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Monday, 12/26/2011, 01:20 pm

UFC NEWS – Jones Can Beat Hendo Everywhere, Says Coach

“Dan’s big right hand is always a big challenge. [He’s] somebody that could be able to close that gap and find a hole and try to get to Jon’s chin. That’s probably the dilemma with him, but he’s small. I don’t think he can outwrestle Jon. I think Jon beats him everywhere. I don’t think he can hit [Jones] with that right hand.”

As of late, Dan Henderson’s “H-Bomb” is a thing of legend, connecting with every opponent and knocking them senseless has become the aging former champion’s specialty.

Spanning three weight-classes, “Hendo” has been able to catch opponents from down to middleweight all the way up to heavyweight with his storied right hand.

Everyone knows it coming, he hides nothing with his right hand cocked back as he looks to engage the deadliest right hand in MMA today, but no one can stop it.

Coach Winkeljohn, the man responsible for the striking of Jon Jones, tells in a recent radio show appearance that he believes the champ can take our “Hendo” in any situation and with the two likely to fight down the line, this is something that he needs to hope Jones can deliver on.

But can he?

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