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Thursday, 12/22/2011, 04:35 am

UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Coach: Striking Like Anderson and A Jab Like Ali Is What Fans Can Expect From Jon Jones

“He’s constantly wanting to learn and evolve. He’s much better than people have even seen at this point. He’s capable of so many more things that he does in the gym quite often. He has knockout power in both hands when he wants to throw them. He’s just at that point where he doesn’t have enough experience yet to trust his motion and his distancing as Anderson Silva does now. But soon, he’ll be Anderson Silva-like with his standup. And of course he’s at a whole different level when it comes to the ground game.”

“The sky’s the limit for the kid. People don’t understand. He does have knockout power in both hands, and his feet are getting to the point where people don’t want to be taking those kicks. They will be at the highest K-1 kickboxing level here soon. It’s just a matter of time through repetition and confidence to get there. People haven’t seen how explosive his knees are. We’ve seen him drop elbows on people, but he can do that standing up as well. I know one buzzed by Machida early in the fight. He’s capable of becoming so much better than he is right now. He’s just scary. I don’t know what people are going to do with him. Really. He’s getting faster. I think he’s going to have a jab that’s going to be comparable to a Muhammad Ali jab as far as dominating his opponent when he wants to use it.”

Striking coach of the stars, Mike Winkeljohn from team Jackson/Winkeljohn recently sat down with the guys over at to talk about the potential of Jon Jones.

Under his tutelage he is confident that Jones can be one of the greatest strikers of all time, rivaling that of Anderson Silva and Muhammad Ali.

With an already devastating wrestling game would an elite level striking arsenal make the champ the most dangerous man in the history of combat sports?

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46 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Jones Coach: Striking Like Anderson and A Jab Like Ali Is What Fans Can Expect From Jon Jones”

  1. Liam says:

    yep thats pretty fair enough, now cue a million anderson silva worshiping losers to troll this with stupid comments saying “HAHAHAHA ANDERSON WOULD SMASH JONES” take his cock out of your mouth for one minute to realize jones is the real deal and will inevitably surpass silva in greatness.

    • Enzo says:

      Sorry dude…Silva’s striking is a level above Jones’. He doesn’t have the speed or accuracy that Silva possesses. Excellent fighter…outstanding wrestler, deadly submission artist but his striking is definitely not a notch below Anderson’s.

      • mmahawk says:

        The correct statement is that Jones does not possess Anderson’s skill at striking NOW.

        Give him a few years, and the sky’s the limit for Jones. He has the physical gifts that set him apart from his peers must like Andrson does, all he lacks is experience, which he is getting more of day by day.

        My point, Anderson could, and probably would beat Jones TODAY….2 years from now, unless Silva proves to be the same kind of freak of nature that Randy Couture is, I’d say we’d be seeing a different fight.

        • Kraig says:

          If this fight were to happen today, Anderson Silva would smash Jones. Unfortunately, the chances of seeing that super fight within the next 2 years even are slim to none. By the time it does happen, Jones will be peaked, and Silva will most definitely lose. But not today

        • DBKlein69 says:

          silva would get destroyed by jones. just like machida. and rampage. and shogun. and bader. etc. etc. the reason why we will never see this fight is because anderson knows this as well. he’ll use his excuse that he cant fight jones because they are friends (meanwhile they’re not friends) and that he wont move up to 205. funny how silva didnt mind going up to 205 to fight irvin and griffin but now when the 205 division is stacked he nestles safely away at middleweight, doing and saying anything he can to avoid a rematch with the 1 true threat to his title. he will NEVER move up to 205 to fight jones.

      • Mike McMack says:

        When Jon Jones cleans out 205 he’ll be the greatest of all time. Anderson cleaned out 185 to get the GOAT title so when Jones does it in a much tougher division that makes him the better fighter. If Jones and Silva ever fight Jones will take Anderson down like he does everyone else he fights and defeat him on the ground the same way he does everyone else.

        As for Jones being Silva and Ali like in striking…time will tell. Jones has the youth and potential to do so.

    • Chris says:

      He’s still fairly new and young, I agree he’ll end up one of the all time greats, but I see him getting an embarrasing KO like GSP did before he reaches his full potential.

    • IknowMMA says:

      Ya dude like come on you can even make a point without trash talking and bad words.
      Typical Jones fan… Uneducated Black garage bag

      • Steampunksamurai says:

        What’s a “garage bag”? I’ve seen a garage, just not a garage bag. Btw, might wanna check your spelling before you call someone uneducated… it just makes you look stupid.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        So all Jones fans are black and uneducated? Not sure what race you are, but I can see that you seem to be the uneducated one

    • Avious908 says:

      @Liam- Anderson Silva I believe is a great fighter, a cocky one, nut nevertheless a great fighter. Sure he may be an ass but you have to respect him as a fighter. I also agree that JBJ can give Anderson a run for his money, and I’m dying to see that fight!

      • THE INUK says:

        How the fuck is Anderson a COCKY FIGHTER? are you smoking that crack again buddy? lol hes such a humble guy, do you guys actually believe the BS Sonnen says? I mean man how can u not think hes the appitomy of a MARTIAL ARTIST.

        as for Jones striking, he will be VERY good! but he will NEVER reach the striking level of Anderson Silva. Not EVER!

        Thats not saying his striking wont be phenominal but also, kicks on a K-1 level? YEAH RIGHT! you guys don’t realize how much years of training it takes to be as good as the pro kickboxers and boxers.

      • moe says:

        How Anderson silva cocky! jon jones is more cocky then him. and jon jones striking only looks good because he has a 10 inch reach advantage over every one he face’s dats y no 1 ever hits him

  2. Steve says:

    Yea and don’t forget the speed of a pacquiao, the jits of a Marcelo, the fanbase of a michael jordan, and the humility of JDS. i respect Jones as a great athlete and a remarkable fighter, but this is ridiculous. i will bear in mind that this was said by his trainer and not by him though.

  3. IknowMMA says:

    Well he is good that is true but it’s mainly the height as reach advantage he holds over his opponents, and we already have the most dangerous man in the UFC “Anderson Silva”!!! So him saying that he would have striking like the spider or a jab like Ali kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth Ali is Ali and Silva is Silva lets talk about individualism be yourself, I have no doubt he would be one of the best but to compare him to the greatest is a bit overboard to my liking, let’s give this kid a challenge someone with similar skills and similar range so their wont be such a huge advantage for him coming into a fight, cause that is what it’s happening.

  4. Sebboss says:

    I think Jones is an ultimate zen fighter, he is ridiculously calm and picks his stirkes very carefully. Anderson Silva is natural and impulsive, and rightfully so, making him the deadly striker of the two. But i believe what his coach says, with time and confidence, i can see Jones dippin and throwin like Anderson, lets just hope they get to fight before Anderson retires.

  5. A.James says:

    Yeah that’s why he looked STUPID trying to strike with Machida.

    • joe says:

      It’s funny that people like you keep insisting that Machida dominated Jones in the striking department. Even if you decide not to count the elbow that opened a canyon on Machida’s forehead, Jones landed the two most significant strikes of the contest. Sure, Machida landed that nice left on Jones’ chin, and a pair of good body kicks. But prior to Jones scooping Machida up and planting him on his back in round 2, he landed a big right hand. Then, as we all saw, the two traded lefts, but Jones’ was quicker and more accurate, and knocked Machida flat on his face. Shortly thereafter, Jones choked Machida unconscious.

      So who really dominated the striking? Let’s recap:

      Round 1; Machida lands a pair of body kicks and staggers Jones with a counter-left hand while Jones is throwing a kick. The result? A 10-9 round for Machida.

      Round 2; Jones lands a right hand. The result? He is able to get the take down that lead to the aforementioned “canyon” opened up on Machida’s forehead. Keep in mind that prior to this right hand, Machida had easily shrugged off any of Jones’ attempts to clinch with him. After the right hand, he went down easier than a working girl. I’m surprised more fans have yet to notice the correlation.

      Later in the round, the two fighters trade left hands, but Jones’ lands and results in Machida face planting on the canvas. The result? Jones chokes an obviously stunned Machida unconscious.

      So who was it that looked stupid striking? Was it the guy who staggered, or the guy who face planted? Hmm.

      • Zack says:

        Stop talking joe

      • A.James says:

        Are you really insisting that Jones has an upper hand in striking on Machida? Jones strikes landed once he began to mix up his fighting with wrestling. In a pure striking contest Machida will make Jones look like an ametuer and that’s what the first round CLEARLY displayed. Jones is well round and has phenomenal physical abilities but being an expert striker on Machida or Silva’s level is nothing short of preposterous.

        • joe says:

          What’s preposterous is that you’re impressed by a few good scoring strikes by Machida but completely disregard the fact that Jones took Machida apart with a right hand, elbow, and left hand. The punches were, of course, from the standing position.

          So again, Machida lands a few nice scoring strikes and wins a round. Jones lands a few devastating strikes that lead to submitting his opponent and you say Machida made Jones look stupid. Interesting conclusion.

          Machida’s downfall in that fight began with Jones landing a big right hand. Re-watch the fight if you need a refresher.

          We can all agree that Machida is a better technical striker, but I really don’t think you grasp the meaning of what you’re saying. You can say Machida made Jones look stupid all you want, but my reply is that Jones made Machida do a face plant with one left hand = I’m right and you’re wrong.

        • A.James says:

          Well you don’t sound immature at all with that last sentence.

  6. Jmad says:

    This guy needs to lay of the juice. With that being said, the sky is the limit for JBJ. I’m not really that big of a Jones fan but he’s a beast and he keeps improving, I don’t know who can beat him at LHW.

  7. fightgreg says:

    They are both deadly guys. Jones is better all around, but I don’t see him catching up to Silva with striking. Jones resume is already better though, the middle weight division is a joke. Look at Silva’s list of wins, so many weak opponents. On the other hand, cleaning out 205 is quite an accomplishment.

    • THE INUK says:

      Jones is better all around? how the fuck do you figure? anderson silva is amazing in striking and Jits.. his takedown defense is good, dont even say it isnt. He didnt even try and sprawl in the chael fight.
      hes stopped take downs from great wrestlers b4…

      Jones will be great one day, but his striking will NEVER be like Andersons… just aint gonna happen. Wont be another guy like Anderson for a long ass time my friend. Jones doesnt impress me, compared to Silva, I mean.

      • mmahawk says:

        Never say never. I am a Silva fan, and I am a Jones fan.

        What if Jones brought a guy like Freddie Roach, or another great boxing coach to coach him on his striking? What if Sliva retired tomorrow and started coaching him?

        You sound very definate….I’ll simply agree to disagree with you and say that Jones has the potential to match any one that has come before him…all he has to do is put in the work. He has all the natural gifts, and to say without a doubt he could not match or surpass Silva is simply baseless.

        Unless you have some sort of scientific data, or are able to see the future…I’ll just say let’s see and be suprised if it happens…which it very well could.

  8. CanILive says:

    i wonder if anderson would stand and bang with bader

  9. carlos says:

    What about Phil Nurse is he still working with Jon Jones?

  10. Zack says:

    He has a 86 inch reach! His jab should already be deadly. If jones had a different coach other than twinkledick and Greg trt Jackson he would be better and not such a douche. Imagine jones at black house. His striking would improve leaps and bounds and he truly would be unstoppable. Jones needs some pure boxing and muay thai In his game and he’s not gunna get any o that from Greg Jackson. You want to strike like Anderson your at least gunna have to train with someone on Anderson’s level. I’m sure jones is the best in his gym. He needs to go somewhere where he isn’t the best, where he will be pushed and tested, and actually learn something worthwhile. Jackson doesn’t care about jones. He cares about his portion of the payday.

  11. G says:

    Striking like Silva, but has never had a KO. Honestly, I want Silva to fight him just to re-re-re-re-re-solidify his greatness. Silva wins so much that it becomes common and boring for his fans. Not me, though, I see every single time why he’s the best fighter in the world.

    • THE INUK says:


      lollll jus sayin! :)

      • Zack says:

        That’s why I don’t argue with people. If you have ever trained in boxing, muay Thai, tae kwon do, when you watch Anderson you can see why he’s the best. He’s amazing standing up. He does everything perfect and he knocks people out without trying. That’s why I say with confidence that Jon jones will get embarrassed by Anderson.

  12. joe says:

    @ A. James That last sentence also possesses the virtue of being true. Fair tradeoff.

  13. steve says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH. striking like anderson no way. just because you are a strong lanky and no one can reach you DOESNT mean you have striking like anderson. or jabs like ali. get the fuck outa here.

  14. CanILive says:

    you guys are unreal if you think anderson stands a chance against JBJ, he aint Neo

  15. The only thing i expect from Bones is LnP because hes one of those play it safe champs that are ruining the sport. Hopefully his next title defense is on the undercard.

  16. Tony says:

    I am a massive Anderson fan , I believe Jon jones has what it takes to beat Anderson in a mms match but honestly think Anderson will come through cause of his heart,, Anderson is not afraid to lose or be punched he just loves to be tested and thats something jon jones lacks,, and by not fearing losing makes him calm and he can actually see what’s happening similar to when people like you and me playing a fighting video game,, get a kid with no strength to throw punches at your head and cause your not scared you will see every punch clearly and not one will hit you and you’ll see every little opening to counter, but get a man to throw a punch at you and because your natural fear and instinct to not get hurt you will drop your head/cover up and use movement purely hoping your out of the way when the reality of the situation is the man is punching alot slower,, for some freak reason Anderson can relax himself to the point of seeing everything which makes him one of a kind and is the sole reason he can step out of the way effortlessly and drop people like Forrest with a jab, take note Anderson doesn’t brutally knock someone out with one punch he just puts you on your back with every punch by hitting the button,, there is a difference between a sharp on the button knock down which may make you unconcious for two seconds then you wake up,, then a powerful impact punch to the head where the massive impact to your brain knocks you out and you don’t wake up for ages and more brain damage type shit,,, Andy is not extremely powerful just calm which makes him be able to put his hand exactly where he wants it which is an amazing thing and I would not be surprised if we never see anything like that again in our life time it’s not just a training thing it’s a every human is different thing,, there may be ten strkers in the future who are as unstoppable and win devastatingly but they will not look or do it the same as Anderson he is one of a kind a freak of nature, and nine out of ten ufc fans judge andersons ground game and takedown defense from the chael fight you people need to download andersons fightigraphy he’s take down defense and scramble from his back are ridiculous , I don’t know if he let chael take him down or was just having a bad day or just chaels takedowns are just good but that was not Anderson silva in that fight and I can garauntee the rematch will prove that,, in saying all of this I still think that jones will be by far the biggest test for Anderson and certainly could win the fight but comparing the striking jones is really good and prob top 5 in stand up but completly different to silva,, to me I think jones should tell peeps if they are going to rate him as Anderson silva they should be doing so on the fact of how he can dominate his opponent in a fight not that he strikes Luke him,, I seriously can’t believe Joe Rohan has not said this exact comment to people , your slipping Joe haha

  17. DBKlein69 says:

    nobody is gonna wanna see anderson silva fight jon jones once chael gets through with him. that is of course assuming anderson doesn’t continue to do everything he can to avoid the rematch.

  18. riDICKulous says:

    why the F are u guys arguing who’s the loser? you guys are the real loser! losing ur money to Dana!

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