!! yeah your mother sucks my d*ck! OWNED! yeah stfu MMFT!

        • stone cold says:

          in fact Kenflo is probably the worst fighter to ever fight in MMA. He just sux cock, like a golf ball through a garden hose. I’d fuckin know too man, I’ve watched this guy like a fucking eagle since day one of his career. got something to say MMFT?! cum at me.

    • Onanz says:

      hey stone cold, why don’t you suck kenflo’s dick, asshole? fucking poser.

  4. Mucks says:

    Not retiring…… And dropping to paper weight for an immediate title shot

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Get well Ken Flo.

  6. MMFT OWNED LOL says:

    haha good job stone cold you told that ignorant fool. he’s mad

  7. abcabc says:

    its not hate, its the real truth. he said “its time to kill the master”. yeah common now lets be real. bj fucked his ass up and choked him out! aldo beat his ass up too.

  8. your mothers says:

    true. kenflo can take a beating

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