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Friday, 11/25/2011, 09:36 am

UFC NEWS – Jose Aldo: Bout Against Mendes “is going to be Brazil against the U.S.”

Soccer is a big deal in Brazil; it is the most popular sport in the South American country and as such garners a lot of attention and fan loyalty.

Jose Aldo is a know “Flamengo” football club fan and the image showed in this article is that of Aldo’s upcoming UFC 142 opponent wearing a “Vasco” jersey, who just happens to be the “Flamengo” rivals.

Apparently, for Aldo the sporting of the rival team’s jersey is all it takes to brew a rivalry between the two featherweights.

Here is what he said to Brazilian media outlet UOL Esportes

“The hype he’s creating is only for himself in this fight. He doesn’t even understand the rivalry between Vasco and Flamengo. This isn’t going to be a classic, this is going to be Brazil against the US. The fans from Vasco will be with me and the ones from Flamengo will be against him even more now. He doesn’t know what he’s getting into and will have to deal with the consequences once the fight starts”

UFC 142 is set to go down on Jan. 14 from Rio de Janeiro’s HSBC Arena. However, the event itself has yet to be officially announced by the UFC. Booked in what is expected to the main event is a featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes.

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20 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jose Aldo: Bout Against Mendes “is going to be Brazil against the U.S.””

  1. Brandon says:

    Damn I hope Aldo wins. Coz I don’t want to waste my money on such boring champs like GreaseSP…

    • DBKlein69 says:

      then dont waste ur money on him. he’s still gonna draw the most PPV buys besides brock. but like it or not, he’s the greatest fighter on the planet. talk to me about silva when we see gsp get ragdolled for 4+ rounds

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        He can’t be the “greatest fighter on the planet”, he doesn’t fight. GReatest wrestler? Not even on the planet. Maybe in MMA.

        “Fighter” encompasses all the skills. You could just as easily say Thiago Alves is the greatest fighter on the planet (his striking is sweet like gsp’s wrestling. but his wrestling is weak like gsp’s stand up).

        You really can’t call someone so one dimensional “the greatest”. There’s a reason gsp doesn’t want to fight guys like Anderson Silva.

      • aaxantonio says:

        you dont have to see him rag dolled all you have to see is matt serra make him tap to strikes. anderson is by far the best, theres not even a number two he is so good, so i think gsp or bones jones is # three

  2. Xaninho says:

    That’s dumb..It’s not about countries, it’s an individual thing. Two fighters wanting to be the best. Who cares where you’re from.

  3. DBKlein69 says:

    was it brazil against the u.s. when u fought florian in an unimpressive decision victory? how bout hominick? sorry jose but u lost that aura of ferociousness and invincibility a while ago. mendes by KO

  4. magoo says:

    Got a feeling Aldo’s gonna go to 55 after Mendes takes his gold.

  5. Brandon says:


    Yeah, Mendes by KO.
    He always puts me to sleep everytime he fights.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      Haha yeah just look at his record. dec, dec, guillotine (a move by simpletons for simpletons), dec, dec, dec.

      Aldo has been sick and out of form for his last couple fights. I hope he backs at 100%, and makes this a quick one.

  6. Zack says:

    Melendez is gunna get wrecked. It’s gunna be like the aldo vs faber fight

  7. jeff says:

    chad mendes, is going to wreck aldo, mendes would ruin hominick, and hominick made it to desicion so aldo can’t be all that good, maybe he just got reallly lucky those times

    • Ruben says:

      Urijah Faber is a more experienced and complete fighter than Mendez and look what happened to him…Mendez has shit stand up and no submissions, his only chance is to hope Aldo is hurt so he can lay n pray him all night

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