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Monday, 12/26/2011, 01:20 pm

UFC NEWS – Jones Can Beat Hendo Everywhere, Says Coach

“Dan’s big right hand is always a big challenge. [He’s] somebody that could be able to close that gap and find a hole and try to get to Jon’s chin. That’s probably the dilemma with him, but he’s small. I don’t think he can outwrestle Jon. I think Jon beats him everywhere. I don’t think he can hit [Jones] with that right hand.”

As of late, Dan Henderson’s “H-Bomb” is a thing of legend, connecting with every opponent and knocking them senseless has become the aging former champion’s specialty.

Spanning three weight-classes, “Hendo” has been able to catch opponents from down to middleweight all the way up to heavyweight with his storied right hand.

Everyone knows it coming, he hides nothing with his right hand cocked back as he looks to engage the deadliest right hand in MMA today, but no one can stop it.

Coach Winkeljohn, the man responsible for the striking of Jon Jones, tells in a recent radio show appearance that he believes the champ can take our “Hendo” in any situation and with the two likely to fight down the line, this is something that he needs to hope Jones can deliver on.

But can he?

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42 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jones Can Beat Hendo Everywhere, Says Coach”

  1. dlee says:

    Dan needs to come in and try to beat jon, not just hit. Trying to throw punches in the wind will only get Dan hurt. Do what rampage didnt and fight this kid Dan!

  2. j mann says:

    jones is a beast. i dont see him losing in the next few years. anderson silva is jordan. jones is obviously kobe

  3. : ^ ) says:

    I wouldn’t count Hendo out because all needs is just ONE shot to rock Jones slightly and then finish the fight. Fans always look back to the UFC 100 knockout, but Jones is no Bisping. Jones has too many attributes to overcome for him to be beaten. Hendo’s been one of my faves for a long time. And Jones has been also since the Bonnar fight. But I gotta go with Jones if this fight ever happens.

  4. Fortyb4five says:

    Hendo has a better chance than anyone Jones has faced. Jones definitely has way more ways to win this but watch out for the H bomb cause its gonna land.

  5. rondo says:

    Hendo will not beat Jones sorry fellas,but give him a chance….why not….lol

  6. mmaislandjunkie says:

    hendo deserves props for wanting to fight the best, he already lost most of his teeth so i guess hes got nothing else to lose. too bad i cant see any way he will beat bones, hed have a better shot at machida or rampage.

  7. J says:

    jones would never take this fight after he barely got touched by machida and was dazed he knows if henderson lands that right hand its over for him

    • rondo says:

      yea I’m sure Hendo’s speed will be a factor,should make Machida look like slo motion, were not talking Bisping here its Jon Freakin Bones Jones!

      • J says:

        lol people make jon jones out to be a fighting god or something the dude has no chin its just no one has landed a clean punch yet because he was born with insane limb growth

        • Matt says:

          If you are a fighter that never gets hit, then I always thought that defense was part of it? That’s like saying the Steelers haven’t really been good this decade cause when they’ve won their Super Bowls, nobody has really scored as many touchdowns on them. Like it or not, defense is part of the game.
          Bottom line, Jones takes no damage and he dishes out a lot of it on his opponents.

        • J says:

          lol again not so much his defense but his god given limbs if he had average or even a little above average reach he wouldnt be able to keep as many of his opponents far enough from him to get a clean punch only fighter hes faced who wasnt scared of his reach was machida but machida just got caught plain and simple hendo would go at it the same way pretty much kill or be killed

        • Matt says:

          I agree its his reach. He’s also pretty quick. It’s been near impossible for any 205 lb guy to close that much distance quickly and accurately enough to land anything that would change the course of a fight. His long limbs help give him a great defense from strikes to the head. But u could also say Michael Jordan would not be the same player if he wasn’t 6’6 with a tremendous wingspan. Nobody brings that up. I see what you’re saying now though. We’re kinda saying the same thing i guess. The guy may never get hit hard enough at 205 for a while.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Yeah because height and limb length determines who wins a fight…thats why Stehan Struve is the heavyweight champ… wait!…You retard. He got hit from Machida adapted and finished him with ease and Rashad aside has totally dominated the best 3 fighters in the LHW division. I don’t see Hendo standing more than a fluke punchers chance. Jones wins this easily for me.

        • J says:

          yeah matt i agree with you about the 205 weight class part thats partly why i have been saying he should move up to heavyweight well that and because he said he could beat cain velasquez with ease lol

        • lol says:

          yeah, forget the wrestling, muay thai, boxing, HEIGHT & REACH wins fights !!! fricken retarded.

          Why does Jones have to change weight class to fight–why not have a heavyweight fight down, or middleweight fight up?

          just sayin….

  8. joey says:

    Man i hope this fight happens i mean Hendo has earned his shot but honestly i think the ufc is scared of this fight because they know that Henderson is on his way out and they also know that that right hand of his has a very good chance of landing and ending jones’s night so as a promoter do u realy want to see your up and coming star get knocked out cold??? because then it takes all the hype out of his sails and he loses a lot of market value….and trust me if the fight doesnt happen this is why because that H BOMB is a career ender

  9. Thetude says:

    what if what if what if?……….. man there is no way that dans right hand could ever come close to jones. Jones has a 13 1/2 inch reach advantage over hendo, it would be like king kong fighting a t rex

    • Matt says:

      I agree. It’s unlikely Hendo would get close enough to land the H bomb. Jones would really have to make a serious mistake. Machida, Rua and Rampage couldn’t do it. Anything is possible, but that’s how I see it.

  10. maurice says:

    The only way hendo doest land da H bomb is if jones immediately trns it into a wrestling match. That said, when hendos fresh he is 1 of the most dangerous fighters of all time. Very interesting match. Ppl forget hendo has a great left hook and vicious uppercuts. Either jones wins wit sub or decision. Or ko by hendo any round

  11. Creature says:

    Jones most likely can and will beat Hendo everywhere, but even with that said he still has a big chance at losing, as shown in the Shogun fight Hendo can literally crush peoples faces with his right hand and all it takes is one time.. Jones has gotta be extra careful and better not count on trying to rock Hendo with a big punch to set up anything, Its no secret Hendo has a much better chin than machida and will eat a shot to deliver a shot..

  12. maurice says:

    And hendo has very deceptive speed. Dats y dat right hand catches EVERY1

  13. Ricardo says:

    Anderson is the Pele in MMA..
    But the young Jon Jones is obviously the Messi in MMA..
    GSP is the Cristiano Ronaldo hahaah
    (Soccer talk)

  14. Mike McMack says:

    This fight will happen and Bones will beat Hendo on the ground. Hendo needs to work on his ground game, he’s like a turtle off his back and he doesn’t defend the takedown well. Jon’s specialty is the ground and pound so Jon would win this fight, not easily but he’d win it the way he’s won all of his fight…by finishing his opponent.

  15. GRT 3000 says:

    His right hand is famous for knocking guys senseless, but Shogun took a few of those bad boys and still managed to end the fight in full mount; now look what Jones did to Shogun. I know styles make fights, but…I think in this case we’d just have a repeat of JBJs last three epic opponents. Former champs at the top of their game getting their ass handed to them.

  16. Jon Jones would not take this fight. He wont even fight Rashad what makes u think he will sign the dotted line to fight Hendo. Silva has a better chance of fighting Chael than Jon does of fighting Hendo.

    • Thetude says:

      why you always gotta make it about silva and chael

    • Donnybrook says:

      Where do you get your info from!?… Jones will not fight Rashad or Hendo??, give me a break, he’ll fight who ever they put in front of him because it’s his job to do so! There is no ducking like you always claim about certain fighter UFC… that’s just a retard thinking.

  17. Spoolz25 says:

    @jujitsu player, jones has the longest reach in ufc history so comparing him to struve is irrevelent, pus everyone knows all the top guys at 205 are ageing, the 205 division isnt the same 205 as when tito and chuck were champions, its way weaker now….hence my point being the HW division is alot more competitive then the 205..

  18. jeff says:

    btw the way, who ever said reach and height, wins has never seen the pat barry vs stefan struve, he knocked him clean out

  19. jeff says:

    Roy nelson, vs stefen struve, im sorry!!!!

  20. Briant says:

    no way Hendo can beat Jones . Hendo’s wrestling sucks . He was even taken down multiple times by Shogun who is even a wrestler just imagine what Jones can do to him.

    Plus Hendo don’t even throw kicks often.

    This has Jones written all over it

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