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Monday, 11/28/2011, 08:54 am

UFC NEWS – Jon Fitch Eyes Rematch With GSP, Wants Anderson Silva Before It's Too Late

“I’m living for the fights. That’s what I love. I don’t think there’s anybody out there who I can’t beat. If I’m in shape and healthy and my timing is on, there’s nobody in the world I can’t beat. My goals are: one, to win the welterweight belt; two, avenge my loss to GSP; and three, I would like to move up some day and challenge Anderson (Silva) if he’s still around and undefeated, just because that’s the kind of person I am. I want to challenge the best. I want to go up against the best. I want to prove to everybody that I’m the best.”

In a recent interview with, longtime number 2 ranked welterweight in the world, Jon Fitch states his case for wanting some dream matchups of his own.

With his only UFC loss coming at the hands of Georges St. Pierre and a lossless streak on his heels since that initial failure to capture the UFC title, Fitch has long been campaigning for a rematch with the champ.

What’s new here is his desire to face off with Anderson Silva by moving up in weight. While Fitch may have a long road ahead of him to get to that point, he may have just the grinding style to take out the middleweight champion. It’s a long shot, but if you are going to dream big…


34 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Jon Fitch Eyes Rematch With GSP, Wants Anderson Silva Before It's Too Late”

  1. Zack says:

    Anderson would knock Fitch out in minutes and Gsp will dominate him again


      Fitch’s entire career is so irrelevant to UFC WW divsion. After Ellenberger does the same thing to Fitch as he did Sheilds UFC will release Fitch. Look up Dana’s interview with Dave Meltzer/SB Nation which was done shortly before the BJ penn fight. UFC brass made it clear to Meltzer that if Fitch had lost to BJ they had planned to release him excerising the “LOSS CLAUSE” in his contract. Dana says Fitch is overpaid and stinking up his fight cards and he has no fan support. The UFC also made it clear that Fitch will never get another shot at GSP. In Dana’s opinion Fitch has done nothing at all to improve his game where as GSP is getting more well rounded. Dana also said rematches are normally reserved for either close fights bad judges decisions but GSP/Fitch was on eof the most one-sided beatdowns in UFC history, 2 judges had 50-43, thats 2 10-8 rounds. What i want to know is how has Fitch managed to avoid fighting Koscheck, Ellenberger, Condit,Kampmann, Sheilds, Kim, Rory Mcdonald, Story, how about Pyle who beat Fitch, the list is endless yet everytime Fitch opens his mouth he says he deserves a title shot because he has cleaned out the division. Its like he’s living in the past liek 5 years ago. I don’t even think Fitch should be ranked anymore because he hasn’t beat any of the TRUE CURRENT TOP Welterweights contenders. All i know is the UFC wants the hell out of the Jon Fitch business ASAP. without a doubt the most boring fighter in all MMA history hands down. hell they throw beer bottles at the big screen at the local sports bar and the owner said he is no longer going to show Fitch’s fights because the entire bar hates him so bad.

  2. Rusk says:

    Stop the lnp and maybe people might want to watch you fight

  3. jj Ski says:

    Ha ha! Fitch is a damn joke. GSP made him look like a ragdoll in their first match. He couldnt even beat a BJ Penn near retirement. BJ took him down, twice!! And now Anderson? Silva would do a front kick to his face like he did with Beflort and thatd be all she wrote!! Fitch should go practice dry humping his pillow with Koscheck. LOL!

  4. Chris says:

    If Fitch ever wants to fight Anderson he should have to win at least two fights at MW first. And one of those wins has to come against Sonnen, which I never see happening…

  5. Xaninho says:

    lol he’s calling what he does fighting now? That’s not fighting you freakin blanket!

    Nobody wants to see you in the octagon dumbass!

  6. rob says:

    I’m just wondering when Fitch will learn that he isn’t going to be getting another title shot, or even another Main Event spot for a long time because he isn’t a draw. When fans hear Fitch, they hear boring. Unless he learns to be exciting Joe Silva and Dana White won’t even look at him.

    • Jason Phalen says:

      Agreed! I think he just comes off desperate to stay relevant when he says this shit. I refuse to believe that Jon Fitch truly thinks he deserves to be in the octagon with The Spider. He has to know that he would get tooled.
      He is so boring now, in my opinion, another win can’t even help him. At least if he got KTFO there would be a reason to tune in. But yea, Fitch is the cure for insomnia, for sure!

  7. Dak says:

    Fitch is the man! He’s got more finishes then sonnen but no one seems to care cause he doesn’t promote himself as a huge asshole. Id like to see him face GSP again but I’d rather see him face Anderson. He’s got the style to grind out a win. I say he faces winner of vitor and rumble and winner gets Anderson. Or a fight against Ebersole or Diaz.

    • Al Callander says:

      Do you even whatch mma???? You say Finch is the man???? You’ve got to be kidding… He shouldn’t even be in top 5…and he’ll never beat one. He just lays there and does nothing …and for his finishes???? Who good has he finished? I KNOW!!!!!! Nooooooooobody fool

      • Dak says:

        Yes!! Fitch is the man!! He wins! So what if he doesn’t do it in devastating fashion… If you can’t stuff a take down you don’t belong. It’s part of the game… Retard…

        • ZONG says:

          No retard, who wants to watch Fitch just lay on somebody why dont he try beating somebody up in a fight and not just try to score points?? Thats LAME he got a gas tank and hes strong so why doesnt he finish somebody or at least TRY to finish somebody for a change then maybe he’d deserve another shot AND would have some fan support not just 1 or 2 guys like you tryin to push his boring ass style. “Im Jon Fitch and I win because you cant get up and punch me in the face”

        • Dak says:

          He tries to finish with ground and pound, he landed more punches on bj in one round then Frankie did in ten… Sure, I admit it is pretty boring to watch and I’d love to see him slap an arm triangle on someone or something. But bottom line, he wins and should be considered a top ww. Like I said, a match up with Ebersole would be great. If he or anyone can stop Fitch then I will shut my mouth.

        • And Then he woke up says:

          Hendricks punched him in the face. And Fitch went to sleep. 😀

  8. Bobbi Sinister says:

    Fitch is a gatekeeper at best.

  9. James says:

    I agree with what people say about Fitch, he isn’t an exciting fighter. Should that matter though in the end? Fitch has only lost to GSP in the UFC, if he beats a couple of more top welterweights I don’t think it would be fair to deny him a shot at the title just because his method of winning is unappealing. Would make MMA look like less of a legit sport and more for entertainment only.

  10. Nic says:

    “i want to fight the best”……your fighting johny hendricks my brother….

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    Bore off Jon….nobody cares who you want to fight.

  12. magoo says:

    Call Fitch what you all want,bottom line if there wasn’t a guy named GSP in the WW div,Fitch would probably be champ.I ain’t sayin that cause I’m a fan,it’s just a fact!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      …and a boring champ he’d be.

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        Just like the boring champ WW has right now.

        • And Then he woke up says:

          I agree. I miss the old GSP. These last few years GSP’s Title defenses have been nothing but dry humping and rabbit punching. He used to be a WARRIOR, now he’s just a greased up sissy. The last time he had a chance to finish a fight was against Dan Hardy and he was too much of a girl to do it. Nothing against Dan Hardy, I like Dan Hardy, but he should’ve took that arm home with him.

  13. 浩Hiro San says:

    HAHAHAHA, Thank you so much Pedro for writing about “Stalling Fitch.” This laugh about his dreams of fighting true fighters made me laugh harder than watching Kat William’s stand up.

  14. brain says:


  15. steve says:

    i’m glad dana doesn’t give him a chance. it’s called ground and pound and submissions jon. he should be sponsored by the snuggie

  16. tiki says:

    now thats harsh lmao poor fitch

  17. Fitch would destroy Silva. 1st rd KO

    • adrian says:

      wow this guy s really on one or delusional… fitch vs anderson would be the exact same fight as sonnen vs silva but wit less punches and more laying..
      in jakes defense he trys to sub u thats his game not jus lay n pray like fitch n gsp

      fitch would get destroyed jus like anyone else

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Who has Fitch beat in the last 3 years? He lost 2 rounds to a lightweight he outweighed by 30 pounds at fight time. Dana said he lost. WOW Fitch beat Ben Saunders by lay n pray. whats he ranked? Mike Pierce was 5 seconds from KOing Fitch when he was saved by the bell. Until Fitch fights Ellenberger, Koscheck, Condit, Rory Mcdonald, Story he shouldn’t even be ranked in top 10. WOW Fitch’s entire BULLSH’T Ranking is based off of lay n praying Alves who has a weak ground game. Ellenberger, Condit would KO Fitch inside 2 rounds MAX. Fitch is apromotoers worst nightmare. look Fitch has one fan on i bet Fitch has under 50 fans worldwide and they are mostly family. Fitch’s lay n pray is a discrace to ALL MMA. also Fitch needs to put that FAKE jj blackbelt back in the cereal box it came out of. the only thing in this world Fitch is known for is everytime someone lays on someone in a fight its call “FITCHING”

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