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Thursday, 01/05/2012, 07:43 am

UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Wants Another Four-Fight Year In 2012

“My goal is to finish every fight in 2012. If I do that, a lot of other things will fall into place naturally. I want to finish every opponent. I’ve been thinking recently about trying to compete four times in the year again. I grew so much as a person that by doing that again in 2012 will just make me a better athlete. Originally I said I wanted to take off four or five months, but I may reconsider and come back sooner and have three or four fights this year.”

After having arguably the best year in MMA history, UFC champion, Jon Jones tells that he wants to follow up his stellar 2011 with another four-fight run this year in 2012.

With victories over Ryan Bader, Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida, Jones has already destroyed most of the top contenders in the division he rules over.

Are there even four-men left for him to fight this year?

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67 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Wants Another Four-Fight Year In 2012”

  1. Tapout A Warrior says:

    Evans or Davis, Hendo and maybe Shogun though he lost that was an awesome fight so it would be a much better fight than jones vs shogun 1. IMO

  2. Connor says:

    Hendo, Davis, Evans, Gustaffson, and a rematch with Shogun are all marketable fights for 2012. Theres also going to be tons of guys that go on streaks and want that shot too. Thiago Silva just got off his probation, right?

  3. Night-Wind says:

    And Sonnen.


  4. machinehead says:

    I think Anderson Silva can beat Jon Jones and for the first time in UFC there will be one man champion in two division.

  5. Tim says:

    Once Hendo cracks Jones, I want to see Dan vs Anderson at 205. Thats a great match up.

  6. SP says:

    Hendo and Rashad would lose sadly, I like them both.
    Machida was the guy with the best shot, like one of you said he could rectify his mistakes, coz you can’t make any with Jones.
    Anderson at this stage would win. He is the king of kings. I don’t so much like him fan wise, but he is is just too damn good and crafty. The best ever for over 5 years.
    Jones won’t have any probs til he moves to HW unless Machida finds the Dragon again that totally murdered Rashad when he was hot.

  7. CanILive says:

    how do you guys think hendo has a chance???
    you know damn well jon would draw him into the champ round and question his conditioning

    • Clarence Worley says:

      Jones could draw him into the SECOND round and take advantage of Hendo’s “conditioning”

      I love Hendo, but he brings nothing for Jones.

      Wrestler/Boxer that is older and slower than Jones with a 10+ inch reach disadvantage and a wrestling disadvantage- not a problem- been there done that. Same goes for Rashad & Davis & probably some others too. Gustafsson has almost zero ground experience and also a huge reach disadvantage, he is the next “interesting style matchup” but he’ll get whooped too.

      Challenges for JJ await at HW. ‘Til then he finishes every man put in front of him without a scratch on his face.

      (Anderson isn’t happening, not worth mentioning.)

    • Chris says:

      Because there always is a chance.

  8. oscar santana says:

    I think that jones v. Hendo would be 5 rounds of hoping hendo lands the right. Is that someone who really deserves a title shot? I would rather see Evans who actually has a shot. I don’t like the guy but he is smart and although boring style much like gsp he may b able to hold jones down for 5 rounds…… I doubt it but that’s as close as anyone gets.

  9. david.uppercut says:

    This guy needs to move up, he’s way too big for light heavyweight! He needs to fight cain velasquez or junior dos santos and take the title!

  10. "H"BOMB says:

    hendo, evans, gustaffon and then possibly davis or some other deserving contender. in such a fog of a division, you never really know who will be the next challenger sometimes case in example, rampage was on two fights (not impressive but none the less two fights) and he got the title shot. gustaffon on the other hand has been around for a while only one lose to phil davis and greatly improved. i think this fight would prove to be very interesting, he’s a good striker with recognizeably good tdd. that and he beat some of jones past outings in spectacular fashion. even though fights with hamill and the janitor were somewhat early in jone’s career, the match makers could see it as a strong challenge to jones and clashing of style that would make for a great fight.

  11. Diezel says:

    This may sound a bit premature, or even funny, But I really want to see this Allan Gustofson kid get a shot at Jones in the near future, He has the size and It looks like he has the skill set to make for an Interesting fight with “BONES” ……

  12. josh says:

    Evans is the only fight i really want to see right now

  13. Long-Strong says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh A L E X A N D E R G U S T A F S S O N is coming!!!!!

  14. joey says:

    Hendo has the best shot at beating jones because of his H BOMB Jones will constantly have to watch out for nobody else has anything for him but lets face it Hendo is not getting any younger so I hope that fight happens soon

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The only people who can beat Jones at 205 right now are Evans, Hendo, Shogun, Rampage. Three out of four have excellent chins and one has a suspect chin. These are people who beat Jones!

    –Machida- Can’t get rocked and recover.
    –Alexander Gustafasson- Too soon, let this egg cook a little while.
    –Ryan Bader- Although he has looked great in his most recent fight he would need to beat Rampage and someone else maybe Alexander in order to convince me.
    –Davis- He needs to grow in the striking department which is why he will get owned by Evans.

    Fedor can beat Jones. (Fedor vs Hong man Choi)

    • Leslie says:

      Then why didn’t Shogun or Rampage beat him? They got totally DESTROYED! Rashad, as much as he talks, doesn’t want the fight with Jones. I don’t see anyone at LHW, at this time, beating Jones. Hendo would manage to lose just like Rampage did. You think a one dimensiinal fihter like Hendo is going to beat Jones? He is slow with a huge reach disadvantage. If Hendo is smart, he’ll steer clear of Jones.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Shogun had ring rust and Rampage choked and didn’t pull the trigger. Btw Rampage lasted longer than anyone has against Jones maybe you should look up what destroyed means. It’s really hard to hit someone who runs away for most of the match while hitting you with pitty pat punches from a foot away. He couldn ‘t keep him down, take him down but twice, or KO him. The only visible damage he did to Rampage was a cut over his eye from an elbow during an attempt at GnP (also something he failed to do on Rampage). WTF are you talking about? Hendo isn’t slow either. Why don’t you watch his fight against Fedor (it’s on youtube) or if you can watch his recent fight against Shogun. This isn’t a black and white discussion here @Leslie prove your point.

        • Ninja Please says:

          Rampage lost every aspect of the fight in every round and got finished.

          He couldn’t lay a finger on Jones, couldn’t take him down, got outstruck more than 3-1 …. he got whooped.

          Shogun got MURDERED. Ring rust had nothing to do with that.

          Hendo will have a 13.5 inch reach disadvantage, and he is more than 15 years older. His entire MMA game consists of one strike, a right hand. Jones would outclass Hendo, move around, kick him from distance and once Hedno was gassed, say 3-4 minutes into the first round, then at some point after that when Hendo got out of position he’d get put on the ground and submitted.

          Evans is yet another boxer wrestler, who has better movement, but also huge reach issues and a suspect chin. He loses too. It will sell a lot of tickets, but he loses.

          HW. end of story.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Your argument is as weak as Leslie’s name is girly. You didn’t consider Jones performance against Rampage and compare it to past fights that Jones has had. I think you are forgetting that more people were impressed with Rampage’s performance than Jon Jones who was ahead by a large margin in the betting odds. Compare and contrast Nick vs BJ (a similar in terms of strikes) and you will be disappointed in the amount of damage he did to Rampage. He did close to nothing regardless of getting the rear naked choke.

          You too like Leslie are in denial of the fact that Shogun was affected by ring rust and deserves another shot. He was out from May 2010- March 2011 that’s a little over a year if my math is correct. Shogun was just being a humble loser.

          As far as Hendo having a huge reach disadvantage.. That argument is null because everyone in the UFC has a reach disadvantage against Jones. What is your point? Hendo isn’t afraid to get hit on the way going inside, which is exactly where Rampage went wrong in his fight with Jones. He also has strong wrestling and TD defense. You are stupid to think that Hendo has no chance.

          Out of everyone Evan’s might have the best chance because his striking is better than Jones and he is a better wrestler than Rampage and Hendo.. You seeing trend here? 3 out of my 4 picks have past experience in wrestling but specialize in striking. Jon Jones may have a reach advantage but his striking isn’t as strong as most of the top ten lhw which is where he ran into problems with Machida.

          Jones is defeated sooner or later like everyone else… End of story.

        • Ninja Please says:

          You, Ninja, are fucking delusional…

          Rampage was utterly outclassed by Jon Jones.
          Shogun got brutally beaten and even tapped out.
          Machida got choked out.

          You have nothin but excuses.

          Rampage put on a great performance…. whoopdy do, he lost
          Shogun had ring rust…. excuse.
          Hendo will walk thru Jone’s punches… not happening, here is Hendo’s best case sceanrio

          He eats a punch and a kick to swing and miss at the place where Jon Jones’ head was when Hendo started to throw the punch, falling short by 2 feet while Jones angles out and repositions for more long distance strikes or a takedown, repeat until Hendo is gassed and defenseless and gets finished, no later than round 3.

          Hate all you want, and dude, you sound mentally challenged when you have to ask what the point is in reference to reach, watch a fight, it matters. Watch Shogun come nowhere near getting inside to land on Jones, watch Machida get dropped trying to close the distance… reach matters, don’t be stupid.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          @Ninja Please, its cool I don’t mind sounding delusional but you aren’t reading what I am saying. These aren’t chump fighters sand honestly I knew Machida wouldn’t last long. He has a habit of backing away when he has the advantage.

          Honestly how many people deserve a shot or are left capable of beating Jones at 205. The people I chose are the most capable in my opinion. These aren’t exscuses as to why they lost but reasons as to why they would be successful in a title challenge. They are in a position to put up the most opposition. What bothers me the most about Jon Jones supporters is that they won’t admit he has a shot against Jones. Even after I proved to you he had ring rust in their initial bout but deaf ears you know. Whatever, at least you put up a decent argument not a great one. Lol

          Who do you have winning? Overeem or JDS?

  16. Mike Diaz says:

    Give Hendo a shot, the H-Bomb is marketable. Let Rashad squash his beef with the champ, that one is already heated up and will be a seller. Let the Dragon get a decisive finish, then grant him another shot since he’s been the only fighter to get the champ in some kind of trouble. Finally, give us all a Jones vs Silva fight to retire the Spider and top off 2012! Diaz Bros. and TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  17. I cant imagine how Jon would recover from Hendos right hand. He might need like 9 months of physical therapy.

    • magoo says:

      Cmon Prodigy Hendo couldn’t finish Shogun,he couldn’t beat Page,he lost to Jake Shields,and you think he’s gonna KO Jones….please it aint happening!

      • Akid says:

        Well said Magoo!!! Seems lke everyone wants to fabricate a losing scenario for Jones as they don’t like the thought of someone being that genetically talented they can run through all the names we know and love… Guess what people, the game has changed, get used to it!!!

  18. Oregon Dude says:

    Aint NO ONE beatin Jones anytime soon. Henderson would get smothered!!!

  19. jonessss says:

    lol! you jones haters have more excuses then anything i have EVER seen. hes beat anyone with no problem.. face it. he will beat anyone in his path thus far in his career

  20. Akid says:

    Look at different sports such as – tennis, basketball, golf… Pretty sure we could pluck a few names out of those three that would fit into the category of unbeatable in their respective primes!!! Enough said…

  21. Donnybrook says:

    Good news for MMA fans!… the man puts on a good show for us so the more the merrier. With that said I don’t see anyone taking his belt from him.

  22. A.James says:

    Jones has three more fights at the m

  23. A.James says:

    Jones has three more fights at the most before he’s totally cleaned out the 205 division. 4 fights a year sounds good on paper but it would be bad for business.

  24. A.James says:

    Maybe Roy Nelson would drop to 205 he’s thrown down with the heavyweights. He would be a legit challenge to Jones once he really slims down which he’s working on.

  25. kel says:

    chuck liddell will murder any 205ers

  26. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo and Evans have the best chances.

  27. JAT says:

    hendo doesnt have anything for bones. you cant hit what you cant catch. jones will break him down like he did to shogun and finish him off. hendo is just like rampage but with great wrestling. i still think jones would stuff hendos take downs and go back to destroying him. Plus hendo is getting old so his cardio is starting to whither, it showed really bad in the shogun fight. he will be destroyed like all of the others who have come up short against jones.

  28. CanILive says:

    lol you can come up with any excuse you want forty, but nobodies dethroning Jon. and someone of machida’s caliber should not be vulnerable to guillotines. I just don’t wanna hear ” oh machida showed his vulnerabilities” if you swarm ANYBODY with strikes of course they’re not gonna like it

  29. IamJOB says:

    you obviously dont train….”the guillotine is the easiest submission to get a hold of”…..WHAT AN IDIOT. and “very vulnerable neck of Machida”??? yeah cuz he gets choked out all the time…..dumbass! Jones is just a bad match up for anyone.

  30. Jmad says:

    brian ebersole said the guillotine is a myth. i guess he knows how to get out of one. i’ve had to pull a guillotine a couple times and they’ve always worked for me

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