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Monday, 01/30/2012, 01:43 pm

UFC NEWS | Jon Jones Asked For A Top 10 Heavyweight Before The Year Is Up

“I actually asked Dana and Lorenzo if I could take a fight [at heavyweight] for the fans at the end of 2012. I figure, beating Henderson and Rashad, there would be a period of waiting on who I am going to fight next and during that period, at the end of 2012 I requested to fight at heavyweight. Just for the fans but Dana and Lorenzo didn’t think that was the best thing for me to do right now, they want me to continue in the light-heavyweight division.

Not necessarily to move weight classes, just to fight a top 10 heavyweight for the fans. They said they didn’t want that for me, not to say it wouldn’t happen still but at the time they said they can think of some other matches, I guess.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones apparently wants to test his skills against the bigger opposition located in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Trying to cement his legacy and earn his spot in the P4P talk, many think that with his frame and size that he can be very competitive in the weight class up from where he currently competes.

But can he?

(quote via’s “The MMA Hour”)

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109 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Jon Jones Asked For A Top 10 Heavyweight Before The Year Is Up”

  1. Scott Caron says:

    Whats the rush to move up? he’s only 23

  2. Ruben says:

    Homo jones sucks dick snot

  3. ricardo says:

    Jon Jones vs Alistair Overeem!!
    Elbows vs Knees!!
    Make it happen!!
    Or bring Fedor and make it Jones vs Fedor!!

  4. GP says:

    He still has a few people to fight. He gets more and more cocky every time he talks. No one is invincible, not even you, Bones.

    • GP says:

      ^He still has a few people to fight in LHW.

      • Michael says:

        He talks like Evans and Henderson won’t challenge him. He could be getting ahead of himself. What if he beats Evans, but it is a controversial decision? I bet they run that match-up right back. I also think he probably needs to eat some humble pie, because Dan Henderson is twice the martial artist he is (in terms of body of work), and overlooking a guy like that is a crime.

        • Jimmmmmmy says:

          +1000 Hendo is one guy that has always suffered from being on the short end and he knows how to use his reach disadvantage to put you to sleep

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Yeah but really he would run through Hendo…no offense to him because I’m a big fan but I don’t see it being a close contest. I give Hendo nothing but a punchers chance.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Haha! Is he feeling guilty for fighting at lhw when he should be at hw? Give him Cain Valasquez or Daniel Cromier.

    • dave says:

      YOU IDIOT…he is just long he weighs less then alot of the 205 guys…he does not belong at HW.///he is just trying to be great p4p like anderson///that is how you get seen as real p4p great

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        You are an IDIOT! He is bigger than everyone else in his division just because he can cut weight to fit in that division doesn’t mean he belongs there. I am sure AJ thought he belonged in MW but really he should have been in lhw so STFU!

      • IAMSOAWESOME says:

        yeah your pretty dumb to say that. Jones is fucking huge for 205.

        • Jimmmmmmy says:

          Stefan Struve would have to cut about the same amount of weight to make 205 as Jones does. He is just tall and has long arms/legs

  6. cav says:

    Jones almost seems like he’s looking passed Evans and Hendo, bad move.

  7. M.DELA says:

    Most likely,he will end the year undefeated. With that being said.. What a cocky-ass nig…

    • ricardo says:

      Cocky but lets face the facts.
      Jones is good and is only getting better.
      Sure he beat up some of our heros but why hate him?
      He beat Machida i was mad but only made me respect Jones as a fighter but his personality, ummmm NA

      • M.DELA says:

        I acknowledged the fact that he’s a dope fighter. I’m speaking to his arrogance, when I call him a “cock-ass nig”. None of the cats he beat were “my heros”.

  8. CanILive says:

    any one of you wanna make a personal paypal acct?
    start puttin some bets in so i can rake in all of your parents’ hard earned cash?

    JBJ FTW!!

  9. Robby says:

    Bones is a beast, but prob not a good idea at the moment. You need to het through Rashad and Hendo first before you ever think of heavyweights.

  10. dave says:

    wow jones it getting real cocky to already count on beating rashad and hendo…hendo has mpre of a chance then this loser suger rashad……..i member when he first made up that nickname….why do so many blacks act like rashad and give themself that nickname…SUGER

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      What do you mean by BLACKS dave?

    • Oat says:

      Dave how can i say this…your an IDIOT..smfh… only a dumb fuck like you would say some stupid shit like that….you are indeed sad and i feel for you and your kind that thinks like you do. And yes i did say YOUR KIND…

    • FlyingToeLock says:

      sugAr dummy…,

    • crack feen says:

      ever notice how up n comers who are making a name for themselves are well-liked by alot, but soon as they get to the top and dominate the competition, suddenly they become hated.. fools want to hate over attitudes and personalities? then “like everyone says” go watch WWE, alot of personalities to hate on there, this is MMA, give respect where its due. dunno bout the rest of you, but i watch for the fights, not whats being said outside of the ring, all that is, is acting and promoting, the fights are what matters..DERP

  11. He’s got a few fights left at LHW before he clears the division…

    Rashad, Hendo, Shogun rematch, King Mo (providing he is cleared of the PED talk) and I’d like to see him against the likes of Franklin and Forrest too before he moves up.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Thank you! Shogun deserves a rematch free of rust.

    • ricardo says:

      King Mo? I’ll have what you’re smoking.
      No one wants a Shogun rematch.
      Ace and Griffin are gatekeepers and most likely not fighting for title again.
      Hendo would get smashed.
      The only person I think has a chance is Rashad, maybe, just maybe T. Silva

      • Shawn says:

        “Hendo would get smashed”?! “The only person I think has a chance is Rashad”, did you not watch the fight on Saturday? Or were you to mashed up to see Evans Fail. lol. Why don’t you give me some of what YOUR smoking.

        • ricardo says:

          did you not watch the Hendo v shogun fight?
          hendo couldnt finish a saggy titty gassed out shogun..
          hendo gassed fucking first minute..
          he is old dude he’ll get ran over.
          Rashad OWND Davis just bcus u dont finish fights doesnt mean your not good..
          Rashad fought smart he lookd good saturday.
          Footwork, wrestling, cardio.
          u dont know shit about mixedmartial arts dude gtfo go play your MW3

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I kind of want to see him clear out the lhw division just to see him get creamed at HW.

  13. Shawn says:

    Wow. Has this kid gotten pretty cocky. He’s already looking past Hendo and Evans? Ok…after Evans fight with Davis, he was probably laughing and rightly so. If Evans is going to fight him the way he fought Davis, it’s not even a question of IF Jones wins. He will. But to look past someone like Hendo. You gotta have some cock up your iness. Keep looking past Hendo, Jones. You’ll just be handing your belt over to him. lol

  14. John Adams says:

    Weird, it just got dark here and it’s still daytime?? Oh wait, sorry, it’s just Jon’s ego blocking ot the sun now.

  15. drew says:

    kongo vs jones would be sick

  16. Jb says:

    Lets see. Overeem would make you his prison bitch. Shane carwin would be a great fight. Mir would snap your skinny legs. Big country would be a good fight. I think he just wants people to want to watch him, can you blame him? It’s his career. I’ll make a PayPal and do some betting. Direct message me

  17. follow @BmoDollaz twitter says:

    Put him in there against stephan struve battle of the reaches

  18. Alan Goodman says:

    Why cant the ufc see there is a HUGE whole between 205 and 265. I guarantee you could find 20 245 lb fighters and 225 lb fighters by the end of the year worth watching if they would open up those 2 weight classes. Its ridiculous that we keep getting smaller classes but no bigger ones between light heavyweight and heavyweight. Light heavyweight should be 245, heavyweight should be 265 225 can be cruiserweight and 205 can be super middleweight or something…. I dont know how you name them, but I do know we’re missing a lot of great fights(and fighters at their peak weight) because of the present weight limits/classes!

    • brett says:

      I agree there should be another weight class in between LHW and HW. Just keep LHW and HW the same and add a cruiserweight at 235. Bas Rutten has been saying this for a while now.

  19. andyboy says:

    well after watching Rashad go 5 uneccessary rounds with Davis i think it’s safe to say Jones will walk thru Rashad. Hendo’s a great wreslter but not in anyway a great grappler so dont think Jones cant take him down and control him there. Hendo will lietrally have to cover up and throw that H-Bomb until he gasses or KO’s Jones. Jones should test HW waters, he sthe LHW champ and NOONE thats held that belt walks arund even close to 205 so it safe to say he wouldnt get hurt by a top 10, it’s not like they’d give him Cain, JDS, or Alistiar. more like bottom 10 of the Top 10 HWs haha Him and Pat Barry would be interesting. Kongo down the line would certainly be a great stand up war. Jones is so talented i wouldn’t doubt that he could be the one to hold the LHW and the HW belt in a few years.

    • FunCrusher says:

      Pat Barry and Kongo arent on anyones top 10 list and Pat Barry isn’t even a top 15.

      Brendan Schaub, Daniel Cormier, Josh Barnett, Big Nog, Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez, Dos Santos are top 10 HW fighters in more peoples eyes, and even Fedor, Roy Nelson, and Bigfoot Silva are ranked ahead of Pat Barry.. Pat Barry was choked out by Cro Cop for fucks sake… shit even Stephan Struve and Tim Hague are better than Barry.

  20. FunCrusher says:

    Bones vs Brendan Schaub would be fun and IMO Schaub might be the only top 10 HW he could beat, I don’t think Big Nog would be a good matchup for Bones, he doesnt have the power to 1 punch KO Nog, and Nog is too big for Bones to manhandle and drop elbows on, Nog would rip 1 of those long arms off. Frank Mir can take bombs from the giant HW’s and still be conscience, Mir would break any bone he wanted to in Bones Jones, Overreem and Dos Santos would leave him sleeping on the mat. I think JBJ can hang with Cain… Rashad and Dan Hendo are not going to be a walk in the park so he should hush the HW talk until he is there.

  21. johnyfz450 says:

    this nigger must have had his hand in his pocket during this interview cause he is gettin real

  22. Devilock says:

    He should man up and make a real challenge and fight Cris Cyborg in a no drug tests competition.

  23. IAMSOAWESOME says:

    i actually like this idea from Bones. Call him cocky but he’s been defeating some tough dudes lately. The dudes undefeated(Hamill fight shouldn’t have counted and Mazzagatti was a douche and should have gave Bones a warning) and has been steamrolling through his opponents. it would be one thing if he won his big fights by decisions(like GSP) but he’s been stopping them all. Give Bones a HW after he destroys Rashad and Hendo.

  24. J says:

    hahahaha of course dana and lorenzo say no because they know he would get smashed by a heavyweight

  25. bertram says:

    how fuckin cocky can you be? you already have it set in your mind that you will need a heavyweight fight because you’ll beat rashad and hendo? i hope this dude gets KTFO and learns humility and that there is ALWAYS somebody bigger, faster, stronger, and more talented. especially in mma, where a slight mistake, or a small inch can mean night-night or a title retention. fuck jon jones. your 24 dude, time to start being smart and saying the right things,

  26. Mike McMack says:

    Jones had said on more than one occasion that he will move up to HW eventually. He’s only 24 so as he continues to grow onto his frame the weight cut to 205 will become harder. As long as he makes weight he can fight at 205 but he’s going to fill out eventually. I think he’s being extremely arrogant in looking past anyone but then again, all he’s done is dominate everyone he’s fought.

  27. MJ says:

    I hate Evans and he is not the best, but Evans has great movment, his hands are fast and have enough power to let him set up his shots. Dan is GREAT in the clinch and how he times that over hand bomb no one knows….but he has beyond one punch power. I think Hendo beats Evans though, he has a chin and Evans will exchange(machida 😉

  28. brett says:

    Dana and Lorenzo will never let this happen. They gotta protect their golden boy. Maybe after GSP gets back in the octagon, if he can retain his belt against Condit or Diaz there may be a better chance at this happening. Totally contradicts what Dana said in an interview about he never tells fighters what weight class to fight in unless they have trouble making weight.

  29. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Better eat your horse meat Jones, or that is what Overeem will make out of you.

  30. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I say they do a Royal Rumble match, with Jones, Silva, GSP, JDS, and Overeem.

  31. magoo says:

    lmao… it Jonathan I always believed you would move up to HW and be the first 2 weight class champ, I also love your confidence in knowing Evans and Hendo are already in your rear view mirror!

  32. cody says:

    hes probably tired of the stick man diet hes on so he can make weight he belongs at hw anyway and top 10 hw in the ufc isnt saying much in the weakest div hell have to move up one day and people will see he isnt so unstoppable i know i sound like a hater but im tierd of watching a hw destroy lhw and then everybody jump on his nuts

  33. Axel39 says:

    Jones would die at heavyweight.

  34. Philippe says:

    He might as well while still young. Henderson isn’t gonna be a big challenge for Jones although Evans will be. Other than that he will only be facing repeat opponents. So if he does go through both of them, why not give a shot at facing someone in heavyweight.

  35. Donnybrook says:

    Go for it Bones!… the sky’s the limit!. There’s no doubt the man will one day hold the HW belt once he grows into his frame. I don’t get all the hate towards Jones on this site… the man puts on exciting fights, he finishes fights and is willing to fight bigger guys just to please the fans… the only thing I can think of is some are confusing confidence with cockyness.

  36. slacker says:

    This guy is getting arrogant. Looking past Rashad and Henderson? Very stupid. Not to mention very disrespectful. Pride comes before a fall. Someone is going to take him out this year.

  37. Big J says:

    This kid needs a piece of humble pie. Did you see him at the Fox broadcast, pretty full of himself….Give him Stefan Struve, lol, length versus length….

  38. slacker says:

    This guy is getting very arroogant. Looking past Rashad and Henderson? Very stupid, not to mention, very disrespectful. Pride comes before a fall. He’s going to lose this year.

    • OMG says:

      Jones can say right to your face that he’s not looking past any fighter, but you wouldn’t believe him anyway. So, you’re the definition of a “hater.” Yes you are. He may or may not lose this year. As a fan, I have a 50-50 chance of being right. Big deal. Doesn’t make me more knowledgeable than the next fan. Just makes me a lucky guesser.

  39. cole knight says:

    i hope jones loses his next fight just for the comment “after i beat henderson and rashad” hah rashads gonna show him what some wrestling is about

  40. Zack says:

    This is where Anderson silva comes in. Jones gets KTFO by a smaller fighter and the king lives on.

  41. Trolligans says:

    If he takes out rashad and Henderson then give him a hw.

  42. For Your Consideration says:

    There is 100% nothing wrong with Jones looking at a heavyweight fight. He has proven that he is better then Hendo and Rashad. So what if he’s cocky? He’s the Walmart of the sport and all you Mamma and Pappa shops need to shut up and get out of dodge. He’s bigger and has more product period. Be honest with yourselves here folks, Hendo and Rashad are Mom and Pop shops and they dont have the size and product to beat Jones.

  43. Ronnin says:

    Give that cocky bastard Cain so he can whoop his ass and put his foot on his mouth

  44. Jonny Smith says:

    give him JDS and turn him into hamburger meat

  45. Ethan says:

    for those that havent followed jones until he became Champ, it has always been in his plans to move up to heavyweight… look at Alistair Overeem a few years back before he bulked up… you don’t think Jon Jones could change his lifting regime and be pushing 250-265lbs? This is NOT the first time he’s talked about moving up to heavyweight.. yes he’s cocky, yes he’s looking past the rest of the LHW’s, but right now he is the champ and EVEN IF HE LOSES he can still go up to heavyweight if he wants.. He just needs to take 6-9 months off while he focuses on packing on muscle.

  46. Jujitsu Player says:

    Its crazy reading some of these posts, like kids, ‘its not fair he’s too big for LHW’ do me a favor…He’s just using the body and skills he has, so what if he has a big cut down to LHW, he makes it with ease, there are no restrictions on how much you can lose. Its the same for any fighter, some of the heavyweights could easily cut down to 205lb, Fedor and Cro Cop could have done it there whole careers but they didn’t because its hard fucking work. Thats the game so deal with it. Also Jones was born with chicken legs so he appears very big for his weight. I personally would like to see him at HW because nobody can touch him at LHW and won’t for a while. IMO he could beat most of the Top 10 HW’s right now. Even some of the biggest names, its not about how good the opposition is its all about the style, he wouldn’t match up well to a really big heavyweight wrestler or BJJ guy and Dos Santos would be definitely be too much for him. Kongo would be a good contest right now and I’d love to see him fight Cain.

  47. Alex Daas says:

    Im starting to like this guy again

  48. DBKlein69 says:

    silva will never fight jones he’s not stupid. he used the same excuse as with machida. “i cant fight jon jones because we’re friends.” yea. might wanna let jon jones know u guys are “friends.” besides, andy got his plate full now. he’s gotta decide how much longer he’s gonna keep milking this “shoulder injury.” prob til chael takes another fight.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      so if silva is cared of bones that only means gsp is scared of anderson and bones and machida and everyone else u accuse silva of being scared of, becuz if gsp is scared of silva hes scared of EVERYONE u think silva is scared of.

  49. DBKlein69 says:

    mmaisland ur so in love with gsp u have to bring him up in every comment. we’re talking about andyboy and how he lied and said he cant fight jones because they are friends…when they really aren’t friends. why do u think anderson lied?

  50. jpeters says:

    Bad idea at the moment…. “When” Jones goes up to heavyweight, he should take a year off and concentrate on adding mass where needed similar to Overeem. He should probally ad about 20-30lbs of muscle and come in at the min 240lbs.

  51. ReshadUTheMan says:

    Good that ur counting reshad out, only gonna make it easier for Reashad to beat you. Jones is getting it way to far up his head and i like it cous that’s how he will go down. Hope Reshad will k.o jones so hard that he’s never gonna want to step in the octagon again, i’d pay money to see that !

  52. DBKlein69 says:

    save ur money and ur dreams clown cuz its not happening. jones will finish rashad by 3rd round

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      something we can agree on for once. rashad is gonna get clowned on so bad by jones its gonna be hilarious. hopes bones gets in his face after like brock did to mir.

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