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Monday, 01/23/2012, 08:47 am

UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Favors Evans Over Davis This Weekend On FOX

“I’m picking Rashad Evans. I’m in his corner … I want to fight Rashad. He’s the antagonist of my career. There’s no just pumping up pay per views when it comes to me and Rashad. Everything about us disliking each other is true. After we fight each other it’ll all be clear, and he can go have a seat somewhere.”

If you missed it, the UFC light-heavyweight champion appeared on last Friday’s FUEL TV UFC on FX special to discuss many topics including this weekend’s UFC on FOX 2 main event between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis.

The Jones vs. Evans feud has been ongoing ever since Jon decided to go on the record in an interview proclaiming that he would have no issue fighting Rashad.

At the time the two were self-proclaimed best friends, brothers and training partners, however the mouth of Jones ruined the relationship and ignited one of the biggest rivalries in the sport today.

Evans has been vocal about his ability to beat Jones in training, he quit his team and moved camps and is now just one win away from facing his rival.

But will Evans be able to handle the elite wrestling of Phil Davis or will Phil kill all hopes of this dream matchup coming to fruition?

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30 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Favors Evans Over Davis This Weekend On FOX”

  1. rashad's mother says:

    he is only picking rashad because he wants to fight him not that he really feels that he is better than phil davis. phil davis is going to win

    • GREGNOIR says:

      Agreed. Probably be a boring ground fight. Just pinning for points.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        And what is the basis for your assumption? Neither of these guys is known for a lay n pray style, and usually when two grapplers meet, it ends up being a stand up. You sound like a new fan who just hopped off the boxing bandwagon.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Rashad’s # 1 weapon of Lay n pray will not work against a way better wrestler like Phil Davis. I thought it was funny that Jones said Rashad probably will try and lay on Phil. No’p I think Davis has a good chance in this one. I know everyone wants Rashad to win so they can all see Jones KO him but I think Davis deserves the win more than Rashad. All the top 205ers have had to fight each other in last year or so except Rashad who has only had to fight a washed up Tito. I think rashad should have had to fight machida again or Shogun , hendersen. what gives all those guys have to fight each other but Rashad gets to weazil his wway around them. I would love to see Thiago Silva get his hands on Rashad again

  2. GREGNOIR says:

    I really want to see Jones vs Evans. Just to settle this bore fest of a rivalry. My Money’s on Jones.

  3. yo momma says:

    rashad all the way!!

  4. J.Powers says:

    I think Jones vs Henderson would be more exciting.

  5. CrAzyBK64 says:

    I fell asleep thinking about this fight. Boringggggggg

  6. lex walker says:

    Davis does not pose a threat to rashad at all

  7. justin says:

    Rashad only lays and prays against strikers. Phil Davis’s only chance is to win on the ground on top. Rashad can win on top or standing. So my guess is the Blackzillians camp is gonna get him to stand against Davis

    • hepp says:

      Ya ok that’s why he laid out chuck liddel and sean salmon and for two and a half rounds he slapped jackson around rashad is a beast people knock him so much but the only fight he lost was to machida when machida was in his prime and rashad would have won that fight if he had not underestimated him to begin with

  8. Thetude says:

    im thinking a 2nd round KO for evans, then the same for jones in the championship fight

  9. Steven says:

    I wouldn’t say the “Biggest” rivalry lol

  10. Mo says:

    boo…we want to see hendo vs jones already

  11. For Your Consideration says:

    Davies is a great fighter but he has been inactive for a while which will be the major contributing factor to Rashad’s advantage. Davies will be a great threat soon enough but not this Saturday.

  12. lol says:

    You guys dont know anything about MMA. Phil Davis is over rated trash and Rashad will expose of him then fight Jones and lose to him.. enough said trolls

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Depending on how Evan’s stand up and wrestling looks against Davis will determine how well he will do against Jones. Jones’ range and timing is what killed the beast named Machida not striking ability because we all know who was the better striker that night.

  13. cole says:

    Evans finishes him in the first no questions asked

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