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Wednesday, 12/14/2011, 07:30 am

UFC NEWS – Jon Jones On P4P Ranking: I'm Number 3, The Top 2 Have Simply Been In The Game Longer

“You know, a lot of people are really starting to rank me up there in the top three of the UFC as a whole and that’s a great honor. The two guys that are ahead of me are Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva and they’ve just simply been in the game a lot longer than I have.”


55 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Jones On P4P Ranking: I'm Number 3, The Top 2 Have Simply Been In The Game Longer”

  1. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    “Been in the game a lot longer than I have….” Maybe we should put title pictures on hold for just 3-4 months (how bad could that hurt?) and let Bones fight A. Silva. Please. I’d really like Bones to get cozy with the actual meaning of humility.

    • Rusk says:

      Will never happen, there’s not a Damn thing for Silva to gain from fighting bones, hes already considered the goat by most so winning wouldn’t do much for him and if he lost it would prolly end his career

    • CanILive says:

      Losing to silva would be humiliating? retarded, homie

    • Mach00man says:

      As good as Jones is, he’s not on Silva’s level. To be able to compete against Silva, Jones would have to be in a certain mental state and be on a different level of maturity. And he’s just not there yet.

      • Anayalater says:

        Jones’ mental state is right where it’s supposed to be…confident! And that’s where he would need to be to face Silva and win. The only chink in Anderson’s perverbial armor is the pounding he took from a wrestler named Chael Sonnen! Chael took him down round after round and pounded on Silva! Ya, we all know the excuses…Silva was hurt, and Chael cheated with performance enhancing drugs…but you cant change the fact that Jones being a wrestler, and the bigger fighter with a longer reach and equal speed and power…would not only pose a real threat to silva, but in the back of silva’s mind…he’ll be thinking of the fact that Jones can take him down at any moment! Jones by TKO!

        • Mach00man says:

          Oh here we go with this Sonnen stuff. Fact remains that HE TAPPED! Ok, let me elaborate further, he quit, he cried uncle, he gave up, he said “I can’t breath anymore Mr. Silva, please stop choking me”. Doesn’t matter how many rounds he pounded Silva for, in the end he couldn’t hang and he tapped out. Did I make it clear enough?

        • Brian says:

          Calm Down bro he never said sonnen didn’t tap he was stateing a small weakness silva may have avainst a bigger wrestler.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        This post is utter drivel. wtf dos level of maturity have to do with anything, he’s the youngest LHW champion ever which is probably one of the toughest and most competitive divisions with lots of dangerous guys. Fact is we’ll never get to see this fight because Dana has no desire to put his best guys against each other. BUT if he did Jones would destroy Silva. He’s too big and strong and would win with his vicious ground and pound.

  2. jaiden says:

    To be honest I rate frankie edgar above Jones P4P

  3. Dude says:

    I dont believe he has to fight Silva just yet. It would be a hell of a fight, and Im not even sure Silva could pull it off. BUT, given that jones is fairly new to all this, he does need to keep on beating his weight class. He already has beaten the best 205 pounders in the world, and in no time he wont even have any competition left for him. Its always gonna be the same ones, up until another ridiculously skilled 205 makes his debut.

  4. Greg says:

    does he even know what pound for pound means? No its not the freak build or anything jon why you are doing so good, if you were pound for pound even you wouldnt even with the other figthers on the list you wouldnt be mentioned.

  5. Mike McMack says:

    If Jones cleans out 205 with no losses…he will be the new GOAT with Anderson being number 2. 205 is way more stacked than 185 ever has been. Anderson became known as the greatest for his streak at 185, if Jones has a similar streak at 205…he’s the better fighter overall. What crazy is the fact that Jones can do all that before he reaches the age of 30.

  6. RCS says:

    What “requirements” do you look at to judge a #4# fighter?

    techniques, athletic ability, record, finishes, competition caliber, history, and relevance?
    How do you judge #4# what status do you concider?

    I’d have to give it to Jones. He’s had a flawless year. 4 wins, 4 finishs against 3 fomer champions. He has never been stopped (has he ever lost a round?), At this moment in time he is #4#.

    • JB Spencer says:

      I agree with you, however i think p4p gets thrown around alil too easily and often these days. It wasnt all that long ago some wer saying miguel tores might be p4p the best, and now look at him, when was the last time he won a fight?? Hell now he has to tweet inipropriate rape joke just to get his name mentioned.

    • Rob says:

      How can you say hes never lost a round? A lot of people think he lost the first round in this last fight here.

  7. Ernesto says:

    Anderson Silva has similar reach , a ton of experience, and waaaaay more jiu jit su and pinpoint boxing skills… he even went to 205 and won a couple times, in spectacular fashion. HE IS NOT THE BEST P4P BECAUSE OF TIME!!. i respect you jonnny bones, but you should show some respect for the living legends of the ufc. frankie edgar or even jose aldo are better pound 4 pound! not to mention JDS!

    • CanILive says:

      lol did you watch the interview, the guy made him answer the question that way, apparently anything jon does is disrespectful, all he is saying is give him more time to prove his P4P worthiness

    • A.James says:

      He beat Griffin who was/is a can. Silva isn’t facing elite strikers. I’m not talking about guys who knock people out. I’m talking about guys like Machida who have that pin point accuracy and a great sense of timing. Put Silva against a real striker.

  8. jeff says:

    all you don’t understand, anderson will be p4p king, untill either a) he fights gsp or b) untill he fights jones, now is jones one of the top 3 p4p yes, he’s crushed huge guys, and make them look like amatuers exactly what anderson silva and gsp do, but is he better then them, we dunno yet, but you ppl that have been saying edgar and aldo, noo im sorry, aldo’s very tough and could be the ruler of this mountain, but right now its anderson

  9. rayed says:

    Classy ass mofo! Who would have though Machida would be his toughest match?
    I’d like to see him fight Davis, Evens, or hendo

    • Philippe says:

      I’d actually like to see Machida face him one more time. But for now I’d say Rashad have the biggest chance of winning. I see Davis being finished like Bader and Hendo just getting submitted easily. Jones reach is just way tooo crazy.

  10. jeff says:

    jones best fight right now, is either hendo or anderson haha:P

  11. Philippe says:

    Jones said it right. Anderson and GSP has been in the game longer than he has. They contributed more in the sport and their names are in the process of being put up in the list of legends and game changers. Although by end of next year we can truly say that Jones should be on the 1st or 2nd depending how his title defenses go.

  12. Ahbustae86 says:

    If Silva fights JJ at 205 it be like BJ fitting GSP at 170. JJ by GnP. I can’t stand Edgar’s style but he should be ranked at 2 or 3. Wrestlers have problems holding this guy on his back. Strikers have a hard time hitting him flush. He has heart and conditioning. He’s been in wars. His BJJ hasn’t been tested, but I don’t see any BJJ fighter taking him down and controling him.

  13. JB Spencer says:

    See now i like aldo and he is an amazing fighter, but p4p?? I feel like im the only one but i just dont see it especially lately, he has cardio issues, he hasnt been finishing fights, and he hasnt been dominating. Not taking anything away from hominic or florian, but in my opinion he should have dominated and/or finished both of them to be considered one of the p4p.

    Both penn and manard beat and basicly dominated florian, while aldo barely won a decision against him. I just dont see it.

  14. Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar > Jones.

  15. mediumNog says:

    Sorry Jones but Frankie Edgar is above you on the P4P list and you just beat a guy coming off 1-2 in his last 3 fights

  16. Drubolts says:

    P4p the best is CM Punk

  17. dieselkush says:

    jon stickman jones is no better a person than fagget mir. they both got their wins in dramatic fashion that night and wont take anything away from them for that. big nog did about the worst thing you could do to a douche like mir and let him recover. he was two hammer fist away from having flat out. but thats his bad but the way mir talked about it i hope he has to fight cigano next. like to see him talk shit then. as far as stickman droppin the dragon on his head it was up to the ref to catch him not jones and for that i say hes gettin to much gas for that. with his frame he should be considering to move to heavyweight if there is no one else to challenge him at 205. im sure cigano can give him something to think about and for his butt lovin trainer they will lose like they all do and when that happens ill love to see what he’ll say then.. i hope rashad knocks him out:)

  18. hypehpyehype says:

    anderson fanboys can rage all they want. we all know jones would smash anderson

  19. Anthony1994 says:

    At times he really does make it hard to like him!

    • Ricky Hurtado says:

      Young Athletes should be favored. But their attitude should be right. I’m in no place to say anything because I’m obviously NOT in any spotlight. I will say this, it’s hard to not be a Tim Tebow fan because of his encouraging humility. It’s not always enough to just be talented. I guess Bones Jones is a fan of Mayweather and Ali. Dude’s did the same exact thing.

  20. A.James says:

    Edgar is a much better candidate for p4p because he’s beating guys in a weight class above where he should be fighting. All the other guys have us wondering what they would look like at a higher weight class. Hes showing us what he can do at a higher weight class obtaining the championship belt and KOing the only man to beat and tie him. Once he gets past Bendo who else does he need to beat at 155? Cerone, Melendez, and maybe Pettis. The guys at 145 dread the day Edgar eats a salad and hits the sauna. EDGAR 4P4!

  21. Zack says:

    Bones has fought on good person and that’s machida. Rampage hasn’t been shit since pride. Shogun has some very bad cardio. And not to mention everytime jones fights he looks two weight classes bigger than his opponent. Number 5 p4p for jones

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