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Monday, 12/05/2011, 03:59 pm

UFC NEWS – Jon Jones: "I'm the best fighter that I've ever been right now."

“Judging on my numbers in the weight room, judging on my numbers in the cardio tests, it’s the best I’ve ever been. I’m the best fighter that I’ve ever been right now… I have changed as an athlete — I believe in my heart that I’m the best, I believe I won’t lose to Lyoto, or Rashad [Evans], or [Dan] Henderson or any of the other guys. … As ‘Bones’ I’m growing and yeah I’m a little cocky and it’s important to be that way. But as Jonathan, in the real world, everyone who meets me will say I treated them with the utmost respect.”

Having just appeared on’s The MMA Hour, Jon Jones, talked about his upcoming title defense this weekend against Lyoto Machida.

Best he has ever been, at this age, should be expected, to have reached the peak of his skillset so young, would be almost criminal. However, what does that mean for his future opponents? Will Jon Jones be the unstoppable force that the light-heavyweight has been lacking since the Tito Ortiz/Chuck Liddell era’s ended?

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56 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Jones: "I'm the best fighter that I've ever been right now."”

  1. phace says:

    Being cocky is a good thing? I don’t know about that one.

    • G says:

      I’m not even really on the Jones bandwagon right now, but here I believe what he’s saying is correct. This is not only competition, but competition in FIGHTING. The essence of fighting is bettering your opponent physically AND mentally. Not just physically. Having physical gifts, skillful gifts, and believing that you are better than your opponent is a large advantage. “Cockiness” is just a partial fight in the mental war of the “game” itself. If Jones beats Lyoto, he’ll have defended the belt twice and will have earned my respect. If he defends it one more time, I’ll call him great like everyone else has already been calling him.

      • phace says:

        I disagree…Confidence is cool ..Cockiness can potentially leave you open to a loss. I think he’s just ebracing what others keep calling him instead of correcting it.

  2. BJPennrules says:

    Someone please knock this person out!

  3. RCS says:

    Hope he can fit his big head through the Eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24). Is there MMA in heaven?


  4. Fortyb4five says:

    fuck Jon Jones, that is all.

  5. Wes says:

    No, not its good to be cocky..He meant I love Bukake…(Exhibit A: picture above)

  6. Ruben says:

    homo jones sucks donkey balls

  7. Anthony1994 says:

    Wow, lotta jones hate I can’t see why, most fighters are cocky at least he admits it and is a nice guy. I’m rooting’ for Machida but I like Jones.

  8. SP says:

    Machida KO in round 2 or 3 yea I said it!

  9. Mitch says:

    Being cocky as a fighter is not a bad thing at all. If you think your the man, your going to be the man. And he also has all the skills/strengths/motivation in the world to back it up. We have seen what he has done to all those he has faced. He made rampage look like some chump. But you have to earn respect. You can’t just come in and start talking all this trash. The fans, and the other fighters are not going to take kindly to that. Wait till Machida knocks him out. Lets see how cocky he is after that. I don’t know if Machida is going to do it, but if there is some1 that can do it, its him. Fuck Jon Jones

  10. A.James says:

    No one has really hit this guy. If any one is capable of doing it its Lyoto. Let’s see how good his chin is.

  11. P R O D I G Y says:

    This guy is the most boring champ. thats why he has no fans.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      jon jones and anderson silva are the most exciting fighters in mma right now. cant think of too many guys who would own hendo and chael like anderson and bones would.

      • ricky says:

        did you really just say anderson owned chael? are you retarded? I mean yea he won the fight but up until that submission, chael was absolutely beating the shit out of anderson.

        • Eric says:

          Let just forget that sonnen was on roids and was kicked out of the UFC. How about he fights without any s#!+ in his system and see how he does?

        • David says:

          He was never kicked out of the ufc dumbass his license to fight was suspended

        • wowuplr-retards says:

          You people really can’t read or,comprehend the truth.That’s because chael owned silvia. His testosterone level was like. 01 higher than normal. The treatments he was and still undergoing because his body don’t produce anuff. So to say chael was all drugged up. Lmfao and silvia knows he got owned that’s why he’s scared. Sonnon shouldn’t have to wait for another shot. He dominated till the spider got lucky. You people on these sites lack any kind of mma knowledge. Fn tards

        • Xaninho says:

          @wowuplr-retards , you don’t deserve the oxygen you’re breathing.

          CSAC executive director George Dodd stated Sonnen’s Testosterone levels were SUBSTANTIALLY higher, he emphasized it wasn’t just a little bit but a lot dumbass!

          And he needs it, cause he’s on roïds, which make your body stop producing it’s own testosterone.

          So instead of saying people don’t know shit, educate yourself and come back when you know what you’re talking about.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i said would not did, retard. but yeah in the rematch an uninjured silva would own sonnen.

        • Xaninho says:

          @ricky, Did you really say Sonnen ‘ beat the shit out of Anderson’? Chael ‘fluffy fist’ Sonnen can’t beat the shit out of anything. He hits like a girl.

      • All Jon Jones does is fckin lay and pray the dude puts me too sleep. Hes been fighing so safe lately winning on points is his main objective he cant finish a guy forreal like a real champ.

        • magoo says:

          why you gotta sound so stupid when it comes to fighters you dislike? If Bones gets on top of you the only one layin and prayin are his opponents,prayin Bones don’t give them the Vera treatment! Can’t wait to see Bones decimate the Dragon,hope he doesn’t hurt him to bad I like Lyoto.

        • Tom says:

          Of his last 7 fights, he has finished all 7 of them. The average round finished is about 1:50 seconds into the second round. 3 submissions, 3 TKOs, one DQ via illegal (albeit a weird rule) elbow. He is well rounded, as shown by the diversity of his finishes. He has finished 1 former pride champions/ufc champion, one former ufc champion, one former TUF winner, and one former IFL multiple time champion. He is also the youngest man to ever hold a UFC belt. Just spewing your uneducated opinions and offering them as fact is ignorant!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          prodigy on his troll today. only lnp champ in the ufc is gsp. dont claim bones lnps when he cracks ppls cheekbones with elbows from the top position. anderson and bones = excitement. chael and gsp = boring fucks. you somehow have been mindfucked to believe the opposite.

        • bizzle says:

          LOL, prodigy did you take your meds today? I am not a Bones fan but how you can call Bones a lay n pray guy when you support a MW fighter in Sonnen who has the highest decision rate in the UFC, even higher then Fitch is beyond me..

          Sonnen decision = 57%
          Bones decision = 14%

          Now are you a hypocrite or just semi retarded? Which one?

        • Donnybrook says:

          Semi… more like fully.

        • Jones never earned a finish. Shogun tapped and Rampage quit and gave him his neck. Jones is bad for the sport hes the most arrogant champ. Until Jon Jones proves he can headline a UFC card by putting on an exciting main event like GSP i think he should be moved down to the undercard. Maybe spike prelims ifhes facing a big name guy

        • Alex says:

          This must be trolling. Can’t see how anyone in their right mind set would call Jon Jones a lay’n’pray kinda fighter. And he finished all his fights sooooooooo? :p

  12. keoni boi says:

    I dont understand why people hate the the ones who are actually the ones who better the sport…without silva the middleweight division would be a no name…without jones light heavy division would result in the title going back n for between fighters…there has been no true champ in that,division since tito/iceman now that this young kid came and dominated everyone in his way youll hhate him..i dont get it…i mean he is alittle cocky but so is alot of cats in mma…should be a good fight but until someone proves me wrong jones has the edge hands down…you people really need to open ur eyes! Educate before u speak!

    • LOL says:

      Haters hate, period. No reasoning with people like that. Jealous people are jealous, period. No answer for that.

      Michael Jordan? Cocky. Aaron Rodgers? Cocky. Nadal? Cocky. Superstars are cocky to a point no matter the sport. Confidence, cocky, it’s all semantics. They’re good and they know it and they exude the confidence not only on the field/court, but off of it also. I would be the same too if I excelled at a sport to a level those athletes are at.
      Not a reason to hate, though.

  13. mick says:

    correct me if im wrong….but wasnt VITOR BELFORT the youngest ufc champion?

    • Amir says:

      No, Vitor Belfort won the title from Randy Couture when he was 26 yrs old in January 2004. Vitor never successfully defended the title. Couture then defeated Vitor to regain the title in August of 2004. Jon Jones was 23 when he won the title by totally destroying Shogun. And for the record, I have seen a few fights in which guys have managed to get a solid strike or two in and ROCK Jon Jones, but those blows obviously didn’t bother him too much. Some fighters can’t seem to avoid getting hit. Jon Jones on the other hand, can. He has learned how to use his body’s build to his advantage. He avoids taking strikes…. that is just smart as a fighter. JBJ is an awsome fighter, without question. Machida is an incredible fighter too. I want JBJ to secure the win, and I’m pretty sure he will. He has NEVER even been losing any of his matches in the UFC. I still wish the best for Machida. I like him too and I hope he continues to have a great career even after this.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      he won the hw tourny i think when he was like 19 or something..didn’t win a title tho.

  14. A.James says:


  15. george says:

    look lads jones is going to make machida look like a first timer and you all no it

    • RCS says:

      Style to style you don’t give the man a chance? Not to long ago Machida was sitting the the hype chair the Jones is in. Can’t say i disagree with you but i’m not as commited … But i guess i buy the hype that Machida has a unique style and ability to close the distance.

  16. Night-Wind says:

    I said this before and gonna say it again.

    Some heavyweights who can go down at 205, should do that.

  17. Amir says:

    Jon Jones’ advantages= Crazy strikes from FAR away. Solid submissions. Unstoppable ground and pound. Good cardio. Very strong. The length of his limbs provide great leverage for many throws and subs. Great speed. If it goes to a clinch, he WILL take you down quickly and end up on top. Elbows from the top that nobody can stop. Crazy slams.

    Lyoto Machida’s advantages= Very precise and unpredictable striking, when he’s in range. Nice takedowns from the clinch. Very fast. Good cardio. I think his subs may be solid too, but we almost never get to see that from him.

    On paper, JBJ has the win. Don’t forget 3 pretty recent fights that Machida had. MachidaVsShogon1: Shogun gave Machida waaay too much trouble. MachidaVsShogun2: Shogun destroyed Machida
    MachidaVsRampage: Rampage gave Machida a lot of trouble in this fight
    Now how did JBJ do against those guys that were problems for Machida? I’ll never say never, but if both fighters are at the tops of their games on Dec 10th, JBJ should walk away with the win.

  18. John "Bones" Jones says:

    Hi it’s me jones. Uhh I personally think that i’m gonna loose to Lyoto Machida. I don’t think im fast enough for him. Everybody thinks im all that but in fact im not that good. I suck and I’m gonna get KNOCK the $#%^ out at December 10. Be sure to watch it. Don’t blink.

  19. Amir says:

    LOL All the JBJ hate without valid explanations is too funny. I saw the SAME types of posts just before Jon Jones destroyed the BEST EVER RAMPAGE. lol All the JBJ haters were saying that he was gonna get slaughtered…..but of course not to my surprise, it happened the other way around:) If I’m wrong about Dec 10th, I’ll eat my words and take my hat off to the new champ Machida for sure.

  20. Nick says:

    Like the UFC 2010 video game into, “So you wanna be a fighter?
    Its not about how hard you can hit, or how fast you can move. Its about courage, commitment, knowing that you can be the best”

  21. Amir says:

    Anybody still believe Jonny “Bones” Jones is a fake??? My boy Bones put Machida to SLEEP! But, Machida still fought like a true champ! I still take my hat off to Machida. He tagged JBJ quite a few times, but Bones did his thing as usual. And as usual, Bones was very respectful and professional after the fight.

    • dave says:

      yeah ok mr know it all,….very respectful how he put down machida nicely after jones knew he was sleeping in his arms…ohh no he droppen him like dead meat…the guys is way to cockey,,,licking his fingers to wet his eye brows like fukin goof,,,he is unstoppable,,but i loved the look of fear on his smug face after round 1,,,,u a goof on here boasting about jones…like hes your boy

      • Amir says:

        You’re a funny guy Dave. I like what Bones has to offer and I have good reasons for everything I say about his fighting. All facts dude. Anybody can find these facts if they just do a little research before posting inaccurate comments about a fighter. Out of all the guys who passed out on their feet from a choke, I have NEVER seen any other fighter gently place their heads down on the mat as if they’re tucking their opponent in for bed. LOLOL Me a “goof” for standing up for a fighter I respect and like?? And other people are doing something better for talking a bunch of BS and posting obvious lies about him?? You really make me laugh. Whether I know Jon personally or I don’t has nothing to do with anything that I said…yet another distraction from things that really matter.

        • Amir says:

          And obviously, Jones is NOT unstoppable… Everyone will take the L one day. His day to lose will be here too, just like everyone else’s. It just wasn’t on Dec 10th! He is a great fighter and he knows it. He expects to be on top for a long time, but he knows he’ll meet his match one day. I’m just hoping for a long prosperous career for him at the top. Some people are hoping for his failure. Simple. Spend a little time actually listening to what the two fight announcers are saying when JBJ fights. Coincidentally, what they see and say is the same thing that I see and say. Hmmmm. I suppose they’re just seeing things?? And @ Dave, I never named myself “Mr. Know it all” You did my friend.

  22. Amir says:

    Hellooo????? Where’d everybody go??? LOLOLOLOL

  23. John "Bones" Jones says:

    im a fag. i suck cock. and im not unstoppable. i just got beat up standing up with machida. And Amir, whered you go? Come suck my dick. :)

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