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Monday, 11/14/2011, 01:43 pm

UFC NEWS – Jones Knows Lyoto Is A Puzzle That Needs Solving, But Confident He Is Just As Crafty

“Lyoto’s a pretty crafty guy. I believe that I’m pretty crafty as well. And You know, everyone just keeps asking me, ‘How are you going to figure out this this tough puzzle?’ My answer to that is that I feel as if I’m a pretty tough puzzle to figure out. So I really just need to focus on what I need to do to win the fight and let everything take care of itself. When you look at guys lke Georges St-Piere, Anderson Silva, guys who have defended their belt nine times, six times, these guys are awesome. They have accomplished so much. I won’t be satisfied untl I am the best.”


31 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jones Knows Lyoto Is A Puzzle That Needs Solving, But Confident He Is Just As Crafty”

  1. Voicein the desert says:

    Alas poor Lyoto, I knew him well…

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      howd his sperm taste?

    • jacob lee says:

      yea jones you are crafty, but you are no puzzle. Everybody knows that a guy with reach must be fought on the inside. Lyoto is a better striker, grappler, and over all fighter. he is more experieced, he is faster, and he will close the distance. Jon Jones will find out what a reverse punch to the nose feels like and he will also be put on his back…..lyoto has this one in the bag. please someone explain to me how Jones has a chance.

  2. joe2 says:

    who cares what he looks like, that langky motherfucker will own anybody who steps to him

  3. Joe says:

    lol UFC on fox and hes a celebrity, want him to dress like a bum?

    • ryu says:

      dude did u hear the song they played on fox during the end. too gay. made me think goin to fox is gonna prove problematic in the long run. adjustments will need to be made. u just dont play a girlish pop song while showing the mans face who just KO’d cain velasquez to be champion to top off the premier. u just dont…. u just… dont

  4. Chris says:

    Im actually more interested in the wrestling match up than I am the stand up. I wonder if we’re gonna see another exciting bout from Jones, or if Jackson is gonna gameplan for takedowns? Then, can Lyoto defend them as well as he has in the past?

  5. Lex w says:

    I just can’t wait 2 c tha fight let tha best man win, if jones get it he’s gonna get a new fan

  6. daryl says:

    Probably one of the most intruiguing matchups we’re’ going to see for quite sometime. I never imagined the possibility of Machida fighting a guy who’s just as unorthodox and elusive as himself. I have a feeling this is going to have a “don’t blink” type of finish. But for whom, I do not know!

  7. Night-Wind says:

    Jones got this.

  8. Zach says:

    pretty sure jones has a massive reach advantage on lyoto, it will be hard for him to use the same style as jones will be able to catch him coming in very easily

  9. Jay says:

    Sagat?? The comparison is lyoto-Ryu and jones- Dhalism! Long arms and legs

  10. Mike Diaz says:

    Great match up, lots of respect to Jon Jones for scrapping so much this year and the impressive resume he’s building. This would be the third legend of the year but on that December night I will take Machida. I think Machida will find ways to get within firing range and he’ll make it an interesting contest. TEAM PENN !!!!!!!

  11. Doonybrook says:

    Two of my favorite LW,s… this one’s going to be good stylistically, I think if Bone’s can get his hands on Machida he’ll have the advantage, but will they’re standing I think Lyoto’s experience and style may have the edge.

  12. learntoread says:

    I’m thinking that this will be the first opponent who is completely comfortable kicking with Jones (*still have no idea why Shogun did not implement his kick arsenal vs. Jones, possibly due to the potential takedown).

    Machida’s takedown defense is top notch, there’s no denying that. It will be interesting to see if Jones can take him down as easily as he has with his previous opponents, I’m doubting it (at least during the first couple rounds).

    If Lyoto can keep Jones from putting him on his back, this is going to be a very competitive fight and will be the first time we see Jones taking multiple shots standing up (having his chin tested)…something neither Rampage or Shogun were really able to accomplish due to their style / game-plan.

    We already know Lyoto’s chin is suspect, so Jones’ reach advantage will become a problem if Machida becomes careless like he was vs. Shogun 2.

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jon Jones recently bought a $100,000 car yet dresses like Elton John…. (I shake my head)

  14. ThaGreenBandit says:

    That’s funny, because that’s the first thing I said when I saw the pic. He is lookin’ a lil Rashad Evans-ish as of late. Anywho, the man with the new attitude and style of dress is still a beast!

  15. magoo says:

    whud up Jon,looks like your tryin to steal Rashads look,thats not coo………

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, at first I thought Rashad was on some hate shit when he was screamin’ all that “swagger jacking” rah rah, but now… Looks like he may have a point.

  16. SanSooRob says:

    Come on jones stop looking like rashad lolol wtf

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